Sissy Maids , Sex Slaves Ch. 01Sissy Maids , Sex Slaves Ch. 01


Reader Notes

This is a fantasy story patched together from a series of e-mails I have sent to a very sexy lady. She loves bisexual men and she loves men who wear panties. She is dominant but in a very genteel way, if that is possible.

It’s told and written in a different style than I usually employ. I feel this style is rather staccato, telling her what would happen if we met. Hopefully, it suggests the urgency of our passion and the need to satisfy our kinky needs.

I would be glad to receive feedback regarding whether this works as a narrative. Thank you for reading.

We meet at a hotel bar. You are sitting on a bar stool at the bar. You are wearing a short black, tight leather skirt over sheer black nylons. You see me. You recognise me from my picture. You smile a dazzling smile. You shift on your stool ever so slightly and part your legs. I realise immediately that you are not wearing panties. I can see your beautiful smooth pussy and it is obvious by the sheen on your pussy lips that your anticipation has turned you on. I kiss you and immediately I am aware of the heady fragrance of expensive perfume and sex. I state simply “I am here Mistress.”

You lead me by the hand to the elevator. The doors close and you immediately tell me to hike up your skirt and slide two fingers inside you. After two or three strokes you grasp my wrist and withdraw my hand from your pussy. You raise my hand so it is between our faces. We lick my fingers and taste your juices. The doors open and you lead me quickly to your room.

We quickly remove our clothing. At your command I am wearing sexy black lace panties on and sheer black stockings. Your cum is now dripping down your thigh as you savour the sight of your very own panty slut standing before you. You order me to get on the bed on all fours with my cute ass in the air. You tell me my hole looks so inviting. You surprise me with a litte smack on my ass. You are using a small whip to make my bottom pink. You tell me to spread my legs. I can feel my shaven balls and cock fully exposed and dangling. I make my first request of my first Mistress. I ask permission to stroke my cock and balls. You tell me I’m a naughty slut and that if I stroke them you will have to spank me some more. I begin to stroke my rampant cock and beg you for punishment. You deliver a series of hard, sharp strikes to my reddened cheeks. You tell me again that my hole is so inviting and that you simply must insert your tongue inside it and tongue fuck my sluts ass. I moan, I squirm, I thrust my hole back onto your tongue gyrating my bottom against your face. You slide away from me and put on a huge strap-on cock. You rub your pussy juices and some oils on my pretty hole and in one smooth, determined movement you slide your cock inside me. You mount me, you fuck me hard, hanging onto my hips, sliding in and out of my man cunt. I tell you that I’m ready to cum and ask your permission to release my load. You immediately withdraw and tell me to squirt my hot spunk all over you; your face, your tits and your stomach. And then you release a gush of pussy cream, squirting your juices all over my cock, balls and thighs.

You order me to clean you up like a good Maid. I immediately get to work. Sucking and licking my cum off your tits, nibbling and lightly biting your erect nipples. I rub my hands all over your breasts massaging my cum into your flawless skin. I then lick my cum off your face and kiss you deeply, our tongues entangled, duelling each other for a share of tasty spunk.

Your tight pussy has fully opened up and your juices are flowing freely leaving a widening stain on the bed. I reach under your strap on cock and insert two fingers and work them in and out of your drenched pussy in a scissor movement. Then I ease in a third finger, and a fourth and you gasp with pleasure. My entire hand is covered in your sweet cunt cream and then………………I stop. I ask you if I may remove your strap on. You agree. I then ask you, my Mistress, if you wish to freshen up. You do and you retire to the en suite bathroom. I explain that, with your permission, I have a surprise that I would like to deliver for you and ask that you don’t come out until I come and get you. I need to bağdatcaddesi escort change my outfit and lingerie and make a phone call. Before you go I reach into my overnight bag and take out his and hers butt plugs. I kiss you deeply, my cock now rock hard again brushes against your proudly erect clit and we grind our pelvises together. Before it gets out of hand I ask your permission to pleasure you like a good sex slave should. You smile and I pull away. I gently bend you over onto all fours on the bed. I lick you from your dripping pussy up to your rosebud where I force my tongue into your ass. I plunge a butt plug into your pussy until it is fully coated in your cum. I then ease it slowly into your ass right up to the hilt. You are pushing back against my hand urging the dildo deeper into you. I then hand you the other butt plug and ask you to ram it up my ass. You insert this dildo into your pussy to lubricate it and keep it there. You bend me over, spank my bottom hard two or three times and then you remove the butt plug from your pussy and without delay you ram it forcefully up my tight hole causing me to jerk and moan. I explain that we need to keep the butt plugs in our asses to prepare for what is to come. You gather your toiletries, make up and your chosen outfit, I lead you to the bathroom and then I make my phone call.

I arrange the door to our room so that it is slightly ajar – unnoticeable to the casual observer. I then select my outfit and join you in the bathroom. I find you bent over the toilet and reaching behind yourself to slowly but firmly work your butt plug in and out of your tight anus. I stand and watch for a minute – watching how your ass expands and contracts as the bulbous head of the butt plug goes in and out of your hole. I then step behind you and place my hand over yours, my growing cock rubbing up against your stockinged thigh. You’re startled for an instant but then you look back at me and smile and you relax. You move your hand away from the butt plug and place it over your pussy using your fingers to squeeze and roll your distended clit. I take over on your butt plug, withdrawing it almost all the way out before forcing it back in to the hilt. You begin to moan softly and to rotate your hips and ass. I increase the pace, thrusting the black plug in and out of your ass as you start to rub your clit so hard and so fast that your hand is a blur. Suddenly you stiffen and you arch your back getting ready to cum. I read the signs, ram the plug once more into your ass and leave it there. I get onto the floor and place my mouth over your fingers and pussy just in time as you orgasm strongly, bucking your hips and letting go with a flood of pussy juice. I try greedily to catch it all in my mouth but you are so wet your sweet cum is dripping off my chin and splashing onto my chest. You are grinding your pussy down onto my mouth and face as you enjoy a series of mini, after shock orgasms. As you come down from your sexual high I move around and kneel up so I can support you as your legs tremble and start to buckle. You pull me to you and begin to lick my face, my lips, my mouth eagerly tasting your own pussy cream.

We pull apart and I turn on the shower. We get in together and begin to gently soap each others bodies, stealing frequent kisses, nibbling each others ears and necks. In one such clinch you reach around me and begin to work my butt in long slow circles, pressing down delightfully on my prostate. I can feel my cum rising but I want to save it. I know what the night still holds for us.

I step out of the shower and towel myself dry whilst I watch you soaping your pussy. I slide and smooth on a pair of hold up fish net stockings. I then put on a pair of panties. They have white lace frills on the bottom and sheer gauze front through which my cock is clearly visible. Then I put on a very short, tie around white maids apron and a sheer nylon vest top with thin straps and a pair of patent leather, high heeled pumps. I am ready. I lean into the shower and kiss you and then I leave the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes later you emerge looking radiant and every inch like the nymphs of legend. You are wearing a short black, totally transparent negligee that falls to beykoz escort just below your bottom. Your magnificent breasts are straining at the delicate material and your large, long, erect, dark brown nipples are clearly visible as they attempt to force their way through your negligee. As you walk into the room your negligee rises and falls seductively exposing the tops of your sheer, seamed, fully fashioned silk stockings and giving tantalising glimpses of your smooth, completely shaven pussy. As you advance into the room you are stopped in your tracks and gasp at the scene in front of you.

For there I am. In my heels and sexy maids uniform standing between two muscular guys – one white, one black. I speak; “Mistress. Let me introduce you to Marlon and Julian. With your permission I will prepare them for you and then they will be your sex slaves for the rest of the night. They are both bisexual and they will do whatever you tell them and you can do whatever you like to them. Would you like to inspect your slaves Mistress?”

You smile your radiant, seductive smile and walk towards us, slowly, prowling like cheetah approaching her prey. Marlon is wearing a white thong and Julian is wearing a black thong. Although both boys are not yet erect, their tiny briefs can barely contain their cocks.

You stand between them and run your red painted nails across their smooth, hairless chests – scraping across their erect nipples. Neither of them flinch but continue to look at you – pure lust in their eyes. You move your hands down and slowly run your finger tips and nails over their pouched bulges – so delicately you are barely touching them. Their bulges immediately increase in size. You slide your left hand around to Marlons buttocks and your right hand around to Julians buttocks. You have to pull them closer to you so you can reach. This means you are now in full body contact with both of them as you stroke and squeeze their firm peachy bottoms. Then you pull away and say, “Boys. I fully expect you to fuck me in all of my holes at least until day break or until I tell you to stop.” Then you turn to me and say “Ricky, my darling man, my dirty, clever little slut. Prepare the sex slaves for your Mistress.”

You stand in front of your maid and your sex slaves and slowly run your bright red tongue around your glossy bright red lips. I ask to be excused to make preparations. You give me permission and as I sway past you I feel a sharp slap on my bottom which makes my cock jerk in my panties. I go to the wardrobe and remove two black latex sheets. I place one over the bed and one on the floor. Then I retrieve a large bottle of silicone oil and return to stand in front of you. I ask your permission to prepare your slaves. You step forward and kiss me deeply while with one hand you grip and squeeze my cock and balls through my panties.

You turn away and we can just about see the globes of your beautifully round bottom showing beneath the hem of your negligee. You reach the bed and bend over so that your negligee rides up and you blatantly and wantonly show us that your butt plug is still deep in your ass. You ease it half way out and then clench your ass muscles to hold it there. You turn to face us reaching up with your hands to pinch and pull at your big nipples through the material of your negligee. Your maid and your slaves gasp as we notice a rivulet of pussy juice running down your creamy white inner thigh. You spread your legs and thrust your bottom out and then you sit down with force. A force that rams the butt plug all the way into your ass in one go. You cry out and at the same time a stream of sticky pussy juice erupts from your gaping cunt. Instinctively your three slaves move forward eager to taste your honey. But you raise a hand and shout ‘Stop. Maid prepare cock and man cunt for me.’

We take our positions on the latex sheet and I begin to cover Marlon and Julian with oil. It drips over their broad shoulders and across their prominent pectoral muscles. I rub the oil over their solid biceps, over their backs, across their six pack abdominals, up and down their delta shaped muscular thighs and massage it into their bare, firm, tight bottoms. But I do not touch their cocks or their anus. However, caddebostan escort without even touching them there it is obvious that Marlon and Julian have enjoyed their massage. They both have huge bulges straining to escape from their tight, tiny, shiny, sexy thongs and their buttocks are clenching and their hips are slightly thrusting involuntarily.

I leave the beautiful boys, the slaves in position on the sheet while I bring over two high backed chairs from the dressing area. I place the chairs behind them and tell them to turn round. They now have their backs to you. Their broad muscular backs tapering to their narrow, almost girlish, tight waists. Their firm bottoms are glistening with oil and I tell them to bend over the chairs. I get a spanking paddle from the drawer and present it to you. You stand up. You smell of sex. Your stocking tops are soaked with your pussy juice which is flowing freely as you’ve been finger fucking your pussy throughout the massage. You tell me to kneel down and you turn your back to me. You bend over and instruct me to remove your butt plug. Your tight, puckered asshole stretches as I ease it out and I gently blow into your gaping ass as the plug springs free. ‘Tongue me bitch,’ you order me. ‘Tongue my throbbing, gaping ass.’ I can’t get there quick enough. I can’t get my tongue in far enough as I devour your pulsing, clenching hole. You force your ass back against my face as my tongue worms its way in and up and around your fabulous fuck hole until suddenly you shout ‘Enough.’ You tell me to stand between the slaves facing them and you approach the three of us slowly. A prowling, hungry, eager, sexual predator with her prey firmly in her sight.

Without warning you bring the paddle down hard on Marlons firm, glistening black buttocks. He jerks and moans with pleasure. You spank him again. And again. This time across the tops of his muscular thighs. Marlon is squirming with pleasure, gyrating his beautiful ass and thrusting it upwards to meet your swishing paddle. His cock is hugely erect and straining at his lycra thong. You lean forward across Marlons broad back, grinding your pussy into his bottom and forcing your erect nipples into his back and you whisper into his ear ‘Suck my maids cock through his panties. But you mustn’t use your hands.’ I turn towards Marlon and offer up my rigid, panty covered cock. He engulfs it with his generous mouth in one lunge. You moan with desire and pure lust as you move across behind Julian. Once more without warning you sting his tanned bottom with a sharp crack of the paddle. Unlike Marlon, Julian speaks. He says ‘Oh yes Mistress. I’ve been so bad. Please spank me some more.’ You smile and and growl a throaty, sexy, chuckle. Your left hand reaches for your pussy while your right hand repeatedly brings the paddle down on Julians reddening, warm bottom. You speak; ‘Maid. Take your cock out of your panties and fuck this slaves mouth.’ I fuck Julians mouth until he gags but he doesn’t back away. He wants more. Both slaves have stained their thongs with pre-cum. You notice too and warn us that none of us are allowed to cum until you say so. You tell us to stop and order the two slaves to stand on the chairs. You put down your paddle and approach Marlon. You stroke his thighs and his spank warmed bottom. Finally you squeeze his cock and balls and then…..and then you grasp his buttocks firmly, pull him towards you and grabbing the top of his tiny thong in your teeth you begin to pull his thong down and off. As you release his huge black cock it springs up past your face and bounces alongside your cheek. You gaze at his massive rod and groan with excitement but you don’t touch him. You order me, your maid to finish removing Marlons thong and you turn to Julian. This time, as you grasp his buttocks, you move in swiftly and actually bite his cockhead through his thong. Julian groans moans and bucks his hips and his cock towards you. You kiss his cockhead through his thong gently and smile knowingly. You’ve guessed right. From his reaction to his spanking you knew that this was Julians fetish. The fine line between pain and pleasure and you immediately begin to make plans for him.

You then order us to line up again. I have removed my apron and my vest top and stand before you in only heels and fishnet stockings. The slaves are completely naked. All three of us are sporting massive, vein bulging, throbbing erections as we prepare for the next stage of what was to be a sex filled night.

To be continued………………….

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