Ashley the French MaidAshley the French Maid


Ashely knew that something was odd when Brad took her to the utility room and presented a black clothing bag covering up something which she didn’t knew about. Brad was her employer which she cleaned his house every Tuesday and Friday and mostly comes and helps him with something he wasn’t familiar with. He had the most amazing blue eyes on him and with strawberry blonde hair and was a business man working for Dime Corp. which he decided a month and a half ago to get a cleaning person.

…One month and a half ago…

“Brad why don’t you get a pleasure cleaner.” Gunner spoken to Brad as he sat on the couch.

“Gunner you know I am not going to get into a relationship nor will I hire a pleasure maid they cost a lot of money versus a regular one. I have already put an ad which-” He didn’t finished his sentence till there was a knock at the door.

“Let me get it.” Brad got up as he approached the door he opened it and saw before him stood a bit of a plump girl with black hair, dark green eye’s, pale complexion, and stood maybe at 5’5”.

“Hi are you Brad Stone?” Her accent sounded southern.

“Yes I am him. What can I do for you?” Brad lean on the door and looked into her eye’s which he couldn’t help, but was getting lost into them.

“I am Ashely Smith and I saw your ad this morning and it said that you need a cleaning maid.” Ashely hand started to shake as he handed her resume to him.

He took the resume and looked it over and see she graduated in 2012, still works for Mercy Hospital, has done cleaning project for the community, and had perfect customer service. He looked at her age which said ’20’ though he was only ’24’ he thought she looked older than ’20’.

“Come in and let me get some interview question ready and in the meantime let me show you the backyard.”


Ashely always thought that Brad was just a guy who hated cleaning, but knew he was a busy man and didn’t have the time. She grew an affection towards him and would blush when he said something sweet to her that she never had spoken to her. Brad thought she was the cutest girl on Earth and surprise her on her 21st birthday which he found out that they were 3 years apart, she didn’t drink that much and he let her stay the night in the guest room also letting her take the whole day off. But one night 3 weeks and 2 days ago she heard noises coming from his bedroom.

…September 22nd, 2014…

Ashely toss and turn in the bed and try to sleep, but couldn’t because it was difficult with the bed she slept on. When she faced the window she heard a moan outside of her room and got out of bed and walked to the door and try to follow the noise. She traced it back to Brad room and thought he was watching a porn movie, but she was wrong!

“Oh god Ashely! Yes! Yes!” She heard her name being said by Brad and couldn’t believe what she heard after that, “God I really, really need to be with her. I can’t stop thinking about her. I have a difficult time not wanting to put my hands on her waist and breast. I love it when she makes that one dish and knows about clearing my mind. I need to ask her out.” She left the door and ran back into her room while quietly closing her door.

Brad likes me! Ashely thought as she felt her heart beating faster. She went to lay down and stared up at the ceiling. “Maybe I want to be with you to Brad.”


“Remember when I asked for your measurement’s?” Brad acknowledge to her.

“Yes, I do remember you said that you will personally buy me a costume of your pick. If I might say something tell me it isn’t a witch costume.” She questioned.

“No it isn’t a witch costume. I knew you hate those kind of costume’s so I decided to buy you something a bit different. You can view it when you are home and try it on and if there is a problem in the size tell me and I will fix it.” He try to lean ataköy escort in and kiss her forehead, but stop himself knowing it will scare her.

She had to come over to help plan for the Halloween party which was a week away from now, she decided to pull out her notebook and a pen as she set it on the bar in the kitchen.

“Now to the important part. We have a total of 34 right now and as far as I know I still have 19 more invitation that hasn’t been answered back yet which will bring the total of 53 altogether. So we need food, drinks, plate, napkins, music, decor, and some neat effect’s. Any idea’s?” Brad looked at her as she copied what he said on the paper.

“Let’s start with food first. Since we already have 53 total how about we do 150 food different food products, like sandwich, chips and dip, veggie plate, little weenie’s, wings, and anything else that can be used as meals. Dessert like two cake’s, cookies, brownie’s, cupcake’s, and personally candy. Can soda is our best bet and if we have those over 21 they can have alcohol, but they have to stay the night here and not leave. Plates and napkins along with silverware have been took care of, I have a friend who works for this really huge corporation that does neat designs. Music is in my blood so I suggest a DJ and create a list of what music we want and add some Halloween music. Decor I got that covered because the house looks spooky inside and out. And special effect’s I am not doing, but we can do one thing.” She leaned over the counter exposing the swell of her breasts which Brad couldn’t help to look at them.

“What exactly do you have in mind?” He went to the frig and brought a bottle of water and a soda out for them both as she took the can from his hands.

“Well what about doing a grand prize for best costume. I already seen the invites stating you have to wear a costume to enter the party.” She opened it as she sipped it.

“That’s a great idea. You know what you always have the best idea Ashely.” Brad commented on her as she begin to blush red.

She stood up and went around the bar and hugged him which Brad felt all of the warmth from her body which he wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her closer to him to make the hug last. This is what he wanted so much, to feel her in his arms and finally feel how soft and warm she really was.

“You have always been a nice guy to me Brad.” She looked up at him and lean into kiss his cheek, “I wish that their was a guy out there for me who is so sweet and caring like you.” Ashley smiled as she return to the bar.

Me to Ashley, though I wish it will be me. Brad thought.


Guest left and right dance, ate, laugh, and made out in Brad house and as he try to figure out where was Ashley. She text him that she was in some bad road area where their were three car wrecks as it was due to the drinking thing. When he thought he wouldn’t see her in the costume for the night he heard the front door opened and instantly got a hard-on. Ashley wore the french maid outfit he bought for her and saw how it fit her too well as she strolled around making Gunner, Kyle, Jacob, and three other males turn their heads as she pass by them.

“Oh damn now I really want to hit that.” Gunner was getting a boner just wanting to take her into the guest room and fuck her brains out.

“Don’t you even think about it. That is my employee and she is my responsibility.” Brad got into Gunner face which made Gunner back off.

The whole night went well although there was a bit of problems coming from Michelle and Ashton who have been together for three years when she admitted she was a lesbian and Ashton gotten very upset about it. After the party Brad and Ashley cleaned living room, bathroom, yard, and kitchen up that had so much trash and wasted food that he had to avcılar escort get the vacuum and the water vacuum to get rid of the dirt and other things. It took them till 7:37 am to get the house clean and nice looking again, which Brad got the best view when Ashley bend over showing off her underwear that he couldn’t help, but adore them.

“Since it is morning and since me and you are off for the day you can sleep here unless you want to get home first.” Brad looked at her and felt pressure in his chest if she left.

“I will stay here and sleep for a few hours and I already brought extra clothes with me. I will leave when I am able to.” She walked by him as she went to the guest bedroom and close the door.

Four hours go by as she finally left the house in

a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt, which Brad watch her left from his bedroom window and was dressed in his comfortable shirt and a pair of pajama bottoms as he strolled around the house and going to the kitchen to get a thing of milk which he discovered a note on the bar.

” ‘ I had a lot of fun last night minus the cleaning afterward. Thanks for the costume. See you tomorrow 😉 …Love Ashley ‘ “

Brad press the note against his chest feeling pity for himself by not asking her out this morning.

…A week later…

Brad parked the car in the driveway and saw Ashley car in the driveway and realized it was Saturday and not her time to work, he got out of the car and approached the door which when he opened it he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Ashley was bending over the table trying to wipe something down in the french maid costume and looked up at him with a sweet smile.

“Oh you are here monsieur.” She crossed her legs as she kept cleaning.

Oh my god my fantasy just came true! Brad took his jacket off and laid it right next to her as he went behind her and squat down to touch her outer thighs hearing her sigh and then traced his hands up to her legs, then her hips, all around her back to her shoulder giving them a few squeezes and lean in closer to let her feel his erection press against her pretty ass.

“It’s nice to see my little maid at work while I was gone for the day.” Brad slowly kiss her neck and went to her ear rubbing his wandering hands all over her body paying attention to her breast.

“Mmmm this feels so good.” Her voice went to a soft sexy whisper, as she grind-ed herself against him.

He chuckled to himself as nibbled on her ear which all to soon he wanted her naked then and their, but he had an idea. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer as he sucked on her neck.

“Please prepare a bath for me and make sure the water is soapy and the water is hot.” He kissed her shoulders and before he took his hands off of her he whispered, “And have it ready in 15 minutes.”

She felt his hands off of her and she protested wanting more and decided to head to the hidden bathroom that had the really big tub that would be mistaken for a hot tub as she searched in the cabinet for the bath salt and the bubble soap for him and came across the vanilla salt and then the cinnamon bubble soap as she walked over to the bathtub and put the stop in it and fill the hot water up and took three handfuls of the salt and two squirt fulls of the bubble soap as she slowly took her shirt off and followed by her skirt which when the were loosen she stood in the tub and started to stir the water up to make sure the salt dissolved properly. She stepped out and saw Brad wearing a towel around his waist and realized he had a bulge.

“I was just stirring the water up for you. It is getting a little more hot in the bathtub.” She watched him walk to her as he looked up and down at her.

Ashley wore only a black and white bra with matching crotchless underwear which bahçelievler escort Brad knew she was wet because the scent got to his nostril and somehow turned him out a lot more. He pulled her into his arms and kiss her lips for the first time, those lips were small and very soft as he caressed his hands all over her body as he unhooked her bra and let it fall to the ground along with her underwear which his towel fell and she felt his cock on her belly. He stepped away from her seeing her naked for the first time as she stood in a cringe not knowing how much he loved seeing her like this. He took her hand and lead her to the bathtub as he climbed in first letting her sit in front of him were her pussy was against his dick.

“I never bathed with a man before. Or get stripped by one.” She commented as she laid her head on his bicep.

“You never had sexual encounters?” Brad looked down at her.

“Sadly no. I never had a boyfriend and never been kissed.” She looked at him which Brad realize he was already was beginning to be her first.

He wrapped his arms around her shoulders overwhelmed with so much pleasure just being with her in this heated moment. He took one hand to her thigh to raise it out of the water and set it on the side of the bed having more access to her body.

“Can you tell me the things you fantasized?” Ashley asked out of the blue.

He rubbed her shoulders, “I always thought of the most dirtiest things I want to do to such a beautiful clean women. And to the question.” He lower his hands to her arms letting one of the hands to lay on her breast to massage it which she sighed, “I had numerous dreams about you while I pleasure myself. One of them is what we are doing right now; no sex just you on top of me in hot soapy water while I hold you in my arms tightly. I had grown so much to you Ashley that the first week of you working for me I had feelings for you that I was scared to let you know.” He kissed her cheek as he wrapped his arms around her waist making her sit up as he laid his head on her shoulder.

“So you really think I am beautiful?” She nuzzled her nose against his ear.

“Yes you are really beautiful. And the one woman I want in my life.” He kissed her neck before kissing her lips again.

After awhile being in the water they gotten out as Brad made there way to his bedroom which he kissed her again as he let her lay down on the bed as he pleasured her breast. She sighed and moan so much he trailed his lips down her stomach to her wet virgin pussy as he licked up, down, side to side, and any direction he could think of as she started to shake. He then let a finger slip inside of her as sucked her clit thrusting the finger then two inside trying to get her to let her pussy juices run down this throat as she had her first orgasm. He then set himself between her legs and look down at her as he pushed the head of his cock inside her with one slow single thrust.

“Am I hurting you?” Brad asked.

“It hurt’s a bit.” Ashley rubbed her hands on his shoulder.

He pulled out and went inside her again and was pleased when she moaned his name. He begin thrusting inside her slowly before he could quicken his pace, she was so wet and completely tight which he was in pure heaven being like this with her. As she whispered things in his ear by going faster and going harder he gave her what she wanted and try to go easy since it was her first time. As the headboard begin to bang on the wall she wanted to come again and it came fast and hard as he thrust harder trying to get her to enjoy this moment of bliss.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh! Yesssssss!” Ashley moaned out load as her third orgasm ripped through her quick which Brad keeping going faster and faster.

“Jesus Ashley you feel so good.” Brad finally growled out of his throat as he cum inside her pussy.

Rolling off of her he took her hips and draw her near him resting her head on the pillow. Brad played with her hair and took the blankets and put it over them.

“How was it for you?” Brad whispered.

“It was great.” Ashley softly whispered.

“I want me and you to be together Ashley.” He pulled her closer.

“I want it to. For the rest of my life.” Ashley smiled as they both fall asleep.

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