Caught By The TeacherCaught By The Teacher


Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

Elizabeth tapped her pencil on her desk; she couldn’t wait for school to end. It was only 4th hour though!

“Beep!” Her phone chimed only so loud that Elizabeth could hear; it was a text from her boyfriend, Ryan.

“Hey, baby,” The text read, “I’m so bored, can’t wait to see you tonight… What should we do? ;)”

Elizabeth smiled as she typed back, “I bet we’ll think of something. ;)”

Elizabeth was a gorgeous 18 year old. She had soft, light brown hair and piercing blue eyes. She was petite and slim, with firm B-Cups. Just thinking about tonight with Ryan made her horny.

She quietly swished her hand across her moistening pussy as she glanced at the clock again.

All of a sudden, she jumped up. “Mr. Burlin,” she said, “May I please use the bathroom?”

Mr. Berlin was a 30 something year old man, not bad looking for his age. He had wavy, dark hair and a decent build. He looked at Elizabeth suspiciously, but then nodded and continued grading papers.

Elizabeth gratefully skipped out of class and raced to the bathroom. Once she was there, she slipped off her mini-skirt and rubbed her aching pussy through her lacy, pink panties.

Her panties were already moist, and Elizabeth let a tiny moan escape her perfect, pink lips. She slid her panties aside, and stuck one finger in. She leaned against bathroom stall, then stuck another finger in. She began finger fucking herself.

“Ohh, oh my… oh!” She gasped, not bothering to keep quiet. Everyone was in class, anyway. Her tiny, manicured fingers pumped in and out of her pink pussy. Her other hand tore off her shirt and began to rub her nipple.

“Mmmm, ohh..” She continued to moan.

She heard footsteps, but could care less. She was nearing climax.

“Elizabeth?” A voice called.

“Mmm, kartal otele gelen escort ohh, oh my gosh, oh my goshhh,” she yelled.

To her horror (or was it delight?), Mr. Burlin had pushed open the stall and was watching her with wide eyes.

“Miss Tarin! I sent you to the bathroom 10 minutes ago, and you’ve been doing this?”

Elizabeth had stopped masturbating, and was now trying to cover up her exposed body.

“What do you have to say for yourself?”

“Sorry?” Elizabeth tryed, pulling up her skirt.

“I’m afraid sorry’s not going to cut it, young lady, get your clothes on and come with me!”

Elizabeth awkwardly pulled on her clothes and followed Mr. Burlin down the hall.

To her surprise, they did not head to the principals, like she thought they would. Instead, they were walking to the teachers lounge. When they got inside, Mr. Burlin locked the doors and drew the blinds.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Elizabeth stammered, her heart racing.

“I’m teaching you a lesson.” Mr. Burlin said in a voice she had never heard before. “Now, come sit on this table.”

Elizabeth followed his orders, not wanting to get herself into any more trouble.

“I want you to tell me why you did what you did,” Mr. Burlin said in a commanding voice.

“Uhh, I don’t know,” Elizabeth answered, scared.

“You do know!” Mr. Burlin snapped. “Your a dirty little slut, aren’t you, Elizabeth?”

“What?!” Elizabeth protested.

“You heard me.” Mr. Burlin sneered. “Now, get on your knees, bitch!” Elizabeth looked at him, dumbstricken. “I said on your knees, cunt!” He ordered.

Slowly, Elizabeth sank to her knees. Mr. Burlin was unzipping his pants. “What the fuck?” Elizabeth cried.

“What the fuck?” Mr. Burlin mocked. istanbul kartal escort “If you don’t want me to tell your parents and the principal what I saw you doing, you will do what your told!” He announced, as he revealed his 9 inch tool.

“Like what ya see, slut?” He asked. Elizabeth didn’t answer. “Suck it, NOW!” He ordered.

Elizabeth placed her little mouth on the huge dick, and half-heartedly sucked his cock. Mr. Burlin pulled her hair, making her move at his preferable speed.

“Look up at me!” He ordered. Elizabeth looked up at him with her stunning blue eyes. She looked so innocent, yet slutty.

To her horror, Elizabeth liked the way the cock felt in her mouth, it was the same size as Ryan’s, but Mr. Burlin’s was at least 2 inches thick.

“You like it, don’t you, you dirty little whore!” He cried, as he moaned softly, and pulled her hair harder.

“Ow!” Elizabeth cried when he pulled super hard.

“Does that hurt, bitch?” He said evilly, and pulled harder. Elizabeth whined and tried to suck faster, so this could be over.

Suddenly, he pulled away. He moved towards Elizabeth and pulled of her shirt and bra. She tried to push him away, but her frail little body was no match for Mr. Burlin’s strong one. He rubbed and sucked hard on Elizabeths boobs.

Elizabeth tried not to moan, but she couldn’t help but let out a couple of moans.

“You like that?” Mr. Burlin said, sucking harder.

“Mmmm,” Elizabeth answered, not able to keep quiet. Mr. Burlin’s hand moved towards her moist pussy, and he began to rub it through her panties (he had already removed her skirt.)

“Ohh, yeahh… Mmm” Elizabeth said, then stopped herself. She couldn’t be enjoying this! Could she?

“You know you like it, cunt!”

“No..” Elizabeth kartal rus escort huffed, breathing heavy, “please stop!” But, they both knew she wanted him to keep going.

In one swift movement, he ripped off her panties and plunged in one of his fingers.

“Oh!” Elizabeth squeaked out of surprise.

“Such a tight pussy,” Mr. Burlin thought out loud, “Can’t wait to fuck it!” He slipped in another finger, and began to plinge them in deeper and deeper.

“Noo, yess, ohh!” Elizabeth moaned, her blue eyes wide with a mix of fear and pleasure.

After Elizabeth had a toe curling orgasm, he showed her his dick again.

“This is gonna be deep inside of you, bitch. But I bet you’ll love it, you worthless little slut!”

He put his dick head at the lips of her pussy, and slid it in. “Ahh!” Elizabeth squeeled.

“Yeah, bitch. Yell, make me know it feels good!” Mr. Burlin said, sitting down on the carpet, Elizabeth seated on his huge dick. He placed his hands on her tiny hips, and thrust her body fastly.

“OHHHH, OHHH, OHH, OHHHH!” Elizabeth yelled, “yeahh, yeahh, fuck me Mr. Burlin! I’ve been a naughty girl.. Teach me who’s boss!”

“Hell yeah you have, I’m gonna pound your little cunt until you come all over my dick!” He yelled, enthusiastically.

“Mmm, OHHH,” Elizabeth moaned as they went faster and faster. “I’m gonna cum, ohhh, OHHH, I’m gonna cum!”

“That’s right, bitch! Cum all over my fucking cock!”

“OHHHH, FUCK YEAH, YESSSSS, MMM, OHHH MY GOD, YEAH, YEAH, FUCK!!!!” Elizabeth yelled as her pussy juices spilled out onto his dick that was still plunging deep into her sore pussy.

“Now it’s my turn!” He declared.

“Please take it out! Don’t cum in me, PLEASEEE!” Elizabeth pleaded.

But, Mr. Burlin ignored her pleas, and shot load after load up her throbbing vagina.

“NO! Why did you do that?” Elizabeth yelled, “ohhhh, it feels so hotttt, oh my god!” and she cummed again.

Then, Mr. Burlin shot up and left a panting, cum-filled Elizabeth curled up on the floor, too sore to move.

“Be back in class in 20 minutes,” Is all he said, as he pulled on his clothes and walked off.

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