All Holes BaredAll Holes Bared


He kept sucking my asshole like a wild beast. Grunting and panting and making me groan with pleasure and ecstasy. I was bent on the kitchen table with my skirt lifted above my butts and my panties pulled down to my knees. My thighs were spread wide. He held my ass cheeks apart with his hands and his face buried deep inside my ass. His tongue was lapping up and slurping my anus as he kept on vigorously smooching it, occasionally lowering his face to lap up the droplets of cunt juice coming out of my pussy lips….. Unnnghh. He raised his pace, his voice more guttural and he was panting more heavily.

Actually my husband, Peter and I had gone to George’s house for dinner. George was Peter’s colleague. My husband had to go back to our house to get the gift that we had forgotten to bring along when we left. Our house was about half an hour’s drive away. And George’s wife, Maggie had gone to the nearby grocery store to fetch some soda.

Till today I had never met either George or his wife Maggie. He had been insisting that Peter and I visit him and have dinner with them. He was eying me since we reached his place. I was sitting on the sofa opposite to him and his wife alongside with Peter. And his eyes were as though stripping me naked and savoring me. I was wearing a pink satin skirt and blue silk top. I knew he could make out the outlines of both my bra and my panties because my top and skirt were tight fitting. That’s the way I like them. Tight. My skirt was a decent knee length. Well … a few inches above the knee that’s all, nothing too revealing. But still showing off the long legs of my slender and fit 35 year old body. I didn’t think too much of him looking at me like that as I keep getting those stares everytime I got out, either alone or with peter. Frankly I secretly enjoy it. But I have never mentioned it to peter. Its good to have men drooling over your body even though its not very young. I have never betrayed Peter during our 8 years of married life and 2 kids. But that doesn’t mean I never had any action at all! I think I have made the best of use of my body wherever and whenever I could have! But that was all before ankara rus escort marriage. After which I never felt the need to be unfaithful. (Since I have had all the experience I wanted to before!)

Peter left after dinner and Maggie soon after that. Saying she would be back in half an hour (the grocery is downtown). I had innocently gone to kitchen just to help him with the dishes. It was while keeping the dishes on the kitchen table that he suddenly started grabbing me all over, groping and fondling my body. He had pushed me against the table with his body. I gasped and was surprised and but not in a position to do anything. He slid his hands over my breasts and on my back squeezing the flesh of my body through the fabric of skirt. He then immediately lifted up the skirt and pulled down my panties. I did not get the time or space to move away (Or should I say I wasted the time to act fast because I was awe struck by his swift actions). I could hear his hot and heavy breathing. This actually stirred me!

He started licking my ass and asshole right away, kissing and biting the ass first. His tongue found the top of my butt crack and traced slowly but steadily downward passing over the asshole to dance slightly between my asshole and pussy before he pushed it into the crevice of my asshole…… oooohhhh. He was biting my anus softly with his teeth and at the same time thrusting his hardened tongue in the hole. My cunt was dripping with dew with all his actions. He must have noticed that and started draining my cunt of its juice in his mouth. Ohhh boy! What a sucker! I tried resisting earlier on but my body betrayed me. Instead of resisting I felt my hips flexing upward towards him. I couldn’t believe I was doing this but I the feeling was incredible! It was unlike anything I had experienced ever in my life.

I felt so horny and turned on as I pushed backed my shuddering crotch into his face. I could not resist spreading my legs a little wider and my swollen clit throbbed. My body was responding to the pressure from his deliciously probing tongue till I reached a shattering orgasm. He kept ankara türbanlı escort on nibbling, biting, sucking and licking and forcing his tongue deep into my dripping pussy, pressing into my pussy lips and tasting every drop of my love juice…..mmmmm……ahhhhhh……oooohhhhh. My moans seemed to embolden him and his tongue hardened thrusting in and out like a cock……..aaarrghhhhh I wanted to SCREAM! My hips were grinding into his mouth and lips moving from side to side. I could smell my own cunt and the feral smell that was flowing in the kitchen.

My head arched backwards as I ground my quivering pussy into his face rewarding him with another shattering orgasm.

He then let my ass free for a while. Looking back I saw him pulling out his engorged cock from his trousers. It was HUGE and thick. Much bigger than any of the cocks I had ever experienced and definitely bigger than my husbands’.

Holding my hair from the back of my head, he pushed it down and tried to push his cock in my asshole. Jesus Christ! It was very painful. I had never had a cock in my ass before but I also didn’t have the sense to stop him. I was in a trance where I was accepting anything happening to me. I was being FUCKED, and used and screwed and God knows what! And I was enjoying it all! He then started running his cock up and down my ass and pussy. I readied myself for his entry and could not resist a slight push to spur him on (I knew I was being a shameless bitch). He found the opening of my tunnel and suddenly pushed deep in my hot tavern. I bit my hand hard to stop my self from screaming as I buckled against him. The world seemed to spin around with each forceful thrust. The musty odor of sexual excitement was overwhelming me as he was shoving me deeper and deeper, inch by inch. I felt week in my knees as I exploded passionately. I was still wondering how bold he was to do all these things to me; both of us total strangers to each other till today! It was as if he was having a command over me. I felt intentionally helpless.

I convulsed in orgasms after orgasms as I squeezed him tightly and increased bahçelievler escort the motion of bucking him. He too kept on pushing ferociously. He then took out his enormous dick and after a short but lustful pause he slammed his cock in my asshole again. This time it went in due to the lubrication my wet pussy provided. I could not longer hold on and screamed loudly and wildly, with pain and ecstasy at the same time. Hearing this he rammed my asshole even more hard, reaching for my breasts and squeezing them through my blouse. Whatever lubrication my juices had provided now disappeared as he fucked heavily deep into my anus. I could feel the flush of his cock rubbing hardly against my anus walls. He pulled out his cock all the way and suddenly thrust it strongly on my asshole. Ohhhh goodness! My ass cheeks were crushing against his thighbones. The hair around my asshole got entangled in his bush and I felt as if he was ripping my ass apart. I exploded into a cataclysmic orgasm as I pushed backwards and his hands on my hips pulled me with equal force. He reveled in the repeated contractions against his cock. He rocked and bucked with his manhood buried deep inside my shaft. I started cumming over and over in waves of spectacular release, AGAINST MY WISHES!

I reached between my legs to grasp his balls and pull them against my cunt. I felt his cock swell until it filled me and I was unable to contract against his length. He was soo long! His voice became louder now and together we started moaning convulsively. I felt the heat surge through his veins filling, then exploding streams of lava. I arched backwards a bit more and leaned on the table as he came shooting a full load into me. I could feel his semen raining against my anus walls. I felt my juice flowing down my inner thighs!

We heard the door click. It was his wife who had just returned. I ran to the bathroom and locked myself for a few minutes. I looked at my self. I had just been given the FUCK of my life and that too by man other than my husband! And I was feeling blatantly good about it. I felt lusciously guilty over what I had done or what I had let him do. But I looved every minute of it.

Afterwards in the car my dear husband asked me if I enjoyed the dinner and the company of George when we were alone. I told him the truth……… That I enjoyed his company very much!!!! And was looking forward to invite them to our house.

Please let me know how you found this story.

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