Rage Against the Latrine Ch. 14Rage Against the Latrine Ch. 14


It was the end of July when I waved Natasha and the band away as the minibus pulled out of my narrow driveway. They had a week booked in Edinburgh to record their new album at the studios and then three days on location in Leeds and then the Peak District to film two music videos. It was a packed schedule for them, and my girlfriend had arranged with Bohdana to visit London with a couple of friends while she was absent. The women had conversed secretively over the previous weeks as they discussed the trip, and I guessed sordid discussions had occurred. “If they want, play and explore,” my lover demanded of me before she left, before adding. “For fucks sake, you’re only young once! Boh said you’d love her friend. And she’s single.”

I scoffed, and I didn’t really expect much to happen. I wasn’t certain if I wanted it to, especially since I was over ten years Bohdana’s senior and it felt like I would be preying on a young woman for my sexual gratification. Bohdana travelled from Windermere by coach with two friends; they had bought the return tickets cheaply, and I agreed with Natasha to pick up her cousin and co-travellers from a large bus station in North London.

The golden-haired Bohdana was exactly as I remembered; bright and welcoming with a slate-blue eyes and a quiet confidence. Her new boyfriend, Stephen, was shorter than his beau, and his first act when Bohdana smiled at me was for him to place his hand in hers with a public sign of affection and ownership. The last of the trio was a shy girl with long blonde hair and an uncertain demeanour. She said little as I drove them to my house.

When we arrived, I gave Bohdana the key to the annexe and showed them the space. Natasha had left her cousin keys to her car on the kitchenette worktop, with the details of a week-long insurance policy. “I’ve put some food in the fridge and freezer. It’s just stuff for lunches and some pizzas, burgers and so on,” I said as I showed them their home for the next few days. “There is some booze, too. Upstairs are three double beds and the shower and toilet through there.”

“Or we could use the paddling pool,” Bohdana teased.

“Deflated,” I replied. “If you need anything, then just come across. Otherwise, I’ll leave you alone unless you want me.”

“Thanks,” she muttered as her boyfriend tugged at her wrist.

I genuinely believed that I wouldn’t hear much from them all week. I heard them depart the house in Natasha’s car in high spirits. The meteorologists had forecast excellent weather for their holiday and the three teenagers had the sort of freedom that they had never had before. I expected them to be excited and carefree spirits and would want to speed as little time as possible with the only responsible adult on the premises.

After I had cooked and cleared away my dinner, I heard a knock on the door. Standing outside, in just a white T-shirt and pale blue shorts, was Bohdana’s friend. She gave a weak, nervous smile and looked uncertain as she introduced herself. “Can I join you for a bit?” Monika asked. “Boh said you probably wouldn’t mind and Nats said you’d be free.”

“Sure,” I replied, welcoming the coy teenager into my house. “Is everything OK?”

She nodded, and I showed the hesitant young lady into my lounge. I passed her a drink of cider from Natasha’s stash in the fridge, and she explained why she had joined me. “Stephen’s parents are quite religious. They met at Boh’s church. So they want private time they rarely get. And Boh said you were friendly.”

“Ahh, that box of condoms that Natasha left behind is seeing some use then!”

Monika nodded and smiled. She sipped her cider and looked at the television. I put on a film, and we sat and watched a comedy. Without meaning to, we lounged together and cuddled up against each other. Her red painted nails rested on my thigh as my hand held her shoulder.

She got up to get another drink half-way through the film and snuggled up to me. She was warm, slender, and friendly. When the comedy finished, and the sky turned a brilliant orange, she put her empty bottle on the table and looked into my eyes. “Does Natasha really dominate you?” I gulped, although my uneasy expression must have answered her question. “Boh told me about her trip down here. How she peed on you and you drank it and she spanked you.”

“Yes,” I admitted. “It’s… fun.” The naïve looking girl chuckled and blushed. “What else did she say?”

“That you do it lots. And that video wasn’t really a trick!”

“That’s true too.” I let the admission hang in the air and I sensed the real reason she had mentioned the subject. “On stage at Bristol was my first golden shower. Natasha was my first, but many women have done it since. I’m a submissive.” She gave a gentle inclination of the head. “I like my partners to dominate me.”

“Spank you and tie you up?”

“Yeah, that too. And other things.” Her eyes sparkled. “Is that what you expected to hear?”

“It’s what Boh and Nats said to me.” She put her hand on my knee. “And with my ex, I played Kurtköy Escort with BDSM. But I’ve never even seen anyone else pee, and certainly not give a golden shower!”

“If you want to, you can ask Bohdana. She was quite happy in the end to give out showers liberally.”

Monika sniggered. “Stephen is protective of Boh. I think he’s worried that she’s going to come here and have kinky fun again after what she said about last time. He isn’t into that sort of play at all. He’s really straight-laced.” She looked away. Her hands trembled a little. “I guess I wouldn’t mind peeing over someone, but I couldn’t have someone pee on me.”

She peered up at me with a cheeky grin. “Do you want to give me a golden shower?” I asked, abruptly.

She nodded and gulped. “Yes,” she admitted meekly. “Is that weird? Natasha had said exploring it was OK with you.” I downed the dregs in my glass and stood up, holding out my hand. “What? Now?”

“Why not? You’ve had two pints, you must be ready to break the seal.” A nervous smile crept over her lips and we walked upstairs to my en-suite. “Any time you want to stop or this feels weird or wrong, just do so,” I told her as I stripped naked. “No explanation needed. You do what is comfortable.” Her gaze looked over me and the teenager watched as I laid on the tiled floor of my shower cubicle. “Natasha normally stands or squats over me bottomless and then releases. I clean her pissy cunt and eat her out if she wants.”

“Right,” Monika muttered as she took in what I had said. She nervously hesitated as her hands removed her pale blue shorts. Her toned thighs on her tanned body were sexy and her hairless slit looked divine. I ogled her, standing over my feet as she stared at me.

Hesitant and tense, but there was a glimmer of excitement in her eyes. A streak of power laced within her gaze as she stepped over me, still wearing her white T-shirt. I watched her position her cunt directly over me, and then squat so that her intimate folds were inches from my nose. “This is quite kinky,” she muttered. “You sure?”

“Go on,” I begged. “Please.”

She chuckled and a few droplets dribbled from her slit. My cock stiffened as she sighed and the squirt became a stream and then a waterfall. Her piss cascaded and poured from her onto my face and through my lips.

I gulped mouthfuls of her amber nectar. A delicate, piquant beauty, much like the woman expelling urine over me. It was a nasty, filthy deed, tarnishing the innocence of the wonderful innocent.

But she sighed with relief as her bladder emptied. My cock danced as I swallowed mouthfuls of her acrid waste. Defiled and degraded, used and humiliated by this naïve teenager, a stranger, made the act of denigration much more intense. She groaned as she crouched, holding onto the walls for balance, and bringing her cunt closer to my lips.

I swept over her wet crotch with glee, mopping every globule of her piss and sucking them onto my tastebuds. She moaned as my mouth worked its way over her sensitive folds and I flicked her button. She leant forward to rest her hands on my pelvis, and my tongue snaked over her clitoris, massaging it gently.

Her vocal moans and cries echoed in my bathroom. She bucked and ground her hips as my nose inhaled the scent of her femininity. Her sexual excitement. Her arousal.

Monika panted and gasped as my tongue worked overtime on her slit. Her thighs trembled and quivered, and she groaned, squealing and crying as her orgasm swept through her body. “Oh, fuck yes!” she cried. I whimpered as she staggered to her feet.

“I don’t mind doing it again. And again,” I told her and she shook her head, panting, looking down at me. I saw a pitiful, disgusted expression in her eyes as she surveyed her naked host.

“Thanks,” she giggled. “That was fun!” She stooped to pick up her discarded clothing. I smiled and watched her stunning backside and gorgeous figure as it left the room, holding her blue shorts in her right hand.

I licked my lips, tasting the last of her sexuality and her piss. Pure delicious filth. I showered and rinsed the pee from my hair and body, and dried myself with my towel.

I expected to be alone, but when I walked back into my bedroom, drying my torso, I saw Monika sat on the bed. “They’re still at it,” she moaned. “I didn’t want to disturb them so can I stay in the house tonight.”

“Sure, I’ll make up a guest room.”

“No! I share a bedroom at home with my sister. I don’t feel comfortable sleeping alone. Especially in somewhere unfamiliar.” Her eyes met my double bed, and she pleaded with me without saying a word.

“You want to sleep in here?” I asked, almost in disbelief.

She smiled. “Thanks! You’re a star!” She slung her T-shirt onto the floor and slipped naked under the summer duvet. My mind whirred as I turned the lights off and clambered alongside this nubile teen. Perhaps I was dreaming or maybe the watersports play had ignited something inside of her. I shifted in the bed and felt her Kurtköy Escort Bayan warm body snuggle next to mine. Her wrist grabbed my hand, and she brought it across her bare bosom. “Boh added me to a WhatsApp group with Nat yesterday. She told us to have fun with you.”


“Yeah,” she interrupted. “She said you were quite sweet at heart. But really perverted. So we can have some fun this week, if you want. On my terms, of course.”

“You’re not as innocent as you look!” I joked.

“Me? I’ve only had four boyfriends. And only one of them wanted to get past the missionary position. What Boh said you two did sounded incredible.”

“It is.” I kissed the back of her neck. “Good night.”

I woke early the following morning. Even when my first conference call was at 9:30am, I never got out of the habit of waking for 7am. I did the obligatory “shit-shower-shave” and made breakfast for myself and my guest.

Monika was awake when I returned with a tray and sat up in the bed with the duvet over her lap. She took the drink and placed it on the beside table and ate the muesli. “I messaged Natasha to tell her I peed on you and she replied while we were asleep.”

“Oh,” I muttered. “How is she?”

“Fine. She told me about a few things.” With her left hand holding her bowl of cereal, she pulled the duvet away with a flick of her right wrist. My eyes landed on the orange-coloured rubber dong affixed to a leather strap on harness.

Natasha’s harness and dildo. “Monika,” I squealed. “That’s…”

“How long did you plan on keeping this a secret?” My new friend asked. “Natasha told me where to find them and how much you like being fucked up the arse.”

It looked obscene, nestled between the tops of her thighs. She had the perfect, toned youthful body with sensational breasts that I ached to kiss and caress; her belly button sparkled with a gem piercing and her eyes glistened confidently. She wasn’t a shy teenager anymore, but a dominant woman that oozed confidence with every expression. She swallowed her breakfast while not breaking eye contact with me. A strong, knowing gaze that surveyed me for any sign of weakness.

“It’s been a while since I’ve touched one of these. I fancy an early morning fuck.”

Monika knew she was in control. Natasha had given the young woman the code to all of my resistance, and I wordlessly reached into our side drawer to take out a bottle of lube and a condom. “You’ll need these.” She didn’t break eye contact or say a word. Her smile broadened.

“You get me ready to plunder your backside.”

Those words, powerfully delivered, meant so much. She just watched as I unfurled a condom over the bulged head of the sex toy and down the orange shaft to the base of the dildo, and re-tucked it back into the harness. I smothered the dong in lube as she sipped her tea and finished her muesli, all under her watchful gaze.

My cock in my dressing gown itched as I did this. It did more so, as I rubbed a generous amount of personal lubricant into my butthole and washed my hands, discarding my clothing in my en-suite.

I returned to my bed to have Monika waiting for me. I knelt on the duvet and felt her body behind me. “Go slowly. I’ve not had any plugs or anything in, so be gentle and I’ll relax as much as I can.”

My guest giggled as the cold, bulbous head of the dildo touched my anus. I rested my forehead on the sheet. My ring stretched as the rounded tip slipped further into my butt. I groaned, biting my forearm as it uncomfortably strained and expanded my butthole to accommodate it.

I squealed in pain, and Monika reassuringly rubbed my buttocks. “Nearly there,” she soothed. These were not the actions of a naïve, innocent teenager, but a gentle mistress. She ran her hands over my back and flanks as her cock inched further and further into my butt. I panted as her toy nestled against my prostate, filling my arse completely. “OK?” She asked.

“Yeah,” I muttered.

“Good boy,” she patronised, and slowly she rocked the dildo back and forth past my ring. Short, gentle strokes that rubbed against my P-Spot and felt gorgeous. Her soft hands gripped my waist to gain leverage, to rhythmically glide the toy into my body.

The discomfort and pain had long since vanished; Monika was a natural dominant as she ground her hips against mine to smoothly penetrate me. Pre-cum leaked from my prick, dangling beneath me, and the slither of slime swung like a pendulum with every thrust.

“That good?” She checked.

“Very,” I whimpered. “That’s amazing.”

“Oh, yeah?” She cooed and flicked her hips to drive the dildo deep into me. I gasped out of enjoyment and surprise. She did it again and again, raising her tempo to thrust quicker and quicker into me. Her fingers dug into my waist as she pounded my butt, slamming her body into mine with increasing alacrity.

Her fervid zeal was a delight; the pre-cum leaking from my swaying cock had been splashed by the rampant fucking Monika delivered. Escort Kurtköy My oscillating prick spraying slashes of the clear fluid over my chest, thigh and bedsheets as she used all of her leg muscles to deliver powerful thrusts of her cock into me.

My body was alive with sexual energy. I felt waves of unstoppable lust sweep over me as I had several dry orgasms from the head of Monika’s dildo. The tip of my prick sizzled and my loins felt a savage, intense force growing inside. My pelvic muscles quivered and without realising my cock had, once more, leaked cum over the bedsheets and onto my chest.

I groaned as it poured out of me; crying in delight as a cascade of sexual pleasure swept through my body. I swore, moaned and fell forward, sliding her dick out of my exposed butt.

“Oh my God, you really did cum!” Monika squealed. “Natasha said you probably would.”

I turned on the wet spot and nodded. “Yeah. I love being pegged.”

“That was cool. I’ve not seen a guy come like that before.” She calmly unhooked the strap-on, and I took it into the bathroom to clean and shower once more. She kissed me as I came out of the en-suite. Her hand touched my waist, and she ran her other one over my chest. “I really enjoyed that.”

“Me too.”

“And I am going to fuck you again tonight. Hard. Make sure you’re ready.” And with those words, she picked up her clothes from the night before, her phone and walked out of my bedroom naked.

I had to concentrate on my work, but I changed the bedclothes and put the old sheet and duvet cover onto wash, before I joined my call with the senior developers. Sated and invigorated, I felt fantastic.

Bohdana, Stephen and Monika left the house in Natasha’s car at 9:30, and I didn’t hear from them until five when I was on a video conference with the Group President.

“Be back at 7. I so want to fuck you. Have dinner for us two and a bum ready for me. No clothes or no sex.”

My eyes bulged at the message and I just responded with “OK.” Monika was entrancing and intoxicating and I realised why Natasha demanded that we have an open relationship; every new interaction was stuffed with a roller coaster of fresh experiences. Monika acted differently than my girlfriend did. Her quiet appearance contrasted with the controlling and demanding missive she had sent.

Obviously, she had been encouraged by Bohdana or Natasha, or both, but I use the douching kit to thoroughly clean my backside, showered once more, and cooked a vegetarian lasagne that had a beautiful golden crust when I dished up at seven o’clock exactly.

Monika kissed me on the cheek as she strutted into my kitchen. “Good boy!” She giggled and patted me on the bare buttocks

“Enjoy yourself?”

“Yeah, we did a couple of the museums. London Eye too. Boh’s running short of money…” She looked at me. “And that’s not for you to give her some. But she has overspent today and her mum won’t be able to send her much. London is more expensive than any of us thought. It’s a tenner for the train and a fiver for an ice cream. And anything other than fast food is crazy.”

“I normally take the tube to work, but I can drive in on Thursday and leave it in the underground car park. That’ll save you on tickets. Plus, take a picnic. Then go to the supermarket and buy a three pack of Cornettos rather than buy lollies at a vendor in Hyde Park. You can do things in London cheaply,” I offered.

“Thanks. That’ll be nice.” She took the serving spoon from me and dished up a generous portion of the meal and put it on my place mat as she served herself. She spoke freely about her day, and the excitement of the blonde student radiated through.

There was an unspoken energy as we ate and talked; she joked and laughed, but we both knew that at her command, I would submit. She had poise and control of me. I had always longed for a kinky relationship based on female domination, and I guessed Natasha had provided my weaknesses to this incredible teenager. Monika was confident.

I could not believe that her interest in BDSM was as sudden or limited as she suggested, as she acted with such grace and surety. There were little things in her actions. She dished up my portion, and she poured the wine into my glass. She ran her stockinged feet over my bare leg as we dined to highlight my nudity. Her attention remained on me; she ate, drank, teased, dominated and verbally humiliated me while she stared at me. It drove my cock wild to feel so watched. I was under her thumb.

I was more so as she made me load the dishwasher and then marched me upstairs to get the strap-on. My eyes gawked as she undressed and she ordered me to stand in the bedroom’s corner as she readied herself facing the wall.

I heard her play on her phone and clothes hit the floor. She sighed and mumbled, and I could see nothing. I could feel nothing; she had deprived me of almost every sensory input as my nose touched my wallpaper of my bedroom.

I felt like a child. Humiliated as she came behind me and slid a blindfold over my eyes, plunging me into total darkness. She put two hands on my waist. Her hot breath on my shoulder as she whispered in my ear. “Get on that bed, arse up, you little slut.” The fake cock pressed against my thigh as she pulled me backwards and then threw me onto the mattress.

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