Apocolypse chapter 17+18Apocolypse chapter 17+18

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chapter 17

E.L.T. was that going to be the definition of our lives being over with or
not? I decided right then that I wasn’t going out that easily. “Adrien we have
to contact those good aliens and see if there’s anything we can do to
survive. I don’t know if you can make contact with them or not but I want you to at
least try to.” I told him. “I will attempt it, but I will need your mental
help to boost my own abilities.” He replied. We sat sown on the floor facing
each other and I closed my eyes I then felt his hands being placed on the sides
of my head. “Concentrate on my thoughts.” He told me. I thought as hard as I
could on his mind and for an instant it seemed like our minds were as one.
Meanwhile in the rest of the house the other kids were oblivious to what
Adrien and I were doing until the house began to shutter. “Oh shit it’s an earth
quake!” AJ yelled as he crawled under the kitchen table dragging his brother
behind him them forcing him underneath his own body to protect him. The house
shook like crazy just for the amount of time it took for Adrien to get his
message across. Some of the boys were running through the house scared to death
that they were about to die from the shaking when they ran past the room we
were in and stopped to look in and see the two of us in a glowing white aura.
“What the hell are you guys doing?!” Gavin yelled. That snapped the two of
us out of the connection and the house stopped shaking. I fell backwards now
bracing myself up on one arm feeling like I just ran a nonstop marathon. I was
drained badly of energy. I looked to Adrien and he was sprawled out on his
back almost unconscious. “Did you get through?” I asked him. “Yes.” He replied
before passing out. “What the fuck was that all about? Were you two having
cyber sex or some shit?” Gavin asked. “No we were trying to contact the good
aliens. We have a serious problem to talk about.” I told him and the others
with him. As badly as I needed to tell them I just didn’t have the energy and
strength to at the moment. “Joe please help him to bed I think he needs to
rest for a while if he feels as weak as I do.” I asked as I used the remainder
of my strength to crawl to the bed in the next room. Once I was on the bed I
instantly passed out from the strain. Josiah had carried Adrien to his bed and
laid him down to rest.

I awoke some time later to feel surprisingly rested. I got out of bed and
walked through the house to let everyone know we needed to have a meeting asap.
Everyone gathered in the common room and waited for what I had to say. “Ok
everybody I was looking through that alien information thing and I found
something in there that is big big trouble for us and everyone else on Earth. The
monsters plan on killing every human that they can’t catch for food. The file
I found was called E.L.T. earth life termination. Now Adrien and I were
trying to make contact with the good aliens earlier when you guys came in and saw
us before we passed out. I’m not sure if he got throughto them or not but he
said he did.” I stated as Adrien walked in the room rubbing his eyes. “I did
make contact. I only got a brief message but basically what they told me was
wait, under ground, safety, avoidance. The message they gave me tells me we
need to find some where deep under ground to wait so we will be safe. I
believe they want us to hide and wait until they are ready to initialize their
plans to help.” Adrien explained. “Ok so we need a place under ground to live
right? How about the bunker I found the hybrid in?” Gavin said. “I am sorry my
friend but I never wish to return to that place willingly.” Adrien told him.
“Yeah Gavin I mean didn’t you say that place was fucked any ways?” AJ said. I
looked at Adam and gave him the evil eye for cussing in front of the little
guys then told Gavin, “He’s right Gavin the monsters know that the bunker is
there. Plus you said it was destroyed. I don’t think that is a good place for
us to go cus the monsters already know it’s there.” “Well what the hell do
you suggest we do?” Gavin said getting rude. “Well we could go back to the
mine and stay there.” I suggested. “All of us crammed in a tiny room together,
no I don’t think so. My vote is to go to the bunker.” Gavin said. “Ok I guess
we all need to decide right now where we are going. We don’t know when the
monsters plan to carry out the E.L.T. so we need to do it now. Who wants to go
to the mine?” I asked. Almost everyone raised their hand. “Now who wants to
go to the bunker with me?” Gavin asked. Only Alicia and Phillip raised their
hands. “You don’t want to go to the bunker? You should know it better than any
one.” Gavin said to Adrien. “No I do not. I do not wish to go back to that
prison for any thing in the world.” Adrien replied. “Ok I guess it’s decided
then. We need to start getting ready to leave asap. Just pack your clothes and
food and stuff like that. Sorry guys the toys and stuff have to stay here.”
I told everyone getting some mad faces over the toys remark. During the
commotion of every one packing their stuff I got Gavin to the side to ask him to
reconsider his plans for departing from us. “Dude I sure wish you’d go with
us. I got a bad feeling about the bunker the monsters have already been there.
Like I said it’s just my opinion but…” I tried to say. “I appreciate your
point but I think it’s best for me to go to the bunker. If Alicia and Phil want
to join me that’s their decision, but I’m going as soon as we’re ready.” He
said cutting me off. I shook his hand and told him it was good being his friend
in case we don’t see each other after today and I went to pack my stuff.

It took a little time but everyone got their stuff together and we were
ready to leave for the mine and bunker. Everyone going to the mine piled their
stuff in the truck and Gavin, Alicia, and Phillip were going to hike to the
military complex where the bunker is since it’s not very far away. I stopped
Gavin before they left for the bunker and gave him a last few words. “Dude you
know just incase things don’t work out at the bunker you can still join us at
the mine. Just follow main street until it dead ends then go straight up into
the hills. If you go about a mile or 2 up into the hills you’ll find the
mine entrance. If you do come there just make sure you announce yourselves
before you come in, we don’t want to shoot you thinking you’re a monster.” I said.
Gavin was glad for the last minute thought and then they were off for the
bunker and the rest of us piled into the truck like sardines in a can and left
for the mine. The trip there in the cramped conditions sucked but we managed
the 15 or so miles back to town. We parked the truck in the old barn where we
stashed the ATV and unloaded it there. “Cool a 4 wheeler can we ride on it?”
Zack said in excitement. “Keep your voice down little dude, and no we can’t
just ride it for the hell of it to have fun on. We need it to haul all this
stuff up to the mine unless you want to carry it a few miles walking. Plus we
don’t have the spare gas to play on it.” I replied quieting him down and
getting some long faces about the walking part. It took us the better part of 3
hours for everyone to load their stuff in the ATV and walk up the hills to the
mine entrance. “Ok everyone stay here and stay quiet Chris, AJ, and I are
going inside to make sure things are cool.” I said before we walked in with guns
ready just incase. “You see anything Adam?” I asked as we walked in the dark
mine shaft. He shook his head no. “What about you, you hear or smell
anything?” I asked Chris. He also shook no. we continued into our little safe room
and it was just as we had left, aside form the layer of dust on everything.
“Ok everyone its ok you ca come in now.” AJ told them at the entrance. He held
up a lantern and showed them the way to the safe room where they would be
staying. “Oh my god! Is this it?” Carry was complaining about the small size of
the room. I backed the ATV in as usual and we unloaded our belongings and
food into the room. An hour later we had our beds laid out and our clothes were
tucked away along the walls to make room to walk. We sat down for a brief
lunch of canned fruit and crackers with peanut butter. When lunch is over AJ,
Adrien, Josiah, and I were going into the mine a bit deeper to see what lies
inside it since we had never really explored it much before.

“Ok everyone keep the noise down while we’re gone. Chris you keep your ears
peeled for noises outside or for us yelling for you. We’ll be back in a
little while.” I told the group. The other three boys and I set off then to go
deeper into the mine than we ever had before. About 200 feet down into the main
shaft it split off into two directions, left and right. First we went left
and it led to no where, just a lot of dead ends where the mining was taking
place. We doubled back to take the right branch and it was a bit more
interesting. We found lots of mining equipment and storage compartments kind of like
the safe room we were staying in by the entrance. A few of the rooms doors were
either rusted or jammed shut or they were locked. We managed to get in a few
and they had a bunch of mining stuff in them. We opened the last door to one
of the storage compartments and AJ spoke up. “Wait a sec there’s something on
the other side of that wall.” “Yes I agree I see it to.” Adrien said. “What
is it?” I asked. “It looks like another room or something on the other side
of that wall.” AJ said. I walked over and inspected it and the wall seemed to
be solid rock to me. I grabbed a sledge hammer and began to whack away at the
wall getting no where. Josiah walked over and took the hammer from me let
loose that super strength of his. He smacked the wall two good times opening up
a hole in the wall. Adam took a flash light and stuck his head in the hole
and looked around inside. “Wow it’s a cave.” He said. “Move so I can make the
hole bigger.” Joe said. A few more slid cracks to the stone wall and the hole
was now big enough for us to step through and into the cave. Josiah and I
could hardly see anything but AJ and Adrien were marveling at the size of it.
“Wow this is awesome!” AJ marveled. “What I can’t see a damned thing.” I said.
“This cave it’s great. We’re the first people to ever be in here think about
it, isn’t it cool!?” AJ said happy. We checked the place out and it was a
pretty good sized naturally formed cave. It had several chambers and the best
thing about it was it had a hot spring of crystal clear water feeding into a
pool in one of the chambers. “Wow that’s warm!” Josiah said sticking his
fingers in the water. The water seemed to run from the hot spring and collect into
a large pool that maybe 5 or so of us could fit in and then it drained out
as it over flowed and ran into a crack or hole in the wall and drained off
into the rocks. It was a great natural hot tub for us. “You know what guys I
think this place might make a great place for us to call home.” I said thinking
about it. “You are right it would make an excellent location to block us form
the monsters scanners. And there is a lot more room in here than there is in
that tiny store room.” Adrien said making some good points. “What do you two
think?” I asked the other two. Adam looked at his cousin and smiled. “Looks
like this place would be cool t live in.” Josiah said them. Adrien then took
out the alien information device and scanned the cave making a 3d map of it
and all it’s chambers. There was 2 big chambers with a lot of smaller ones
running off of them or connected to them in some way. “Wow we can make one of
these a sleeping room and the other like the common room at the orphanage.” I
suggested looking at the 3d hologram. “Only one problem, that big ass wall
that’s running half way in the middle of the sleeping room.” AJ pointed out. He
made a valid point, but I believe we could take care of that. “Adrien does
that thing say if the cave would hole up if we knocked that wall down so we can
have one big sleeping room?” I asked. He ran some sort of information into
the device and told us, “Yes I believe it is structurally sound enough for
your idea.” “Ok mister muscles how about you get that hammer and knock this wall
down.” I told Josiah. He smiled and trotted off to fetch the hammer. The
little guy made short work of that wall taking it out with little effort. Now we
had one big room for us to sleep in. “Ok guys how about we call it a day and
go back and let the others know what we found. I think we could use a little
cleaning up to.” I proposed. We agreed and left the cave for now and went
back to tell everyone else what we found.

“What was that banging noise? Did you guys hear it?” Chris asked as soon as
we walked in the room. “Oh, yeah that was us. Guess what we found?!” I said
in an excited tone. Everyone shrugged their shoulders so I told them. “We
found a cave, a natural one that was next to the mine. We broke a hole through a
wall and made an entrance to it. It’s great we’re going down there tomorrow
to clean it up a little, and I do mean all of us. It’s going to be our home
while we’re here.” We were then bombarded with a hundred questions all at once
and I tried my best to answer them one at a time. I told them about the size
of it, about how many chambers there were, about the hot spring and all the
other little things. Every one was psyched to say the least about seeing the
cave, but bumbed out about the work that was needed to be done. Those of us
that went to the cave were now filthy, hungry, and tired after our day of
exploring so we decided to clean up. I stripped down to my boxers and waited on
the others to do the same. Once the four of us were only in our under wear I
asked Carry if it was ok if we went all the way naked, and she didn’t mind. I
wasn’t sure if the other guys were ok with it or not but I didn’t care so I
stripped naked and began to wipe my dirty body off with a wet towel before I
grabbed some munchies. While I was cleaning off I was reading the thoughts of
he twins and needless to say they had dirty things on their minds. Most of
every one in the room also had some sort of FUN thoughts running through their
minds. When I was cleaned off I just sat down on my sleeping spot naked and
got some cheesey crackers and a warm pepsi, I know gross warm, and grubbed that
down for dinner. When everyone saw me eating of course they got hungry to
and all sorts of foods were broken out for dinner. Some canned peaches,
spaghetti o’s, and soups were opened up and some ate that, and other like me just
ate something quick and simple like the cheesey crackers. I laid down once my
tummy was satisfied and tried to get some rest. Before I knew it I felt my eye
lids getting heavy and I knew dream land wouldn’t be far behind. I didn’t
try to fight the oncoming sleep so I closed my eyes and nity nite I went.

I woke up again the next day to the sound of my watch beeping from the alarm
set in it. I sat up and let my body wake up before I turned the lantern on
low. When I did I saw Adrien still sitting working with the monsters device.
“You get anything done?” I asked rubbing my eyes. “Yes I got a lot done look
for your self.” He said and tossed me the device. I turned it on and the
hologram he created for the cave came on online in front of me. It looked like he
put a whole lot of thought into it. “Dam Adrien you did all this last night?
Wow looks like you put almost everything in there.” I said. He had plans for
an intruder system, plans for running wires and putting lights up in the
cave, a way to have electricity in the cave with solar power, and all kinds of
other neat stuff. “Wow is al I can say. How do you plan we do all of this?’ I
asked him. “Well the plans seem more complex than they actually are. Almost
everything we need can be found in either the wal mart or in other buildings in
the town.” he replied. “Ok then it seems like you get to be the handy man /
engineer.” I said laughing. “Let’s get everyone up and motivated so we can get
to work.” I told him. We had everyone awake a short time later and we ate a
quick breakfast. Everyone went outside for Gaziosmanpaşa Escort their morning pee break and off to
the cave we went in a large group. Everyone seemed in awe of the discovery
we had found and liked the fact that the caverns were a bit warmer than the
room we slept in near the mine entrance. “Wow it’s nice in here. Is it always
going to be this temperature all the time?” Carry asked. “Pretty much, as long
as we keep the entrance sealed form the rest of the mine.” I explained. We
got to work right away clearing the dangerous rock spike from the floor and
ceiling and carried the big rock spears out and put them in the mine near the
shaft that dead ended so they weren’t in the way. It took about half the day,
but we got almost all of the spikes out of the way and the cavern seemed to
be much more roomy than it was before. We went according to the plans Adrien
had made with the hologram and designated each room accordingly. one cavern
would be our kitchen and food storage, one would be a sleeping chamber for
Carry since she was the only girl and the chamber was so small, the chamber all
the way at the end of the complex would be our potty room. One chamber would
be our utility room so to speak. It would have all of the equipment Adrien
planned on building stored and running in it. And he made two chambers next to
each other separated by a thin wall a sleeping area for the rest of us. We
would have to take this wall out and then it would be one big room. The final
big chamber was going to be our new common area. A chamber where we could have
fun and do what ever came to mind. Adrien had designed a virtual underground
bunker from a cave. As I stood and looked around the cave I could see how
everything was going to fall into place. “This is going to be a good home.” I
said to myself. There were a few small chambers left over that he didn’t figure
into his plans. I figured they could be used as storage, or even for
“private recreational” areas if you get my meaning.

Days of clearing the caverns and lots of sore muscles later we were finally
ready to make the move in. We carried everything from the storage room by the
entrance to the cave only leaving a few emergency supplies in the safe room
by the entrance. We left some lights, a first aide kit, and some bottled
water in there just incase. We now had one big chamber for the boys to all sleep
in we made the whole floor into a temporary be until we got some things from
town and wal mart to make us a bed. Once we had our beds set up I asked every
one to come to the common chamber so we could talk and eat. We all were
tired and aching from the work we have put into our new home. Most of the boys
were chatting about nothing important, but Adrien had some hard core things to
talk about. “I have made a list of supplies I will need to set up everything
the early warning system and power and lighting system. We will have to
scavenge a lot of wiring from where ever we can. We will also need some car
batteries to store the power.” He explained. “Why do we need batteries for?” Josiah
asked. “They will be a back up system incase the main system for power goes
out. I am going to use the monster’s information device’s power supply to
operate everything we need.” Adrien said. “Is that little thing got enough balls
to run all of the stuff you are talking about?” I asked him. “Enough and
then some. This little device is actually a kind of nuclear generator, but it’s
totally safe to us.” Adrien said. I couldn’t doubt the hybrid, he was smart
damn smart for being a kid. I couldn’t get over all the plans he has made to
make this place livable for us. “Damn Adrien when have you had time to make
all these plans and lists?” I asked. “I have been doing it at night while
everyone slept.” He replied. “That explains why you look’s so much more tired than
the rest of us. You have to sleep Adrien. Humans have to sleep to keep
going. Don’t you feel your body and mind feeling out of sorts a bit?” I asked. “As
a matter of fact I do. I was wondering why I am having a hard time
focusing.” He answered. “Come on lets get you cleaned up then you need to sack out for
a while. If you really want to be human you have to rest.” I told him before
I led him to the hot spring in the cave. I sat the lantern down on the
ground next to the hot spring and told Adrien to undress. As he stripped down I
did as well. When we were naked I stepped in the warm water and sat down in it.
It had a natural bubbling effect like a hot tub and it felt great on a sore
body. The water level came up to about my nipples so it was just right to
relax in. “Come on in it feels great.” I told him. He stepped carefully in and
sat down next to me and the closed his eyes. I could tell the water was working
its magic on his sore body. He sat back laying against the rocks behind us
and let his body soak. “How about a back rub? You look like you could use
one.” I asked him. I had him move over so that he was sitting in front of me with
his back to me and I began to rub his shoulders. “Dam man you fell so tense.
I can feel knots in your muscles like crazy.” I told him as I worked my
hands on his neck area. Apparently my hands were working well on his aching body
since he sighed. I worked his muscles for a while and I could tell he was
getting tired of sitting upright. I leaned back against the rocks again then
pulled him back so that he was resting against my chest with his back. “Thank
you Derrik I do feel better now.” He said right before yawning. “Well my friend
we are alone and as much as I’d like to show you what your dick is really
for, I think we’re both just too tired to really enjoy it. Let’s get out and go
get some rest now.” I said giving his limp cock a quick squeeze. “Perhaps
you’re right.” he yawned again. We got out of the warm water and dried off in
the dimly lit cool air of the cave. I figured that the issue of everyone
seeing each other naked would come up sooner of later so I said what the hell and
we walked naked back to the common chamber so every one could see. As we
walked in all eyes were on us. “What? You guys act like you never seen a naked
alien before.” I said laughing at them. “Come on guys we all knew this was
going to come up sooner or later and like Carry already told me a long time ago
she doesn’t really care if any one sees her naked so there shouldn’t be a big
deal with any one being naked when ever they want.” I said. “Actually he’s
right I don’t really care if any of you see me. Most of you already have lots
of times, and besides I know I’m not that great looking so…” Carry said
trailing off. “Basically guys what we’re both saying is clothes are optional. Right
now in my opinion Adrien and I just took a hot bath and the cool air feels
great so that’s why we’re naked. If you guys want to bathe and do the same
it’s up to you. Right now our alien friend and I are going to get some rest.
He’s been awake for days now and he needs some sleep so keep the noise down
please.” I said to the rest of the boys. I saw the twins look at each other and
smile right before their shirts seemed to fly off. The shorts and undies soon
followed and they took off for the hot spring. Carry shook her head and said,
“Typical. They would be the first ones.” “I don’t think every one can fit at
once in there so why don’t half of you go now then the rest go when they’re
done.” I suggested. Chris, Josiah, and Nathan jumped up and stripped down
then and went to the warm pool.

Adrien and I lay down on the big bed we had made earlier and got as
comfortable as we could laying on the hard ground with only a few sleeping bags
between us and the rock floor. I lay there just thinking and relaxing and before I
knew it I heard the soft sounds of the hybrid breathing as he drifted off to
a much needed rest. I scooted up behind him and nestled against his back
spooning with him and pulled a blanket up over us. I closed my eyes then too and
I drifted off to dream land with him. While I was sleeping in such close
proximity the weirdest thing happened. I began to dream, but that wasn’t the
weird part. I was dreaming but it was the most vivid life like dream I had ever
had. It felt like I was in a movie or something. I knew I was dreaming, but
it felt so real at the same time. The dream its self was of me walking along a
warm white sand beach some where. I could actually feel the warmth of the
sun of my face as I walked. It truly looked like paradise to me. I almost
didn’t want to wake up. I could hear the birds singing and the crash of the ocean
breaking on the beach. I kept walking and loving the feeling of the sun on me
and just the smell of the sea in the air. All of the sudden I hear out of no
where, “I know you loved this place. I thought I would allow you to enjoy it
once more.” I looked around and couldn’t see any one. The voice sounded
familiar, but being in a dream I couldn’t place it. Just as sudden as I came into
the paradise in the dream it was gone and I was opening my eyes. “Dammit!” I
thought to myself as I woke up and rubbed my eyes. I checked my watch and I
had been asleep for nearly 3 hours. I sat up and stretched and noticed Adrien
was still sleeping. It was a good thing because he definitely needed the
rest. He has been working harder than any of the rest of us have been for the
last few days. I looked around the room and noticed a few of the boys were in
the room playing some board game and it seemed the naked trend had caught on.
They were sitting on the ground but naked playing the game and seemed to be
having fun. I stood up and stretched again and the boys noticed me then. They
started laughing and pointing at me. At first I didn’t have a clue why but
then I looked down. Sure enough I had a steel hard on. “What? Like you guys
don’t wake up with one.” I said to them quieting them down. “Don’t wake Adrien
up yet he needs the rest.” I also told them. I walked out of the chamber with
my cock pointing the way and checked out the rest of the cave. Carry was in
her chamber snoozing now and the rest of the boys were still playing in the hot
spring. It seems that thing is going to be a popular place while we’re
staying in the cave. “You need to go out Lucky?” I said to the dog exciting him.
He got up and started wagging his tail and whining. “He said yea he needs to
pee bad.” Donny told me. I grabbed a lantern and walked with the dog out to
the entrance of the mine so we could relieve our bladders. Lucky ran over to
his normal spots and began to piss away. I just stood there in the cool air
still naked and let my own piss fly. I looked around at the trees around me and
noticed that the leaves had already begun to change colors signaling the
onset of colder temperatures. I let the few last drops of pee drip from my dick
as Lucky found a spot and squatted down to drop a brown dog bomb on the
ground. Not to be gross by watching a dog shit it made me think that we needed to
get our own potty facility in the cave done. I figured that one of those porta
johns I saw at wal mart for camping would work. We would just have to make
sure the “mess” got taken outside after some one was done doing their
business. One thing was sure tomorrow we will be taking a trip to town for a lot of
supplies to get this place up and running as our home. I called for the dog
after he was done doing his duty and we went back into the mine and to the
security of the cave.

The rest of the guys were all out of the hot spring now and in the bed
chamber either playing board games or with the handheld video games. A few how
ever were now asleep with Adrien. The temp inside the cave was comfy compared to
the chilly breeze blowing outside. I scanned around the room and I was
positive now that the clothes optional thing had caught on. All the boys were
streaking and didn’t seem to mind the others seeing them one bit. Seeing all that
skin was starting to get to me and my dick started to bone up again. As much
as I wanted to just grab one of those little hotties in there and fuck the
hell out of them I held back and thought of the grossest things I could to make
my boner go away. “Naked old ladies EWWWW!” I thought to myself and it
seemed to do the trick. I went back to being limp in no time. I sat down on the
bedding where I was sleeping earlier and grabbed the alien device and looked
through the files that were stored in it for a while. As I looked through the
ones Adrien had put on it I could tell he was a whole lot smarter than any of
us ever thought. He had detailed descriptions of the things he planned on
doing to the cave to make it better for us to live in. He had plans for
artificial sunlight for growing food, lighting so we could see, plans for intruder
alarms, and all kinds of other things. As I was going through the files I also
found out some other things about the monsters that invaded earth. They were
highly sensitive to temperatures below 50 degrees F and temps above 80
degrees F. “Hmm no wonder they invaded when they did. Late summer to early fall was
perfect for them to carry out their plans to destroy all of us. The device
also said that most of their operations would be suspended in areas that
didn’t fall into the proper temperature range for them to operate. I guess they
were cold blooded from what this thing says about them. They sure do act cold
blooded when they kill every living thing they see. Since winter would be here
soon I figured that we wouldn’t have much trouble from the monsters because
of the cold. At least that might be one head ache we don’t have to worry
about. I must have been going through the files late into the night because when
I took a break form it I noticed almost every one now was asleep. Only little
Justin was still awake playing a PSP. “Having fun dude?” I asked quietly. He
smiled and nodded. “Ok but don’t stay up playing that thing too late.” I
told him before I put the information device down and laid back down next to
Adrien. I nodded back off to sleep not to much longer after that and the weird
dreams started again.

chapter 18

As I fell asleep I drifted into a deep sleep and the dream of paradise
started again, only this time there was a little more in it. I scanned around the
area and I finally saw Adrien standing on the beach near me naked in my
dream. “Are you doing this?” I asked him. Without opening his mouth he replied,
“Yes and no. I am staring this dream with you, but no I am not responsible for
it.” I then looked around again and saw a form materialize next to Adrien. It
was one of the good aliens that gave us our powers, one of the aliens that
Adrien was half made of. “We are responsible for this vision Earthling. We wish
to communicate with you in a place that you felt most content at in this
dream.” The alien said. He was right, I was the most happy I had ever been when
I went to the Bahamas on vacation with my family I loved it there. “What do
you have to tell us?” I asked the alien. “You are correct in your thought of
the creature’s range of temperatures. They cannot survive in extreme cold or
in excessive heat. They do plan on the destruction of life on Earth in areas
that they can physically survive in.” he replied. “So you mean they are going
to kill any thing that doesn’t live where it’s always warm or where it’s
cold?” I asked. The alien nodded then looked to Adrien. “You are the key to
survival for us all young one. Stay alive until the time comes for you to complete
your destiny.” He said to Adrien. He then turned and looked at me again with
those big black eyes. “This environment on your world is the safest place
for you to be. The creatures will not attempt to chance the temperatures here
to eliminate life. You must get to this environment to ensure survival.” He
told me just before he turned back to Adrien. The alien raised his finger and
touched Adrien on the fore head making him fall to one knee just before he
faded away. I looked at Adrien then. “Is he serious? How in the hell do we get
to the Bahamas? I mean shit man we’re just kids I don’t know how we’re going
to get there.” I asked him as I helped him back to his feet. “Leave that Escort Gaziosmanpaşa to me
my friend. Our friends just showed me the way.” Adrien told me. The next
thing I knew I was waking up in a cold sweat trying to catch my breath like I
had just ran a marathon. I sat up and Adrien was in the same condition I was
in. “Wow did that really just happen?” I asked him. “Only if you can feel the
sand between your toes.” He replied. “So it was real and you were there to?” I
said and he nodded yes. “So how do we get there? it’s like really far away
and I don’t have a clue of how to get that far away from here before it gets
really cold.” I asked. “The ship.” He replied. “What ship” I said. “The ship
near here that crashed some time ago when the evil ones attacked it.” He said.
“Dam that’s right I forgot all about it. Isn’t it in too bad of shape to
work though? I mean I did crash and it looked in pretty bad shape.” I asked.
“With this and the glove you found it will be repaired.” Adrien said picking up
the monsters device. “Ok so how long will it take us to get the thing ready
to go?” I asked. “I don’t know for sure. It will take all my abilities to make
the devices work in tandem to make the repairs. I will need help in the
process as well.” He replied. I knew what he meant if he was planning on putting
the glove on and using it. The damn thing always took a lot out of me when I
used it. We laid back down for the night and tried to rest as much as we
could because tomorrow we had to make a trip to town to get supplies to get the
cave in shape. We will be fixing the ship, but in the mean time we needed a
good place to live.

Sometime during the night Adrien and I fell back asleep keeping our dreams
separate this time and got some sleep. I woke up as usual to my alarm waking
me. The pleasant thing about waking up this time was Adrien was laying with
his arm draped over my chest and on the other side of me Justin was snuggled up
to me trying to keep warm. The feeling of their warm bodies on me felt great
and the feeling went straight to my dick making it stand up. I felt like
just getting it on with one of them but at the same time it was nice just to
know some one still loves me. I gently slid from under Adrien’s arm and let
Justin lay in my place and I covered the two back up as I got up to get ready for
the trip to town. I dressed pretty quickly and took the dog outside for a
morning potty break. The morning air was crisp and chilly now. I felt like it
was a good thing I got dressed before I came out here to piss. The chilliness
of the air was confirmed while I was pissing because the twins and Nathan
came out together all naked to pee. “Oh my gosh it’s cold out here!” Cody said
shivering. “Well it is fall now guys, plus your but naked what did you
expect?” I said. Needless to say they finished quickly and ran their cute naked
asses back into the mine. Lucky followed them in ahead of me as I just stood and
thought about what the future held for all of us. “Why did all this shit
happen? And why in the hell did I have to be the one every body looks to for
getting things done?” I asked my self. I just shook my head and went back inside
to fetch the list of things we needed to find in town and wake everyone else
up. Most of the guys and Carry were already awake and getting their selves
motivated for the day. Adrien, Zack, and Donny were still asleep though. I
patted each of them on the ass to wake them and it did the trick. They opened
their eyes and scanned around the room to see what was going on. “Come on guys
up and at em we have a long day ahead of us.” I told them. I looked to Adrien
then, “You ready to get that list of things today?” I asked him. “Yes at least
I hope so. We should be able to find most of the things on the list.” He
replied. I gave him a hand and helped him to his feet. As I looked him over he
seemed to look a bit different. “Wait a second stand still.” I told him. I
looked his nude body over a few times and he did seem to look a bit different
than he did the night before when we fell asleep. “Well I’ll be damned.” I said
as I put my hand on the top of his arm and sure enough I felt the tiniest
hairs growing there. The more I looked him over I noticed one other detail that
was had to see at first. His eyes weren’t as dark as they were before
either. You could see just the slight lightening of them now, like they were a
milky black instead of the pure black they were like Adam’s still are. “My friend
I think the human side is winning in you.” I said smiling to him. That
seemed to make his day. He hadn’t noticed his physical features becoming more
human like lately. “Come on get dressed it’s nippy out there. The two of us and
Josiah are going to town to find what we need for the cave when you guys are
ready.” I told him. “Why does Joey get to go with you?” Donny asked. “Well we
may need those super muscles of his.” I explained. Josiah smiled and got
dressed quicker than everyone else did when he heard that. A short time later the
three of us were ready to go to town so I pulled the ATV outside and we were
off to town to find the stuff on Adrien’s list, while Carry was left in
charge of the cave while we were gone.

We got to the wal mart a little while after leaving the mine and I got my
gun out just incase before we went inside. I didn’t sense anything out of the
ordinary, but it never hurts to be ready for anything. We went straight to the
hard ware and electronics departments and got every thing we could find on
Adrien’s list. Next stop we made was to the appliances and grabbed 2 micro
wave ovens. “Why do we need these?” Josiah asked. “One will be needed for parts,
and the other we can cook food with.” Adrien explained. “Sweet! We’re going
to be able to cook food?” Josiah asked. “Looks that way.” I said. As we
walked through the store the thoughts of what happened the last time I was here
ran through my mind. My dick started to get boned and I couldn’t help it. I knew
Adrien could tell what I was thinking, but it was getting harder for me to
read his mind. It was like he was getting stronger and was more able to block
me out. Truthfully I didn’t care if he knew what I was thinking or not. I’m
sure he knows by now I would love to slide his dick in my mouth and mine in
his ass. “Adrien why don’t you go and see what else you can find on your list.
I’m going to take Joe here to the toy department.” I told him. “Really!?”
Josiah asked. I looked at him and winked and he kind of got the hint. “Very well
I will find you when I am finished.” Adrien said as Josiah and I left on our
own. “You wanna have some fun while it’s just the two of us?” I asked Joe.
“Sure do!” he answered. I led him back to the bathrooms just like I had the
twins before and once inside his clothes came off rather quickly. “What do you
wanna do?” I asked. “I don’t care as long as it feels good!” he answered. I
picked the naked little guy up and sat him on the counter like I had the twins
last time and spread his legs and sank my mouth down around his stiff little
cock. He moaned in delight as I tongue flicked the tip of his pecker. I sure
did miss having fun with him so I figured I would try to make up for that
now. I sucked his pecker with all I had in me and he got an orgasm in no time
it seemed. I spit his wet dick out when I felt it start to go limp and he was
still smiling with his eyes closed and loving the after glow. I rubbed his
smooth thighs as he came back to earth and just enjoyed the feeling of his
silky feeling skin. “You wanna fuck me now?” he asked then and opened his eyes.
“Duh! You know I would love to.” I told him. he hopped down off the counter
then and turned his back to me then. “Joe are you saying what I think you are?”
I asked. He answered the best way possible, he bent over and spread his ass
cheeks then. It took me no time to drop my pants and boxers to let my boner
free. I didn’t want to go in him dry, but there wasn’t anything in the room we
could use for lube. I thought for a second then figured what the hell so I
spit on my fingers and ran them in his tight ass. He sighed as my finger slid
in him and loosened him up. I finger banged him for a minute then added
another finger. Once I had 3 fingers in him sliding in and out smoothly I spit a
big gob on my dick head and positioned it at his hole. “You ready?” I asked.
He nodded yes so I slid my self in him slowly and it felt awesome. “Dam that
feels great!” I told him as I slid in him till our balls were touching each
others. I drew out of him slowly till just the head of my dick was still in him
and ran it back in him slowly. Our slow pace picked up to a gradual one and
I reached around to his dick to find it rock hard once again. I wrapped my
fingers around it and stroked him as I banged away at his firm ass. He began to
moan a bit and it scared me, “You ok? Am I hurting you?” I asked. “Hell no
it feels great!” he moaned so I sped up my pace of fucking and stroking. I was
breathing rapidly and moaning like crazy now then I felt his cock twitch a
few times and his ass clamp down on my dick. I knew he was getting off again
it felt even better for my I stroked him a few more times then let go of his
dick to put both hands on his hips so I could slam in and out of his cute ass
enjoying the clamping force his orgasm was giving my dick. I felt his hand
reach between our legs and grab our balls and gently squeeze them together and
that was all she wrote for my orgasm. I felt the rush of pleasure explode
through me as I plowed as deep as I could into his hole. A few deep slams into
him after that I was over my peek so I slowed the fucking to a stop but stayed
inside of him. It took all the strength I had to stay on my feet. My knees
felt so weak they were like jello. It took me a few minutes to get over the
rush but my cock shrank enough to slide out of Josiah’s hole easily.

We both enjoyed the fun we just had but now it was time to clean up and get
back to Adrien. I stood with my dick at the sink and washed it off with some
soapy water to get the “anal” smell off it. I looked over to Joe then and he
was all smiles. “Thanks bud I definitely needed that.” I told him rubbing his
cute hair. “Me to. I love the way it feels when you suck on it.” He replied.
I finished cleaning myself and Josiah had just slid his undies back up when
Adrien walked in the bathroom. To say the least he scared the living shit out
of Joe. The poor little guy turned as pale white as Adrien naturally was. To
say the least he looker puzzled. I knew he could read our thoughts, but did
he really know what they meant was the question. “I am sorry I was just
looking for you guys. You said you would be in toys and I got concerned when I
couldn’t find you there.” he said to us. There I was with my half hard cock in
my hand washing Josiah’s but juice off it with Adrien staring at me. The only
thing I could think of was to just play it off like it was nothing special.
Josiah on the other hand was turning as red as an apple from embarrassment. I
just finished washing myself off and pulled my boxers and pants back up. “Ok
well you found us, lets get what we came for and get out of here.” I told
Adrien. I looked at Joe and winked to let him know I had it under control for
the moment. Joe finished getting dressed and we left the bathrooms with Adrien
close behind. We had a wide assortment of things from around the store from
lighting stuff from house and hardware, and electronic stuff for Adrien to do
his technical stuff with. It looked like he had grabbed every scrap of wire
he could find in the store. One thing was for sure it was going to be a tight
fit in the ATV on the way back to the mine. We were about to walk out of the
front doors with our carts of stuff when Josiah yelled out. “Wait, wait I
forgot something! I’ll be right back.” he ran off back into the store to get
what he forgot. I didn’t have a clue what I t was, but I found out a few minutes
later. He came running back with a bottle of asprin and a bag of doggy
treats for Lucky. “Ok I get what the dog treats are for, but why the asprin?” I
asked. “They’re for my cousin. AJ keeps saying he gets head aches a lot lately.
I got these to.” he said holding out a package of ear plugs. “What for?” I
asked him. “For Chris, he says all the critters and stuff making noises at
night keep him from sleeping very good.” He answered. I couldn’t believe he was
so thoughtful of the others. “That’s nice of you Joe. I’m sure the guys will
be happy with the stuff you got them.” I praised him making him smile. I took
out the list of stuff Adrien had made up and he had a lot of the stuff on it
crossed off but one thing stuck out like a sore thumb. “Umm, Adrien, where do
you plan on finding hyper accelerated solar panels? What ever the hell those
are.” I asked. “Simple I will make them.” He replied. I just shook my head
and agreed with him. I had no idea in hell how to make such a thing, but
obviously he was sure he could. We left the store and piled our supplies on the
ATV and just like I thought it was a snug fit. The three of us had to ride in
the front seat on the way back. before we left back to the mine though we
stopped off at the hardware store first. We went inside to see if we could find
some of the last few things on Adien’s list. We ended up grabbing some lights
to hang in the cave and a bunch more wire. We walked to the back of the store
and Adrien found what he was looking for. “Here we need these.” He said
pointing to some replacement windows on a rack. “Why do we need windows in a
cave? Josiah asked him. “These will be the basis I will make the solar panels
from.” Adrien answered. I didn’t want to argue or ask so I just grabbed them and
we went out to load the stuff and leave. Just as we were about to walk out
of the front door I stopped in my tracks. “What is it?” Joe asked. I looked at
Adrien and he at me. “You sense it to?” I asked. “Unfortunately I do.” he
answered. “WHAT?” Joe asked again more hyper. “It’s trouble. I sense one of
those robot things the monsters sent out.” I said quietly. I sat the window down
slowly and motioned for the others to step away from the door. We crouched
down next to the counter to hide so we could figure out what to do. “Guys I
don’t know what to do, we don’t have the glove of doom with us this time.” I
whispered. “I got and idea.” Joe said. “What do you have in mind?” I asked.
“Well what if I sneak out and bash the living hell out of it with something?” he
said. “With what? It would have to be pretty sturdy to take one of those
things out.” I told him. He peaked around me and looked outside the front door.
He saw what he would use then. It was a big piece of a telephone pole that
had been broken off in the invasion attack. I saw what he was looking at and it
made me nervous as hell. “Ok Joe but only if you think it won’t hurt you
worse than you can heal from.” I said in concern. “Don’t worry about me.” He
said as he snuck past me. He crept out the front door and took hold of the big
pole and picked it up with ease. For me there I s no way in hell I would have
been able to pick that thing up, probably not even me and Adrien together
could do it. Josiah picked it up and I could see him sneak slowly back towards
the building. “It is growing closer.” Adrien said. Thoughts of Josiah getting
hurt ran through my head then and it kind of scared me. A few seconds later
it heard one hell of a commotion then a loud crash outside. “Oww dam!” I heard
from outside. I jumped up and ran out to see what had happened. Josiah was
sitting in the street with the big pole laying next to him now splintered and
broken in half. I walked around to face him and got one hell of a shock. He
was pulling what looked like big ass spikes that you would use to slay a
vampire out of his body. “Oh my god! Joe are you ok?” I asked scared out of my
wits. He grabbed one of the spikes and pulled it out really quick and yelped a
bit once more. I tried to put my hand over the wound to stop the bleeding but
he stopped me. “Wait look I’m ok, it’s healing on it’s own.” He said and sure
enough the spikes he was pulling out were probably buried 3 Gaziosmanpaşa Escort Bayan to 4 inches in
his body were leaving deep wounds that were healing just as fast as they were
made. Minutes went by and he pulled nearly a dozen spikes out of his body.
“Dammit! I liked this shirt. Now it looks like Swiss cheese.” He complained
looking at the holes in the bloody shirt he was wearing. “It looks like you
clobbered the shit out of that thing from the looks of that pole.” I said to
him. “Yep it saw me then shot me with all these spikes so I hit it on its top
and smashed it on the ground then I pretended it was a baseball.” He said
laughing. “What do you mean?” I asked. I hit a homerun with it. I hit it with the
pole and knocked it way over that direction. That’s how I broke the pole.” He
said laughing and pointing at the hills. He must have hit that damned thing
miles away judging from the loud crash I heard from the pole whacking the
robot. “Ok bud come on I think you can have the rest of the day off.” I said
laughing as I helped him to his feet. We went back in the store and got our
supplies then left for the mine.

Some time later I was backing the ATV into the entrance and we were greeted
by several of the boys coming out to meet us. “What did you bring us?” a few
of them shouted. “Lots of stuff. We got lights and wires and windows. Take a
look.” I said laughing. The younger boys didn’t seem to like the joke since
they had mean looks after I said that. “Don’t worry guys when Adrien gets all
this stuff put together you will appreciate this big pile of shit.” I said to
the group. The boys all helped us unload the ATV and carry the stuff to the
cave. It didn’t take long for someone to notice Josiah’s shirt. “Gosh what
happened to you Joey? I heard. “Oh I beat an alien robot up.” He said smiling.
“It’s true he destroyed one of those hunter robots all by his self.” I said
rubbing the top of his head. “Ok but what happened to you r shirt? Why’s it
all bloody and full of holes?” Nathan asked. “Well before I beat it up it shot
a bunch of big spikes at me and they got me.” He explained putting his hands
up in the air to shoe the guys how big the spikes were. Their eyes all got
huge after that. “Wow did it hurt when it shot you?” Cole asked. He nodded yes.
I knew that the healing powers stripped him of energy so he was putting up a
good front to the others as I knew was nearing exhaustion. “Ok guys come on
get this stuff to the cave give Joe a break.” I told the boys. Once they were
all on the way to the cave I stopped with Josiah. “I know you are about to
pass out since you have like zero energy, I’m right aren’t I?” I asked. He
nodded yes. “Ok I think you should take it easy the rest of the day. Go rest in
the hot spring for a bit then get some sleep.” I suggested to him. He agreed
with out question and headed for the hot spring as I carried my bit of
supplies to one of the storage chambers. Once al the supplies were in the cave
Adrien went right to work on the stuff he had planned to make. I sat around and
played some board games with the guys and had completely forgotten about
Josiah. It had been nearly 3 hours since he went to the hot spring so I was
getting worried. I left the game I was playing temporarily to go and check on him.
He was indeed in the hot spring but sound asleep. “Joey wake up bud.” I said
shaking his shoulder to wake him. His eyes sprang open and his hand flew up
and grabbed my wrist and squeezed. “OUCH! Joe it’s me stop!” I screamed out
from the crushing force he was applying to my wrist. He realized it was me and
let go quickly. “Oh god I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you! Are you ok?” he
asked remorsefully. I couldn’t believe the pain in my wrist at that point.
It felt like he had crushed it. It was turning red and beginning to swell
right away. “Oh god Derrik I’m so sorry I was dreaming about the monsters and
then you woke me up. I’m so sorry.” He said staring to cry. About then almost
every one in the cave came running to us. “What’s going on in here?” AJ asked.
“Nothing it was an accident.” I said clinching my wrist trying to fight back
the tears of pain. “Dude what happened to your arm? It’s all red and stuff.”
AJ asked me. “I squeezed it really hard and I’m sorry!” Josiah said bawling
now. “Like I said it was an accident. I’m not mad at you Joe it was my
fault.” I said now with the tears streaming down my cheeks. I had never felt such
pain in my life, not even when I got kicked in the balls playing soccer.
Adrien knelt down next to me and looked in my eyes. “Allow me to help please.” He
said. He took hold of my wrist and closed his eyes. Amazingly the pain
started to subside a bit, I mean it still hurt like hell but it wasn’t
excruciating like it was before. He let go a minute later and fell back on his ass like
he was about to pass out. “I am sorry my friend my powers have begun to fade.
I am afraid that is the best I can do for you.” He said trying to catch his
breath. I let go of my wrist and was amazed at how much better it felt now.
It was now sore as hell like I had jerked king kong off, but I could move it
now. “Thank you Adrien you don’t know how much pain you really took away.” I
told him. Josiah was bawling his eyes out by this time. “I’m not mad at you.
It was an accident, it’s really my fault I shouldn’t have woke you up like
that.” I told him hugging his naked body to calm him. it took a few minutes but
he calmed down enough to breathe normally again and I sent him on to rest. AJ
and I helped Adrein to his feet and I draped his arm over my back and neck
and helped him to walk to the bed area as well. “Thank you so much for helping
me. I know it took a lot out of you.” I told him in our thoughts. “You are
welcome. I need to rest now.” He told me. I helped him down to the big bed and
he closed his dark eyes as soon as he was comfy. “Thank you again my
friend.” I said. He smiled a bit and then seemed to drift off to sleep. I sat down
next to Josiah’s naked little body as he lay a few feet from Adreien. “Dude
really I’m not mad at you. I scared you and you reacted. It could have happened
to any one of us.” I said quietly to him. “I know but I still feel bad about
it.” He replied. “Well tell you what give me some more of this some time and
we’ll call it even.” I said as I rubbed his smooth but cheeks. “Ok you got
me. Deal.” He said with a weak smile. “Not now though horny boy get some sleep
you need it.” I told him smacking him on the but forgetting about my wrist.
“Son-of-a-bitch!” I said to my self from the pain of smacking his but. I got
up and went to our medical supplies and got a few aspirins and gobbled them
down. I then remembered the stuff Joe got at the store for the other guys. I
dug through his pockets of his dirty bloody clothes and got the stuff out. I
went to AJ and gave him the aspirins. “What’s this for?” he asked. “I know
about the head aches Adam. You should have told me or some one else about them.
You can thank your cousin for the pills he grabbed them as we were leaving the
wal mart for you.” I explained. He took the bottle of pills and smiled so
went to Chris next. “Christopher a certain close friend of yours got these for
you. He told me about how you haven’t been sleeping well.” I said handing him
the ear plugs. “Joey right?” he asked and I nodded. “He’s so thoughtful I
though he forgot about me saying that.” he replied. “Well why don’t you thank
him when he wakes up.” I said. I then went to the littler boys and gave them
he doggy treats. “What are these for?” Zack asked. “Well they are doggy treats
aren’t they? Give them to the dog.” I told them. That sparked smiles from
Zack, Justin, and Donny. “Lucky! Come here boy!” Justin yelled. “Shh! Boys
Joey and Adrien are trying to sleep.” I told them. “Sorry.” They said together
giggling. The dog came over and his ears perked up and his tail started to
wag. He let out a whine and a slight woof. “Yes they are and yes they are for
you.” Donny said. “What did he say Donny?” Justin asked about what the dog
said. “He said are those what I think they are and I answered him.” Donny

It has been a long day with going to wal mart to collect supplies, to taking
out a hunter robot, to getting my wrist crushed. I wasn’t sure if it was all
the days events or the pills I took kicking in but I was feeling sleepy as
hell. I decided to crash out and rest for a power nap, or so I thought. I laid
down still dressed and closed my eyes for a second. Next thing I knew I
opened my eyes and the room was dimly lit with lots of sleeping bodies around me.
I looked at my watch and it said almost 4 am. My wrist was still a little
touchy with a slight pain but it was a lot better now compared to when Josiah
grabbed it. I’m just glad that it wasn’t my cock he grabbed like that, “OUCH!”
I got up and walked around the cave to make sure it was secured and everyone
was asleep and covered up with a blanket or something. Lucky noticed me and
his ears perked up. Once he knew it was me he just laid his head back down
and rested laying between Donny and Justin. I walked out of the boys sleeping
chamber and just walked around the cave scanning around with a flash light. I
checked the door to the adjoining room in the mine and it was shut and
locked. I went to check on Carry and before I got to her sleeping area I could
swear I heard her moaning slightly. I didn’t want to intrude on her or on what
she might be doing so I just backed off and let her be. I could only use my
imagination to know for sure what she was doing, but I could sense a hint of
pleasure in her thoughts. When I had made a round of the cave I decided to try
and crash back out till every one else had woken up so I went back to the
sleeping chamber. I was in the process of stripping my clothes off when I heard
some one in the room whimpering. I looked around and listened for a moment and
saw the noise was coming from Nathan’s direction. I could only guess he was
having a bad dream so I decided to try and wake him. “Nate wake up bud you’re
having a bad dream.” I said quietly as I shook him gently. He opened his
eyes and sat up really quick and looked around the room and began to breath
fast. “Nathan it’s ok it’s me Derrik. You’re safe, you was having a bad dream.” I
told him to snap him out of it. He realized who I was and that he was safe
and began to cry. I wrapped my arms around him and comforted him as he cried
the fear out of his system. “It’s ok bud. You’re fine now.” I whispered to him.
He seemed to calm down once he knew he had just had a nightmare and I was
protecting him now. “What were you dreaming about?” I asked. “That the monster
had found us and that they was doing bad things to us.” He replied through
whimpers. “Well dude as long as I’m around I’ll do my best to protect you from
those monsters. So you’re safe for now so lets try and get back to sleep ok.”
I said hugging the little guy. I lay down next to him and draped my arm over
his chest as I spooned him. It felt great having my cock nestled almost
between his ass cheeks and I’m sure he felt the semi harness there to, though he
never said a word to complain. I rubbed his chest lightly and he soon fell
back asleep. I soon followed him to dreamland now that I was comfy and content.

“Looks like fun” I hear in my ear as I sleep. I thought it was in a dream
but I soon was woken by AJ rubbing my thigh laying behind me. I could feel his
stiff rod poking at my ass crack as I woke to find Nate still asleep laying
against me. “Morning.” I said groggily to AJ. “Morning. Looks like you had fun
last night.” He said referring to the position I was sleeping in. “Nope he
had a bad dream so I slept beside him to make him feel better.” I explained.
“Sure he did and I’m sure you’re dick didn’t slide in his but neither did it?”
AJ said being a smart ass. “No Adam actually it didn’t, even though I
wouldn’t mind it doing that.” I said stretching. I turned over almost laying on top
of AJ now and noticed his rock hard stiffy poking me in the but cheek now.
“Looks like you are the one that’s wanting to have fun.” I said as I gave his
pecker a quick squeeze. “Don’t start anything you’re not gonna finish.” He
said smiling. I laughed and let go of his dick and got off top of him. “You
know I’d love to slob you’re knob, but we don’t know how some of the boys will
react to seeing that if the woke up while we were in the act.” I said. “Yeah I
know. I just wish we could just do stuff like we use to in the storage room
in the mine.” He whined. “Yeah me to I loved being able to do stuff when ever
we wanted. I sure do miss the taste of you’re guy’s peckers.” I replied.
“Taste of what?” Nathan said waking up and rubbing his eyes. “Taste of this.” I
said as I rubbed his limp little noodle. “That tickles.” he said giggling.
The three of us and the dog were the first ones awake s we took our naked asses
out to the mine entrance to give the flowers their morning watering, golden
yellow water that is. Lucky ran off to his favorite spots while the other
boys ad I stood there literally freezing our balls off. “Oh my god it’s cold as
shit out here!” AJ said shivering. “Yeah I agree. I guess we’ll have to start
putting clothes on before we come out here.” I responded. We pissed as fast
as possible and ran back inside the mine. By the time we got back in the cave
our balls had drawn up in our sacks to the size of BB’s and our cocks were
as limp and small as they ever got. “Hmm looks cold out there from the looks
of you guys goodies.” Carry said laughing at us. “It’s cold as shit.” AJ said
still shivering as he pulled a blanket around his nakedness. “Yeah it must be
getting close to winter time now. I hope Adrien gets that stuff he’s gonna
be working on done soon. We might need some way to make some heat in here.” I
said. Adrien was now awake and sitting up shaking off the long needed rest he
just had. “How you feeling Casper?” Chris asked. “Casper?” I inquired. “Yeah
you know the ghost, he did kind of look like a ghost when we found him. I’m
sorry dude I’m just messin with you.” Chris said laughing about the joke.
Adrien seemed indifferent to the name and didn’t really care. “Chris don’t make
fun of him like that. He looks a lot different now than he did when we found
him. Look at his eyes now, and he’s got some hair on his body now to” I said
looking into Adrien’s lightening eye color. “Wow his eyes look more normal
now. Their like gray looking now.” Chris said checking them out. His eyes had
indeed grown lighter in color form the day before for some reason. “If you are
curious the more human I become the more of my OTHER heritage I lose. Like
yesterday for example, healing you arm took most of my strength. A few weeks
ago I could have completely healed you and felt no ill affect from it myself,
but now it drains me a lot.” Adrien explained. “Well if it’s any consolation
to you, you look a lot better now. Now that your eyes have some definition to
them instead of being like black onyx’s like AJ’s and now that you have a
little bit of hair on you, you definatley look better.” Carry said trying to
cheer the hybrid up. “Well I guess I should begin my work on our living
systems.” Adrien said standing his naked body up. “Wow look dude you have changed
since yesterday.” AJ said pointing to Adrien’s groin. “I’ll be damned you sure
have look Adrien.” I said pointing to a noticeable tiny bit of fuzz above
his limp cock. He was now the only like in the whole group that now had pubes.
“Yes I am aware that kids our age develop these.” He said feeling the newly
sprouted pubes. They weren’t much to look at but he definatley had a tiny
patch of short fuzz maybe a 1/8 inch long right above the base of his dick.
Seeing that made me wonder if he could squirt cum yet as well. Maybe I could find
that out in the near future with some one on one time with him alone. He
walked past me and to his pile of clothes and grabbed a fresh pair of boxers,
pants, and a shirt and got dressed before starting off to the storage chamber to
begin his work. I decided to make a trip to the store today to gather up some
food supplies and what ever else we may need to get by for a while. I had
plenty of volunteers but not everyone could go. It was a hard choice but I
decided to take AJ since I promised to have some fun with him soon when we got a
chance, and now that I was getting boned from seeing Adrien’s newly sprouted
pubes I think I will have some fun today with Adam.

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