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i was sitting in the hot tub listening to my music when i felt a tap on my shoulder. I opened my eyes to see a puertoriqueño looking chick with her mother. THe daughter had a huge smile on her face. they were both tan and wore very skimpy bathingsuits, too skimpy for a girl her age to be wearing. The mom had tits that were begging to be popped out of her bikini top, while her daughter had small breasts with erect nipples clearly visible through her thin pink swimsuit. Turning around, The daughter had the small butt of a young girl, but it was so tight and fit. Her mother’s ass was big and hot, but age had made it droop slightly. They hadn’t said anything yet, but i had already looked them over.

“Quieres Sexo?” the daughter asked me with her sheepish smile getting bigger. “Que?” i answered rather inquisitvely (I spoke enough spanish to get by). Her mom started explaining in English for my benefit. “We’re from here on the Island and the best way for us to get money is to be hookers. And i need my daughter to start helping out. We thought a kid would be a great start.” They started getting closer and sat down next to me.

Being 15 i was perpetually horny and couldn’t believe my luck. “Yeah…sure definitely” smiling myself at the thought of this scene unfolding. I was still a little hesitant but optimistic. “Me llamo Ana and this is my daughter Isabella.” Isabella got in close to me and said: “Necesito práctica. But go easy with me baby.” Her small hands ran down my chest to suit under the water and felt onto my already throbbing cock.

Her mother was darker than she was, leading me to believe that her father might have been white. “It won’t cost anything?” I asked inquisitively. “no, my little girl needs practice and as long as you don’t stretch her holes too much, it should be fine. Ana said with a wink. Isabella had both her hands on me and in my shorts. She was kissing me lightly and i returned the favor, caressing the side of her cheek and brushing her hair out of the way.

“Lets Gayrettepe Escort get started then” Ana said with a sexy smile. I stood up breaking me and Isabella’s embrace. I was just tall enough for my tent to show up out of the water. Ana walked over and straightened her spine to meet up with me. she reached around my neck with her hands and started in on me like a pro.

With her reaching up to meet me her boobs were pressed up against my chest. Each one busting out of her bikini top, her nipples barely poking out of the side. While her Mom rammed her hot tongue down my throat Isabella went around and pulled down my shorts: Unleashing my 6 inch cock. “Wow” Isabella said. “I didn’t think anyone your age would have a dick this big.” “Sí, mi amor.” Ana said. ” Its time you learned how to properly suck a real dick.”

Pushing her black hair out of both their faces, Ana positioned Isabella’s face inches in front of my hard dick. She reached out and inspected my dick, slowly jerking up and down. With Ana’s bikini fully off, her tits were fully exposed and slick from the water. Ana then guided Isabella’s bikini top off lifting her arms over her head. Isabella’s tits were small with tiny nipples that were so erect they jutted out, she rubbed her hands over her tits and eyed me lustily, licking her lips and massaging every part of her small yet juicy breasts.

“Now your bottoms sweetheart.” Isabella got up and bent down in front of me while taking off everything covering her young ass. Bent over she lightly kissed her mother and dragged her tongue down to her mother nipples.

Her rear was so high in the air i was so turned on. With a small pink pussy and a tight pink asshole, she looked back with a smile and shook her ass gently for my benefit. i rubbed my dick on the outside of her pussy pussy, feeling her slick juices pour out. She gasped a little and moaned as i pushed her cheeks together while i rubbed my dick on the outside of her asshole. i grabbed both Escort Gayrettepe of her asscheeks and prodded her with the tip of my dick.

“Not yet!” her mom said. “I need to teach her everything.” With a pout Isabella slowly got down letting her sweet butt bob my hard dick up and down. Once Again she was sitting on her mothers lap, my dick inches from her face. here eyes locked onto the tip of my dick. Tentatively, She and her mom both reached up and started gently stroking my dick. “Alright my love, go ahead.”

Ana urged her on. Staring at her 11 year-old tight body, i watched as she hesitantly enveloped the head of my dick in her small mouth. I felt as her hot saliva flooded over my dick and her tongue gently slide up and down.

Her mom gave her pointers throughout and by the end she was a pro. licking the tip and going down until she couldn’t go any farther, she gagged and sputtered quietly. I started feeling her tight ass underneath the water as i watched her go up and down. Her tight small ass, i grabbed it in both hands and got an appreciative moan as she went down.

I got into a groove with her and grabbed the back of her head. My hips coming in to meet her head i pushed down a little on her. we picked up speed and got faster and faster. gurgling and gagging she looked up at me in the eyes with an almost pained expression.

i was going fastest now and her mouth was slick with precum. Her mother behind was whispering pointers “take it baby, let that dick slide down your throat, relax your mouth, look him in the eye.”

Now her mom had grabbed her head and was pushing her down harder over my hands. Isabella’s face was a mix of pleasure and pain, her pussy was still wet as ever but her brow was furrowed and she looked like she was struggling to breath.

Her black hair was swaying back and forth as i watched her sweet, young tongue caress every part of my dick.

Satisfied with the work Isabella was doing, Ana stood up Gayrettepe Escort Bayan and started making out with me. It seemed that they both experts in using their tongues. While Isabella was going to work on my dick, Ana was attacking my mouth.

I began to massage her perfect breasts while her tongue explored the inside of her mouth. Pinching her small nipples and feeling all sides of her boobs. She broke the kiss with a cute smile and got in super close to me: Pressing her tits up against my chest, I could feel their weight press down. Talking quietly into my ear she moaned,

“Shower us in your cum sweet boy, i want my sweetheart to taste it, unload everything onto her. mmmmmhhhh Yes, fuck her harder i want both our tits covered in a shower of your hotness.” Her mom begged.

She got back down on her knees and put her head beside her daughter’s. she pushed her firm, tan tits together and opened her mouth getting ready. “I’m about to cum” I grunted as i picked up speed for the final time. Looking down both Ana and Isabella are looking up at me, Ana with her mouth open and Isabella with my cock shoved down her throat and a look of discomfort in her half-closed eyes.

I get faster, slamming my hips into her mouth listening to her moan and gurgle more and more. i moan as i build up and up, feeling the intense pleasure of an oncoming orgasm.

“Please my sweetheart” Ana said one last time before i exploded. I gripped Isabella’s head tighter with both hands and unleashed my cum. As deep and hard as i could go i pumped three times into Isabella’s pre teen mouth. She started making souping noises as my cum covered her throat.

I pulled out and drenched her and her mom’s tits and face with a shower of hot cum. Isabella swallowed all my cum with some difficulty but still managed to help her mother lick and clean off all the cum covering their naked bodies. gasping for air and with a smile Isabella along with her mom Ana sucked off the rest off the cum from the tip of my dick.

Taking turns licking and making out on the tip of my dick, they eventually managed to clean everything off. “Que bueno, Chico” Isabella said with a smile looking up at me. She started playing with the cum on her Mom’s body. “I can’t wait for more.”

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