Amy, The Children MinisterAmy, The Children Minister


I entered the church building one hot summer evening around 5, I had received a call from the children’s minister her name was Amy. I thought it was odd because though I helped with the children I didn’t speak much to her. I had always been attracted to her. Her breasts a perfect 36C, with long brown hair, hazel eyes and a perfect ass

The parking lot was empty, save one other car. I went in through the office door, and as I looked into her office I saw her on all fours wearing a pair of tight jean shorts, messing with something beneath her desk.

I just stood there silently her ass swaying back and forth. She turned and smiled as she caught me staring. “Hey, Matt, can you help me out here?” she said I came around and joined her on my hands and knees under the desk.

“What are you trying to do?” I asked smiling at her.

“I’m trying to get something hooked up,” she smiled “lets get out of here for a second,” she said.

I came out and she stood up next to me she was wearing a sleeve less button up shirt.

“I’m trying to plug this in but I can’t seem to feed it through that hole to connect it to my USB.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” I laid down on my back this time and easily fed the cord through the whole. As I stood up I saw her, bent over looking for something, her perfect ass wiggling I was know getting hard, and it had begun to strain at my basketball shorts.

“Hey I’m looking for a book it might be on top of this book case can you feel along the top of it for me?”

What I found was a shock, a book with a man and woman in a naked embrace sat in my hand with the title How to Please across the top. “Is this it?” I said confused.

“Oh my,” she said, “Uhm no that isn’t it. That, that is something I bought for me. For my husband.” She rushed.

“Really,” I said as she stood up, ”why?”

“Oh, this is really inappropriate, but the problem is that,” she paused, “We are never intimate anymore, not since after my five year-old was born. And I thought if I could just entice him and make it worth his while he would be willing to be with me, even if I’m disgusting.” She sat on the couch she had placed across from her desk.

“What!?” I yelled through the empty church office, “You’re Fulya Escort beautiful!” I exclaimed as I sat beside her. “If you were my wife. I’d show you how you should be treated.” I looked into her eyes they her tearing up as one was falling down her cheek. I touched her chin wiping the tear away lifted her mouth to mine and I kissed her lightly on the lips.

“I’m sorry,” She said, “That was inappr-“ My lips were on hers again, and I pushed my tongue passed her lips, and hers pushed back.

We sat there making out on the couch like a pair of horny teenagers (that’s half right). I recalled that women generally don’t hit their sexual peak until their mid 20’s and Amy was 27. I placed my hand on top of her left breast, she moaned and as I continued massaging her breast, she pulled away.

“Matt this isn’t right we can’t do this I’m married,”

“To a man that can’t please you,” I said rubbing her upper thigh

“Oh it has been a long time,”

“No one will ever know,” I whispered in her ear, as my left hand continued caressing her breast, and my right began to pull at the button’s of her shirt. “There’s no one here.” I slid my hands into her undone shirt and around her sides to undo her black lack bra. Her hands were on my arms as though she was going to stop me but as I pulled her perfect lips to my mouth and she melted.

“MMmmm,” she moaned, “That’s nice, but we can’t go all the way I’m not on the pill,” she smiled. I began to pinch her nipple with my right, but my left was now tugging at her shorts and she was all too happy to oblige. As she lifted up, I pulled her shorts and panties off. I continued sucking her tits off, but began to rub away at her clit, “OH OH MY GOD!!!” her body locked up.

“You see I’m the one you want,” I said placing her hand on the crotch of my shorts. Her eyes lit up and she pulled my shorts away. “Oh My… Matt I don’t want you to think poorly of me but I want to try something with you.”


“I want you in my ass, I’ve never had anal, and a friend tells me its wonderful, what do you think?”

“Sure,” I smiled she stood up placed her hands on her desk, and offered her minister ass to me. I stood up rubbed my dick along her snatch for Escort Fulya lube and then slowly pushed in. I loved feeling her asshole clench tight onto me.

“AHHH Fuck,” she cried out, “Oh God that’s good! Go deeper!”

I grunted, and plowed hard into her, as deep as I could go. I continued to go harder and faster. I began angling toward her snatch through her ass. She was panting and moaning, and with her so revved up I decided to go for it. I pulled out of her ass, and slid into her dripping cunt.

“OH! MATT WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU CAN’T!! I could get preg- OH GOD!!” Ignoring her protests I buried all thick 7-inches of me into her, “Oh fuck It fill me up!”

I couldn’t hold it any longer. Jet after jet of my seed planted itself deep inside of her. I pulled out.

“Oh God!” she said dropping to her knees naked. “What have I done? I can’t believe I let you in my- that we ju- Oh God!”

“Calm down Amy,” I said helping her to her feet, “if it turns out you are pregnant, tell everyone its your husbands, and I know you haven’t had sex in a while but all you need to do is force it out of him once and you’re home free.”

“But the baby would still be yours,” she said a tear running down her face. “Everytime I look at it I’ll remember the one infidelity I’ve had, you should go and leave me time to think.”

Two weeks later she gave me a call telling me to come to her house.

When I arrived I found that it was just us 2 but she didn’t seem pleased as we walked to her bedroom.

“well I’m pregnant, and its all because you and I-“ she cut off as I began to lightly massage her shoulders as she stood there. “because of the awful thing we’ve done.”

“You didn’t enjoy it?” I said pulling her back into my front my dick resting near the crack of her ass.

“Oh, of course I did, but its… Its wrong,” she said more in an attempt to convince herself than me. Meanwhile her ass began to wriggle against me, it obviously disagreed with her statement. I spun her around and pulled her to me, my hands tight on her ass, my dick pressed into her. I leaned in to kiss her. “Oh!” she said. “I’ve never had a man that I felt like this about, I know I shouldn’t, but,” she leaned in and our lips Fulya Escort Bayan met, and our tongues began to explore each other once again. She suddenly grasped my cock through my shorts.

She pulled away. “you’re so much bigger than my husband, I don’t know if I can but I want to do this for you, Lover.” She pushed me backward onto the bed and pulled my shorts down. “MMmmm Its even bigger than I remember” Her eyes swelled with lust, as she gazed upon it, and she lowered her head onto it.

Immediately, her tongue swirled around my shaft as she began to take my entire length into her. As she bobbed her up and down I groaned, “I’m cumming!” and she just kept going as I blasted jet after jet down her throat I could feel her swallowing it, and I slid out of her mouth.

“I- I’ve never swallowed before even with my husband,” she said shocked at her self, “Well you’ve cum in me twice, in two different holes,” she said pulling her clothes off tantalizingly. She sat on my lap naked my dick against her mound. She leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Wanna go for three?”

She kissed me lightly on the lips as she stood up, taking my hand we embraced there naked, she then turned from me leaned herself against the bed and said, “Cum on” she smiled.

With that I pressed myself into her, pounding into her I pushed toward her G-spot on the other side of the fleshy wall. Apparently I hit it, the canal of her hole squeezed tight as she began to cry out, “Oh Oh Christ! OH GOD!!” in the tightness I couldn’t hold it.

“Here I cum!”

“Yeah, baby finish making me yours I never want another man.” I pulled out and we came to rest next to each other, on the bed.

“I tried to enjoy the sex I had with my husband, but he is nothing like you. He will think it’s his child,” she said rubbing her stomach. “It will be a symbol of our forbidden love,” she grabbed my hand and rested it on her stomach with her own I looked over her glorious body, it was the home of my first child. “Of course, you can always come to visit, I wouldn’t feel right if our child didn’t know you,” she smiled at me my eyes now trained on her face, “Will you… stay with me my husband and the other children are gone for the week on a father sons trip, and I’m off for the week for some me time, and…” she laced my fingers with her own, “I want to spend every second .I can get with you, My love.”

We spent the week together, making conversation, making out, making love.

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