Meeting Tricia’s Stunning Mom – 1st HalfMeeting Tricia’s Stunning Mom – 1st Half


“Well, I know Joe and Bionca aren’t here, so that must mean Tricia is in the shower,” I muttered, coming into the apartment.I calmly made my way towards it and licked my lips. I felt the thrills going throughout my body, too, because I surely couldn’t wait for gratification myself.I opened the door, but I saw the door open a tad. “And there’s my second mom,” Tricia pointed out, peeking at me.”Yes, got room for one more in there?””Chloe, your kids have fucked in here more times than I can count. If there weren’t a shower in here, the floor would be covered in cum from both of them,” she made clear, opening the door.”Damn, you’re even sexier than I remember.””Then why do you still have your clothes on?””What about Joe and Bionica? Don’t you think they might get upset?””No, besides, you don’t need to tell them. Your kids never did tell me that before the night they came out to me, they were already hooking up.””Wait, you knew that?””No, but you just confirmed it. It makes sense though, they were both secretive, and he was always running late or some shit. It’s a good thing I love both of them; if not, I might be upset.””Okay, I’m sorry anyway, but you let them get together,” I said, undressing,A minute later, I got in the shower with her. “I really wanted to talk for a minute, but I don’t mind getting wet.””You can give me a kiss, Chloe,” she offered, leaning to me.We kissed for a few seconds, but then she parted her lips. “Oh, you wanted to meet my mom, didn’t you? You still have a huge thing for her, even though you haven’t met her, right?””Yes.””You’re willing to cheat on Chuck again, though? Not that I’m judging,” she told me, feeling my tits.”I guess, yes, Tricia. You certainly grew on me, and I wouldn’t mind having your mom do the same,” I replied, touching hers too.”Your daughter wanted to get your son off porn, but she wound up getting you attracted to me and wanting to meet my mom too?””Yes, that is a short way to put it. I think if your mom is even half as kinky as you, she’ll be down. I’ll tell her…””Don’t worry, my mom and I have seen each other undressed before and are close. Maybe not as close you are with your kids, but if we let her see us kissing, I think she’ll be game.””I’m sure there’s more to that, but okay,” I said, before kissing her. “I love you, Tricia.””I love you too, Chloe.””For the record, I was never with a woman before Bionca.””Me either.”That night we both went to her mom’s place. I felt more than giddy to meet her, and Joe and Bionca were okay at their apartment alone.Anyway, we walked into her house, and she brought me to the living room. “Hey, Mom, this is Chloe,” she introduced me, bringing me to the couch with her.”Wait, Joe and Bionca’s mom? Didn’t you break up with Joe?” she asked, leaning towards her to hug her.”Yes,” Tricia answered, hugging her back. “Bionca is still my BFF, and even though Joe and I broke up,” she said, letting go of her, “Chloe and I still got close.””Okay, I’m Avi,” she said, letting her hand out to her.I took it. “As she said, I’m Chloe, and I can see where your daughter gets her beauty from.””You’re flattering me already, Chloe?””Not to get anything from you, no,” I responded, taking my hand away and sitting with Tricia.”I was kidding. So, you just wanted to meet me?””Yes, you just raised a great daughter. I’m very sorry that things didn’t work out between her and Joe, but life goes on, I guess. They all still hang out, and I hang out with Tricia here from time to time too.”Avi nodded and smiled.I had to check out her body. ‘Well, you are a pretty blonde MILF. You’re just Tricia, but twenty-some years older with bigger tits too.'”What about you, Tricia? Are you moving back in here then? I know you said you might, but I haven’t heard anything official.””I most likely will; I’m just in the process of packing stuff up now. Bionca moved in there a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve just been weighing some options.””Wait, you’re moving out because Bionca moved in there?””Yes, they’re just close, bahis şirketleri that’s all.”Avi nodded and broke eye contact. I suddenly felt my skin cringe because I wasn’t sure if she’d put those pieces together, but I hoped for the best.”Okay then, that’s odd, but maybe it’s a twin thing. Sometimes I think I’m just Tricia’s older twin at times; we kind of look alike, having blonde hair, but I guess I have wrinkles since I’m in my forties now,” she said, before laughing a tad. “I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable, but once like six months ago before she moved out, I saw her come out here in the middle of the night naked, and at the time, she had the same exact bush that I did. She looked exactly how I did at her age; I mean, it was almost scary, granted it was over twenty years ago when I was that old, and it was dark, but still.””No kidding, Avi?””No kidding, and Tricia, were you using protection the whole time?””Yes, Mom. She bred one horny guy, so I made sure to get on the pill. I know I made him pop a whole lot, too, throughout our relationship.””Babe, that’s her son; she doesn’t want to hear that.””No, I’m fine; I’ve seen her naked too, so we’re good.”Avi shot a weird look and backed away. “You’ve seen my daughter nude?”I bit down on my bottom lip and broke eye contact for a few seconds. “Uh, yes, so I know you bred a stunning daughter.”I jiggled a bit more and couldn’t help but see Tricia’s panties sticking out a tad. I wasn’t sure how this would go, but Tricia seemed confident that things would be good. Although, it seemed awkward then because I was already rather close to Tricia, but never met Avi before, though.”Okay, thank you for the compliment, I guess,” Avi said, before a gap. “Are you looking at her bra strap, Chloe?””No,” I made clear, looking away. “That’s your daughter and the closest thing I have to a daughter-in-law.””If you say so, but I can tell you’re fond of her, you’re very close to her and touching her leg. How close did you two get when Tricia was dating Joe?””A lot, I guess, Mom,” Tricia replied, leaning away. “She’s just a great mom to Joe and Bionca, and she was the same to me. I’m not replacing you if that’s what you mean. Chloe just loves me as she told you, and she really wanted to meet you, that’s all,” she explained, before rubbing her face for a few seconds. “And we’ve become affectionate too,” she told her, before she grabbed my arms, brought them around her, and turned her head to peck my cheek. “And I just have one more thing to tell you, and I hope you won’t get upset.”Avi nodded and gave the most skeptical look she could. “Are you having an affair with my daughter, Chloe?”My entire body tensed up, and I increased my grip on her too. After a minute of awkwardness where I couldn’t answer, Tricia turned to me and kissed me. My eyes opened widely, and I jiggled a bit too.After ten seconds, she parted her lips. “Yes, Mom, there’s more I could tell you, but I’m not sure you want to know it all.”I wasn’t sure what to say, but suddenly, I saw Avi licking her lips and shaking a bit too. It was unclear if she’d say a word, but I kept my lip zipped. Judging from Avi’s reactions, she saw something appealing, but I wasn’t about to mention that.”So, you break up with Joe all of a sudden and go to his married mom, Tricia?””There’s more to it, but again, I don’t know if you want to know all the details, Mom. If I tell you, you have not to judge anyone and not tell anyone else either.””Well, I’m your mom. Do you trust me or not?”Tricia took a deep breath. “Joe and I broke up so he could go to his sister.”Avi scratched her head for a few seconds. “What?””Her twin kids are an incestuous couple, Mom. I’ve seen them have sex, and I’ve joined in with them too.”Avi stayed silent for a moment. “Are you serious, Tricia?””Yes, Avi, I guess that’s one way to break the ice, just rip it off like a band-aid,” I mentioned, before leaning back. “I thought it was awkward before, but this is out there,” I whispered.”We could go bahis firmaları out to dinner first, Mom, but Chloe here, and I have sex too. We’re really close because of that, but me dating Joe did get us going.””Well, you are beautiful, babe, but I didn’t see that coming. I’m not gonna lie; this does sound farfetched. Joe and Bionca moved in together to be an incestuous couple? You mean they have sex, go out on dates, sleep together, the whole nine yards?””Well, they started having sex so Bionca could get Joe off porn. He has an addiction, but it didn’t work. So, they broke up, and Bionca thought it might help if Joe started dating me. Although, her kids are horny and deceitful people and kept seeing each other behind my back. When I found out from them, I didn’t scream because I could tell they were close and belonged together. So, I basically told him to go to her or marry me. Don’t be upset, but I took your ring, Mom.”Avi stayed silent for a few seconds. “The one your dad gave me?””Yes, obviously, he didn’t propose to me. Then we had a threesome because Bionca even had me appreciate pussy. I knew he wouldn’t want to marry me, so Bionca moved into the apartment, and I’ve been sleeping on the couch. Then I came up with the idea of having a three-way with Bionca and Chloe here because I found out she was that close with them too. Even when Joe got to do it with his mom and sister, it still wasn’t enough to get him off porn.””So, now you’re having an affair with her? Never mind that you’re bisexual then; she’s married, Tricia,” Avi pointed out, pointing at me.”Your daughter is worth it, though, Avi. You raised a fantastic woman if you ask me,” I praised her, increasing my grip. “I love your daughter.””Whoa, we’ll get to the incest thing with you and your kids; that’s messed up enough; you’re not divorcing your husband for my daughter, are you?””No, of course not, we’re just having fun, you could say, and…””Are you asking me what I think you’re asking me, Chloe? Are you using my daughter to do it?””Sure, Mom, but are you judging her or her kids, for that matter? I mean, we know what incest is, but it’s not like we’ve talked about it before. I’ve been with this mom, and she’s a great older female too. I mean, look at her, Mom,” she said, prior to viewing me again. “I’ve seen her inside and out, and let’s just say, she had a crush on you before she even met you.”She gave a confused smile and shrugged her shoulders too.”Can you confirm you make my daughter feel good?””Yes, I’ve already complimented her several times, Avi. I’m sorry if this is making you feel weird,” I said, before getting up. “I didn’t mean to, but…”I couldn’t finish my sentence, but evidently, Tricia could see I was having trouble expressing my feelings.”Mom, I’m sorry, but this will be easier,” Tricia admitted, coming to her.She yanked her mom up and pasted her lips to hers. Needless to say, my eyes widened, and I shivered as if I was suddenly in Alaska. Avi kept her hands down, but Tricia put her hands on her mom’s butt.I wasn’t sure what point she was trying to make then, but the sight in front of me was still rather hot, though. I couldn’t stop my pussy from leaking to save my life. She kissed her mom just as if she was Bionca or me for a moment.She calmly parted her lips from Avi’s. “I love you, Mom, and the horny MILF behind me wanted to do that and much more before she even met you.””Okay, may I kiss you again, Tricia?”Tricia nodded and moved her lips to her mom’s again. That time, they both placed their hands on each other’s butts, and Tricia did find her mom’s soft spot. I had to stand there and watch for a couple more minutes.Then Tricia came to me and pulled me to her mom. “I’ve never asked you this either, Mom, but have you ever been with a woman before, even once?””No, I’ve only kissed two women in my life, and you’re one of them, Tricia. So you fell so hard for my daughter here that you formed a crush on me without even meeting me, Chloe?””Yes, I guess, Avi. Is kaçak bahis siteleri that weird?””Is that a rhetorical question?” Avi giggled.”Would you like to see Chloe and me together first, Mom? You’ve already admitted that you’ve seen me naked before, so what do you think?”Avi couldn’t help but to check out her own daughter for a moment. She slathered her lips and surely vibrated, too, so she gave me all the same signs I did a minute ago. After that minute, she leaned back to Tricia again and kissed her.Then Tricia took me to the couch, and her mom sat back down on her chair. I wasn’t sure what to think, but as Tricia pushed her lips back on mine again, I knew I was in for some ride. Her hands came down to my top and pulled it up a bit.So, my boobs made an appearance, but I was still wearing a bra. After a moment, Tricia let her lips came off mine again, and she smiled at me before she got my top off me. I smirked back, and she brought her hands to my back. She undid my bra and pulled that off me as well.I had to cover my bosoms, but Tricia pushed my hands away. “You want to have sex with my mom, right?””Yes,” I divulged with an embarrassed face.”Then let my mom see them, and maybe she’ll get horny.””It’s working, sweetheart,” Avi let out.Tricia calmly got on her knees on the floor, took off my sandals, and undid my shorts as well. Her hands came to them and pulled them off me. She leaned to my crotch and began rubbing my pussy through my thong.”I guess you weren’t kidding, Tricia.””No, I wasn’t, Mom, and the weird shit continues. Bionca began having sex with Joe to get him off porn, but that started a chain reaction where I’m down on my knees rubbing her mom’s cherry through her thong in front of my mom. Yet, here we are,” she explained, before taking my thong off too.I didn’t cover myself, but surely felt bashful.Although, then Tricia pulled me up with her. “Your turn, Chloe,” she made clear, raising her arms.I took it off her and undid her shorts too. Then she stood and got her sandals off as well. She still pulled me to her and had me tug down her shorts as well. I stayed down on my butt for a moment and looked at her.”Well, only second to Bionca, you’re the second most stunning woman in the world.””And me?” Avi asked.”Well, I haven’t seen you yet, Avi,” I mentioned, peeking at her.She casually made her way to me and checked out my nude figure. She nodded again and seemed impressed.She let her hands down to her top for a few seconds, but let go of it. “No, why don’t you show me the chemistry you two have first,” she suggested, before sitting back down.”It’s not nice to tease, Mom,” Tricia warned her, before leaning to my boobs.From one second to the next, she showed her mom that she was, in fact, serious.”Oh, yes, your daughter is a great nipple licker, Avi,” I complimented her, setting my hands on her head. “I know you didn’t teach her this, but I’m glad to help.””Are you trying to replace me? And yes, I’m joking.””May I kiss you, Avi?”She leaned to me and kissed me for a few seconds. I knew Tricia looked, but she didn’t say a word. She latched onto putting on a show for her beautiful mom, and Avi certainly showed signs of liking the show as she let her hand into her panties.I didn’t think Tricia noticed, but she kept going on my nipples. I kept my hands on her head and caressed it like the horny and loving MILF I was. She didn’t feel my twat just yet, but surely didn’t want to feed her mom all at once.She grabbed them as hard as she could and certainly licked those nipples as hard as she could. Once again, she transported me into lesbian heaven, but that time, I had her mom in the audience. I moved forward and backward and tried to deal with the pleasure.I attacked her with my breath, too, because I made sure not to peek at Avi too much. I wanted to, but still just wanted the sight to turn her on instead of my eye contact. I kept my eyes on her, and she eyefucked me right back.”Oh, you’re one sexy fox, Tricia.””I know,” she agreed, coming up to me and kissing me.We both closed our eyes, and I kept my hands down too. We made out for a moment as her hands remained on my boobs, and we felt the chemistry grow.She calmly parted her lips and peeked at her mom. “Enjoying…

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