Alexie All Alone AgainAlexie All Alone Again


Alexie padded down the thick carpeted stairs in bare feet and into the kitchen, her toes curling slightly on the cool wooden floor. Humming to herself she felt glad that for the first time in what seemed a long while she had a night in on her own. The last few weeks she had been pre-occupied with finding a new job (after her creepy boss had finally made his feelings a bit too blatant) and endless parties to celebrate her free time. She had finally been accepted into a glamorous boutique as a part time sales assistant, she was glad – she got a huge discount on her favourite clothes and lingerie. She opened the fridge and it cast a peach glow across her short cream satin dressing gown (a treat gained with her huge discount); she giggled as the cold sensation made her nipples jump to attention protruding through the sheer fabric.

Simon noticed that for once Alexie’s purple metallic car was actually at home and there were lights on, also there appeared to be none of her flatmates at home as he had watched them tarted to the nines totter out on spiky heels half an hour before. He had been debating whether or not to go round and suddenly he grabbed his coat and scurried round to drop off the star trek video he had borrowed months ago. He knew he didn’t need to return it as the girls probably wouldn’t remember, but for the past months he hadn’t been able to free his mind from the disturbing events he and Alexie had shared and (he hoped) enjoyed. He had lay in bed at night and constantly dreamed of her, often having to have a cool shower and masturbate himself several times throughout the night, not that Alicia had not been too pleased – apparently she needed her beauty sleep.

He meant to surprise Alexie by peeping in the window pulling a funny face, as he looked in to the dimly lit, luxurious living room something caught his eye.

An enormous mirror hung opposite the kitchen entrance which consisted of an arch, the reflection in the mirror was genç porno of Alexie reaching up to a high cupboard. The cream dressing gown had risen up, showing off her slim, smooth legs. Simon could feel himself growing hard merely at the sight of her legs. “Higher,” he muttered to himself willing the silk to slide itself further over her shapely thighs. He watched her stand on tiptoe and reach upwards again, “Oh God! Come on!” he sighed biting his lip. He watched as the material rose higher, millimetre by millimetre. Her legs seemed to go on forever, he could feel himself beginning to grow warm and then suddenly his prayers were answered, the satin hitched up just high enough to display her full leg, Simon groaned inwardly as with one final attempt, the gown rose high enough to reveal to him her curved ass. He gently rubbed himself through his jeans and waited in anticipation for more.

Alexie spread the toast thickly with honey and leant against the counter as she ate it. She yawned and ran her fingers through her hair, her bath had made her tired and she could do with a good night sleep before her early start in the morning. Drowsily she dropped her toast, it ran down her leg, the sticky honey leaving an iridescent sheer to the slight golden of her skin.

Simon moaned still outside the window as he watched her reflection slowly bend over to pick up the toast and the satin hitch up over her ass teasing him with a glance of her warm sex.

Alexie scooped the honey off her leg with a long finger and sucked it slowly into her mouth not even realising the pleasure she gave Simon as he viewed her reflection in the mirror, she didn’t hear him let out another groan. Nor did she hear the zipper of his trousers as checking that he was well hidden from view, he drew out his thick cock into his sweating palms and began to stroke it slowly, prolonging his pleasure for what he hoped to come. All that Alexie realised was that the honey full hd porno tasted fantastic of her own warm, clean skin. All Alexie heard was the gentle sucking from her own mouth as she devoured her honey coated finger time and time again.

Alexie didn’t particularly mind being alone, even when just stroking her own leg and sucking gently on her own fingers was making her as aroused as she was now. She watched her nipples pushing through the silk of her dressing gown, then, very slowly she ran her hands over her lustrous neck and then over her breasts through the fabric, shuddering with pleasure as her palms ran quickly over her puckering nipples. She ran her hands over her breasts again gasping at the magical feelings she was giving herself and down over her smooth flat stomach feeling the cool satin as it was pressed against her skin. She ran one over her ass and the other up the inside of her soft thigh.

Simon smiled to himself and then began to stroke his throbbing cock with earnest, still pumping fairly slowly, but becoming more steady as he watched her caress herself through the satin finally settling for her left breast massaging it through the fabric and tweaking the erect nipple and the other hand nestled firmly between her legs, still not moving the fabric. He stared hard at the mirror through the window and made out a moist patch on the silk, the though of her rubbing herself through the fabric made his cock jump and he began to rub himself faster still, again checking nobody could spot him. The excitement of being caught and being in the open air watching a woman who could not see him pleasuring himself was such a turn on for him.

Alexie pushed herself up onto the worktop and then spread her legs. She pulled the fabric out of the way and felt her warm, moistness. To Simon’s delight, her dressing gown suddenly slid open exposing her breasts, he viewed them as if they were spun gold, and the spotlighting gangbang porno in her kitchen made them appear to glow. He stroked himself faster as he watched Alexie slide a finger inside herself, arching her back and then spreading her wetness over her swollen nub to make her fingertips slide.

Alexie gasped and began to rub herself faster as did Simon. He alternated between stroking himself fast and then slow, he wanted to save himself until he could watch her come, he could tell she was close as her face contorted, her back arched again and she bit her lip, he felt he could almost hear her moans.

Alexie glanced around herself and jumped as she spotted Simon in the mirror, she smiled as she realised it was him and noticed that he was stroking his own cock. She wondered how long he had been watching her. Simon held his breath until she smiled at him, fearful of her reaction. The smile as she licked her lips only served to make his cock jump in his hand as he had stopped stroking for a moment.

Alexie wanted only one thing now, she locked eyes with his reflection as he gazed at her own and then began her build up to her orgasm. Her breathing quickened and her hand was almost a blur as was Simon’s on his cock. She stroked herself faster and with more pressure taking huge breaths loudly and occasionally slipping a finger inside herself to make it more wet. She circled her clit with her finger tip and concentrated on Simon’s steady pace. Suddenly she arched her back, pulled hard on her nipple and pushed her hand down firmly on her heated spot, rubbing it intensely she felt huge waves of electrical impulses wash over her breasts, down her legs and rushing up to her head, with a huge moan, “Oh God!” she exclaimed as it subsided slightly and she caught her breath again. As Simon watched this his cock jerked, his arm almost hurt as he pumped, sliding his hand up and down his thick shaft and over the head, then his come streamed from it, creamed the window and he groaned; as he finished he watched the steam rise in the moonlight.

Alexie slumped on the counter, her whole body weak and spent, then as she caught Simon’s eye, she winked at him as he grinned back. It looked as though this may become a regular occurrence…

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