Adventures with Suzy Ch. 07Adventures with Suzy Ch. 07


When I woke up that morning, my new friends Bill and Suzy, where fucking next to me on the bed. Being the great host’s that they are they included me in their carnal morning activities. Almost as soon as we were all done we heard yelling from the back patio. It was their friend Joe arriving for a golf date with Bill. The problem was that Bill had forgotten all about it and we had all partied (and fucked and sucked) pretty hard the night before.

Suzy and I had gone downstairs to greet Joe, and Bill jumped in the shower in their master bath.


I had stopped by the downstairs bathroom to piss. When I got to the kitchen Suzy was at the stove scrambling up a batch of eggs. Joe was behind her rubbing himself up against her and feeling up her tits. Suzy was giggling and telling him “Quit it Joe. You are going to make me burn these eggs!” Joe was a huge man and was actually grinding his cock into her spine. He had to flex his knees to rub his cock into her ass.

Joe was telling her he couldn’t help himself “But Suze, you know Janice is outta town, plus my secretary has a new boyfriend that she swears is THE ONE, so she’s not putting out anymore. Plus, there was a softball team celebrating a big win at the bar last night, and the guy to girl ratio was way outta balance. I couldn’t even pick up any strange!”

“Aww, poor Joe!” Suzy replied “Why didn’t you just go home and jack-off? That would’ve at least held you over for the night.”

“I did go home and jack-off!” Joe explained “And yes, it held me over for the night, but now it’s a new day! And here’s the woman from last night’s fantasies right in front of me, wearing very little and smelling like sex…”

“Oh, so you fantasized about me while you got yourself off?” Suzy asked him as she stirred the eggs “That’s sweet! But your such a bullshitter that I don’t know if I believe you.”

I moved into their field of vision and Joe noticed me and said “So this must be the owner of that extra car out front. I’m Joe, how are you today?” He reached out to shake my hand with a huge knowing grin on his face. He had seen all the empty bottles and sex toys on the patio table and had a pretty good idea how I was today. I shook his beefy hand and introduced myself. I smiled at the fact that he never took his crotch away from Suzy’s sweet ass, or his other hand off her tit.

Suzy told me to help myself to coffee and asked me to make more toast as she was “Stuck here at the stove.” She cast a tolerant grin over her shoulder at Joe and he resumed his proposition. Some toast was already made and when the next slices popped up I started more.

“C’mon Suze, you can’t blame me can you? Bill will be relaxed on the links today and I’ll be all frustrated and tense. You are a firm believer in a fair playing field, aren’t you?

“The way I see it,” Suzy countered “You are sexually frustrated but well rested. Bill, on the other hand is not as well rested. So it should make you guys pretty even.”

Just then Bill entered the room. He was wearing a polo shirt and shorts as was Joe and unless you looked at his eyes you’d never imagine the hedonism he was up to the night before. “Joe, what do you think you’re doing with my wife?” He asked with a smile.

“Nothing yet!” Joe answered “And I wouldn’t do anything with your wife that you wouldn’t do with mine!”

“O.k. Joe, these eggs are done. Back off or you won’t get any!” Suzy ordered him. “And get us some plates out so we can eat.”

Joe went to a cabinet and started getting out plates. He obviously knew his way around. “Won’t get any what, Suze? If it’s the eggs you’re talking about, I’d pass on them for some of that pussy. Of course I doubt it’s edible right now thanks to these two horny fuckers” He told us all. Suzy gave Bill a wink and they smiled at each other. As Bill finished making a cup of coffee he reached into a drawer for silverware. I was just finishing up the toast and we all sat down to eat.

The friendly but sexual banter continued over breakfast. Joe also had to grill me on how I got mixed up with “These degenerates” He was a loud guy even when you were right next to him and loved to tell a good tale. He told me how he was a good church going man who never drank, smoked (expensive cigars OR weed!) did drugs, gambled, swore, or cheated on his wife. That is until he got mixed up with “THESE TWO!” He had been involved with the church and many civic organizations. He was a pillar of society. Hell, he’d never even spit on the sidewalk! He tried to do his best to maintain his standing, because after all there were so many who relied on him, but it was all a sham! He was so ashamed because it was all a façade to hide the evil sinner he had become since getting mixed up with “THESE TWO!” It was a heavy burden to bear but he did his best. He said that if I had any sense and any self esteem left after what they subjected me to the night before than I should throw on my clothes and run for the door. I should get almanbahis adres out while I still had a shred of dignity. “Don’t even bother looking for your underwear my friend; they probably need to be burned now anyway!” By the time he was done with his tirade we were of course almost on the floor with laughter. He again asked how I’d gotten mixed up with “THESE TWO!”

Suzy explained that we had met the day before and were going out for drinks after work but decided to come here to party instead. Joe warned me that that’s how it starts, with the demon rum! He and I talked a bit about where I work and I wasn’t surprised to learn that he knew some of the bosses at my office. I had seen Joe around town and in the news as he was in real estate and really was a member of a couple of civic organizations. Suzy teased him about what an upstanding citizen everyone thought he was, but he was just a perv at heart. And reminded him that he was a perv when they met. They playfully bickered back and forth while Bill and I just sat back and enjoyed their good hearted quarrelling. Joe asked me if I liked golf and would I want to join them today. I declined as I had never learned the game and really had no interest. Joe suggested I leave and go straight to the nearest church if I knew what was good for me.

When we were finished eating, we all helped clean up our plates and Bill and Joe were preparing to leave. Joe told Suzy that this was her last chance to experience what he called his “Authentic Italian Sausage” for breakfast. He added that he was only offering since his morals were corrupted by now anyway, but he was still a generous and giving fellow at heart. Suzy reminded him that she’d had that before. He reminded her that it had been awhile. Bill jumped in and told his wife “You know what Suze? If he doesn’t get a little this morning I’ll have to listen to him cry the whole way around the golf course this morning. I’m gonna throw my clubs in the car, why don’t you help the poor guy out a little.” As Bill said this he was moving toward the door. When he got behind Joe he winked at Suzy and held up his hand. His thumb and forefinger were almost touching. He had a huge mischievous grin on his face and Suzy got his drift and returned his smile.

As Bill headed out to the garage Suzy flashed Joe her big sultry grin and said “O.k. Joe, let’s see it!” She untied the belt on her robe and let it slide off her shoulders as she dropped to her knees. “Let’s see that famous Italian sausage you’re so proud of!” She began to rub her luscious tits while still smiling at Joe.

Joe was half way across the room at the time but closed the distance quickly. “Oh, you can do more than see it darlin’. I think you need to taste it!” He was pulling down his zipper as he went, and when he got to Suzy he wasted no time undoing his snap and dropping his shorts to the floor. They were soon followed by his boxers, which were covered by; you guessed it, golf balls.

Joe’s cock was huge, and he had a set of balls to match. He was at least as thick as me and as long as Bill. When it sprang free of his boxer’s it swung around violently like an ancient war club. He grasped it firmly at the base with his matching huge hand and pointed it at Suzy’s mouth. His other hand went to the side of Suzy’s head and slipped through her hair to the back as she leaned in to take the bulbous head in her mouth. Joe groaned deep in his chest. She ran her wet tongue over Joe’s head and part way down his shaft to get it good and wet before taking his head back into her mouth. She started bobbing her head on him while stroking the base of his shaft with both hands.

Joe turned so he could lean back against a counter and guided her head with his hands as he went. Suzy never missed a stroke and turned with him. When Joe was settled Suzy really went to town on him. She was sucking him hard and fast while stroking him firmly. She pulled one hand from the base of his cock and started fondling his balls.

Joe was moaning deep in his chest. He had one hand on top of Suzy’s head and was thrusting his hips in time with her blowjob. He was fucking her mouth and trying to go deeper. His eyes were open slightly but they were glazed and totally unfocused. Suzy’s eyes were wide open and she was watching the expression on his face. It was a look of total concentration. He wanted nothing in the world at that moment except to fill her mouth with his seed, and at the rate they were going it wouldn’t take long.

Just then a car horn blared from the front of the house and Bill’s voice followed it saying “LET’S GO JOE!” Suzy pulled the raging hard on from her mouth with an audible pop and sprang to her feet. Bill tried to capture her head in his hands but had been in such a trance that she was already gone.

“Times up big guy. Sorry!” Suzy told him as he bellowed in frustration. She turned and scooped up her robe from the floor and flashed me a huge, devious smile as she started past me. The car horn blared almanbahis adres again as Joe tried to focus on what was happening. He looked stunned and for a moment at least he was speechless. Bill continued to hit the horn outside.

Finally Joe managed to gather his thoughts and said “Aw c’mon Suze, You can’t just leave me like this!” He grasped his cock and shook it at her. “That would just be wrong!” he declared. He had a look on his face that reminded me of a child who’d had a half eaten piece of candy taken away and can’t understand why. His bravado temporarily gone he pleaded his case “C’mon Suze, please? I was getting so close!” Outside Bill tapped out a tune with the car horn.

“Now, Joe. You’re the one who used the phrase ‘put your pecker away and let’s go golfin’. And besides, that’s my husband out there waiting for you. It just wouldn’t be right to keep HIM waiting in YOUR car while I sucked YOUR dick, now would it? That’s the kind of thing the harlot you accused me of being would do! Now get your ass moving or you’ll be late. You know you want a good seat at The Nineteenth Hole so you can have a good view of Brenda!” Outside the horn sounded again. At the mention of the name Brenda a light seemed to go off in Joe’s brain and it lit his Face as well as got him moving again.

He bent down and started pulling up his shorts. “BRENDA! Yeah, you should see this little slut Dave!” He said to me. “Knockout body, those pouty lips that look like they could suck cock all day. All the employee’s have to wear a uniform, you know? But hers is always just a little tighter. She always has one extra button undone and her skirts are just a little shorter. She’s a huge flirt and loves to shake her sweet ass in front of an audience. I keep telling her she’d make better money as a stripper, but she claims she’s far to respectable for that. I know she’s lying though. You can tell by the way she says it that she’s not serious, plus the piercings and the edge of her tattoo’s peaking out here and there. Oh, and you should see the way her and our hostess here look at each other and flirt, it’ll make you come in your pants!

Just then the horn sounded again. One long angry blast this time and Joe finally pulled up his shorts and tucked his meat away. As he did he was yelling to Bill “ALRIGHT ALREADY! I’M COMING! Well actually I’m not! BUT I SHOULD HAVE BEEN!” Then he turned to Suzy who was now at the doorway leading to the stairs. “And don’t think I don’t know what you were up to missy! You wanted to give your hubby an unfair advantage on the links today! Well it won’t work I’m going to beat him soundly. But first I’m gonna make a bet with him. The winner gets to do the loser’s wife in the ass!” Just then the horn sounded again as if to emphasis that statement. Joe headed for the door, bitchin’ the whole way.

“That’s a great idea Joe!” Suzy told him as he left the room “Janice said she just loves the way Bill fucks her ass!

“We’ll see.” Joe shouted back over his shoulder “You won’t be able to sit for a week!” And with that the door slammed behind him.


After he left, the house suddenly felt very quiet. I was also struck by the fact that I was finally alone with Suzy. I looked at her. She was still in the doorway leading to the stairs. The same stairs that led to her bedroom. She was still gloriously naked as she had merely draped her robe over one shoulder after retrieving it from the floor. I imagined that Bill was o.k. with leaving us alone and was starting to realize just how open their relationship was. I felt that Bill wouldn’t mind me fucking his hot wife some more while he was golfing.

The problem was that I was all fucked out, not to mention hung over. Suzy was looking back at me and seemed to read my mind. “I’m gonna go take a shower, Dave” She told me “help yourself to more coffee. Or there’s more beer in this fridge if you want… Just make yourself at home, you’re welcome to stay as long as you like. Weekends around here are usually pretty crazy so there’s more fun to be had.” She told me with a smile. “I’ll put some tunes on since it’s so quiet with Joe gone.”

I told her that I would take her up on her offer to hang around and that a beer might be just what I needed to clear my head. “Hair of the dog.” I told her. She giggled and told me she’d probably join me after her shower and that I could shower next. She went into the living room and the music came on. She had to adjust the volume down to a respectable morning level. She stopped by the kitchen on her way upstairs and reminded me to make myself at home. As she left I watched her body the whole way up the stairs and prayed I’d be able to get more of that, one on one, this time.

I drank down the rest of my coffee and went to the fridge. After grabbing a beer I went out to the patio and sat. It was only a little after 7 in the morning and the quiet of the suburbs was very relaxing. It was not at all what I was used to down almanbahis adres in the city. I sat and surveyed the mess from the night before. I reminisced over the events that took place out here last night. Then having watched Suzy suck on Joe’s huge cock. Then the realization that I would be alone with her and having watching her naked form climb the stairs to a hot soapy shower, I knew I was still horny for her. I just wondered if my weary cock would cooperate. I knew it would with some coaxing from my hot hostess. I smiled at that thought and cleaned up the empty bottles from last night.

When the empties were gone I gathered up the assortment of sex toys that we hadn’t even needed, and put them in Suzy’s bag for her. I imagined using some of them with her. The wooden bowl was still on the table and looked like it had one hit left in it. I toked up the last of it and tapped the ashes out. I put the bowl and what was left of the weed in the bag with the toys and sat back to relax awhile, wondering what today would bring.

Sometime later I was in a half sleep. My first beer of the day was almost empty and the hit off the bowl had managed to erase the misery of my hangover. I was completely relaxed and my mind was filled with visions of my new friend in various sexual positions. My cock had only stirred slightly but I still was entertaining thoughts of having Suzy to myself.

I was in such a trance that I didn’t even know Suzy was behind me until she kissed my neck. I jumped slightly with surprise but settled back quickly with a groan of pleasure. “Hey lover, were you sleeping?” I felt a slight arousal in my dick as she said that softly in my ear while running her hands down my chest.

“Oh, I might have been dozing a little.” I told her as she took a seat in the chair next to me. It was the same chair she had sat, and came in, last night. I looked at her and she was still naked and still damp from the shower. She smelled clean and refreshed and looked even better.”I was just thinking about everything that happened since yesterday. I’m kinda in shock I guess. I can’t believe I’m here, or that Bill left us alone together!” I was openly checking out her nude body as I said this. I was still wearing the gym shorts she had loaned me when Joe showed up.

“Oh, well, Bill and I trust each other completely. We understand and respect the line between love and lust. We also tell each other everything. We share our desires and fantasies. And we ALWAYS tell each other all the details about any extracurricular playing that we do.”

“Is that right?” I asked her

“You bet! If you and I fuck today I’ll tell Bill all about it. If he gets Brenda alone at the Nineteenth Hole again, He’ll tell me. We love each other and know who we are going to spend our lives with.”

“Again?” I asked “Joe sounded like Brenda wasn’t putting out yet.”

Suzy giggled at that “Oh, she’s not putting out for Joe yet. But Bill has had her a couple times. Joe doesn’t know of course, he’d be pissed! The last time, Bill got a blowjob from her in the beer cooler at the club and she hinted she’d like to include me next time. And she really is as hot as Joe say’s. She carries herself very professionally at the club but you can just tell she’s a wild one underneath.”

I shook my head and smiled at the thought of Joe in a rage over Bill’s conquest. I finished my beer and thought about what she told me about her relationship with Bill. It was a lot to digest and my head wasn’t too clear right now. I just knew that if Bill was alright with me having his wife I was alright with him knowing about it afterwards. As long as I got to have Suzy again, I was alright with anything.

She seemed to read my mind again and looked down at my limp prick in my shorts. She smiled at me and told me “Why don’t you go take a shower Dave? You’ll feel better and you can think about all that stuff swirling around in your head right now. The sun will be coming over the house soon and I’ll be right here soaking it up!”

I agreed that a shower would feel good right now and wake me up some too. I told her I would just use the one on the first floor as I didn’t feel like climbing the stairs. She told me with a smile not to bother getting dressed afterwards and I smiled and told her she had a deal. I stood and dropped my shorts and leaned down to kiss her. She ran her nails up the inside of my thigh as I cupped a breast. Our kiss was slow and deliberate and filled with the promise of more. After a minute I broke off the kiss and told her I’d be right back. She said she’d be right here.

I went through the kitchen and grabbed another beer and headed off to the shower. On the way I passed the wall with all the photo’s hanging on it. I stopped to look at them and first saw a wedding picture of Bill and Suzy. They looked young and happy. Next to that was a shot of the entire wedding party. I looked at all the unfamiliar faces and wondered who they all were. They were all approximately the same age except for one girl who was obviously the maid of honor. She looked like a younger version of Suzy, complete with that radiant smile. “Wow, Suzy must have a younger sister!” I thought. “Two of them?” My mind reeled at the thought.

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