Can I Get a WitnessCan I Get a Witness


I’ve always hated being left alone at home with no way to get out. But having only one car meant I got stuck every week at least once home alone. My wife had to go to work and I was again home alone again, left to do whatever. I sat at the computer surfed some porn for a while, really getting myself all worked up for no good reason, and even that gets boring after a while so I turned it off and went into the living room to watch TV. I turned on the set, nothing much was on, it was Tuesday morning, my usual day off, and I was bored out of my mind.

The TV was low, which was good, or I don’t think I would have heard the soft knock at the door, it kind of took me by surprise, a visitor? Well, I got up, my cock was still semi-hard from the porn, and showed really well in my jeans but I didn’t care, I opened the door and to my surprise was a young dark haired lady in her twenties stood before me, which sent a new surge to my cock. She was dressed in a long flowery dress and curled up in her arms was a Bible. I really didn’t feel like a visit from the local church, but she was very pretty and seemed really meek, and all alone which was surprising to me, I always expected church goers to come in pairs.

“Hi.” I said to her as I looked her over, I think she knew I was looking her over and she seemed very shy.

“Hi. I’m Shelly.” She responded quietly and then in a small voice, “I just dropped by to invite you to our church right down the street.”

“Your church?” I questioned back, “You mean that community church at the corner?”

“Yes.” She smiled. “Beaumont Community. We have services every Sunday morning and night, and on Wednesday at seven. We really love visitors.” She blurted out as she reached for a flyer she had tucked in her Bible.

“Come on in.” I said as I moved away from the door to let her in without taking the flyer from her hand. She hesitated a second and then stepped into the house. “Sit down.” I said and she sat on the couch and glanced at the TV which was playing some stupid show. “You want some coffee?” I offered.

“Yes.” She smiled, “Sugar and no cream.” And I headed into the kitchen to pour her cup. The rooms were attached and she watched as I got her coffee and me another cup and came back to sit down beside her.

“I thought you guys always came in pairs.” I said to her wondering where her partner was.

“Oh,” she paused, “we are suppose to, but my husband is out of town and he is my partner when we go out, I couldn’t find anyone else to come with me, so here I am.” She explained.

“Ahhhhh… ” I smiled at her, I breathed in her perfume as she began to sip her coffee. “Do you usually go out alone when he is gone?” I asked her.

“Well, no.” she answered, I could see she was getting a little nervous. “This is the first time I’ve ever done this by myself.” She smiled, “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Really.” I smiled back at her. “I don’t mind at all, how is it going so far.”

“Good I guess,” she said, “this is my first stop, I’m going to go to all the houses on this street and then maybe tomorrow I’ll get to the next street.”

“Now that is dedication,” I said. “I glad I’m your first stop.” I noticed her looking down at my pants when I was looking away which made my cock twitch all the more.

“Does your husband know you are doing this alone?” I asked her, prying a bit I knew, but she seemed an open book and I really was concerned. It seemed unsafe to be going door to door looking like this little beauty did.

“No,” she got quiet again, and her hands were shaking a little. “He’d get upset if he thought I was.” Her voice took on that very meek sound again.

“Really?” I said. “How long have you been married?”

“Huh?” she looked shocked at me and her eyes darted away from mine. “Uhmm. Well, about 9 years.”

“Wow,” I exclaimed. “I took you for being around 24, or even younger.” I looked into her eyes which darted down again at my crotch where my cock was throbbing hard now, she had to know what was on my mind I thought to myself.

She smiled and blushed again. “Actually 28.” She softly said her eyes returning to my for just a second, and darting away again.

I took the flyer from her hand and began to look it over without saying anything for a minute. “So who watches the kids while your out going door to door?” I suddenly asked her.

“Oh,” she smiled a sad smile, “we don’t have any kids.”

“Really.” I raised my eyes from the leaflet and looked into her eyes, there was a sadness there, I could see. “Nine years married and you don’t have kids?”

“Yeah,” she said and I saw the sadness deepen a little, “I can’t have kids.” She said in a real meek voice and her neck began to blotch red. “We might adopt she spoke up.” And her face brightened a little.

“Sorry to hear you can’t have kids.” I said as I surveyed her dress that buttoned down the front thinking how I’d like to undo those buttons. “I guess there is a bright side though.”

“A bright side?” she repeated back to me and looked bewildered almanbahis adresi as if this was something new to her.

“Yeah,” I said slowly watching her face. “I mean, you don’t have to worry about protection or anything.”

She was turning really red and very nervous as I said this. “Well, I think I should go.” She said as she sat down the coffee cup, her hands visibly shaking now.

“Wait, you haven’t finished your coffee.” I objected and she just looked at me for a second as if weighing what to do. “Stay and finish your coffee and we can talk about your church.” I offered to change the subject.

“Okay,” she smiled and picked up the cup back up still shaking and sipped at it slowly.

“Sorry if I seemed to forward.” I apologized to her. “But a subject that most churches ignore has always been intimate relationships and I never go to a church that is so uptight they can’t talk about what they are all doing anyways.” I could see a change in her eyes, my last statement was a challenge to her, even though she still seemed nervous, now she seemed determined as well to prove to me that her church was not one of those uptight places.

“That’s okay,” she said. “I just have a lot of visiting to do and I really should get going, but we can talk a while.” I starting wandering how far I could take this before she got up and left, noticing how she seemed to try and dodge the subject.

“Well,” I began to reopen the subject. “I only suggested that you and your husband could have a better sex life because you didn’t have to worry about condoms or anything.” I smiled intentionally using language I thought she would react to. She was blushing a lot and looked confused as to what to do. “I wasn’t meaning to imply any immoral behavior, although we both know that goes on as much in the church as on the streets these days.”

“You think so?” she asked looking at me still blushing. I could tell I hit on something, even though she was shaking more, she did not try and leave or change the subject.

“Oh, I know so.” I responded strongly watching some sort of agreement in her eyes. “You can’t tell me a good looking women like you hasn’t had some incidents in church with these church guys, they are just like any other guys you know. They want the same things and have the same problems as everyone else.”

“Well,” she said slowly as if she didn’t really want to tell me. “There has been some things that have happened, I think mostly my fault, and with my husband gone, a lot of guys think I’m single. There is one guy that really hits on me a lot lately. But I think he knows my husband and when he is out of town, because every time my husband is gone, he flirts way too much.”

“Really?” I answered her. I was right, I wondered how far this had gone with her, and my cock twitched as I imagined the situations she could have been in. She was good looking, I can imagine someone wanting to nail her while the husband is away. “This guy married?”

“Yeah,” she said a little stronger. “I’ve talked to his wife, she’s about my age, she acts like she knows he flirts with me, but he still comes on to me every time he gets near me.”

“Wow.” I responded. “Does anyone else notice.”

“I think so.” She said. “I don’t see how anyone could miss it.” She was talking now and was getting this off her chest. “This last Sunday was really bad.” She blushed again at bringing that up, I could see her almost mentally bite her tongue.

“What happened?” I asked in the most consoling tone I could summon up as I moved a bit closer to her, her eyes were no longer focused, she was seeing the events in her mind. After a second she looked back to me and blushed embarrassed and afraid to talk. “It’s okay, you can talk to me.” I smiled and took her hand giving it a little squeeze. That seemed all she needed to encourage her, she didn’t pull away and I was holding her hand in my lap now, not far from my throbbing cock.

“Oh,” she said quietly. “he caught me in a Sunday School room alone and was talking to me. Sunday school was over and everyone was going to the Sanctuary, I was trying to be polite, but he just keep talking and keeping me there until we could hear the music starting a the beginning of services.”

“And of course your husband is away?” I asked her.

“Yeah,” she responded. “He has been out of town for a few weeks.”

“So what happened?” I asked giving her hand another little squeeze, I could see she regretted telling me anything and wanted to close the subject. I wasn’t going to let that happen. She still left her hand in mine and had a far away look in her eyes.

“Well, after talking a while, he tried to kiss me.” She said quickly. “So I got out of there before anything else could happen.” I could almost see she was lying, she was shaking and gave a little tug on her hand, but I didn’t let go of it.

“That’s all?” I knew there was more.

“Yeah.” She said quickly and looked down at our hands.

“I don’t believe you.” I laughed out loud rubbing the back of her hand almanbahis adres with my thumb. She smiled and looked the other way. “Sooner or later you’re going to have to tell someone what really happened? It might as well be me.” I probed hoping there was more.

“No.” she said in almost a whisper and kept looking away from me. I laid her hand down on my leg, her hot hand made my cock jump, and I began to rub her arm back and forth which had the effect of moving her hand on my leg slightly. Her hand couldn’t have been an inch from the end of my cock and I think she knew it.

“Don’t they teach in church that you are suppose to confess everything.” My cock was hard as I glanced at her hand and back to her face. “You can confess to me and you don’t have to tell anyone at church. You shouldn’t tell anyone there anything personal, you know how people talk.” I watched as her faced worked on the problem, it was obvious she wanted to tell someone, but a perfect stranger? “Look,” I continued, “You and I don’t know each other, you might not even see me again, so it would be easy for you to tell me.” My hand was on her upper arm, her hand slid up a little and was barely touching the end of my cock, but she left it there and I saw her eyes travel to it and stare as if wondering what it looked like.

She looked into my eyes as if thinking about it, then she lowered her eyes as if in shame. My cock was throbbing now, I couldn’t wait to hear the juicy details, she had to be able to feel my cock throbbing now, her hand was pressing right against the head of it.

“You going to tell me.” I said quietly to her and she didn’t move her head at all, she just continued to stare at my crotch.

“We were talking, just small stuff and he was really standing close to me.” She began in almost a whisper. “The door to the room was closed and we were alone. He touched my arm several times, like you are doing now, as we talked and then the music started in the Sanctuary and we both knew where everyone was.” I move closer to her, my leg touching hers, my hand on her shoulder, and her hand was now on top of my cock. “I can’t do this” she suddenly said.

“Sure you can.” I reassured her thinking I blew it by moving closer, but she hadn’t moved away either and her hand was still on top of my cock. “Here, lay your head back and relax.” I took her head in my hands and gently pushed it back on the couch and she stretched her legs out in front of the couch. She scooted down but kept her hand right where it was. “Close your eyes and forget who is listening, and just tell it as it happened, knowing that nothing you say here is going to be repeated to anyone.”

“Okay.” She said and closed her eyes. “Well, as soon as the music began and we knew where most everyone was.” She spoke in a soft husky voice with her eyes closed and I really wanted to touch her, but I didn’t want to scare her. “He put his arm around me and pulled me close to him, and I put my hands between us and tried to push away. He just kissed me right there and pushed his tongue in my mouth. At first I didn’t respond. I was scared to death that someone was going to catch us, but then I did, and I don’t know why, but I began to kiss him back. His hands were all over me, he put a hand on my behind and pulled me into him hard, I couldn’t push him away.” She paused for a second. I could see her breathing getting heavier.

“Go on.” I said quietly and moving my hand from her arm to around her waist. She didn’t flinch or pull away as I rubbed up and down her side. Her hot hand remained on my cock and it was pulsing, there is no way she didn’t know what she was feeling.

“He was kissing me hard, like my husband use to, and I guess I was liking it, cause I was kissing him back. I didn’t realized he had raised up my skirt until I felt his hand on the skin of my back above my panties. He slid his hand into my panties and was feeling my naked behind. I really was mortified, and sort of froze as his hand made it’s way around my hip and in front to touch my privates.”

“You mean to your pussy?” I said to her. She paused for a second unsure what to say.

“Yeah,” she confirmed. “that.”

“We’re adults.” I said, “we can say pussy if that is what we mean.”

“Okay, He moved his hand in front,” she continued. “and began to feel of my p- pus-sy. I wanted to stop him, but I just froze. He was rubbing and kissing me, I just stood there and let him. Suddenly he moved my hand off his chest down to his pants. He wanted me to feel him,” she paused, “his penis. I could feel it and it was smaller than my husbands, but very hard. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, I was scared, I wanted him to stop, but I didn’t want him to stop either. I actually heard myself moan. Then he unzipped his pants and pulled his penis out and put it in my hand, so I began to stroke it. Then he pushed my panties down off me and when they hit the floor I just stepped out of them. I knew what he wanted to do and I wanted to do it too.”

I decided to get really bold then hearing almanbahis adresi her talk, I moved my hand off her waist and unzipped my pants, she didn’t move a muscle. A zipper never sounded so loud. Then I reached in a pulled my cock out of my pants. It was hard and standing up wanting attention. I took her hand and placed it on my now exposed cock. At first she just touched it, and I watched as her face contorted trying to decide what to do, then her hand wrapped around my cock and began to move up and down slowly, and timidly. “You mean he wanted to fuck you?” I said in a very husky voice that almost had a tremor in it.

“Yes.” She said.

“Don’t be afraid,” I coaxed her. “just say it.” “He was going to fuck me right there is what I thought,” she said quietly with her eyes still closed. “And I was going to let him.” I move my hand back on top of her pelvis, laying it flat just inches above this pussy, I could feel the heavy breathing as she talked. “I spread my legs and let him put his fingers inside me.” She was pausing a lot and breathing really heavy. So I moved my had down toward her leg right next to her crotch, she just laid there, her hand continued to stroke my cock. “He lowered me down to the floor with one arm around me and his fingers inside me.”

“I couldn’t believe it,” she said, “I was laying there in the floor with my long skirt up and my legs spread, anyone could have walked in and seen us.” As she was saying this, I began to pull up her dress slowly by bunching it up in my hand and dragging it up over her legs, I was sure she knew what I was doing, but I looked at her leaning back with her eyes closed, her mouth half open, her face flush and she was breathing heavy. I could tell she was really turned on.

“What happened then?” I asked softly as I pulled her skirt over her knees and put my hand on her bare thigh, my cock was throbbing as she stroked it.

“I laid there with his cock in my hand and he played with my,” she paused for a second, “my pussy until I began to have an orgasm.” I pushed her dress up above her panties, they were pretty white panties with lace so that I could nearly see through them. She had a dark bush very well trimmed hair, her panties were wet and her skin was hot to my light touch. My heart raced as I traced the line of the panties on her bare leg just beside her white panties, I heard her take a quick breath at the contact, then I moved my hand onto her panties and her legs parted naturally. I began to rub her pussy through her panties and listen to her small moans.

“Did he fuck you?” I asked her, my voice heavy with lust now.

“No,” she whispered. “he unbuttoned my dress and pushed up my bra to play with my tits. He licked my tits and then later he licked my,” she paused again, “my pussy. But he didn’t fuck me.”

I moved my hand up and began to pull her panties down, she lifted her hips to help. She was mine and I knew it, I had no reason to wait. I got up, she just laid there silently as I pulled her panties completely off over her shoes. Then I pulled off my shirt and pulled down my pants. My cock standing straight out in front of me, hard and ready to go. I gently lowered her to lay down on her back on the couch and I climbed on top of her without saying a word. She kept her eyes closed as I positioned my cock at the opening of her pussy and began to slide it into her. I sank into her slowly, her pussy was tight, but dripping wet. She began to moan as I set a slow pace of pulling out and then completely back in again. I could feel my cock hitting the back of her pussy at each thrust.

“What else did he do?” I asked her as I slowly fucked her tight pussy. I couldn’t believe just minutes ago this pretty thing came in here, and here I was on the couch nailing her. She had her legs open and was rocking her hips with my pace, I could feel her pussy walls spasm around my cock.

“He licked my pussy, and he fingered me at the same time till I came.” She said between moans and grunts. “I came right there on that floor, I was pretty loud I thought and knew we’d be caught, but I didn’t care right then.” She got quiet again as I fucked her, picking up the pace a little and feeling my cock ram hard against the back of her pussy.

“And?” I asked her as she made little squeaky sounds, I knew she was going to cum any minute.

“After I came, he got up and put his cock in my mouth.” She explained. “I don’t do that sort of thing, but I didn’t know how to stop him. He just grabbed my head and starting shoving it in my mouth. I sucked it the best I could, but he was shoving it right into my throat, I thought I would gag, and felt like I couldn’t breath as he did it.”

“As he did what?” I wanted to hear her say it.

“As he, umm, fucked, my mouth.” She said, I think she knew I wanted her to talk dirty and I think she wanted to talk dirty.

“So he held your head and fucked your mouth, and you like it, didn’t you?” I asked her as she moaned, her eyes still closed.

“Yeeesss.” She said slowly. “He fucked my mouth.” She paused to moan. “I was touching myself as he did it, I couldn’t believe I was enjoying this, I thought it was disgusting, but now I was trying to swallow the whole thing. I felt his hairs hitting my nose and his balls were hitting my chin.”

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