Double Penetration

Two weeks later the call came from Johan “another party has come up if you are really good their is a master who wants to buy you, this will clear your debt to me, and your life could be very interesting. I will send an outfit for you, a car will collect you from the plaza, do not wear your coat to get in the limo, do you understand? “yes” I replied filled with fear and excitment that I was going to be used dreadfully and that I may be sold to a master who I will have to serve. The package containing my outfit arrived late in the afternoon, I locked my office to try it on again it fitted perfectly, a black corset dress, so short that my pussy was visible, tight around the waist and the cups cut out so that my nipples showed, thigh high net stocking and 5 inch heels with straps around the ankle which I have come to love, I am terrified of being seen leaving in this outfit as I look like the slut that I am, and I am going to be picked up in a very public place with my tits sticking out. I put a long shawl around Üsküdar Escort my shoulders and creep down the service stairs, I am almost out the door, when George our security guy steps out of the lift, looks me up and down, smiles and winks at me. “im going to a fancy dress party I stammer” knowing that he does not believe me for a moment. I wait in the foyer of the Plaza Hotel, trying to be anonymous, hoping the car is not late. A stretch limo pulls up all dark windows, a door opens and beckons me over, I have just enough time to drop the shawl and hurry to the car, as I enter two pairs of hands grab me and force me back in the seat, my arms are restrained and a bar is forced between my knees spreading my legs wide, ice is applied to my exposed nipples making them stand out, clamps are applied to keep them erect. A voice asks “is her cunt shaven?” “no” is the reply “get it smooth before we arrive” the dress is pushed up further and a hot towel is applied to my trimmed Üsküdar Escort Bayan bush, a man applies lather and I am shaved smooth when he has finished he dips his head to flick my clit with his tongue, he then rubs some soothing perfumed lotion on my pussy, they then turn their attention to my tits, tweaking my already sore nipples to make them even more erect. “are they ready?” “yes nice and hard” “ok get the needle and rings, they want her pierced for tonight” i struggle against my bonds, I have never considered or wanted my nipples pierced its so slutty, I then realise that is what I now am a dirty cum slut. the needles go into my nipples, the pain is not as great as I imagined it would be, I now have two rings peeping out the front of my dress, what will be my fate tonight. we arrive at a big old house, I am escorted in to a large room with a film show running on screens all around the room, it shows a girl being fucked by at least 3 men at once. The party begins, Escort Üsküdar their are lots of well dressed women as well as men, lots of champagne flows a pole dancer gyrate on a podium, the film still runs now a girl fucking herself with a huge dildo. a spot light falls on the stage and two black girls are 69 tongues lapping at each others pussy, one has a dildo being thrust into her anus, I look up and can see a small group on a balcony watching the show. A spotlight falls on a blonde with huge breasts she is perched on a stool, a jeroboham of champagne poised at her open pussy she sinks down very slowly engulfing the bottle, her pussy stretched wide half the bottle inside her, she stands lifting the bottle holding it in side her with her cunt muscles, she smiles, the watchers look away.   the spotlight picks me out I knew it would it is my turn to entertain the watchers, I sit on the high stool on the stage my legs apart, my shaven pussy glistening with a hint of my juices, I run my hands over my newly pierced nipples, they still hurt but pop up erect, I take a banana from a bowl, peel it slowly and pressit to my pussy, it slides in I can take it all in without breaking it slides out of me shiny with my juice it ease it in and out slowly, the watchers stand, the crowd watching me applaud.

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