A Morning HikeA Morning Hike


It was a glorious morning. I was on vacation and taking a hike along a secluded forest pathway. My camera was finding lots of great subjects for pictures. Nature was posing for me in all her glory. The birds were singing. Some actually sat still while I took their portrait. There were so many flowers in bloom I had difficulty deciding which ones to shoot with my Nikon.The path led up a slight rise. The trees that surrounded me reminded me of a virgin forest. Their kaçak iddaa beauty was not lost on my eyes. I saw a mocking bird in an oak tree. He was fussing that I was too close to his territory. As I walked along, I came across a small pool fed by a spring. There was a blanket beside the spring with shoes, shorts,  a t-shirt and bra laying in one corner. Then, I saw her. There in a secluded corner of the pool was a stunning blonde. She seemed to be sitting on a submerged kaçak bahis stone, her naked breasts just at the water line. When she saw me, she beckoned me over. I quickly stripped off my clothes and laid them on the blanket. She smiled my way when she saw my erect penis. I slipped into the cool water and swam towards her. As I got to her perch, she wrapped her arms around me and greeted me with a deep kiss. This kiss reminded me of my favorite line for “Black illegal bahis Adder”. The phrase, ‘She’s got a tongue like an electric eel and she likes the taste of a man’s tonsils’ doesn’t even come close the what I was feeling from this kiss.Her hands roamed down to my cock. She started teasing it with a nice firm grip. I started playing with her breasts. Her breasts weren’t large, but they were very sensitive. She started moaning as soon as I touched one of her nipples. The lovely pink nubs begged me to suck on them, so I did. I brought the first to my mouth and she gasped from the touch. As I started sucking she pulled my head close to her breasts begging for more. 

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