A Tight Valentine’s DayA Tight Valentine’s Day


Lynn felt sad and depressed because it was Valentine’s Day and she did not have a sweetheart. She was a beautiful young woman with a perfect and sexy figure. Her bust size was 48DD. She knew that men always adored her globes but couldn’t understand why she didn’t have a sweetheart or a lover at least for Valentine’s Day. She decided to go for a jog on the beach. She put on her loose fitting shorts and a very revealing top. She liked the way her breasts were pointy and her nipples felt so good as they rubbed against the soft fabric. She reluctantly left the house and jogged all the way to the beach.

There weren’t too many people out yet — it was only ten in the morning. She was jogging hard now and was sweating profusely. Several men stared as she passed them and let out wolf whistles. This made her smile and she stopped to lean over as if tying her shoe laces so they could get a good glimpse of her goodies. The men’s eyes almost fell out of their sockets and they drooled at her immense tits. She saw the effect she had made, winked and jogged on. She got a little turn on from that display. She was tiring now and began to slow her pace. As she got near the lifeguard’s station, she saw a real hunk of a man standing and talking to the lifeguard on duty for the day. He was a tall and bronze god-like hunk. His black bathing trunks fit him perfectly and his manhood was outlined for all to see.

She could see at least a ten-inch length hanging in his trunks and did she want to circle her tongue on that. What a nice Valentine’s gift to herself that would be. If she couldn’t have a sweetheart, then she could have a big dick between her legs before day’s end. Well it was time for her bold display of her overstuffed tits again. She was right in front of that man of her dreams and she bent down to supposedly tie her shoe laces again. One of her huge breasts actually fell out of her top. The men were watching very intently. She feigned embarrassment and quickly tried to push it back in place but it seemed to have a mind of its own. The nipple hardened and her breast just bounced right out of her hand. The hunk walked over and gently kneaded her run-a-way breast and pushed it back inside her top. Shock waves ran over her body. His hands were so gentle and struck nerves all over her body.

“Hi hot lady, my name is Ray,” the bronze god said to Lynn. She barely could move her lips as she stammered, “Hi, I’mmmmmmmm Lynnnnnnn.” It now was her turn to drool for he was inches away from her body. His dick stood up and it seemed too big to be real. Ray went on, “Your body is a real dick turn on; Let’s go for a swim to cool me off.” Lynn beamed and they both ran for the water. Her love juices were flowing and ankara escort she could tell that her shorts were moist already. She didn’t mind at all that she didn’t have on a bathing suit. She would do anything for this man whom she had just met. Ray let Lynn swim ahead of him for a little bit. He swam harder and caught up to her. He reached out and pulled off her top to fully expose her gigantic breasts. He got close to her and pinched one nipple and then the other. Lynn moaned, “Ooohhhhhh.” Ray swam a little ways from her and came back underneath as he pushed his hand into the front of

her shorts. Lynn was burning up now. His touch was exquisite and she wanted to ride his hand all day if she could. She pushed against his hand and one finger glided into her pussy hole. She moved up and down and down and up against his finger. Ray did not want her to cum yet so he quickly pulled his finger out of her. Lynn was disappointed that she had missed an orgasm. Ray slid his hands along the waistband of Lynn’s shorts and yanked them off of her. She blushed, “Ray, I can’t go completely naked out here.” “Shut up and enjoy it,” he responded. Ray brushed his dick against her legs and she almost reached her peak right there and then. He then pulled her to him and moved his dick between her legs. His dick felt like what she imagined a stallion’s would be like. It was at least four inches wide and it had to be twelve inches long. Lynn was breathing heavily and Ray was enjoying her horniness. He wondered whether she could take all twelve inches of him but would soon find out. Ray let go of his hold on her and swam underneath her. He opened her legs and clamped onto her clit.

Then he began to suck and suck it harder and harder. Lynn wriggled and squirmed and oooooohhhhhhh and came right into his mouth. He swallowed her sweet cum and then came up for air. Next he told her to suck on his dick. Lynn took a deep breath, swam underneath him and opened her mouth wide as he pushed his dick partly into her mouth. It was so huge and it almost choked her. But she was hot for him and tried to get as much into her mouth as she could. Ray reached behind her and spanked her hard and heavy-handedly. She encircled his penis tip with her hot and roving tongue. She couldn’t breathe but he held her firmly in place so she couldn’t come up for air. She thought she would lose consciousness before he finally let his load off into her mouth. She came up for air with a mouthful of his cum. She was about to spit it out, but he told her to swallow every last bit of it. She had never swallowed cum before and it wasn’t too bad. As a matter of fact, it was good. He seemed to be the controlling type, but right now eryaman escort she certainly didn’t mind. She only wanted a good fuck on Valentine’s Day.

At this point, Ray pointed out that they were going to swim to the cave on the other side of the beach. Lynn followed him there. Once there, he pulled down some flowers and vines to make a makeshift bed for them. It was in the shape of a heart. He indicated to her that it was a Valentine’s bed to fuck on. He made it especially for her and her heart leapt with joy. She didn’t mind the crude way he said it to her. Her pussy was dripping with juices and needed to be satisfied — minor imperfections of his wouldn’t bother her now. Ray pulled Lynn down beside him and began to suck on her nipples and she was immensely aroused. Her nipples grew a full 1/2-inch with his ministrations. He was rough at times and then gentle. She let out a low growl, “yeoowwwwww, that hurts but it feels so damn good, Ray.” Then she came with a full force. Her love juices flowed all over the Valentine’s bed. She straddled Ray and took his erect penis into her hands as she kneaded it and rubbed it up and down. “Suck it baby, suck it hard,” yelled Ray. Lynn obeyed him and she slurped and sucked and sucked. He spurted his cum down her throat and she gladly drank until he had no more.

Ray pushed Lynn off him and told her to lie down. She did as she was told. Ray whipped his hard-on between her legs. It was amazing how he was erect again so quickly. He seemed to be half man and half horse looking at the size and width of his dick. Lynn licked her lips and anticipated what was coming next. She was wet and Ray shoved his huge cock into her pussy hole. She was small though and it wouldn’t go in further than two inches. Lynn screamed in pain. She wanted this fuck but he was larger than she thought. Ray kept rocking back and forth for he couldn’t stop now — nothing could stop him now. He got another inch inside her wet pussy. His dick filled her up completely and there was more to go. Lynn thought she would go mad with the pain she was experiencing. “Stop Ray, pleeeeeease stop,” begged Lynn. She thought this part man, part horse, would rip her insides apart. His dick seemed to be getting larger all the time. Ray heard nothing. He was in another world. One where his dick ruled and it would not be denied. He pushed harder groaning all of the time. Another inch in.

Lynn was beating at his chest and trying to push him off. He was ram rod hard and strong as a bull. He pulled her legs wider and stretched them back behind her as far as they could go. He felt a little give and another inch of his manhood squeezed in. This was going etimesgut escort to be the best Valentine’s fuck he had ever had. Each Valentine’s Day, he always seemed to have a new conquest and one that was too small for his giant of a dick. But perseverance and determination always won for him. Lynn was gurgling at this point. She was in so much pain and saw death as the only way out for her. This fuck certainly wasn’t what she thought she wanted or needed. He was a damned mad man and one with a dick that wasn’t one of this world. She kept trying to make him stop. She screamed and screamed but no one was around to help her and even if there had been someone around, nothing would have been able to stop Ray — not now. He was ramming her harder and harder. Her pussy lips stretched wide and tight against his dick. She thought she would split at any moment. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” Ray kept saying over and over as he grinded further into this woman with the big tits. Too bad her pussy hole didn’t match the size of her titties he thought to himself.

Lynn couldn’t stop screaming. She felt like a caged animal about to be slaughtered on Valentine’s Day no less. When she thought he had no more dick to push inside her tight pussy, another inch seemed to be added on. Ray put his hands under her ass and pulled her closer to his dick. He could fuck her for the rest of the day. Ray felt himself about to cum and “Oh Goddddddd, I am cumming,” he growled. Lynn felt that this was her saving grace. She just knew that he would shoot all of his cum inside her and then his dick would gradually slide out and she would be saved. He slowly pulled out of her, but no such luck; his dick sprang to attention again. He fell back onto their Valentine’s sex bed and pulled her on top of him. Lynn kept saying, “No, no, no I can’t endure anymore; Please let me go before your big assed dick kills me.” Ray would hear nothing of it. He spread her legs and commanded, “Sit your pussy on my dick and swallow it up inside of you.”

A miracle happened, as Lynn reluctantly sat her pussy hole onto Ray’s huge cock, it began to go in slowly and deeply until all of it was inside her. She felt such a relief and began to slide up and down on his half man, half horse cock. She was filled with a fire that would not be quenched for a long time. Ray smiled as he saw the joyful expression on Lynn’s face. He pushed up and she pushed down. Her pussy hole seemed to expand and allowed his dick easy entry in and out in and out they went. They both became animals of the wild, needing sex and wanting more and more. Lynn moaned and she groaned, “ooooooooooohhhhhh, aahhhhhhhhhhhhh, give me all of your big cock, Ray, give it to me all the way.” Ray shoved it hard and she rocked back and forth. They sped up and shock waves washed over their bodies, their brains and their sexual members. Love juices flowed for hours non stop. They both experienced orgasm after orgasm on Valentine’s Day and her pussy was stretched and made ready for this half man, half horse cock too.

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