A Weekend I Will Never Forget !A Weekend I Will Never Forget !


A Weekend I Will Never Forget !It was 2003 and I was 40. At the time I was going out with a girl called Ann. Ann was a year older than me. She had two daughters. Katie And Claire who were twins,their 16th birthdays due on the 22nd of August.You would not have thought they were twins. Both had slim pert titted figures but Katie was a Redhead and Claire a Brunette. Both lovely and fuckable. Both about just over 5ft tall. Absolutely gorgeous.It all started on Saturday 9th August. It was about 4pm. I had been to the pub was laid on the settee at Anns’ house, I lived the other side of town, watching the TV with a can. I heard the front door open and then Katie walked into the living room.”Hi Sparky where’s Mum ?” “Still at work doesn’t finish till half past as you well you know” I replied. She giggled and said “Sparks ! I’ve got a question … Oh no never mind…ask it later ….off to my bedroom”.I shook my head “Girls” I thought and turned back to the TV.Five minutes later Katie returned in a short skirt and tight t-shirt looking absolutely gorgeous. “Sparky would you like to have sex with me please I do look sexy don’t I ?!” she asked looking innocent. She certainly did !”What Katie” I exploded ! “No leave please Katie …you’re too young AND I go out with your Mam !”.”Fuck you then !!!” she shouted and left slamming both doors behind her as she left the house.Ann arrived home with Katie 40 minutes later. To my surprise Ann said “Katie wants to know what sex is like and asked you to fuck her Steve yea” “Yes” I replied. “We will talk later” Ann said and wandered for a shower while Katie went to her room.30 minutes later, I was still watching the TV when Ann came back.What she said next left me absolutely gobsmacked ! Ann was very protective about her girls. I had given her no reason that I had thoughts in their direction. Nice to look at and definitely got me horny but ….. there are limits !!!Ann sat next to me looked me in the eye and started to talk.”Claire And Katie are showering now… but look Steve… I’ve no opposition cos I know you fancy them” she repeated from earlier “But not till their birthday Ok”. “What ! They are your daughters and they are very nice but …” I tried to reply ! “Shut it ok you can fuck them on their birthday ….be more like your birthday yea”I didnt know what to say. “We are going to pub later aren’t we and they can both come with us and maybe we will be able to discuss” Ann said.”OK” i said.I laid there thinking and wondering what Ann was thinking. “Letting me fuck her daughters in two weeks time” I thought. Weird and why. Still she was right it would be like my birthday too. Three birthdays !The girls had finished so I went for a shower.7pm we were all ready and went to our local.I went to the bar and returned with the drinks. I got a pint, two sodas for the girls and a bottle of wine for Ann. ” Drink half your Soda girls….. quickly !” Ann said to them. She then surreptitiously topped them up with wine and then filled hers. No CCTV then !I sat down opposite the three of them, separated thankfully !We were in a quiet corner.Ann then said “Right ! Ok Katie. You asked Sparky to fuck you and he refused yes ?”. Claires face was a picture. “Yes Mam, I did, but he said wouldn’t” replied Katie. Covering old ground.”Too right he wouldn’t you’re too young…now in a fortnight you are old enough okay ? It won’t be against the law then girls”.”What Mam on my birthday Sparky can fuck me ?” Katie asked. Claire interjected “What about me?” She obviously had no idea about what had gone on. “Both of you if that’s bahis şirketleri what you would like” Ann replied.I sat there nonplussed not believing what I was hearing but praying it would come true.The girls were ecstatic “Oh yes please Mam” They replied in unison. “That’s settled then” Ann replied “Now change of subject who sings this ” She asked referring to the record playing.”Spice Girls” I replied ” Mmm Baby Spice Yes” I added. Ann gave me one of her disdainful looks.The night passed happily and we went home to bed.”Why?” I asked as we laid together. “Because they want to ! You want to ! and i’d rather them with you first time than the lads I see them with”She put her head under the sheets and sucked me off to sleep.The two weeks passed by and soon it was the twins birthday. It was a Friday night when we wandered to the pub. The girls were sexily dressed as usual. Tight T-Shirts and micro skirts showing off their gorgeous bare tanned slim legs. They found seats and I went to the bar.Sheila, the barmaid, had allowed alcohol for the girls even though they were not legally of age to drink.”Its their birthday and don’t let Ann take it away from them”. Sheila winked and whispered “The girls have told me Sparky”.My face reddened. “Hey and Sparky you are a good fuck mate”.She winked and wandered to serve another customer. My subsiding blush returning ! We had had a few fucks in our past but remained good friends and I picked up the drinks with a wry smile. Sheila was a really good fuck ! Put on weight but hey never say never again !I took them over to the girls and hoped my blush had gone. I sat down and Ann whispered “I lent them both my vibrators last night” “What” “Just so they can get ready for the fun tonight” “Oh I dont think I’ll be going through with it Ann It will only end in tears”.”Dont be silly” Ann replied “You are their birthday present okay and you are going to do it ok !”.So we drank and drank, all of us getting more and more tipsy as the night progressed.Katie giggled and said ” Are we going home ? We want our present”.The ten minute walk home was fun. The girls linking my arms and all of us chatting merrily.We arrived home and Ann disappeared and returned with a bottle of Champagne.”Happy Birthday Girls !” she said rather loudly.We put on some records and sat talking and giggling for an hour or so then again Kate said “Mam it’s after Midnight ! My birthdays past ! I want my present please”.The room went quiet. Ann reached into her handbag and drew out two folded pieces of paper. She threw them onto the coffee table. “Pick one each”.Katie picked first. She unfolded and said “Mam it says Two” “And yours Claire” “One Mam”.”Go on then you’re first Claire ! Half an hour starting now. Check your watches now ok ! 30 minutes and then its Katie”.Ann looked at me and said “Go on Steve take Claire to bed. Time starts now !”Katie sat scowling as I led Claire up the stairs.We got into bed fully clothed. “What happens now” Claire said nervously “Its up to you hun. We can lay here quiet or have sex. I’m not going to pressurise you. Your choice Claire”.”I’ve not had sex Sparky will it hurt ?” She asked. “It might at first but you will like it I’m sure, and we’ve only 25 minutes left” I replied.She sat up and removed her top to reveal her firm small tits. I removed my top followed by my jeans as she discarded her skirt. Our underwear followed, my cock at full attention, and Claire put her arm around me.We kissed. “Be gentle” she whispered “its so big”.My hand moved to her lightly covered dark haired pussy and I placed my mouth bahis firmaları to her firm right breast taut nipple. I sucked and nibbled. She sighed.”Oh Sparky that’s lovely”. I slowly moved my head down between her slim teen thighs. “Oh my God ! Oh my God !!” she repeated. I licked and fingered her ever moistening pussy but time was moving on. “Are you ready” I asked. I could see she was still nervous but “Yes” she replied.My rock hard cock entered her gently and slowly and another little moan left her lips. “Oh Sparky It’s lovely”.I slowly started picking up the pace, quickening, then fucking her harder…Claire began clawing my back and swearing her love for me. Her legs were clasped tightly and interlocked about my back and as I was about to cum inside her when, suddenly, the bedroom door opened.Ann walked in. “Times up Ok !””No Mam No !!! I Want more please Mam !!” Claire pleaded …. but to no avail !Ann grabbed my arm and said “Stop Steve. Times up OK !”Claire sobbed and remained laid on the bed as I stood up. Ann gave me a look that wasn’t good !!! She then grabbed Claire by the arm and dragged her out of bed.”Ann what the fuck ! leave Claire alone ! This your doing ! Oh bollox ! Fuck it im going home !” I shouted.Ann stopped, released Claire and turned and gave a killing glare ! “Oh no you’re not !!! You still have Katie to fuck you bastard then you can fuck off forever !!!” she slurred back.I knew it would end in tears. Unfortunately I fancied Katie more than Claire and my willpower left me. 60 seconds later I was glad it had !Claire left the room with her Mam.A minute later Katie walked in dressed in her School uniform. I was still naked and my softened dick hardened immediately at the sight. Her hair in pigtails. A cute smile on her pretty face. I smiled at her then my eyes moved down her slim body. Blazer, White blouse with school tie, Grey pleated skirt, white knee length socks, and topped off by a lollipop jutting from the left hand side of her mouth, sucking it seductively.”Wow Katie you look sensational !””Mam said you like naughty Schoolgirls and I want to be very very naughty” She replied. “I want spanking and fucking hard Sparky just like you do to Mam.”(Ann liked being a naughty schoolgirl and I used to cane her to get her going) “She says it turns you on” Katie continued. “Well really it turns your Mam on and yea it is sexy Katie” I said.She flung herself across my naked thighs. “Spank me please” she said, turning her face towards me, with the lollipop still in her mouth. I lifted her skirt to reveal a pair of green knickers, I lightly hit her. “No ! harder spank me properly !” she ordered.I did as I was told. Each spank met with a “oh yes harder harder”. The lollipop sprung from her mouth and landed on the carpet. I pulled down her knickers and spanked her bare bum till her cheeks reddened then turned her over to see her wonderful ginger pussy.My tongue went straight for it. “Mmmmmm Sparky oh thats lovely” she moaned, as I also started to finger fuck her dripping wet cunt. Wetter than Claires ! “Yes Yes Yes Oh fuck !” She yelled.I stopped, raised myself and entered her. “Wow Sparky that’s big ! fuck me hard !”. I started and fucked with increasing intensity. “Yes Yes Yes Oh Fuck !” she cried out loudly.I turned her over and started fucking her doggy.Grabbing her pigtails I rode her hard. She loved it. “Spank me hard and fuck me harder !!” she squealed.I released a pigtail and started spanking her.”Harder Harder Harder Oh God !!! I Love this Sparky !!! You’re better than my DAD !!”. I nearly stopped at kaçak bahis siteleri this revelation but I kept fucking and suddenly felt her cunt tighten. “Oh Fuck Im Coming !!!” she yelled again ! So was I ! I turned her over and pulled out and was wanking over her face when the door opened.Ann and Claire were stood watching when I exploded into Katies open mouth and also covering her face and hair.”What the fuck” said Ann with Claire looking on in amazement.Ann was not amused at what had happened.”Katie go and clean yourself up and then to bed immediately ! Bed Claire OK !” Ann said curtly.The girls left ! Ann was red faced !!”Trouble” I thought but instead she undressed, got into bed and laid facing away from me. ( I was pleased as I thought she may want a fuck too and I was knackered !)” What’s wrong?” I asked.” Leave it ! Im off to kip” she spat back.She switched off the bedside lamp and we both went to sleep.I awoke to find myself alone in bed. I then remembered Ann worked 11 till 5 on a Saturday.I looked at the clock and saw it was almost 10am. I headed to the bathroom for a quick wash but heard the shower running.I went downstairs to find it deserted so headed to the kitchen and made a coffee. I was laid on the settee watching the TV when Ann entered the room.She gave me a look I knew meant trouble !”What the fuck was that last night with Katie” ! She shouted. “Excuse me” I replied “I was giving her the virgin birthday fuck as you arranged” I spluttered back “Not like that !” she retorted.I was going to to mention that Katie had said she had been fucked by her Dad and therefore it was not exactly a virgin fuck, but thought better of it.”That was more like a porn movie…spank me hard, fuck me hard, Sparky, and then you cum all over her face and on her tongue ! you’re a perv ! Me and Claire heard it all and saw the climax !” she retorted.”What” I shouted back “And I bet Claire was disappointed I didn’t do same to her ..She gave that impression last night ! And anyway who told Katie that she was a naughty Schoolgirl and needed punishing ?””Who dressed her in her School uniform and did her hair in pigtails ? Who has a Schoolgirl uniform in her wardrobe and likes being caned Ann ? You that’s who ! Who is the perv ? There is nothing pervy if you both enjoy !”.She blushed and said ” But giving her a Facial ?””She loved it” I replied “You saw the pleasure on her face and you also saw Claires disappointment”. ” Just because you don’t like cum in your mouth doesn’t mean they don’t ! Ok in fact they are better fucks than you are !!! ” I retorted.A mistake I thought but her mood changed.”I’ve got to go to work” she said defensively “We will discuss this more later and don’t forget Christine’s coming later to celebrate the girls birthday again tonight”.I had forgot her sister was travelling up from York and said ” What time ?” “The train arrives about four so make sure your in”.I’d obviously hit a nerve as she was now being nice !”Are the girls in bed” I asked ” No they are out spending their birthday cash no doubt and don’t even go there” she said.”Don’t even go where” I asked.”The girls ! You have fucked them, that was the deal so no celebrations like that are happening tonight!”. She gave me a withering look as she left for work. Back to how it was !I went for a shower and I returned to the living room. I was bored home alone. “Time for a pint” I thought. I stood up picked up my jacket then suddenly the door opened and in walked Claire and Katie.”Hi Sparky” They said in unison, with carriers in their hands, and smiles on their faces. “Hi girls I’m off to pub” “Wouldn’t you rather stay with us ?” Katie asked and gave me a wink.”No I’m not allowed girls. I’m in the bad books with your Mam” I replied “Why” they asked. I didn’t reply and left for the pub. to be continued…..

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