The Countess Ch. 19The Countess Ch. 19


“Good morning, darling. Did you sleep well?” said Sara who was sitting on a chair next to the bed.

“I feel better than I have, I missed having you with me,” I said.

Sara picked up a thin object and held it over my mouth. “Let’s check your temperature,” said Sara.

I took the thermometer and put it under my tongue and waited for it to beep. I looked at the display and my temperature was below one hundred. Sara and I moved back into the master suite and I promptly caught the flu and Sara decided to sleep in the tower suite, while I was sick. That left me in our bedroom being tended to by Sara and Mrs. Kelly. I was grateful that both women were great care givers.

I started to get out of bed and Sara got next to me as I stood up. She led me to my bathroom and opened the valve to start the shower. She pulled my t-shirt over my head and I dropped my underwear. I gently stepped into the shower and let the full force of the water hit me. Sara sat in the room and waited. She heard the water shut off and met me with a large towel.

“Got to keep you warm Paul I don’t need you to relapse.”

Sara found my plush robe and assisted getting it on me. There was a temporary table with two chairs in one corner of the bedroom, I moved to the table and sat on one of the chairs. There was a knock on the door and Mrs. Kelly walked in carrying a tray with our breakfast.

“How do you feel, Mr. Rogers,” asked Paula, our house manager.

“Thanks to you and Sara I am feeling a lot better.”

Sara took the second seat and we waited for Paula to serve our breakfast. It was good to be sitting on a chair and not eating in bed. The aches in my body were beginning to fade. Sara’s phone began to buzz and beep she hit the answer button and held it to her ear.

“Yes Bret, His Majesty is up and sitting at a table, and we are feeding him solid food.”

She handed her phone to me and I listened to Bret berate me for getting sick.

“Do you know how much I worried about you. If you ever do that again I don’t know what I will do,” Bret said.

“What get the flu?”

“No collapse on the set, you fool,”

I sort of remembered that we were wrapping the episode when I passed out. I went to the hospital I was told that I had a temperature of 101. After a day in the hospital I was stabilized. I was released to Sara If she promised that I would be put to bed. The fever broke several times; each time Paula changed the bed. Yesterday I turned the corner and the fever broke for what I hopped for the last time. The sheets were dry and then the sheets were soaked with my sweat.

“Will you pass me back to Sara, the only intelligent person over there?”

“You forgot to include Paula,” I said as I handed the phone back to Sara.

There were yeses and no’s and I agree’s coming from Sara as she and Bret were planning my next torture.”

“Bret says that you are an idiot,” said Sara.

“Yes, Countess I got that message,” I said as I began to eat.

“Paul we all love you and were afraid when the flu hit you so hard,” said Sara.

Paula was busy changing the bed for what must be fifteenth time over the last few days. I was so glad that she was working for us as Sara had meetings downtown leaving her to tend to me.

“Paula, do you want us to hire you some help since we have the whole house back?” I asked.

Sara looked at me like I had lost my mind and I probably had.

“No sir the weekly cleaning crew is all I need. I don’t mind changing beds and I enjoy working for you. You both are nice and respectful to me.”

I finished my breakfast and was beginning to feel tired, so I moved to the bed. The women moved out leaving me alone. It was about three hours later when I woke up. Using my phone, I called Paula,

“Sorry Mrs. Kelly but you will need to change the bed again as I broke another fever, the sheets are soaked.”

“I will be right up, Ms. Solsbery left for a meeting sir. She asked me to tell you.”

I was in my robe sitting at the temporary table when Paula came up and started to change the bed.

“You need to put some clothes on William is here to take you to the doctor, and no excuses, sir.”

I walked back to my dressing area and closed the door. I came out in khaki pants and a polo shirt. I had on canvas shoes. William was standing in the room ready to accompany me to the car.

“We will pick up Her Ladyship on the way sir,” said William. We crossed over the bridge that connected the two wings and took the elevator down to the first floor. William held the door for me, and I climbed in the back seat.

“I wouldn’t get too close to me William,” I said.

“Mrs. Kelly is using a lot of bleach sir,” he replied.

He pulled up to a building where Sara was waiting for us and she sat next to William in the front.

“Darling are you feeling better?”

“I broke another fever as Paula had to change the sheets again, I hope it is the last one, but I am feeling better.”

The doctor had a light schedule, so I was put in a room quickly, also I gebze escort don’t think his staff wanted me around anyone. After collecting the usual vital signs, the nurse left me and Sara in the room to wait on the doctor.

“You gave us a scare Mr. Rogers said the Doctor as he walked in. He sat down and checked the notes the nurse left and looked at my medical records.

“I don’t think that you like me much,” said the doctor.

“Please don’t take this personally but I don’t like members of your fraternity,” I said.

“I get that a lot. Look you had a bad case of the flu that was complicated by stress either at home or work or both. Though why you would have stress at home with a woman as beautiful as your wife I can’t say.”

“Thank you doctor she was a great help during this. I was rushing to get the shooting done on a TV episode I was working on and the renovations to our house sort of finished so I think I know where the stress came from.”

“The construction could have kicked up some nasty bugs that have been dormant for a while, and complicated things. You’re on the mend Mr. Rogers but not out of the woods yet. Two weeks of rest, no arguments and I want to see you at the end of that period for a full physical.” said the doctor.

After listening to my heart and lungs the doctor tapped on his computer terminal the notes from the visit. He directed me to stop by the nurse’s station to make the appointment. “I put an order in for blood work so you will need to stop by the lab two to three days prior to the appointment for a blood draw. Relax Paul you’re getting better.”

The doctor walked out and Sara and I stood and walked out to the nurse’s station to pick up our paperwork. The nurse and I negotiated an appointment for the physical. We walked out and started for the entrance.

“I am taking you for an earlier dinner, darling you deserve to get out of the house,” said Sara.

“What I would like is to spend the night with you Countess.”

“One more night if you don’t sweat in the bed, I will gladly join you, darling.”

Ruffles and flourishes erupted from my phone. Bret’s calling

“Yes, ma’am what can I do for you?”

“I heard you had a doctor’s appointment and I wanted to see how you were?”

“I am better, but he wants me to take a few weeks off and then see him for a physical. I have an appointment in two weeks.”

“Ok Paul, I can hold up the production for a while, but I need you to finish the edit as soon as you can.”

“Yes, ma’am I know that this threw a wrench in the works.” I replied.

“Mary Barron was asking how you were, I will tell her that you are on the mend.”

“I better be quiet as I have an English Countess standing beside me.”

At Bret’s direction I handed my phone to Sara, and heard “yes of course darling, you know that I am always up for something like that.”

When I heard Sara say things like that, I knew that we were donating money, or our house was going to be used for some event. The conversation ended and Sara handed my phone back to me just as William pulled up. Sara grabbed the door and held it for me and joined me in the back seat.

“Cappellos, William,” said Sara.

I sat thinking that William must have a photographic memory and must drive around LA on his day off because he never used the navigation system. After a half hour drive, we pulled up to the restaurant and got out.

“You sir are abstinent, until you pass the physical,” said Sara.

I mumbled yes ma’am and walked behind her in deference to her position.

“Paul get up here I feel like an idiot,” said Sara as we were led to the table.

I sat down and ordered water for me and a martini for Sara. My head stopped spinning after I sat down. When the waiter came for our orders, I told him I wanted a salad without dressing and three slices of garlic bread. Sara gave him her order and I relaxed.

“Are you alright you look like you have seen a ghost,” said Sara.

“I’m fine but I don’t need a lot of fancy food,” I replied.

My phone beeped and I look at the display. I quickly read the message and put it back in my pocket. My calendar was telling me that Sara’s birthday was in three weeks. I needed to get better for whatever celebration we decide on. I would call Bret when I was alone to see what I should do.

The water helped and I downed several glasses before Sara said something about spending the day on the toilet. I looked at my wife across the table and realized that in addition to her physical beauty, she was more than that.

“Paul, you are making me nervous, first you walk behind me and now you are staring through me. Are you alright?”

“Sara, I was thinking about how bad I would have been if you were not in my life. I hope you don’t mind.”

“A lady does not mind being thought of, especially when she thinks that she is getting a little blue box soon,” Sara smiled indicating that it was a joke, but was it?

I could hardly touch the salad, but the göztepe escort garlic toast hit the spot. I wanted to get back in my bed. As the doctor said I was not out of the woods yet.

I laid out enough cash to cover the bill and tip and we got up and went to the entrance. It was hard not to embrace Sara, but I did not know if I was still infectious.

“Darling, thank you for picking up the tab,” said Sara.

The Green Escalade pulled into view and William was out and holding the door for us. Sara told William to take us home. After a short drive we were at 3232 Red Rock Rd William was out holding the door for us and he got beside me and accompanied me up to the second floor. He asked if I needed anything and I said that I was fine. He withdrew as I undressed and got back into bed. I was out when my head hit the pillow. When I woke up, I was grateful that my sheets were dry. I looked at the clock and noted the time. 11:00pm.

I made my way down to the kitchen and looked in the fridge to see if there was something like lemonade. I found some and poured myself a glass. After I downed that one, I poured myself another. I then went back up to the room hoping that I could get back to sleep.

Hours later I felt someone nudging me awake, it was Sara. When I focused, I saw her breasts though the skimpy fabric of her pajamas and got an instant hard-on. Sara noticed and laughed.

“Well I see that you are still alive, Mr. Rogers.”

“I see you are still beautiful, Countess” I replied.

“I am fighting the urge not to take your cock in my mouth, darling.”

“I think that would not be wise, although I am feeling better, and the sheets are dry.”

“I think that you will need to put up with me tonight, do you think you can handle that?” asked Sara.

“I think I can.”

Sara said that it was a shame that she had to let a good hard-on go to waste. We both laughed. She dropped a sheet of paper on me and told me to do my magic. The paper was a grocery list. I started ordering online and having it delivered. I was tentative at first but after the first few orders I fully embraced the process. That solved two problems. It eliminated my having to shop and me worrying about giving Paula one of our credit cards.

Sara bent down and kissed my now flaccid penis which got me wound up again. I got out of bed and threw on a pair of underwear and my robe. It took all of my effort not to kiss Sara. We walked across the bridge to the elevator. She went up to the tower suite to put other clothes on and I rode down to the first floor. Paula was in the kitchen and I sat at the table.

“Mr. Rogers, remember you and I are meeting Jacob Connor today at 11:00,” said Paula.

“Will Sara be at the meeting?” I asked.

“Ms. Solsbery told me yesterday that she has business with Bret in the morning and will not be able to attend.”

Jacob Connor was the sommelier at Giorgio’s and one of the instructors of the course that Paula just finished. She has the certificate posted in the Kitchen. She recommended that we contact him about consulting on stocking our new wine room. Paula put my breakfast in front of me, I apologized and asked just for some toast. She left the plate just in case I decided to eat it.

After I ate the toast and nibbled at the other breakfast I went up to my office and fired up the computer. I brought up the Grocery store’s online ordering site and went through the list and hit send. Since I had an account, they dunned my card on file. Delivery time was slated for 3:00 this afternoon. That chore done I went back to our bedroom to dress for the meeting.

Sara was in her dressing area putting on war-paint. I popped in and told her about the meeting with the sommelier. She said that she trusted me and Paula to make the right decisions. I moved over and kissed the top of her head.

“I guess I will have to make do with that for a while,” said Sara.

I got behind her and looked at her in her mirror. She looked fabulous as always. Her mirror looked like the mirrors you find in a star’s dressing rooms; with lights around the perimeter. This one was a little fancier as you could change the color of the light to fit where you were going.

“I love the space darling; I can’t wait to spend the night with you,” said Sara.

I was going to inquire what her meeting with Bret was about, but I figured what happens, happens, and I could not influence the outcome.

“There are some things you need to sign for me darling, they are on the bed.” One of those things was a check on our joint account for $2,000 dollars that didn’t have a pay to filled in.

“You didn’t think that you could get me to sign this check without me asking at least one question?” I said.

“It is a donation so you and I can attend a gala in a month and a half, darling.”

“Who is the benefactor, Sara?”

“Bret is organizing the event and I didn’t know who to make it out to. That is why I am meeting with her later today.”

“I haramidere escort will sign this, but you need to keep it safe, if anyone takes it, we would be out the 2K if not more.”

“Yes darling, I know how banks work, my father owns several. Did you order the grocery’s for Paula?”

“Yes, Countess I did they will be delivered in the afternoon”

“I am beginning to get used to being called Countess by you, Paul.”

I signed both documents and handed them to her. She put the check and the other papers in her purse/tote bag. She bent down and kissed me full on the mouth. It felt as good as it always did.

“You might want to gargle,” I said.

“No need darling, a few martinis and I think all the germs will be gone,” said Sara as she walked out of the room.

I moved into my dressing/bathroom and started the shower. When it was running hot, I climbed in and started to wash my body. I stepped out and toweled off and then I dressed. I was wondering what I was going to do for two weeks. What rest meant? Well I can continue to revise my screen play but that would get old after a while. I could start writing a script based on Sara, Paula William and me living in a big house. Some sort of a situation comedy. Well I would see.

I found a pair of pants and a shirt and started to dress. I looked in my mirror to check my appearance. Living with and marrying Sara has forced me to think about my appearance. There were several times that I was sent back to change clothes before she would go out with me. I remembered shopping with her and how many times she vetoed what I wanted to buy.

Thoughts of Sara made my cock get hard. It was several weeks since we made love, and I longed to have her next to me in bed. I agreed that I was not very good company and she needed to not get what I had. I really wanted to play with my wife’s breasts and massage her flanks, while my cock occupied her lovely pussy. My phone playing Ruffles and flourishes jolted me out of my dream. The other lady in my life wanted to talk to me.

I hit the answer button on my phone and instead of Bret on the line Sara was asking me how I was.

“Bret wants to talk to you, darling.”

Bret came on the line and after reaffirming that I was an idiot, started to ask me about some of the scenes that I shot.

“Well if I am an idiot why did you hire me, Bret. Without my notes I can’t give you an answer.”

“I hired you because you are the best, and I love you and yes your wife is sitting with me,” said Bret.

I told her if she could email specific questions, I would look over my notes and get the answers to her. I asked if she could put Sara on the line.

“Yes Darling, what do you need.”

“What is our budget for filling the wine room, darling?”

“Start at five but it’s OK if you have to go to 10,”

Sara meant thousands. So, I had a number to work with when I talked to the consultant. I then laid out how our first love making sessions would be like and I told her that she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

“Darling if you go any farther, I will be dripping all day,” she closed the connection.

I walked down to the first floor and found Paula and Mr. Connor in the wine room looking over the setup. We adjourned to the dining room and started to talk. I didn’t know how this was going to work. Did we buy the wine through him and pay him a commission, or will he give us a suggested list? Mr. Connor first complimented us for the new setup. He asked what wines we liked and any that we wanted to include. I gave him the names of several wines that Sara and I liked, especially Champagne. He suggested that we think about a 60/40 split between whites and reds. A 50/50 split between US vs. other countries. He gave us a list of bottles and told us that he could get it to us wholesale and pay him a commission. We spoke for about forty-five minutes, and I said that we will discuss this with my wife and get back to him later. From his pocket he brought out a paper, an invoice for his services. I thanked him and said that we would get a check to him.

Paula walked Mr. Connor out and I went back to my office to see if Bret sent me an email. Paula came up and asked what I thought about the meeting.

“I liked him, but I think that we need to get Sara involved. Before the meeting Sara gave me a budget so we will see how much we can buy.”

Paula asked if I needed anything, I asked for a glass of lemonade. She left and came back with in ten minutes with a glass and a small pitcher.

“I hope that there is nothing in this beside Lemonade because Sara laid down the law no booze.”

“No sir, un-spiked,” said Paula.

I spent the next hour answering Bret’s questions and feeling like it would be better if I was there. The last line in Bret’s message was she did not want to see me for a week “Get some rest.” The enforced rest period was becoming hard. I really wanted to get back to work but the women in my life had other ideas. I was also wondering about the two-thousand-dollar check, where that was going. I’m sure that we were buying a table at what ever gala Bret was involved in.

I took a break and looked over the material from Mr. Connor; I tried to keep my heart under control while I was looking at some of the prices. I knew that filling that space was going to be expensive. I think that we were going to dial back our ideas.

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