A Chance EncounterA Chance Encounter


We met on a beach in Malaysia, two travellers from different countries drawn together by the sun, the ocean and the sandy beach.

Lying on our bamboo mats we share our thoughts, dreams and experiences; both of us realize the connection we are sharing is magical, so intense and so sensual.

I take a break from the sun and lie down in one of the many hammocks under the palm trees, taking sheltered from the late afternoon sun. I close my eyes dreaming of you and wondering if we can spend some time together later tonight, hopefully in my bed.

I feel a hand on my shoulder and there you are looking down at me as I slowly rock on the hammock. I look into your eyes and I am mesmerized, reaching out I pull you to me, your body on top of mine. I love that you are following the customs here and your bare breasts are caressing my chest. Our eyes are locked together and my hand is caressing your face, memorizing every detail.

Softly I whisper to you all the things I am going to bursa escort do to you when we are alone later. You smile and your eyes reach so deep into me I can feel it in my soul. My hands slide down your back and I gently massage you, trying to draw you into me, to become part of me. My hands travel lower now and I am now holding both of your ass cheeks exposed by the thong you are wearing; such a sexy ass, so soft, so tender, so full, so kissable.

My cock has grown and is straining for release and you reach between us and free me from my shorts. My eyes grow in surprise as your hands are gently squeezing and releasing, you shift a bit and all of a sudden your thong has been pushed to one side and my cock is inside your moist pussy.

I look around to see if we have been noticed but the dozens of tourists on the beach are looking towards the ocean and sun tanning on mats.

We are locked in our rhythm, my cock sliding in and out of your pussy, oblivious to all around us bursa üniversiteli escort and yet so excited to be having sex in a public place; so forbidden, yet so erotic.

I want to change positions and be on top, to drive my cock deeply into your pussy, but the hammock is too unstable and I can’t bear to take my cock out of you.

You are squeezing your pussy in time to your sucking of my tongue, I feel like my whole body is being consumed by you. I surrender myself to you, allowing you to set the pace, stopping and starting when you decide. Sometimes we are just lying joined together for minutes, neither of us moving, neither of us wanting it to end; and then you start teasing me again.

A couple walks by and we hear her say to her husband/boyfriend why don’t you hold me like that. If only they knew how we are holding each other, how we are embraced, how good it feels to have my cock all the way in your beautiful pussy. karacabey escort I whisper to you I am going to tell them what we are doing, and for a second you think I am serious; the look on your face was so worth the tease.

Then it is your turn to tease me as you slowly clench down on my cock, so hard I can’t believe it is your pussy and not your mouth, over and over again, until my will power is gone. Just when I am cumming I see in your eyes and by the moans coming from your tightened lips we have climaxed together; as if we had rehearsed this a thousand times.

My cum is filling you up and I can’t stop cumming, shot after shot, deeper than you have every felt, the warmth of my cum heating you up from the inside out. You reach down with your fingers between your legs scooping up my cum and your juices, sucking on your fingers, enjoying the taste of our combined love. Once more you reach down and this time you offer it to me. I taste us, we taste good.

Satisfied we lie in each other’s arms, your cheek against my chest, my hand massaging your back in gentle circles as you make the sounds of a satisfied woman. The ocean noises lulling us until we both fall asleep, my cock still buried inside your pussy, waiting until we awake to make love again; this time in the moonlight.

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