A Girl with Friends Trip Ch. 01A Girl with Friends Trip Ch. 01


Hi, I am Sweety, and I work in a 9-5 job and roam in the weekends.

We have an awesome group in my company and were planning a trip for 2 days.

So we had planned a trip for 13 people and 4 of us were girls and 9 guys. On the previous day, one guy and 3 other girls except me backed out for various reasons. And we were 9 left. I had an awkward feeling to go with 8 other guys. But then, who’s to care! This was a little awkward in India, but i didn’t care much.

So we went and had this beautiful resort with mountains surrounding it from all sides. We had booked two rooms for us and third one was cancelled due to backing out of our 4 friends. We drank a lot and went to sleep. I was sleeping on the floor and one guy beside me on separate mattresses. And three guys on the bed. I was too sleepy and slept at once. I woke up after sometime in the night. I had slept at 1 am and got up at 2:30. I get a sexy feeling if when I get up at night. With 4 guys in the room, I couldn’t do anything but I was feeling horny.

The guy beside me was sleeping soundly. I had a sheet on me for sleeping. Under that cover, I began to unfasten the buttons of my shorts. I didn’t know what I was doing. I unfastened it and slid down my legs. The shorts came down and were at my ankles. I removed them from legs and took it above beside my stomach. Then I put my hand inside my top and removed it from down. My top was just resting without my hands in it. And I slowly removed it. I was in bra and panties with 4 boys inside the room who were sleeping soundly after drinking a lot. kuşadası escort I took my shorts and top and took my hand outside the cover. I was sleeping beside a window and there was a balcony on that window. I threw my shorts and top out of the window so that it will land in the balcony. And after that throw I suddenly realized what I was doing. And now I had no reach to my clothes.

Well, i didn’t stop at that. I put my hand down and slid my panties down to my knees with my hands. And then with my legs I slid them down and they were out of my legs. With one leg hanging still I took them above and kept in my hand. I then unhooked my bra and freed my body becoming totally nude under the covers. I was much reluctant to throw these in the balcony. But I thought if anyone saw me like this then too it’s a very big problem. But becoming totally nude was whole lot other level. Yet I took my bra and panties in my hand and out of covers. Then I threw them in the balcony with rest of my clothes.

With this, I thought if anyone wakes up then what should i do?

But yet my mind was full of horny thoughts and I continued.

My bag was in other room as I had thought I won’t need anything as I would be sleeping. Just a cover. So three guys were on the bed at my legs end. One guy was beside me. I was fully nude under the covers. I pulled the cover up so that my legs were exposed a little bit till my ankles. And I was pulling them further and they came till my knees. This was the modest limit. More than that it wasn’t good. Yet I didn’t stop. I pulled them further till mid thighs. I stopped at that limit. Then I thought what to do next. Then I took my hands out till elbows. I took them above and took my hands out so that my shoulders were also exposed. This was not modest now. I thought, ‘Oh! what the hell.’

Then slowly it slid down more and my shoulders were fully exposed till the top of my breasts. Now I was risking. Even the slightest awareness of anyone could be a disaster for me. I then slid the cover side ways till my side which was facing the guy was exposed. And I kept one hand on that side breast and pulled cover to expose my stomach till navel. Slightly pulled up cover as well. I was just covering my pussy. I was very much at risk now. I don’t know what I was doing. I had no reach to my clothes as well. I then very swiftly removed cover from my breasts and only covering my lower half and my breasts were exposed fully. Then I covered myself fully again. I thought no one’s awake. I removed my pillow cover. And put them on me over the big cover such that they covered my breasts to my legs.

And then with help of my legs, I pulled the large cover down enough such that pillow cover was only thing covering my breasts till my stomach. And I pulled the big cover fully down. My breasts to my pussy was only covered and big cover was at my feet. I pulled it up and without thinking anything I threw it on the balcony as well. This was crossing the limit. But horniness had overcome the brain. And then without thinking anything, I removed the pillow cover, and took my pillow as well as pillow cover and threw it in the balcony and I was fully nude in the room with 4 other guys with a whole lot of risk as I was fully nude. The excitement, the mood was too much for me. I was nude totally! Now what to do! Anyone could see me nude! I didn’t think of anything that I can do now.

I slowly got up, and to my fortune, the door was open of our room. I was at high risk now. Anyone can come now. I got out. I didn’t know what time it was. I thought, this was enough for tonight and I went for the door of the balcony and then i knew I was screwed totally. The balcony door wouldn’t open. The window had grill on it. My clothes were there. I had nothing to wear. I wasn’t making any noise. I came out of the room totally nude waiting for my bad work and exposure. Then I thought the other room had my bag, if I can sneak inside there and take my bag then I can wear something. And I tried the other room and it opened they hadn’t locked like ours. I saw my bag. I went inside took my bag.

Now I was exposing myself to other 4 guys which were new! I thought but this is my chance of saving myself. I took my bag and got out of the room. I was so relieved. The 8 guys didn’t know there was a nude girl in their room. I was looking at my bag but I didn’t feel to put any clothes on. I was enjoying myself in the nude. I took out my mobile and went again inside the other room. I clicked a selfie to memorize it. Then I went in my room where I had stripped took a selfie in hat low light it had and came out again. Then i wore just a tee and shorts to sleep and i was asleep in no time. Just before sleeping one thought struck my mind ‘This is not over. This trip has just begun’…

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