You Need A Spanking – Lina – Pt 13You Need A Spanking – Lina – Pt 13


Part 3- Take Two!Less than a year later, in late spring, I was given a work assignment that called for a weeklong trip to New York … Long Island specifically.  I’d be right in my old stomping grounds around Huntington.  As I started making travel plans, it occurred to me that I should extend my stay to allow for some personal time to visit friends.  I couldn’t leave any earlier than Sunday but extended my stay through the following weekend. I started thinking about who I might see when Rosa came to mind.  I wondered … would she see me if I called her?  If she did, could I speak to her of the mistake I’d made almost three years ago?  What would she say or do if I did?  My mind went into overdrive trying to figure a way to at least talk to her about it.  At worst, if I admitted to her what a dope I’d been, I could at least confirm my suspicions and maybe be able to stop beating myself up about it.  At best, I might get to spank her, or even get spanked myself.During the several weeks before my trip I played through endless scenarios of how to handle it.  Should I call her before the trip?  What would I say initially?  If she agreed to meet me, where would we go?  I decided not to call her beforehand, leaving my fate in question until I’d gotten there.  I’d ask if we could get together for a drink, or a harmless cup of coffee.  I hadn’t decided what to say if she asked me why, realizing that I shouldn’t over plan either and leave some things up to the moment.I flew to New York on a morning flight, getting to my hotel in the early afternoon.  After settling in and getting something to eat I returned to my room to figure out how to reach her.  The phone book was no help, occurring to me for the first time that she might have married in the years since I’d seen her last!  I remembered where her parents lived and managed to find their phone number and speak to her mother.Rosa had told me that her mother liked me the couple of times we met, saying I was a nice respectable boy compared to other guys she had dated.  She sounded almost glad to hear from me and gave me some information in addition to Rosa’s phone number.  Yes, she still lived on the ‘Island’.  Yes, she had been married, but divorced five or six months earlier.  She gave me her number, encouraging me to call her right away.  It took a while to build up the courage to finally call her.It was a little awkward at first, but I managed to get the conversation friendly and convince her to meet me for a drink.  I offered the safer option of coffee, but she wasn’t available till the next night, and she’d prefer to go to a bar or club for a drink after ‘one of my typical Mondays’.  I had told her there was something I wanted to talk to her about, but downplayed the importance when she became very curious.  “No big deal … just want to see if you remember something the same way I do.”  I could tell that got her curiosity up.  We arranged a time and place to meet in the early evening for Monday.I got off the phone feeling good … a little hopeful even, as she had warmed up nicely during the conversation and I no longer worried about being uncomfortable in talking to her, at least until we started talking about spanking!  So, after doing a couple of mental ‘high-fives’ I turned my attention to how to broach the subject to begin with. I didn’t really have much doubt that she was into spanking, so I didn’t have the problem that just bringing it up would brand me as some kind of kinky pervert.  I did, however, want to keep the discussion light … blame myself for being so dense … and if nothing else have a really stimulating conversation about spanking.  Hopefully stimulating enough to get her interested in picking up where we left off that evening in my bed when I had her over my knee.  Or even better, maybe in a desire to get even with me for the way I treated her, she’d choose to take it out on my bare bottom!Again, cautioning myself not to over plan it, I tried to stop thinking about it … which was impossible both that evening and the following day.  I went about my business on Monday, which thankfully did command my attention, and allowed me to curb my growing anxiety most of the time, but inevitably I couldn’t stop running through various scenarios that had me returning to my hotel room with a sore, red bottom.I finished my work for the day a little early.  Any other time I’d prefer that, but since work was keeping my mind off the anticipation of the evening to come, I’d wished it hadn’t.  I took the extra time to try to relax, calm down … take it easy, so I started with a swim in the hotel pool after which I showered and dressed for dinner and my meeting with Rosa.  Suspecting that Rosa would dress in a typically classy, yet casual way, I avoided the stereotypical jeans and sneakers, opting instead for lightweight chinos, a white sport shirt and casual loafers.Dinner at the hotel with a glass of wine helped me relax a bit but didn’t stop the scenario playing in my mind.  I’d decided how I’d initially broach the subject, but felt I just had to let the conversation go from there and hope for the best.  I’m not at my best in such a situation, especially bursa escort missing signals from girls the way I do, but I couldn’t predict enough of the conversation to plan where it would go.  Many different outcomes were possible.  By the time I’d stretched dinner into more than an hour, it was finally time to leave to meet her in Huntington.My drive to the village of Huntington was uneventful and I arrived at the Artful Dodger about fifteen minutes early as planned.  I wanted to be sure to have my pick of seats and get another glass of wine to loosen up a bit more.The Artful Dodger was a friendly tavern that Rosa and I had been to when we started dating.  Small and rustic, it offered a comfortable atmosphere for friends to get together and talk.  The music was soft, the lights were low and there was plenty of privacy as it wasn’t very busy on a Monday night.  Divided into two sections, one with high bistro tables and the other with rows of booths along the wall or separated by a partial wall, I selected a booth that afforded privacy, yet gave me a view of the door, so I’d see when she arrived.  I ordered a glass of Cabernet and waited for Rosa.She arrives fashionably late, about five minutes and at the same time I’m calling out to her to point out where I am, I’m taking in the view of her.  Wearing what I’d call a trademark “Rosa” blouse … silky, ivory in color and sheer enough to reveal a lacy bra when in contact with it … and designer jeans that were tight enough to be enticing but not slutty … and relatively low-heeled shoes, she walked towards me with the classy air she’d use when she wanted to make an impression.  I took that as a good start.“Rosa!” I said as we met with a hug and a peck on the cheek.  “You look amazing! … a sight for sore eyes!” I added holding her arm’s length to take it all in.“Thank you.  You’re looking pretty good yourself,” she replied looking me up and down as well.“Sit!” I said indicating the booth, “Do you want a drink?  White wine perhaps?”  I remembered that she liked Chardonnay.“Yes, that would be nice.”  I motioned to the waitress and ordered the wine when she came to the table after which I sat down.“I’m so glad you came,” I said without elaborating on why, so we didn’t charge right into the subject on my mind.“Quite a surprise to hear from you … in New York no less!  How did you find me?”  I smiled as I told her how her mother had given me her number.  “Ah!  Figures.  She did like you.”“I don’t think I would have found you without her … not knowing your married name.  I’m sorry … is that a sensitive subject?” I added seeing a pained expression on her face.“Not really.  Not anymore.  I can talk about it now with minimal side effects.”  I took that as a cue that perhaps she did want to talk about it and encouraged her.  It wasn’t much of a story.  They’d met about a year after she returned from Florida, married too quickly, and realizing it in less than a year, they divorced as amicably as could be expected.  Now all she had to show for it was ‘a small house and a big, stupid car’.Eventually she turned the conversation around to me and how I was doing.  With not much to report in the romance department … apart from the topic burning in my brain … I spoke about work achievements, which lead into a discussion of various people we both knew at my company … who had left, who was still there, who was doing what job and so on.  Eventually we ran out of this small talk and being very obvious, she jumped to the primary subject.“So … what was this thing you wanted to talk to me about?  You said something about how I remembered something?”  My nervousness had to be plainly evident on my face and she offered a comforting smile.  “What is it, Mark?” she asked with piqued curiosity.“It’s no big deal … I just feel very stupid about something and I … I just wanted to clarify something with you.”  She looked at me as though to say ‘So ….?’  “Well … it’s about us, really … I guess that would be obvious.  Rosa, do you remember how you used to say, ‘you need a spankin’ when I’d do something that annoyed you?”“Yes …?” she said her interest and curiosity increasing.“Do you know how I took … how I understood that remark when you’d make it?”“Well, I thought I did, but later realized I didn’t.”  Okay … good so far.“Yeah … well, you mean that last night we were together?”“Uh … yeah,” she said leaving out the ‘duh’ that was obvious in her tone.“Yeah …” I said accepting her answer, “Listen, let me just ask you straight out?” I said having lost all track of how I’d planned to start this conversation.  The look on her face told me she’d appreciate it if I got to the point.  “Were you, like … into spanking? … like, as a part of sex?” I stumbled out.“Yes … I was,” she said with a smile that said, ‘this is getting interesting’, “… and I still am,” she added.  So far this is going very well, even if I’m just stumbling through it.“Well, so was I,” I said with a pause to read her reaction … which was good.  “But … I didn’t realize you were until maybe a year ago.  I mean I …”“I thought I was being pretty obvious … saying you needed a spanking … more altıparmak escort obvious than I’d ever been before because … well, because I had a feeling you were into it too.  And then I let you put me over your knee and … then?”  She ended with a questioning tone.“I know … I was so stupid,” I said noting her reaction of agreement.  “See, I really didn’t think people really liked it … or least no one I would know would like it … especially not a beautiful girl I happened to be dating!”  She liked my compliment and then listened to me tell the whole story of how I became enlightened through my kinky magazine.  She listened with seemingly genuine interest, but I could tell she was wondering where this was all going.“So that night in my apartment, I was just thinking this whole ‘you need a spankin’ thing was just a game.  I couldn’t possibly have concluded that you wanted me to give you a real spanking … and then later we were on the floor, with my hands all over your delicious body …” She liked that compliment too.  “… but again, you stopped me when I tried to get past your clothes!  That was driving me crazy!”  Her face said ‘… and now you understand?’  “I guess I would have gotten in your pants a lot sooner if I had been pulling them down to give you a good spanking?”“Oh yeah!” she said positively. “Like I said … I’m so stupid!  Something else though … you were the one always saying ‘you need a spankin’ to me.  Did you want to spank me too?”“Yes, I did.  I can switch both ways.  I prefer being the one with my pants down getting my bottom smacked, but I give spankings too … good ones!” she added with a smile.  “How about you?  Which do you prefer?”“I’m like you … I think I’d like getting more than giving? … but seeing as how I’ve never done either, I suppose I can’t be totally sure.”“Wait … you mean you’ve still never done any spanking??” I shook my head ‘no’.  “You figured all this out a year ago, but you still haven’t given or gotten a spanking!?”“No!  It’s not something you can just ask someone about!”“That’s why I use that ‘you need a spankin’ line!  You can drop that in normal conversation and get a sense from the reaction, without sounding like a pervert if they’re not into it!”“I know but … but I haven’t had … I haven’t been with anyone … anyone like you since we broke up! ““Awww … that’s so nice.  You’ve made me feel special!”“Well … you were!  … you are! … but I was too stupid to notice,” I finished, putting my fate in her hands.“Yes … you were,” she said taking my hands in hers, “… but you know what?  You need a spankin’!”  Her smile was precious, and I was jumping for joy inside.“Yes … I really do,” I replied sincerely and added, “… promise?”“Yes, I promise, but …”“But what?” I said with a touch of alarm.“It’s okay … you’re gonna get spanked! … good and hard, I might add! … but seeing as how I was the one who laid my ass on the line … quite literally! … and didn’t get it spanked!  Don’t you think you owe me one first?”“I can’t disagree with that.”“Good … so, tonight I get spanked and …”“Tonight?  Really?” I said not believing how this was ending up. “Listen … all this talk about spanking has really got me going, and I sure as hell don’t want to wait another day!  It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good spankin’ and I want to feel someone’s hand besides my own smacking my bottom!”“You spank yourself?”“Don’t you?”“Well … yes … but I didn’t …” “You didn’t think normal people did that?  Listen … eventually you’ll realize … you’ll be surprised just how many people enjoy a good spanking from one side or the other, but you’re right about them not being easy to find.  If I didn’t use my own hand and a big wooden hairbrush on my bottom from time to time, I’d go out of my mind.”“I have a paddle that I like, but it must be so much better with someone else!”“Of course, it is … you’ll see.  You want to have one more glass of wine before we go?”“I don’t need to, but if you want, we can.”  I sensed that she did and motioned to the waitress to bring another round.“So, what positions do you like, Mark?  … or should I say, do you think you’d like?”“Over the knee, I think.”“You like being a naughty, little boy?”  The waitress arrived with our wine, so we stopped until she was out of earshot.  “Hmm? … a naughty boy who needs to be put across my knee and have his pants pulled down for a good spanking?”“Oh, yes! … but aren’t you the one who should be answering such questions?  I already know you’re a naughty, little girl who needs a good spanking!  … and like it or not, you’re going over my knee for a bare bottom spanking! … but I suspect you’ll need more than that to teach you a lesson!”“Ooo, and what lesson are you going to teach me?”“That it’s not nice to tease and taunt me without telling me what you really want!!”  She laughed.  “… and then torture me with that gorgeous body of yours, but not let me even touch it!”“I’m sorry,” she said with a pout, “I really am.  Am I going to get punished?  Are you going to spank me?”“Yes, Rosa.  You’re going to get a good spanking on your bare bottom.”“You’re going to pull my panties down too?” she said with this görükle escort priceless little girl look.“Yes … I may leave them on for a little while, but you won’t learn your lesson unless you’re spanked on your bare bottom.  You know that,” I replied in a fatherly tone.“Yes, I know,” she replied with downcast eyes.  “If I have to get spanked, I’d like to do it now and get it over with, okay?”“I agree,” I said getting up from the booth.  I went to the bar and gave the waitress twenty-five bucks with a look that said ‘Enough?’  She nodded and I went back to Rosa.  “C’mon, young lady, it’s time for your punishment,” I said as I took hold of her forearm and lead her to the door.It was a warm evening when we got outside on the sidewalk.  We looked at each other with knowing smiles and started to cross the street to the parking lot.“Are we going to your place,” I asked.“No!  That’s too long a drive.  I don’t want to wait that long.”  My questioning look said, ‘Then where?’  “We’ll do it in my car!”“Your car?” I asked incredulously.“Yeah … you know … my ‘big, stupid car’?  It’s a conversion van.  It’s got all kinds of room for spankin’ in the back!”  I looked at her with doubt.  “It’s okay!  Really!  I’ve done it!  You’ll see.” Across the street now, we made our way through two rows of cars when the first … actually the only conversion van became visible another row back.  It was a fairly late model Dodge van with the kind of fancy graphic paint job that they all seem to have, though this one in more subdued shades of silver and gray.She handed me the keys saying, “Here … you drive.”  My questioning look got an exasperated look.  “We can’t park right here … with all these other cars!?  Spanking can be a bit noisy; you know!  We’ll just move it to the back of the lot.”We got in and I tried to look in the back to see the layout, but it was too dark to see anything useful.  I turned back around, found the ignition, and started the engine.  It turned over quickly after which the voice of Barbara Streisand filled the air.  I made a face.“You still listen to her?” I said in mock disbelief.“Hey!  Leave Barbara alone!  You need a spankin’!”I laughed and replied, “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!”“You’re here all week, right?”  I nodded.  “I promise, you’ll have a nice sore bottom when you go home!  I’m not sure about tomorrow, but certainly by Wednesday you’ll know what it’s like to get spanked!”“Not tonight?” I said with disappointment.“No … I’m sorry.  It doesn’t work very good switching one right after the other.  It can, but it usually doesn’t.  Besides, I want to plan something special for your first one!”  She leaned over and kissed me passionately.  Her face just inches from mine, she returned to character and asked, “Are you going to spank me now?”“In a minute, Rosa.  I need to move the car where we can have some privacy.  I don’t want you to be embarrassed by someone hearing your poor, little bottom getting spanked.”“Ooo, it’s going to be a hard spanking then, is it?”“Yes, Rosa.  You’ve been very naughty.  I think you’ll need a good, hard spanking to learn your lesson.”  She didn’t reply, but a mischievous smile came to her lips.  I checked my mirrors and began backing her ‘big, stupid car’ out of the parking space.  Driving to the end of the row I turned right and saw a nearly empty parking lot behind the row we’d come from.  Driving almost to the back, I picked a spot at the edge in a dark spot between the streetlights.  I looked at Rosa to see agreement in my choice of location.  We got out and I walked around to her side just as she pulled the large sliding door open.Ceiling lights came on revealing an interior of various shades of gray, mostly on the light side.  Directly behind the front seats were two captain’s chairs that had been turned to face rearward, also facing a table supported by a pedestal in the floor.  On the other side of the table was a bench seat making for a grouping that could eat or drink at the table.  Rosa leaned over and flipped a lever at the base of the table’s pedestal, and another directly below the table causing the top to fold flat against the pedestal.“Will you pull it out and put it in the back?”  I kneeled on the soft carpeting and lifted the pedestal out of a flush mounting in the floor and made my way to the back.  When I opened the back doors, Rosa greeted me kneeling on the back seat as though to direct my putting the table away, but her smile and the way she was bent over made me willing to bet she was really just showing me another position she’d like to be spanked in.I laid the table in the space behind the bench seat and closed the doors.  As I came to the side of the van I noticed that Rosa had turned the captain’s chairs to face each other … allowing more room for extended legs and arms while draped across my knee.  She sat on the bench seat, all prim and proper with her hands in her lap and looked up at me with a childish, yet mischievous look in her eye.“Are you going to spank me now?”I climbed in and turned to slide the heavy door closed behind me.  Taking a seat in the chair behind the driver’s seat I turned to look at Rosa, still playing the frightened little girl contemplating the spanking she was about to receive.“Yes, Rosa, it’s time for your spanking.  I want you to tell me why you’re getting spanked.”“Because I’ve been a naughty girl.  I tried to tease you into doing something I wanted but wouldn’t tell you what it was.”

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