Wresting Team Gone Wild Ch. 08Wresting Team Gone Wild Ch. 08


A new coach with rather unorthodox methods is appointed to bring the University’s wresting team back to the top. Unfortunately for straight hunk Scott, the path to victory involves turning him into the team’s bitch.

The story, names, and places are entirely fictional. All characters featured are above 18. Enjoy.


Wrestling Team Gone Wild

Chapter 8: Coach’s pet no more

I had to shut down all social media, and all social interactions in real life for that matter. It felt like the whole world was talking about my dick!

The video of my fight with Strafer had become viral instantly on YouTube but it was removed shortly after. A wrestler cumming on his opponent in a middle of a match was not compliant with the community guidelines of the platform.

But the video had been reshared on various forums and literal porn websites since then, with my name and everything. I had thousands of new followers on Instagram the following night and I received texts from people I did not even know. Who gave these perverts my phone number?

In my entire life, I had never been that much at the centre of the attention but at the same time, I had never felt that alone. On the campus, everyone was treating me like I was dynamite, it was dangerous staying too close to me. The wrestling team was upset with me and all the attention I was getting and Travis just did no longer talk to me. He would come back to our dorm late at night and simply ignore me.

He had been right when he told me not to go compete in my state, but I still went, and now, I was paying the price.

Only Coach Ranson was on my side and supported me. At least, I still had him.

The next Monday, I went to his office first thing in the morning. I was not sure what I wanted to say, maybe I wanted to quit, all I knew was that I needed to talk to someone.

“Oh, my number 1 athlete!” The Head Coach said, enthusiastic, as I walked into his office.

“Hi, Coach.”

“You know, the whole country is talking about you, boy! You made it.”

“They’re talking about my… about what happened Coach, not about me.”

“The dean of the university personally asked me to thank you. You have put the Wolves team back on the map!”

I nodded politely. I thought I would be kicked away from the school. How did they not realize that I had brought shame and not pride to the university?

“Coach… I’m not sure that I can continue being part of the team.”

“What non-sense are you saying there, Russel? You are leading the championship in your category, you have performed excellently, and this is only the beginning.”

I lost patience.

“Coach! I have cummed on Strafer! In front of everyone! Everybody’s making fun of me, they have put me on gay porn websites!”

Coach Ranson sighed heavily. I was used to that.

“Sit.” He spoke.

I had never been capable of refusing any of his commands, I sat in front of his desk.

“First of all, Russel, don’t worry about your little incident on the mat. The only thing people will remember in the end is that you are a strong and healthy young man who scored points and who won the game. Second of all, the technique that you used during your last match has caught the attention of many professionals, I cannot tell you how many calls I had over the week-end with pros and other university wrestling coaches wanting to know more about this.”

He stood up and put his hand on my shoulder:

“You know, boy, you may have revolutionized the sport. Nothing in the rule says that using body fluids is forbidden and it fucking worked! I can tell you that you won’t be the last using this technique now that it has proven effective.”


“Yes, really! The Wisconsin’s Coach calls it the hose technique and he is a big fan!” He chuckled. “They should have called it the Russel technique if you want my opinion, but eh, nobody will be able to take this away from you.”

“Oh gosh… I’m glad they did not name it after me.”

“Russel, in a few years, I bet everyone will be spraying their juice on their opponents for a chance at victory. I’m sure this is what the audience wants and the federation is just glad to bring some attention to the sport. This is a win-win.”

I could not believe that I had to state the obvious, but it sure looked like it was necessary:

“But Coach, this is wrestling, not porn! We’re not going to cum on each other! And nobody can see my match unless you go on gay porn websites now!”

“Would you stop with your big words? You were not being anally penetrated by your opponent if I recall the match, right? And anyway, what were you doing on gay porn websites, again?”

“Again? What do you… Coach…? I… I was not! I… I was just looking on the Internet where my name and the video were being shared and I stumbled on…”

The Head Coach busted out laughing this time.

“Stumbling on gay porn! That’s rich! Ah yes, just like my brother-in-law said to his family when he was 18. 10 years later, he is married to his so-called roommate.”

I ankara travesti was getting red; I realized that this body reaction of embarrassment was happening very often in this office.

“I’m just joking Scotty. Who cares that you are gay…”

“I’m not!” I yelled, defensively, not too sure that it was proving my point.

“Well, good. As I said, nobody cares either way. At this point, you have some momentum and you got the attention of several professional wrestling teams across the nation. That could be your big break. So, what are you going to do? Leave and the only thing you will be remembered by will be that last match of yours, or keep on smashing it on the mat while you can be scouted by big agents?”

He was making a point there, quitting now would just be a total failure, if I could continue to wrestle all season, my incident would be overshadowed by other scandals, and in the meantime, I could rise to the top. Wrestling in the national US team had always been my dream.

“I don’t want to quit, Coach.” I said, a little more confidently.

He grabbed both of my shoulders in a very fatherly way.

“That’s my boy! Of course, you don’t want to quit. You do have a tendency to make a mountain out of a molehill but you’re a winner Russel!”

I smiled faintly. One problem remained.

“Although, I have to say, Coach, I don’t think the rest of the team will be too glad that I’m staying. Things are a little tense with them.”

“Oh yes… I thought about that. They’re frustrated, jealous, and instead of questioning themselves, they prefer hating on you.”

For once, I was glad he was recognizing that my concerns were valid.

“This is becoming really difficult to train with them, Coach.”

“I understand… And there is something else that could make it worse.”

He went back to his desk and got some paperwork out of a drawer. I was worried.

“What’s that?”

“A contract. Following the amount of attention we got during the last competition, the university board and the dean have picked our wrestling team to be featured in the university’s annual calendar this year. That’s a huge recognition.”

“I remember, the water polo team was picked last year.”

“Exactly, and their coach is not glad that they are being replaced.”

Coach Ranson pulled out the calendar, I had already seen it briefly but had not bought it. On the cover, Victor who was a freshman at the time, and two of his fellow members of the water polo teams were smiling while crossing their arms, wearing tiny golden speedos representing their sport.

The calendars generated some good revenues for the university every year and a good share of it were awarded to the team featured. As the wrestling team was still severely lacking funds, this could really help us out.

“That’s a great news! For all of us. Why do you think the other guys of the team would mind?” I asked.

“Well, you know the students are getting paid to be featured. Generally, not much, a few hundred dollars top. But given that you are the main reason we have been selected, I personally asked for you to be more generously compensated. I thought it was only fair.”

I was not expecting that, at all.

“Oh my god, thanks Coach… I… I kinda need the money.”

“I figured. We will propose to others members of the team to be featured but I have already your contract right there, I made sure your interests were secured and I negotiated a three thousand dollars allowance for you.”

“Three thousand!”

As a broke student, this represented a lot of money.

“Yes. For the shooting and the assignment of your image rights. You’re glad to have stayed in this team now, eh?”

“Well… yes… This will help me greatly to pay off my debts.”

“I’m glad, but as I said, the others might only be paid 300$, 400$ max so maybe it’s better that we keep that between us? They will probably be jealous enough that you’ll get the cover.”

“Yes, of course.”

I must admit, internally, I was beaming with pride.

“Here you go then, you can sign on the last page.”

The contract was nearly 40 pages long. Why the hell did it need to be so thick?

“What does the contract say, maybe I should take the time to…”

“Oh, just legal non-sense. The university wants to cover its ass, the photographer, Francis that you’ve already met when he shot the roster, wants to cover his ass too, and I pushed to cover your ass as well. It took us a few extra pages to get a version of the deal we were all fine with. It’s no longer negotiable at this stage. Basically, the photographer can use the photos for the official calendar of the school but also on social media and stuff like that where he can generate some money for himself, and you get 3K to show up for a single day of shooting.”

I still could not believe it. Three thousand dollars in just one day! Although, I still felt a bit itchy when I heard that Francis would do the pictures. I remembered how bad I had felt when I first saw the photographs he had shot during ankara travestileri the roster on the university’s website homepage.

“Coach, I’m just worried that I won’t like the pictures or something.”

“Look, Francis is a professional and the whole nation just saw you cum on another guy, so maybe it’s a little late to be concerned about your image? I don’t see how much damage he can really do.”

I was taken aback but that was a fair point.

“Just tell me, Russel, you are signing this or not? The shooting is taking place in early November but I need to confirm that you agree today or I cannot maintain the 3K deal.”

“I’m gonna sign.” I said, looking at the water polo calendar he had on his desk. The picture on the cover looked great. It could be good publicity for me and I was not in a place to refuse this kind of money.

“You know, Russel, from time to time, some recognition for all that I am doing for you would be appreciated instead of constantly challenging me and my decisions. You know I have always your best interest in mind.”

“I’m sorry, Coach. I appreciate what you do for me. Really.”

He smiled.

“Now that this is settled, we still need to figure a way to get the team back on your side. I know I may have played favourite too much with you and I don’t want this to break the Wolves apart.”

“Travis would not even talk to me, Coach.”

“What do you think we can do? Maybe I should be less focused on you in the following weeks, what do you think?”

“Yes, that’s a good idea.”

“I’m not sure it would be enough though. They feel humiliated with you around. I will talk frankly with you. Maybe you don’t realize that, but besides your wrestling performance, your big dick can be quite intimating for them. They always feel inferior to you. And now, with the attention you are getting, they must hate you.”

I thought hate was a strong word but maybe he was right. My dick that I was so ashamed of, could that really be the problem?

“I don’t know why they should feel humiliated. I mean, I was the one being degraded in the locker-room by them!”

“Yes, I guess you’re right. Maybe you’re onto something Scott. Your fag ass did help to make them feel powerful at the time.”

That was not what I was getting at.

“I just meant, Coach, that’s unfair. They have already hazed me and mocked me, and now, they’re the ones we should help to feel more confident?”

“Look, no need to try to figure who is wrong or who is right. Sometimes, you just have to take one for the team. I’ll make sure to praise your teammates, to make them feel good about themselves, and I’m sorry but I think I’ll have to put you down during the next training.”

“Putting me down?”

“You know, I could talk about your ass, how fat it is. You were right, playing with your bum did help the team cohesion last time and you were much appreciated! I had never seen the team so united.”

“Coach, I…”

“I know, this won’t be enjoyable for you but we have to make them feel like they are in charge. Right now, you’re up on a pedestal, so I’ll have to make sure they feel like I don’t think much of you. This is only an act of course.”

He winked at me.

“I’m not sure Coach. I mean, I don’t want to challenge you and I trust you but they seem very upset.”

“Mmmm… Very upset, you say. I’ll just go extra hard on you next time then, I’m sure the others will have more sympathy afterwards, you won’t be the coach’s pet anymore. Don’t you think that could be the solution? I don’t see you proposing alternatives.”

I was wracking my brain but nothing came.

“I guess this could work.”

When I got out of the Coach’s office, I felt convinced this was all for my own good but also confused on how we got to the point of me consenting to be tormented during the next practice.

Of course, I had no idea how far Coach Ranson would take this.

When I arrived at the Tuesday’s training, Travis was already there chatting with Harry Cooper. They did not acknowledge my presence when I came in the locker-room. I started to undress and once I was in the nude, as it was now automatic for me, I waited to put my singlet back on until everyone was ready.

The others came in shortly after, they were not even making fun of me, just ignoring me while I was sitting on the bench, naked.

Were they really jealous of my big dick hanging between my thighs? I wanted to say something, they were being ridiculous. I had won in the name of the Wolves; they should all be proud. I guessed that the multiple Instagram posts shared by Robert de Portier on the official wresting team’s Instagram did not help, I was the only one featured in them.

Damian was, as always, taking his damn time putting his singlet on and I remained naked.

As he was finally done and I was grabbing my own singlet, Coach Ranson came in.

“Boys, great to see you back in here after our good day on Saturday! The whole staff is really proud of you all!”

This was the first compliment given by the Coach since we had travesti ankara started the season, everyone was a bit stunt. Travis had a light smile. I smiled too; I was happy not to be singled out.

Damian and the other seniors started to howl. I felt some tension being lifted in the air. Maybe this was all that needed to be done?

“We will train harder than ever, boys!”


“But we will get there! All of us!”


“I want the Wolves to be at the top rank in every single weight classes! You hear me, boys!”


I was ready to put my singlet on while everyone was chanting when I felt the fabric being pulled away from my hands.

“GIMME THAT, RUSSEL!” Barked the Coach.

Everybody shut up immediately.


“Coach… I…”

He imperceptibly winked at me.


I obliged. I should have known this was coming but even though this was an act, I felt very uncomfortable. I tried to reason myself, this was to help me in the long run. The Coach needed to haze me, no big deal.

“Now, boys, I think it is time to teach you an important lesson. No matter your level of success, everyone in the team shall be treated the same way. Don’t you agree?”

The other wrestlers mumbled a yes, young Tom looked terrified for me, Travis was looking at his feet, keeping on with his strategy of ignoring me at all costs.

“Well one of you did not follow the explicit rules given by the staff during the last competition. We had clearly stated that no wrestler should release himself before the end of the competition and one of you ejaculated in the middle of it!”

My knees were hurting against the tiles. My eyes were at the level of the Coach’s short and I could see his big bulge. In his office, he had told me that it was just a little incident, that cumming on my opponent had actually been a great strategy. And now, I was scolded for it in front of the entire team!

“Now, we all know who breaks that rule, don’t we?” He asked the crowd while glancing back at me.

They mumbled a yes, again, but this time, some of them seemed excited.

“Who broke that rule, Russel?” Asked the Head Coach.

“It was me…” I whispered, looking down.

He slapped me. I did not expect that.

“What did you say?”

“It was me, Coach. I broke the rule.”

“What did you do, Russel?”

“I… I cummed on my opponent.”

The Coach slapped me again.

“Don’t you think that Russel here deserves to be punished for his behaviour, boys?!”

“YES!” Shouted Damian, but the other guys seemed more shocked than entertained. Even though we were used to the Coach being brutal, slapping an athlete while he was naked and on his knees was sort of a new line being crossed.

Deep-down, I knew that I had agreed that the Coach should humiliate me but again, he was taking this too far. He always had to go to the extreme to make his points!

The Coach sat on a bench.

“Lie down on my laps, Russel. It’s time for your correction.”

“Coach, are you going to… spank him?” Asked Eli gardener with a point of excitement in his voice.

“I thought it would be a fitting punishment. Russel acted like a spoiled child, not caring about the rules, he should be punished as such.”

I remained on my knees, unable to process what was going on.

The Coach whispered in my ear:

“That’s for your own good boy, trust me.”

Then he said louder, beating his own thighs:

“Come on Russel!”

I stood up awkwardly, bent over, and finally I was on his laps butt naked, my ass up towards his face.

“Wow, up close, it looks even bigger! I did not think that was possible, you should be in the Guinness records book, Scotty!” Coach Ranson chuckled.

Some of the athletes laughed. Bunch of assholes. I was not sure why I was trying to get back in their good graces.

I felt Coach’s Ranson stiffed cock against my lower chest and crotch. Oh no, my fag ass again, making the other guys horny, I thought. Facing me, the other wrestlers had to watch me, receiving my punishment, so they could too, learn their lessons.


The first spank hurt so bad. I did not expect that he would go that hard. I moaned of pain but it did sound like a moan of pleasure.

“That one is for not respecting your Coach.”


The second spank was even harder. I looked at Travis, he was no longer ignoring me, we crossed eyes and he seemed fascinated.

“That one is for not respecting your teammates.”


Ouch, I felt like I was about to cry but I did not want to break down.

“Coach…” I mumbled.

“That one is for no other reason than having an enormous fag ass!”


My ass was probably all purple at this stage.

“You feel that, boy?” Coach Ranson asked loudly.

“What, Sir?” I replied, my voice shaking.

“My hard dick beneath you.”

“Yes, Sir.” I mumbled, shocked he would acknowledge his state of excitement.

“That’s because I am touching a fag ass which looks exactly like a nasty pussy!”


Three time in a row, he spanked my ass and then stretched it. I could feel my asshole being totally exposed. He was getting even harder under his shorts. That was crossing every limit.

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