Housewives and Cheerleaders Ch. 80Housewives and Cheerleaders Ch. 80


“Our next grappler is looking for a challenger,” announced Blondie. “Who among us is brave enough to face… the Predator?”

All attention turned toward a compact, powerful-looking black woman with dreadlocks. She was dressed for action in a sports bra and very short, tight shorts that hugged her ample, muscular rump. She clasped her hands over her head and there was a murmur in the crowd, but for a long minute it seemed that no one was going to step up and take her on. At last Olivia heard a familiar voice behind her assert, “I’ll do it.”

Olivia turned to see Claire coming forward, greeted by a round of applause. Claire doffed her shoes, blouse, and skirt, leaving her in only white lace panties and bra. She looked very skinny next to the Predator, and Olivia was surprised that Claire was willing to take on this formidable opponent. Then again, she reflected, maybe it was a no-lose proposition.

The Predator grinned at Claire like… well, like a predator, already imagining the spoils of her victory as she looked over at the shapely redhead standing there in her underwear. Claire looked a bit like a deer in the headlights as the crowd began to cheer, some supporting the spunky challenger, but most backing the obvious favorite.

The combatants squared off and for a few seconds just stood there, sizing each other up. Then in the blink of an eye The Predator was on Claire, lifting her into the air and tossing istanbul travesti her effortlessly to the ground.

As with the previous bout, the outcome was never really in doubt. The Predator (whose real name, Olivia gathered from the crowd’s shouts of encouragement, was Sylvia) was considerably stronger than Claire, and mostly just played around with her, letting her get on top a couple of times and then quickly reversing. Playing to the crowd, Sylvia held Claire with one hand and pulled off her bra, then her panties, pushing one thick middle finger inside the helpless redhead.

When she felt ready Sylvia just rolled Claire over, sat on her face, and held her down until Blondie counted three. She smothered Claire with her sweaty crotch for a while longer, then stood, pulled off her shorts, and accepted the strap-on that Blondie handed her. As Sylvia tightened and adjusted the harness Claire spread her legs wide and opened her pussy lips with her fingers, obviously ready for what was about to happen. Sylvia did not disappoint, plunging in hard and not letting up until Claire lay panting and drained.

Claire was helped up by an Asian girl a little older than Olivia, wearing light blue pajamas that made her look much younger. She led Claire over to a chair, sat her down, and leaned over to whisper something in her ear. Claire grinned and reached down to cup her own crotch, which was perhaps istanbul travestileri a little sore from the treatment it had just received.

“Next up we have Calamity,” said Blondie. “Calamity, are you here?”

Up to the mat strode a woman who was somewhat on the older side — her long brown hair was liberally streaked with gray — but in magnificent shape, with a lean, muscled body encased in a red, white and blue bikini. “I’m ready to roll,” said Calamity in a husky Southern drawl. “Who wants to tussle?”

Calamity began to walk through the crowd, surveying faces and bodies, until she ended up standing on front of Lexi. “How about you, hon?” Lexi shook her head shyly. “Oh, come on, sweetheart, I don’t bite. Much. What’s your name, sweetheart?”


“Well come on, Lexi, what are you afraid of?” Calamity began to lead the crowd in chanting Lexi’s name, and finally Lexi shrugged and let Calamity take her hand and lead her to the mat. There the girl in PJs pulled Lexi’s dress up over her head and off. Lexi was wearing a black thong and no bra, so that left her practically naked, prompting whistles from the crowd.

Lexi and Calamity circled each other for a minute, but soon they were down on the ground, struggling and grunting. Lexi was stronger than she looked; though her arms were skinny she twice had the older woman almost pinned. Only by concentrating hard, her biceps travesti istanbul and neck muscles straining visibly, did Calamity escape Lexi’s grip.

But as the match wore on Lexi appeared to get tired and Calamity found her footing, slowly but surely gaining the upper hand. Calamity also fought a little dirty — several times she pinched Lexi’s nipples, and once even bit her on the neck, though not very hard. Finally, jamming her knee into Lexi’s crotch, Calamity rolled her full weight onto the young blonde and pinned her.

Keeping Lexi down, Calamity gripped her thong and began to rub it up and down across the younger girl’s well-lubricated pussy. Lexi started to moan and the moans increased in volume as Calamity finger-fucked her, then leaned down to taste her. Calamity pulled the thong off and spread Lexi’s legs wide open, her bright pink canal now visible to everyone watching.

Next Calamity rolled Lexi over onto her stomach and gestured to Blondie, who approached with a pair of handcuffs and a strap-on. After cuffing Lexi’s hands behind her back, Calamity took her sweet time getting into the strap-on, pausing occasionally to slap Lexi on the ass. Lexi just laid there with her eyes closed and mouth open, breathing quietly, butt in the air; she was plainly in heat. Finally Calamity was ready; she opened Lexi with one hand and eased into her ever so slowly.

Lexi threw her head back and from her throat came an eerie sound, a low wail that gradually increased in volume as she was penetrated further. The room grew quiet as Calamity patiently built Lexi to a crescendo, reaching down to rub her thighs and stroke her clit. When Lexi came with a deafening shriek, the applause was thunderous.

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