Mommy new BossMommy new Boss


Mommy new Boss”but mommy…..””i know baby, its just for one night , mommy Boss and son are coming for dinner””you know my job is important, dont worry , its going to be fine, i know my little boy likes it””but….mommy””shhhh go shave , i want you all smooth and smelling good”mommy knew , she ear it all that night at the campinghow her boy swallowed his 2 friends from the camping , in his tent sucking cocks the whole weekend pass bed time she was drinking wine , in the cabin she rent, her son tent just outside , they must have think she was sleeping, 2 black boys from the pool this pm walked quiet in her soon tent the first night was the cutest thing she ever witnessedthe young black teen moaning as they try her son mouth, she ear him tell them he never did it”its easy , like pop sicle you open and suck””yes like this slow , mmmmm yes you know how to do it”feets away, her son now a young man, cock sucking sound and laughting was perfecthe was having fun sucking their cock, he trully was having fun going from cock to cock , both teen moaning , teaching him to do ”a good job”she became so horny her hands got down in her panty, listening to her boy discovering sex with his 2 friends”you like it?””yes i do i taste good you are very big ””thanks you are cute can we see your cute white ass?”she rubbed and listen , going crazy at the faint sound coming from the tent”good boy relax , keep sucking , you have a very small ass, its so cute ”her boy moaning , something was different”you like my finger?”she had to put her hand on her mouth , not to moan too her now understanding the new cute of moaning her boy a finger in his ass moaning and sucking, it was going quick for her lil boy , big black cock friend probably dreaming of fucking him in the ass now playing with it”get like this on your stomach , we want to see your cute ass , yes like this ”her boy sucking ass up getting touched and tease with fingers”my god you have a cute ass””show him what you have Mike”mike got 2 condom pouch out”i bought it in the bathroom after the pool ””if we put them on its like trying it with a toy , our cock wont be in you for real”the talking was overwhelming for mommyboth telling her boy, cocks in condom was like toys , he accepted to tryhe like it, she could tell by the sound he made, a cock slidding in, taking him , mommy virgin boy no more. tricked to be fuck and likes cocklegs up moaning on a cock , the slap slap slap of him pounding deep in her son ass, making him squeal and sound like a cute cock lover , giggling the other in his mouth”you like getting fucked?””mmm kaçak iddaa yes ””you look like you do to. boy , you look hot like this ”her boy giggling and moaning between the 2 friends he made , 2 friends who like his small body and tight holes”damn you feel good, switch i dont wanna cum yet”they took turn, her boy clearly in love with them now, making cute loving sound, she cum too horny and smewhat happy for her boy , the two friends taking care of him really good by the sound he madethe way he slurped the cock both calling him cute names was the last thing she remember falling asleepshe woke up and in the tent the boy were too, clearly at it again , she listen as both cum in him quick, before leavingshe waited and went outmade cofee her normal ”waky wakeup ” made him get up and she drank cofee, in silence with her boy eyes lost , he stood up and his little pijama bend ass up to get in the tent, he was wet from the boy loads , dripping in his pijama , a big wet circle on his bottom, her boy full of cumhe went to change and was back in his tight shorts ”im going to the pool today are you coming?””no, i am going to play with my friends , Mike found a bike trail we are going to try it””ok…be back for dinner….have fun”he left on his bikean hour later, at the end of the bike track, on his knees in the forest alone, slurping his friend black hard cock , ”stay there mouth open, we will get our cock all wet so we can fuck you”looking up, the 2 friends using his mouth , open and wet white boy mouth, on his knees looking up at bigger better cock , cock made to be pleased and suck onmommy little boy getting teach , talk about his small cute cock getting hard sucking cocksnaked , little white boy hard , looking up mouth open , learning his place foreverhe didnt knew at this time, thinking this was just fun and new experience like they said at firstbut the talking about them liking to get cute white boy in their sister panty when they played , even speaking about that time way back, the babysitter finding em getting suck by a white boy coming to ”play” in cute panty he was liking their already big cock”you want to see our sister panty?”on his knees sucking he stop both holding a cute little panty”wich one is the cutter?”i nod to the left , little pink flashy panty was too cute”here put it on , you cant suck if you dont””damn you look cute, you can suck , thats a good girl””come here little girl, that pussy wait too cute not to want my 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teens were quick to get in the tentshe walk back to the fire a hand in her panty the sound soon coming to hergirly and called cindy the cute white girl her son was moaning spitroasted ass slap saying he love cocks like a good girl it was too much for mommyshe was not carefull enoughther eyes picked her silhouette too latethe very sexy black mother smilling coming to the fire ”i see you like to ear my sons have fun with yours?””its not what you think i……oh my god ”mommy helped legs spead the black lady kissing her wet panty”you little white slut wet listening to them fuck ?””shhhhh shhhhh ahhh hmy god ”she managed to push her after moaning her tongue on her wet pussynot wanting to be caught , the crazy black mom following her to the cabin quick mommy pushed falling on the floor face down on her stomach mounted hips taken , mommy looking back at the boy mom big black cock strapon she pull out from her skirt smilling at the helpless mommy , sliding in her wet pussy”ohhhh hlittle slut you 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you mom as she lick sissy boy”both white slaves pounded deep moaning and sucking her pussy wet mommy kissing my neck made to call me her good girlwe left and didnt talk for a while about ituntil tonightmommy is moaning in her bed her boss fucking the shit out of her her son and me on the couch, listening my mouth arounf his bbchim repeating iam a good girl just like mommybefore getting fuck and our slutty moan mixed in the house of white sluts

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