Whose Fantasy Is It Anyway?Whose Fantasy Is It Anyway?

Big Tits

Tap, tap, tap!The knock on the door was hesitant, as if the person on the other side was reluctant to enter. I deliberately waited for a moment before answering.“Come in,” I called.The door quietly opened. Eyes downcast and looking repentant, she shuffled into the room. I eyed the person standing before me thoughtfully. Trepidation and anxiety shone from her huge eyes as she looked out at me from beneath a neat, blonde fringe.I kept an intentionally stern expression on my face as I slowly cast my eyes over her, lingering for a long moment on each of the ‘innocent’ items she wore so indecently. I deliberately took my time as she strove not to fidget.  “Have you been a naughty girl?” I eventually asked, my voice purposefully gentle.Hands folded nervously over her midriff, she nodded.Her hair was tied with big red bows into two long pigtails. Tucked into a short blue and green plaid skirt she wore a crisp white blouse with the top two buttons knowingly left undone. Loosely fastened around her neck in slovenly fashion was a green and silver striped tie with a loose, fat knot. Knee-length white socks and black low-heeled Mary-Janes completed what could only be described as the look of the classic, disobedient schoolgirl.Only this schoolgirl hadn’t been to any educational establishment for an awfully long time!A faint blush appeared on her cheeks at my close inspection. My wife may not have been as slim as she once had been, but for me, that wasn’t a bad thing. I liked a mature woman with shapely curves like the ones I was looking at now. She looked downright sexy and far more appealing than many a slimmer woman.“I understand that you are here to be spanked?” I looked directly into her blue-grey, slightly panic-stricken eyes. “Is that right?”She swallowed. “Yes,” she whispered, her reply so quiet I kaçak iddaa could hardly hear her.“Yes, what?” I retorted.“Y — Yes, Sir!” she responded quickly and with more volume. She knew the rules.“And do you deserve a spanking, young lady?”This time the blush on her cheeks was deeper. I wasn’t sure whether it was the word spanking or the fact that I called her young lady. Either way, it was a pleasure to watch.“Yes, Sir.”“And what did you do to earn your bottom a session over my knee?”Betraying her growing embarrassment, her blush spread until I was sure I could feel the warmth from where I sat. Perhaps she realised that, in a short while, those cheeks wouldn’t be the only ones burning bright red.“You played with your pussy, didn’t you?”Pressing her lips together, she slowly nodded.“Hmmm,” I acknowledged. “And were you thinking of me when you dressed in this — this attire?”She nodded again, her doe-eyes begging… Begging for what exactly, I wondered?“Tell me what you were thinking, my disobedient little slut.”Her fingers instinctively moved closer to the hem of her skirt.‘Ah ah!’ I said, shaking my head. “No playing with yourself! That’s what’s got you here in the first place, isn’t it!”I looked sternly at her. The tip of her tongue peeked anxiously from between her lips.“Well — I’m waiting?”“I — I was…”“Stop mumbling, girl! Tell me what you were thinking!”Unable to meet my eyes, she glanced away, biting her bottom lip.“I was thinking of lying over your lap — my naked bottom exposed over your knee, and you — you looking down and seeing — seeing my private parts on display. I — I like it when you are able to see my pussy and how — how excited and wet it gets when I think of submitting to you…”“Hmmm,” I said meditatively. “I think it’s time to make your little fantasy come true, don’t you?” I kaçak bahis said gently. “I’m definitely going to have to punish your naughty, attention-seeking bottom, aren’t I?”There was a longer pause this time as she reflected. Was she having second thoughts? But then came the penitent nod again.Best not to give her too much time to change her mind.“Over you go then, my darling.”With a deep breath, she stepped to my side and lowered herself over my knees. She rested her hands on the floor with her thighs firmly on my lap. With my left hand gently touching her back, I surveyed the glorious sight in front of me. My cock was making its presence felt as her weight settled; it was a very pleasing sensation. I stroked the generous bottom in front of me, rubbing in small circles, then slipped my hand under the skirt to feel her pantied buttocks and bare flesh at the top of her thighs; it was extremely sensual, and I felt a tiny jump from the posterior lying so vulnerably in front of me.There was a palpable sexual tension building up; an incredible frisson. I could feel its presence, its power growing between us in those lengthening moments.It was amazing what a simple school uniform could do.I raised her skirt up over her back, revealing red silken panties instead of the traditional white cotton.“Oh, my!” I said admiringly. “Now, this is a surprise. You really are asking for it, aren’t you? Am I to infer that your bottom should match the same shade as these decadent panties, young lady?”I heard a sharp intake of breath; she looked so innocent in those knee-high white socks and black shoes and yet, at the same time, so sexy — so suggestive and indecent. I could see the outline of her creamy white bottom through the shameless, flimsy knickers that she wore.Right — it was time!I rubbed her bottom again, illegal bahis and she moaned softly. Clearly, she was already quite excited. That much was obvious!“I hope you’re ready my love!”Spank! She jumped slightly at the sharp slap to her buttock.“None of that, young lady — keep still!”Spank! — the other cheek…“Is this what you want?”“Y — yes!”“Yes, what?”“Yes please, Sir!”“Very well!” I started to spank her methodically, alternating from cheek to cheek — not too hard; after all, this wasn’t really a punishment, was it? But hard enough to elicit little yelps. The endorphins would soon be kicking in, and the sting would no doubt already be turning to pleasure.Perhaps too much pleasure.“I think we need to bare that disobedient bottom, don’t you? After all, that’s what a bare-bottom spanking means, doesn’t it?”She moaned again, and I tugged the sheer, pointless panties down her thighs, exposing her beautiful, reddening derriere. And at that moment the sight of her mature, womanly pubic hair framing her moist slit as it peeped up at me was absolutely the most arousing thing I’d ever seen in my life!Dear God! For the first time, I was spanking my wife! I was giving her the spanking that she had been yearning for far too long; that was turning her on like I couldn’t believe. And I was so hard that I thought it very possible that I might spontaneously cum in my trousers!“You deserve this, don’t you, wench? A hard spanking on your bare bottom!”“Yes – yes, Sir!” she gasped, shaking with the mixed emotions and messages the walloping was transmitting through her body.Then I sensed her starting to cry softly, giving occasional little sobs. How real they were, I didn’t know. Was I being too hard? I didn’t think so.She’d given me this power voluntarily — but even now, I wasn’t sure who was fulfilling whose fantasy. The school uniform had been her idea, not mine — though I was fairly sure she knew the effect it was having. For a moment, I imagined the roles reversed and… But no; the time for that was not yet!

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