My Visits to a Foot MistressMy Visits to a Foot Mistress


After having a foot fetish for years and just jerking off to foot porn for a age. I searched the web and found the courage to meet a lady who was a foot fetish mistress in London.

After weeks of indecision i decide to go ahead and email her for a session. During the morning of my first session I was very nervous, I arrive an hour early in London near Paddington.

I was nervous about doing this and I had to try and calm myself down as I was an hour away from living out a fantasy and fulfilling a dream. I called her at the time she had requested and she give me the directions to her property.

I knock on the door and my hands were shaking, could I really go through with this. I said to myself this is what I’ve dreamt of so I entered the property.

She could tell I was nervous and she had me strip naked in front of her while trying to dance to music which was humiliating. She was the only second person who knew about my foot fetish.

I asked her before the session with her if I could worship her feet and if she could make them smelly for me which she did. She said she could wear nylons during the day and that she was going out the night before so they would bahçelievler escort be optimally smelly for me.

She was amazing, she had me on my hands and knees. I then took off her knee high boots off. I was in awe as in my vision was a beautiful smelly pair of feet.

My previous relationship didn’t really like my foot fetish so this was going to be the first time I got to rub and to taste feet.

I massaged them for a while and then kissed and licking every inch of her beautiful feet. The smell was incredible and make me wanting more.

She teased me though out the session, making me wank so close to cumming and then telling me to stop. This happened so many times and then I was aloud to blew my load while her feet her on my face.

I thanked her, got dressed and left. The day after I sent her an email thanking her and that i would hopefully see her soon.

So onto the 2nd session… After an incredible first session and saving some money. I emailed her for another session.

This time I was a bit more open with her and asked her if she would spank me, ballbusted me or even make me eat my own cum up and of course balgat escort worship her beautiful bare smelly feet.

She agrees and loved the idea of doing this to me. At the time of sending the email I thought she would pick one but during the session we did them all.

I arrived at a different location than previous but I found it ok. She had me strip naked in the corner like a naughty boy. She laughed at me when she saw I had shaved my downstairs.

She made me go over her lap while she spanked me, I loved every slap on my bottom. To my embarrassment I even had a hard on which she would have felt through the spanking. After she give me a good spanking she told me to get off and I thanked her for spanking me.

I had thought about ballbusting for a while and watched videos of women kicking the man’s area. I got hard every time and thought could I get her to do this.

I so glad I did as she ordered me down to my hands and knees and proceeded to kick me in the balls. I was in so much pain but I enjoyed the experience for sure!! I felt so vulnerable being on my hands and knees while she kicks me with great force. I loved every minute! batıkent escort

After she was done kicking me in the balls, she let me worship her bare smelly feet. Her feet are amazing, so soft and smelly as I asked for them.

All I wanted to do was to kiss and lick them from top to bottom and saver every moment. It was an amazing feeling being at her feet again and experiencing these gorgeous size 6 feet.

All the years of just jerking off to foot porn and not doing anything about it and now here I was kissing and licking her soft soles and sucking her little toes for the second time of a beautiful goddess.

She knew I was so excited at this point and she asked if I would like to cum and I said yes please mistress. She made me go into the corner of the room and jerk off. I came on the floor and she made me eat it all up.

This was the first time eating my own cum, in one way it felt amazing but in another I felt so ashamed doing this in front of her.

I thanked her, got dressed and left. I sent her an email the next day thanking her her an amazing time and that my balls still hurt which she liked!

Unfortunately I never saw her again but the thing to take from this story is if you have a fetish, embrace it and see someone about it. You will be nervous and scared to start off with but when you are living out your fantasy like me, you will feel the luckiest person in the world. These experiences will stay in the mind forever.

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