White Lace Panties Ch. 3White Lace Panties Ch. 3


Chapter 3: The Next Meeting

Linda was running down the tunnel to the plane. She was late for boarding and had to hurry. Finally, in her seat, buckled up safely, she gave a big sigh of relief. She made it! Looking out the window at the airport as they turned and taxied down the runway for takeoff, she remembered back to when Chris had come to her. Now it was her turn to go to him. Thank goodness the flight would not be a long one; she hated flying. She had never been to New York before and was so excited and if truth be known, she was a little nervous too. She couldn’t wait to see Chris and was glad when he had promised to meet her at the airport.

Closing her eyes she put her head back to remember their last meeting. It was wonderful. A dream come true. How on earth will they ever be able to top that weekend? Knowing Chris as she did, she knew they would be able to do it. It seemed like only minutes had gone by when the seat belt light flashed for her to buckle up again for landing. The wheels of the plane bumped the tarmac but not nearly as hard as her heart was bumping in her chest.

Finally, she found herself in the terminal looking around for Chris. It was only moments before she saw his smiling face. He knew she was terrified about coming to him, flying and the big city; so he made it a point to be there early to lessen the anxiety he knew she would be feeling. Walking over to her, he raised his arms and Linda fell into them and it felt as if she had never left them. The bear hug was so familiar to her and comforting.

Chris pulled away first and said, “Let’s get your bags.”

He stowed her bag in the trunk and opened the car door for her as she slid in the passenger seat. Chris got in the car and they were on their way to the finest hotel in New York. Chris had already checked in and had the key-card so they could go straight up to their room.

Once inside, Chris dropped her bag and took her in his arms again. He kissed her as he had kissed her before, with passion and the promise of a fantastic time.

Linda was tired but she felt rejuvenated just from his tender kiss. She was ready for more and knowing Chris was not the type to wait, he surprised her when he suggested she go and take a nice bubble bath. He had bought her some soft scented bubble bath as a gift knowing how much she loved to soak up to her neck in warm water and bubbles.

She went into the large bathroom with the heated floor and bright lights, she slipped off her traveling clothes and bent over the tub to fill it, adding a generous amount of the gift Chris had left there for her. As the tub filled, Chris came in the bathroom with scented candles and turned off the over- head light. The room was filled with the aroma of musk and had the aura of sensuousness. Chris just smiled at her standing naked next to the tub half filled with warm water and bubbles then he left.

Linda turned to slip one dainty foot into the tub, then the other. Slowly, she lowered her slender body down to sink neck deep into the wonderful bath. Inhaling deeply she enjoyed the scent of musk.

“Always such an erotic scent.” She thought.

Lying on the bath pillow, Linda closed her eyes to let her senses take over, just as a blindfold is supposed to heighten your other senses in bed. Chris returned to the bathroom again with a large glass of white wine and he kneeled down next to her outside the tub. Handing her the glass, Linda took it and sipped.

Chris placed his finger on the bottom of her wineglass and tipped it telling her, “Drink up honey, you are going to need it.”

Shivering, in spite of the warm water and steamy room, Linda’s sip became a gulp. Wine slipped from the corners of her mouth and spilled to her chin. Chris reached over and licked it dry. Giggling, Linda sipped more until the glass was gone. Chris took the empty glass to refill it and returned it to Linda.

This time he did not remain; he just handed her the glass, smiled and left her alone. Drinking some more of the delightful wine, Linda felt the warmth of the alcohol on the inside as the water was warming her on the outside. She could feel the results of the wine and she admitted to herself she was feeling just a wee bit drunk. More of a relaxed warm buzz rather than drunk. Drunk always sounds so sloppy.

Placing the wineglass on the edge of the tub, Linda went back to closing her eyes and taking in this romantic, sensual atmosphere. Hearing someone knock on the room door, she listened as Chris answered it. Assuming that Chris had just ordered room service, she thought nothing Beylikdüzü Escort more about it, until she heard the hum of voices. It was a woman’s voice and she did not leave. Linda could not hear what they were saying but she could tell there was a conversation going on in the next room. Curious, Linda stood up, water running in little rivers down her body, a puff of bubbles clinging to her breast her and her knee, she stepped out of the tub. After patting herself dry, she wrapped her body in the towel like a sarong. Wiping the steam from the mirror with the facecloth, she brushed her hair. Once she was sure she looked ok, she stepped out into the room.

Chris and a very lovely tall blonde turned to look at her as she entered. Chris had changed into one of those thick white hotel robes and the woman was wearing a white lab coat. She looked like someone out of those adult magazines. The lab coat was short and tight and it was obvious she wore nothing beneath it. When she turned, Linda could see her large breasts ready to spill out where the gorgeous blonde had left the button undone.

Linda looked around and saw that the blonde was standing next to a long table covered with thick warm flannel sheets. The table was on wheels but they were locked into place, like wheelchair locks. On the floor was a big black case opened but not emptied. The room was filled with the same scented candles that Chris had placed in the bathroom for her. The wine bottle was lazily lying on its side in a big silver ice bucket. One of the cozy chairs was moved from its place and was very deliberately put at the end of the table, just a little to the side.

Chris came to Linda and kissed her. His finger pulled back her hair from her ear so he could whisper softly to her.

He said, “Relax honey, this is for you. You will love it. You have to do NOTHING but relax and trust me. Can you do that?”

Looking away from the room and into his eyes, she saw tenderness but she also saw deep raw passion and it made her gasp. Leave it to Chris to make her knees buckle.

Answering him in a whisper as well, she answered, “I trust you, Chris.”

With that statement, Chris smiled at her and tugged the towel quickly from her body. A gasp slipped from Linda before she could stop it. As a natural response, she put her hands up to cover her body but Chris took her hands away and smiled. He kept one of her little hands in his and he squeezed it in reassurance.

“Come with me.” He whispered.

Chris took her to the edge of the table and told her to lay face down on it. Linda knew it to be a massage table as she had had many massages before but never from anyone who looked like the wordless blonde still standing there. Quickly, she laid down on the table as Chris had told her. She was surprisingly comfortable. The room was warm, romantic, filled with the scent of musk and a subtle sense of excitement.

Linda’s head was turned on its side facing Chris. Behind her she could hear the blonde as she emptied the back case onto the table next to her. Chris smiled his mysterious smile and sat comfortably in the chair by the table. He lifted his glass of wine to his lips and Linda could see his eyes sparkling in anticipation. Closing her eyes, Marisa felt that she would be treated to a wonderful massage, one of her favourite things, and Chris just wanted to watch.

Surprisingly, Chris did not introduce the two women and the blonde never spoke. Linda found this curious but not important enough to worry about. Chris spoke to the blonde and told her to start. He had opened his legs and the robe he was wearing was pulled apart leaving his sex bare for the blonde and herself to see. He did not seem the least bit embarrassed or bothered by his nudity and neither did the blonde.

Although, Chris had told her to start, Linda did not feel the soft hands nor the warm oil she was expecting, so she opened her eyes. Looking up she watched as the blonde unbuttoned each straining button on the lab coat, revealing what Linda already knew, she was naked beneath it. Letting it slide from her arms she tossed the coat onto the bed and turned to Linda to begin. Linda could not help but notice the beautiful full breasts with soft pink nipples. Her tummy was flat with a blond bush of hair covering her sex. This blonde was a true blonde.

Linda turned her head away to look at Chris, she saw the appreciative look in his glassy eyes, but all he did was nod, sip his wine and smile. The blonde picked up the plastic bottle and squirted the warm oil onto Linda’s Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan back. Firm but soft hands soon followed in long smooth strokes down to the small of her back and up to the base of her neck. It felt wonderful. Deep massaging strokes across her back from side to side, Linda could feel herself let go and relax.

The effects of the long flight, the nervousness of the trip and all the tiredness fled from her body with each stroke. The warm bath, the scented candles, the wine and the general mood of the room also contributed to this very calm feeling. Expert hands caressed over her shoulders and around her neck and made her drift even further into tranquility. Linda could feel the blondes hands reach over to caress the back of her arm on the far side of her body. As she did this, the blonde’s ample breasts pressed against Linda’s slick back. The blonde must have being getting aroused because Linda could feel the hard nubs of her nipples as her breasts slid back and forth across her back. Linda opened her eyes to look over at Chris. He had lit a cigar that was between his fingers of the same glass holding his wine. His other hand was around his full erection and his eyes, shiny with arousal were looking straight at her. She smiled.

The blonde took the warm oil again and applied it to Linda’s naked bottom. Taking one cheek and pulling it away from the other, she squirted oil into the crack. Linda felt warm oil hit her puckered ring as well as the excess running down to her soft nether lips and puddle beneath her on the sheets. Looking at Chris, Linda saw his eyes follow the oil. He spoke to the blonde and Linda trembled from his words.

“Spread her legs wider so I can see better, and oil her asshole more. I want her virgin ass prepared for me.”

The blonde reached down to grab each of Linda’s naked ankles and spread them as far apart as the table would allow. Then she spread the cheeks of her ass and squirted more oil across her pucker, inserting the tip and giving it just a little shot, greasing the inside walls of her ass. Linda, shocked and a little frightened lifted from the table. The blonde was prepared for this and pressed her back down.

Soft hands slid down her legs and up again to her ass. The hands split her ass like a peach to open her to Chris’s view. Fingers massaging her cheeks as thumbs held her apart. Linda looked at Chris and saw that his eyes were glued to her ass and she could not help but notice that his hard cock was twitching in anticipation. Her entire naked body blushed from his look. Even in the candlelit room it was easy to see the pink flush of her skin.

Not realizing what she was doing, Linda was unconsciously gyrating her hips on the table. Her arousal kept her ass moving but her embarrassment kept her from realizing it. Chris took a long puff of his cigar, then a sip of wine and nodded to the naked blonde as she started to slip her fingers along the crack of Linda’s ass. Very slowly and carefully, the blonde inserted a finger, just to the first knuckle, letting Linda’s relax and allow the intrusion. At first there was resistance but soon, she felt her relax and allow the finger to slip inside her all the way. The warm oil made resistance of such a small object in her ass almost impossible to refuse.

Linda began moaning softly in the room. Chris nodded again as the woman tried to slip in another finger. Linda groaned louder this time.

The blonde looked over to Chris and shook her head, “no.”

Chris looked her right in the eye and nodded his head, “yes.”

The blonde reached in further and slipped a second finger into the tight opening and gently pushed inside. Linda was grinding harder into the table as if she were trying to rub her aroused clit against her lover. Chris could watch no more without participating. Putting down his cigar and wine, he stood up and dropped his robe to the floor. Walking naked with his proud hard cock bobbing up and down he went to stand next to the blonde.

Linda looked in time to see the blonde reach out with her other hand to stroke Chris as he stood next to her. She heard Chris moan and say, “no” in a strained voice. She let go of him immediately. His hand reached over to the blondes and carefully pulled her fingers from Linda’s ass.

“Roll over, honey,” Chris told her.

As if in a dream, Linda raised herself up and rolled over onto her back. Chris spread her legs again as far as they would go. His hand cupped her sex and flicked her clit slowly and gently and Linda’s hips flew up off the Escort Beylikdüzü table as she came.

She moaned and moved to the rhythm of his hand. Her senses flooded with passion, his hand filled with her “essence of a woman.” He was very pleased.

As Linda pulled herself together, she opened her eyes to see Chris push the blonde down to her knees and he held the back of her head as he shoved his cock in her mouth.

The naked blonde’s tits jiggled beautifully in rhythm of her Sucking. Linda just watched. She watched his shiny shaft pull from her full red lips and then disappear again as he rammed it home, still holding her head. His face contorted in passion, he was so close to cumming. His hands curled into her hair pulled her head from him just in time. e didn’t want to cum yet. This night was planned for Linda and there was no way he was going to disappoint her.

Chris motioned for the blonde to go to the head of the table, as he went to the end of the table. Taking the backs of Linda’s thighs in his strong hands he lifted her legs up and over her head, causing her to be almost bent in half. The naked blonde reached over Linda’s head and grabbed her legs to hold them. Linda knew that her soaking wet cunt and her needy asshole were facing Chris in the most unladylike way, but she did not care. She just wanted to be taken.

Chris told her, “I am taking you this way, because I want to see your face and your eyes when I take your ass for the very first time.”

That statement in itself almost took Linda over the edge.

Chris lowered his face to her opening and inhaled her scent. He was a little disappointed because he could only smell the scent of the oil and bubble bath, not her natural scent. His tongue flicked across her clit and she screamed out just before it dipped into the slit itself. Fucking her deeply with his tongue, he pushed in as close as he could humanly get trying to reach into the very depths of her soul. Quickly, he pulled his tongue from her cunt and trailed it down to her ass.

His tongue pushed at the resisting orifice and laughed saying, “You might as well relax for me, darling. Your ass is mine tonight.”

Taking the oil bottle, Chris slipped the nozzle into her ass and greased the virgin passage he was going to take. Removing it from her ass he watched as the slippery oil dripped from her opening. He then turned the nozzle on himself and oiled his hard cock well. Dropping the bottle where he was, he took his hand and stroked it all over his cock and balls. Chris positioned himself between her opened legs and placed the head of his cock on her resisting ass and pressed lightly.

Her mouth opened wide to yell and Chris nodded to the blonde. The blonde leaned forward and pressed her breast into Linda’s mouth. Linda started sucking and sucking as she felt Chris add even more pressure to her asshole. She felt him push the head inside passed the point of resistance. Linda still screamed even with the tasty pacifier in her mouth.

It burned. It throbbed. It ached. It hurt! Chris understood this and he stopped. He just stood still to let her relax her muscles and let him enter her.

When he could feel her resistance diminish, Chris pushed himself home. He pushed inside her deep, as deep as he could go. He was there. He knew how frightened Linda was but he also knew how much she truly wanted this, so there was no going back now. He took his hips and thrust forward and out, and in and out, fucking her tight virgin ass for the very first time. It was not long before he heard the familiar moans of her passion. He knew she was now used to this and even more, that she loved it. He fucked her ass just as he had fucked her cunt numerous times. The satiny smooth walls of her body gripped him tightly and he loved the feel too. Chris watched Linda’s ass as he fucked her, his hand slipped out to slip a finger deep inside her cunt and let his thumb roll over her aroused clit. Looking up he watched her sucking on the nipple of the blonde’s generous breasts.

He could stand it no more. Linda began to buck on the table from his caresses. She was cumming! That was it for him, Chris could feel his seed boil up in his full sac to travel along his hard shaft and out the tip to paint the walls of Linda’s bowels with his cum. Screaming aloud he shot hard and deep inside her. It was wonderful, better than they both had hoped her first time would be. Chris very gently pulled himself from her ass and told the blonde to let her legs down.

The blonde reached over for her lab coat and put it on. She gathered her oils and put them in the black bag. Without even a goodnight, she turned and walked out the door.

Chris moved to the side of the table and lifted Linda up in his arms and carried her to the bed.

Snuggling naked, feeling safe and happy in his arms, Linda whispered, “Thank you, darling.”

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