When Friendship EvolvesWhen Friendship Evolves


Amy and I became friends quickly. We connected on many levels and had a lot in common. At the beginning of our friendship talks were about sports and video games. Our kids were classmates which made pick up at the end of the day less of a drag knowing I had Amy to talk to. Both of us being in a bad marriage only made our friendship tighter. As we start talking more every day we open up more about just how unhappy we are in our current situations. We both feel stuck. A few days later Amy cracks a joke through text at the school. I reply no comment. Knowing I have no problem expressing my thoughts Amy calls me out. I inform her I don’t want to cross any lines or upset her. She lets it be known I’m ok to say whatever I want and that she will let me know if I cross the line.

The new freedom to say anything changed the dynamic between us. Amy is 5’8″ and always has yoga pants on. Her ass is full. Her legs shapely and tone. Her body is a thing of beauty. Her chest, like the rest of her body, is stacked. 36 DD tits only out done by her ass. A cute smile and nose stud complete the package. Amy is a milf. No question about it.

As our talks go dirty time to time I learn more about Amy. The lack of attention she gets is similar to the lack of attention I get. We continue to see the marriage issues we have are very Beylikdüzü Escort similar. I get bold one night and tell Amy I’d make her cum like no one else ever has. Very confident in my texts and my ability to please her in bed I continue to tell her that and put the thought in her head. After a few days of telling her that I’d do naughty things to her she finally asks how that would happen. We have talks on how to get alone and where it would be possible. A plan is set.

5:30 am I park across the street. I close the car door as quietly as I can and cross the street. As I walk up the steps to the porch the door opens. Amy standing there in just a t-shirt. Butterflies fill my stomach as I walk through the door. As she shuts the door I smack her ass softly. Finally getting to touch the ass I’ve wanted since the first day I saw it. Amy leads the way and we head upstairs to her bedroom.

As we enter her room I grab her ass again. We reach the bed and she lays down. She doesn’t have any panties on as she flashing her pussy as she moves in the bed. Standing beside the bed I reach for her pussy. Rubbing her clit with my finger. Her body freezes as I touch her for the first time. As I begin working her clit she slides the top half of her body towards me. Spreading her legs wider I slide my Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan fingers down between her pussy lips. Her hands pulling at my shorts trying to free my cock. I take a step back and take off my clothes. Amy sits up taking off her shirt. Her tits look amazing. My cock hard ready to make the milf in front of me cum.

Amy turns on the bed. Her head at the edge right in front of me. I take a step closer to her. Her hands find my cock and quickly pull it towards her mouth. Amy takes half my cock into her mouth right away. This is the first time I’ve had my dick sucked by a women with her tongue pierced. The stud in her mouth adding to the pleasure the warmth of her mouth gives me. I lean over Amy lowering my face to her hairless pussy. Sticking my tongue between her pussy lips I lick up and down her slit. Amy continues to suck my cock and fondle my balls as I lick her pussy.

After a few mins of 69 I pull myself reluctantly off Amy. She spins in the bed putting her head on the pillows. I quickly get in the bed and between her parted legs. I grab the base of my cock and slide the tip into her waiting pussy. Her warm wet pussy takes the tip of my cock. She moans as I push harder forcing more of my cock inside her. My hands find their way to her big firm tits. Squeezing Escort Beylikdüzü them as I push and pull my hips forcing my cock in and out of her pussy. She moans everytime my cock slides into her. I squeeze and hold her tits as I push the rest of my cock inside her. At least I’m fully inside her.

My balls resting against Amy’s ass. Her pussy lips clenched around the base of my cock. Her moan fills the room. I slowly pull my cock out of her pussy leaving only the head of my cock inside her. I push slowly all the way back into her. As I start fucking her faster her moans increase as well. With a each push into her I start gaining speed. After just a few thrusts at full speed slamming my cock into her as fast and deep as I can.

Amy moans louder the harder I slam my cock into her. Her pussy leaking her juices as it succumbs to the pounding I’m giving it. Stretching her pussy with my big cock reminding her what it feels like to be fucked by a real man. Not her fingers or a toy. Her body rolling through orgasms as I drive my cock deep inside her. Her pussy clamping around my cock as it slips in and out of her. Lost in the moment I begin cumming inside her. Her after jet of my seed shooting deep inside her pussy. My cum filling her pussy sets off her hardest orgasm of the morning. Both of us breathing hard. My cock softens and slips from inside her.

We get dressed and she walks me to do the door. It’s agreed this will be the time and place for fun anytime either of us want it. Playing it safe we agree that it can’t be everyday. I still want her ass and to cum in her mouth. Until next time.

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