What We Did Last NightWhat We Did Last Night


I sit in my bed, as the morning sunlight filters though the curtains. It makes an unusual pattern on the hard wood floor.

I look over at my sleeping husband, and remember last night. After his knee surgery 3 months ago we hadn’t had ‘real’ sex. The pain pills made him loopy, and he couldn’t get it up. I tried to be an understanding wife, but I am always horny… we used to do it everyday, sometimes twice.

He would help me get off. He would eat and finger my pussy, till I would cum all over his face. But the hard plastic vibrator was just not doing it anymore.

I turned to cybering on the net… and that still didn’t help, in fact it made it worse. I needed some real cock.

I would have gone out and gotten some, but I couldn’t leave hubby with the kids for a long period of time. I got out of the house long enough to shop for groceries.

Then last night happened… I think I love him even more now.

It was the same old shit just a different day. After I put the kids to bed. I went to take a bath, and relax. I washed my hair, then got ready to shave my long tanned legs.

I soaped them up, loving the way my hand slid over my soft skin. I then got my pussy lathered up and a new sharp razor to shave.

At that time hubby came in to get ready for bed. He saw me in the mirror, and turned around.

“God I love to see you do that. It reminds me of the time Rize Escort after we first got married and I talked you into it”

I just smiled at him and continued my work. HE sat on the edge of the tub watching me. I felt myself getting wet, and my clit getting hard.

After I finished shaving hubby told me to wait a minute…he went and got my dildo from the bedroom.

He sat on the edge of the tub and rubbed my clit with his fingers. then he started to finger me… first 2 fingers, then 3. I felt my orgasm building. He fingered me harder while thumbing my clit.

“oh God yes… yes aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh”

He kept going till my orgasm was complete and I laid in the tub panting.

“you like that?”

I just nodded my head.

“wait for this.”

He picked up the cup off the shelf.

“spread your cunt lips wide baby.”

I put my legs over the sides of the tub and used my fingers to spread my love box open.

He fills the cup full of water, and pours an even stream over my clit.

“oh my God.. that feels so good… don’t stop don’t stop”

He fills the cup again and pours some more. I am about to cum every time when he runs out of water. It’s driving me nuts.

“ok time to get out meet me in the bedroom”

I look at him and see the lust in his eyes. I get out of the tub as fast as I can with out killing myself. I grab the forgotten Rize Escort Bayan dildo and a towel, and I dry myself on the way there.

Hubby has apparently planned this.. on the bed was satin sheets, and candles were burning on the night stands.

“lay down on your stomach”

I do as I am told and lay on the cool smooth sheets. It teases my sensitive nipples, and I can’t resist moving them on the sheets.

I feel warm lotion hit my back. It smells like peaches, my favorite. He works the lotion into my shoulders and upper back slowly. He works his way down to my ass. He rubs slowly.. never reaching down to touch my achy wet pussy.

He rubs my legs and calves.

“mmmm that feels so good”

“ok roll over.. and get ready”

I thought he had enough and was going to fuck me now.. I wanted him to.

He put some lotion in the cleft between my tits. He starts the torture again. Slowly rubbing down my body.. and making sure he didn’t touch my cunt.

“give it too me now.. FUCK ME!!”

He lays on the bed between my legs. He spreads my pussy lips open and blows on my clit. Then he starts to lick it with little teasing licks.

He puts two fingers in my wet hole, and starts to suck on my clit. The sucking gets harder, then he just does circles wound it with his tongue. I feel his fingers in me, and he has found the magical spot Escort Rize deep in my box.

“god yessssssssssss” I bite the pillow to keep from screaming.

While I was still in the middle of my orgasm he gets on his knees and I wrap my legs around his neck. He slams his cock in my pussy hard. He doesn’t take his time. He fucks me hard deep and fast. I feel another orgasm coming on. He knows it and starts to rub my clit. I cum feeling my juice run on his balls and down the crack of my ass onto the sheets.

“That’s my baby cum for me. Cum hard.” He keeps going not slowing down. I then feel him move. He’s reaching for the dildo on the table. He moves me on to my knees. He fucks my pussy with the dildo for a few strokes. Then his hot hard dick is in me and I feel the dildo on my ass hole.

The feel of the hard plastic in my ass, and his hot flesh dick in my pussy is too much. I cum so hard. It seemed like I was cumming for 5 minutes.

I feel hubby’s cock jerk and explode his hot cum in me.

We lay there.. holding each other for a while. I finally have enough strength to move. I sit up and have a cigarette, while hubby plays with a nipple.

“that had to be the best sex of my life. What happened?” I ask him between draws.

“I needed you, I know how much you needed it.”

I finish my smoke and cuddle with him. We fall asleep naked. All night long I could feel his cock between my ass cheeks and his hand on my tit.

Hubby starts to stir.. he opens his eyes and sees me staring at him.

“hi baby, what time is it?”

“6 o’clock”

“we have 2 hours till the kids wake up” Then he starts to rub my pussy lips…

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