What Karen Wants Ch. 03What Karen Wants Ch. 03


What a shower this was going to be. Tom slipped in with us and began to lather us up. He felt Karen’s back and she gasped gently. His hands trailed up the outside of her torso and tenderly stroked the outside of her tits as his hands passed by. I slipped two fingers into her pussy. Even though the water was covering us I could tell that she was very wet inside. I wasn’t in the mood for romance any longer. I wanted to fuck!

I jammed my fingers in and out as fast as I could and then added a third and soon there after a fourth. I felt my hand sliding into her body and she gave me the reaction I wanted so desperately.

“OH FUCK YES!!” she said as she thrashed between Jack and me. “Put your hand in me, fuck me with your whole fucking fist! DO IT, DO IT, FUCK!”

Jack had his dick out and was pressing it into her ass crack. I knew what she would do, and so did Jack.

“C’mon Jack, put that cock of yours in my ass, You want it as bad as I do. FUCK MY ASS! FUCK IT FUCK IT FUUUUUCK!”

Jack pistoned his hot dick in and out of her asshole with little thought to anything but cumming. He railed her so hard we started to lose our balance and slip.

“Wait a minute,” I said “let’s go someplace where we won’t die if we fall.”

“NO! MAKE ME CUM GOD DAMN IT! MAKE ME CUM!” Karen was out of control and the gleam in Jack’s eye told me he liked it.

He mercilessly pulled his cock from her wet ass and said,

“That’s a good idea Ash, let’s got o your bedroom.”

We went and got in the bed with Karen a bit wobbly and dragging behind. I crawled on the bed and immediately felt Jacks dick on my own asshole! He slipped it in slow.

“Mmmmm, that’s great.” I moaned. His dick kept going in and in and in. I loved the filled up feeling and rocked back on his cock until I felt his nuts against my pussy.

“Ooohh God that is so good.”

As soon as he felt himself bottom out, so to speak, he pulled out to the tip and slammed back in hard! He wasted no time setting up a fast paced rhythm and fucked my asshole bursa escort raw. It felt so deep. I loved every minute of it. Karen got on the bed in front of me and fed me her pussy.

“well look who the insatiable slut is now. I love watching you get ass fucked like this. Why don’t you lick my pussy while he wears out your tight butt.” Her tone made it clear that it was a command, not a suggestion. So, like the diligent learner I was turning out to be, I put forth my best effort trying to rape her wet pussy with my mouth.

“Oooh, you are a good little cunt sucker aren’t you? Mmm, fuck that is so nice. Put you fingers in my ass!”

I did, boring two fingers into her tight rectum, trying to give her the same sensations I was getting.

“Yes, yes, uhn, that’s what I want, you are good.” She said as she slipped into her own pleasure zone. I soon forgot all about her tasty puss and her tight ass and was lost in a tidal wave of an orgasm.

“FUCK YES! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!” Jack, hearing my screams slammed into me that much harder. I felt my knees go weak and couldn’t support myself as I came. I fell to the bed and Jack’s cock bounced out of my well fucked ass.

“C’mere Jack. I want that hard dick. Now.” Karen always gets what she wants.

Jack moved to her and she swallowed his dick with little ceremony. She deep throated him until his moaning was a constant plea for release.

“Deny me my orgasm will you? Well two can play this game.” Karen laid back on the bed and motioned for Jack to get on top.

“How much more do you got, Hon?”

“As much as you want. Open your legs for me and I’ll fuck you harder than you’d believe possible.”

She did just that and Jack pushed her legs up until her knees were by her ears. He placed the tip of his beautiful dick to her pussy and pushed just the tip of the tip inside, just enough to make her beg for more.

“Oh baby, please don’t tease me. I need to cum, make me cum.” Karen got what she wanted as Jack suddenly pounded his cock bursa escort bayan into her asshole!

He was going to make good on his claim. He was dead set on fucking her as hard as he possibly could.

God, my dear God. Thank you for a man with that much stamina!

He was grunting hard with each stroke. She was trying to fuck back at him. It was so sexy to watch. I crawled over to them and started rubbing her clit hard. Between Jack’s animalistic thrusting and my hard rubbing we had Karen literally crying for more.


I slid two fingers into her pussy and then continued my assault on her clit while fucking her juicy cunt with my hand. Jack was grunting hard and it felt like the whole room was shaking with the force of his thrusts into her ass. It looked so fucking hot with her ass stretched around his big dick and my fingers spreading her cunt.

I leaned over and bit her nipple hard and that sent her through the roof!

“OOOOOOOHH FUUUUUCK! UUUUHHHNAAAAHAHHH… OH… OH… OH… OH… OH…” She bucked hard struggling to free herself from the assault we were giving. Jack lost control and decided to pull out. He jacked his cock a couple of time and the exploded all over the place! He moaned as huge jets of jizz shot through the air, landing all over my face and in my hair. He drenched Karen’s body and face as well. She was unaware though, as she passed out and was already snoring.

I laid back and tried to relax but was just too horny. The feeling of cum on me resparked my flame.

“Hey Jack, do you want to take a bath with me?”

“Ooh, that sounds nice. You wait here, and I’ll draw it for you.” What a gentleman, no wonder Karen licked him so much.

A few minutes later we were sinking into the warm suds with me sliding down on his seemingly forever-hard dick. This time we were in no rush and I casually slid my pussy up and down on that beautiful tool. I really felt good with his dick in görükle escort me. It wasn’t long until I felt the sweet sensation of an orgasm, just strong enough to relax me. He came in me as if on cue, and we just relaxed in the tub together.

I must have dozed off because I woke the next morning with Karen sitting on my bed beside me with a delicate lace nighty on. I felt my nipples instantly harden and my cunt twitch. She leaned down and kissed me gently.

“Good morning. You are quite the wild cat when properly motivated.” She said with a smirk.

I felt myself blush and kissed her again. Just when I thought we were going for the fuck record again Jack rushed into the room.

“Holy shit you two, listen to this!” he said turning on my TV set. It was the morning news and the anchor was in mid sentence.

“…had apparently been drinking but those reports are as yet unconfirmed. Once again Mr. Tom Douse was killed last night when his car veered into a concrete divider and flipped off of the road. Mr. Douse was one of Long Islands leading Gay Rights activists. He will be missed. In other news…”

The TV faded to a distant noise in the back of my mind. The picture of the man on the screen was the same man who had joined our little party last night. Oh my god, we should have paid more attention. We should have paid more attention. We could have prevented this if we had only paid more attention.

“Listen you two,” Jack said, “we aren’t in control here. We have to keep going and try to lead the best lives we can. Tom wouldn’t want us to mourn like this. He would want us to celebrate his life, laugh and share the good times we shared. Even if tose good times were just one night.”

Jack was right. From that day on I tried to be more attentive to the needs of those around me, to cherish every moment of every day. The three of us share a nice house now and don’t invite guests into our sexual or emotional lives anymore.

A week after that night I found out I was pregnant. Karen always wanted kids but because of her rigorous physical demands on herself she has become unable. When the baby was born everything changed. Karen treats him like he is her own and the three of us spoil him rotten. He is only a few weeks old and already learning that rule number one is Karen gets what Karen wants.

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