A Tourist’s TaleA Tourist’s Tale


I was a lonely tourist from Australia, on holiday in the Netherlands, when I decided I needed some company. Walking up and down the streets of Amsterdam, I saw you standing topless in a window. You looked heavenly, the warm light highlighting your auburn hair. You looked nervous, as if you’d never stood in a window like this before.

I entered the room and when we spoke, I found you also had an Australian accent. What a surprise! You said you’d been backpacking when you were robbed, and most of your money was taken. Taking tricks was the last thing you wanted to do, but you needed to eat, you wanted to get back home, so today you were giving this a go. You were so nervous, having never done this before but needing to do it to get by.

I was your first customer. You asked if I had anyone at home. I told you I was a single boy from Sydney and was surprised when I found out you came from Sydney, too. We negotiated a price for the night, you got dressed and we went to my hotel. We had a meal and got to know each other a bit better – not how I thought my first time with a hooker would go! We then went to my room.

You started by slowly undressing, teasing me with a slow dance to a sensuous beat. You were so captivating I could not tear my eyes from you. You then undressed me and we went to the bathroom, started the spa. The bubbles and the jets made you laugh. I remember how your toes played with my cock while we both relaxed in the warm water.

You told me we would not kiss. eskort görükle I understood – we weren’t in that kind of a relationship. Instead you ducked below the water, and started using your mouth and hands on me – taking my cock into your mouth, rubbing my shaft and balls with your hands while your tongue licked around the head of my cock. To help you, I rose out of the water and sat on the edge of the spa tub. You got me hard and soon I had to restrain myself, I so wanted to fuck your pretty mouth. Instead I held the back of your head, keeping my shaft in your mouth. It had been far too long for me, and before long I felt my balls tighten in your hands as I shot wad after wad of semen into your mouth. You even swallowed, which surprised me very much.

We dried off from the spa. You then went to the mini bar and got us both some drinks. We got a bit tipsy as we just enjoyed each other’s company, speaking of home and our respective life experiences. I knew we’d be intimate later, but we had all night ahead of us. I found out what you liked, what you disliked, and decided then and there I wanted more than one night with you.

We ordered room service. While waiting, we switched on the TV – this being Amsterdam, half the channels were showing porn. Although you weren’t really a fan, I found something sensual to watch – nothing too hard, just a film with a young man and woman loving each other gently and intimately.

After our supper, I decided it was time to take you. kestel escort We undressed again, and I started playing with your breasts. I went to the fridge, took out an ice cube from the freezer, and started teasing your skin with it. Your nipples stood up proudly, and I took one into my mouth. I nibbled gently on it, teasing you with my teeth. I continued to run the ice over your skin until it melted away. You were gasping, I’m not sure whether it was from the cold or from the sensation and the pleasure.

Remembering what you said, what you liked, I started kissing your neck and behind your ears, but my lips didn’t touch your face. I slowly trailed my way down your body, eventually reaching your pussy and soft thighs. I was enchanted by your fragrance, your pussy smelled so nice.

I was looking into your eyes as my lips and tongue found your clitoris and pussy lips. I thought I was in heaven, I couldn’t believe it but you tasted even better than you smelled.

Your eyes were closed now, but as my tongue slid between your pussy lips your eyes snapped open and you gasped. A soft moan escaped your lips. I darted my tongue inside and out, teasing your pussy lips. Your back arched and you begged me not to stop, told me nobody had ever tasted and teased your pussy before.

Your breathing became ragged as I moved to your clit, gently sucking it into my mouth. I started alternating, clit to pussy and back, again and again and again. You grabbed my head bursa sınırsız escort and held it tight against you, so hard I could hardly breathe. My tongue and mouth kept pleasing you, though, and it was only a matter of time before you started to cum, your breathing fast and ragged. Your pussy was so moist, your pussy lips open and inviting more.

The moans you were making were starting to get me aroused again when you grabbed my cock, played with me to get me hard enough I could enter you. Still holding my cock, you pushed me flat onto my back. You straddled my hips, and lowered your pussy onto my shaft. You were still so wet that my cock slipped effortlessly inside. Leaning back and holding onto my thighs, you worked your pussy up and down my shaft. You were wet but so tight, it was torture on me and I had to struggle not to shoot a load into you.

We were both sweaty and the room smelled of sex, smelled of us.

Without words, we changed positions – missionary, doggy, spoon. Our bodies seemed like they were made for each other. I lost count of the number of times we came, sometimes one, sometimes the other, sometimes together. That night we sometimes held each other tight, and we were like wild animals at other times. You begged me to kiss your neck again, and scratched my back until you drew blood while I did.

Then you asked me to kiss you. My lips were bruised from grinding into you pussy, but I happily complied. That kiss hooked me, and I knew I needed you in my life.

The next morning we went to a travel agent and got you a ticket. We left Amsterdam together as friends and landed in Sydney as a couple. You already know the story of how we made out again during the taxi ride home, and of how my Amsterdam whore became my wife.

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