What I Did Last Summer – David’s ExWhat I Did Last Summer – David’s Ex


The sun was peeking through the blinds, splashing light across David’s big bed.

He was laying back on a couple of pillows, his white beard on his chest, his shock of white hair wild and disheveled, his blue eyes locked with mine.

I was laying between his legs, his long slim cock in my mouth, one hand on the base stroking the wet shaft. His cock was wet with a glossy mixture of his precum and my saliva.

I had been feasting on his dick for about five minutes, and I wasn’t done pleasuring my older lover yet.

Running my tongue up the underside of the very hard shaft, I paused to squeeze a large clear drop of precum from the head of his cock.

“Mmm. Someone’s very wet.” I said, licking the clear pearl drop from the tip. I ran a hand over his abs, and up to his tan pecs, pinching his nipples gently.

“Come up here.” my handsome older lover said, brushing a lock of white hair out of his eyes

I obeyed, crawling up to straddle his slim body, rubbing my firm round boobs on his chest.

He took his cock in one hand and while I bent down to kiss him, began rubbing the slick head on my pussy.

With a thrust, he slipped his cock inside me and I began to move my hips, sliding his long slim dick in and out of my very wet pussy.

Both of his hands cupped my tits, pulling and squeezing the nipples as I rode him.

“Fuck…so good.” I blurted out as I began to slide my pussy down on him, the smacking sound filling the room.

David thrust up to meet my cunt, his cock deep in me with each motion.

An orgasm began coiling up inside me like a spring tensing. The next moment I was shuddering with pleasure as I came, David’s cock still pounding me.

As I convulsed with ecstasy I lay forward on my older lover, shaking and quivering.

“Fuck Baby…cumming…oh, oh, oh, ungg.” I uttered, my pussy fluttering.

David wrapped both arms around me and held me as I shivered, his cock still rhythmically stroking me.

He fucked me like that for a long time, my older lover’s lean body intertwined with mine.

I could feel his body tensing and then with a few powerful strokes, he began orgasming inside my pussy.

“I’m cumming, babe,” He said, holding me tighter.

David plunged his dick deep in my cunt and held it there, his strong hands on my hips.

“Ooh babe, yes” David groaned as I felt his long, slim cock begin to powerfully jerk inside me.

His cock pulsed again and again and I knew his cum was jetting into me with each throb.

He convulsed a half dozen times, his whole body tensing and releasing as he came.

After a moment his orgasms began to fade, leaving me with the sensation of soft skin on skin, hands on my body, his beard tickling my chin.

We lay like that for a long while kissing, my body pressed against his, his cock inside me

As I lifted David’s soft cock slipped out of me, a stream of his thick cum soon followed. I was always amazed at how much the older man came, it seemed to be more than any other guy I had been with.

“Stay right there honey,” he asked and I held myself there, my pussy over his stomach.

I steadied myself with one hand and parted my pussy lips with the other so David could watch his cum oozing out of me onto his abs.

“Fuck, that’s sexy,” he said, watching the last few drops fall.

I curled up with him, David holding me tight, his beard and devilish mustache ticking me as we kissed. His lithe, tattooed arm reached over to palm one of the cheeks of my butt as post-orgasm tremors shook him.

Later at breakfast, David made omelets and coffee.

“Remember the ex I told you about? Valerie is coming to town this weekend. I’m putting her up in the guest room.”

“Oh. OK.” I said warily.

“We’re still very good friends. When she’s in town, I host. I think you’ll like her.” David said, looking over his reading glasses.

“How long were you married?” I asked.

“Ten years. She has been a good friend, even after the split.”

“Is she younger?”

“Well, I’m sixty-two so she would be fifty-two.”

“Is she prettier than me”

“I thought she could have modeled, back then. But she got a law degree against my advice. She was pretty wild in her younger days and we had an…interesting relationship.”

What do you mean?”

“We were lovers for a long time, then we married, but we kept it open.”

“I see”

“After you meet I think you’ll come to admire her. She’s very engaging. Smart, and still very lovely.”

“This weekend then?”

“Yes, I’m picking up her favorite wine, and I’ll make salmon for dinner on Friday. We can relax and you can get to know her.”

A tiny bit jealous, I did some research on our houseguest, David’s ex-wife Valerie. She was short, like me, with dark hair and green eyes. What caught my eye in addition to her slim figure, was her large boobs. Each shot I found had cleavage on display, gowns, dresses, or just a blouse, they were on display. In a few of the gowns, the shape of her nipples could be seen pushing against the material. They were hard, karataş escort and high on her teardrop-shaped tits.

Most interesting was the shot of her in a bikini, taken two years ago when she was fifty. Slim and shapely, her big tits slung in the black one-piece, nipples hard, and a nice ass.

I found myself hoping I looked as good at fifty.

The next day, I woke up to David packing.

Change of plans.” he said. “The photoshoot has turned into a three-day thing in San Diego.”

“Three days?” I said. “Who’s the client?”

“Some drug company needs a dashing, white-haired gentleman to pitch their stuff.” He said laughing. “My agency wouldn’t say who the client is. They just needed someone over sixty.”

“And hot, obviously,” I added, playfully taking him in my arms.

” By the way, Val Is still coming tonight. Can you be here to roll out the red carpet, so to speak?”

“Me? I don’t know anything about her.”

Exactly. You two can use this time to get to know one another. She has some work meetings so it’s not all day. In the evening you two can relax, have dinner delivered, and hang out by the pool.”

Well, alright. I would like to know her a bit better.”

His large leather duffle zipped closed.

“I’m off. My car will be here any minute.”

David drew me in to kiss me.

“Be a generous host, have fun, and I’ll see you Sunday night.”

What does a fifty-year-old woman like Valerie like?”

“The same things you do, Honey. Obviously.”

Valerie arrived late in the afternoon, looking casual in a plaid tweed blazer with a matching skirt. She wore a white tank top underneath the double-breasted jacket that barely concealed her big boobs. The short tweed skirt was split up the side, and I wondered who got to watch her wearing that revealing number on the plane.

“Hi honey, I’m Valerie.” She said removing her sunglasses. “Wow, David didn’t exaggerate. You are beautiful.”

“Thank you.” I said, blushing slightly under her gaze.

I was wearing a backless silk halter top with no bra, and some short tennis skirt. I wanted to be casual, but show Val what she was up against. I now hoped I hadn’t overdone it and ended up looking slutty.

She lifted her arms for a hug, pulled me in, and squeezed me tight, her firm and very large boobs pressing against me.

She ran her hands down my nude back.

“I love how low this halter ties back here.” She observed, running a hand over the bow at the small of my back with familiarity.

I felt a shiver run through me at the older woman’s bold touch.

I put my hand on the back of her arm and couldn’t help but notice that her nipples were hard, dark, and firm through the material of the bra she was wearing.

She was commenting on my halter but eyeing the shape of my tits and my hard nipples.

“Let’s get you settled,” I said, taking her carry-on.

“So David has told me a little about you. He has you working as his secretary?” Valeria asked.

“Yes, among other things,” I replied

“I’ll bet,” she said with a small smile.

“I’ve arranged for dinner to be delivered, so I thought we could relax by the pool until it’s set up. Would you like a drink?”

“I’d love a drink,” the gorgeous older woman said, “That flight was crap.”

“You’re here in the guest room, ” I said, placing her bag on the bed.

“Perfect. I’m going to change out of this.” She said, pulling off her blazer.

“I’ll be in the kitchen..” I began, only to be cut off by Valerie

“Stay and talk to me. I am dying to know what David is working on.” The raven-haired beauty said.

“Well, it’s a short-story anthology…” I began as I watched Val remove her blouse and reach around to unsnap her bra.

Her large tits fell free, and she took them in both hands and massaged them.

“Oh fuck that’s better. That bra looks great but it’s a bitch.” She said, running her hands over her tits.

“Not bad for fifty-two, hmm?”

“Umm, they’re beautiful.’ I stammered.

“Big boobs can be a pain. Yours are a perfect size. So, short stories hmm?” She continued, stepping out of her skirt.

“Umm, yes all new, I’m helping edit.” I blurted out, taking in the older woman’s lush body, slim hips, long dark hair, and full lips.

“We’re casual tonight I take it?’ she queried, slipping on a silk blouse, forgoing a bra.

“Yes, I thought we’d just get comfortable,” I replied.

“I like that,” she said, with that small smile once again.

The table was already set for dinner when the doorbell rang with the dinner from our favorite Pan-Asian restaurant. The two adorable young men that set up the meal couldn’t keep their eyes off of Valerie’s cleavage, and I couldn’t blame them

I was a little jealous as well of her magnetic sexuality.

After dinner, we made some small talk as Valerie continued to pour the Merlot.

“I can see what David likes about you. You’re smart, funny, and very sexy.” Valerie said as she took a sip.

“Thank you, Valerie.”

“Please, karataş escort bayan Val is fine. That’s what my friends call me.”

“Alright, Val.” I said, blushing again.

“It’s a beautiful night, let’s take this bottle out to the pool,” Val said.

“That’s a great idea,” I said.

“Split an edible for dessert?’ she asked.

“Another good idea,” I replied, taking the half from her hand.

The moon was up and the pool lights shimmering gave the area a relaxed, otherworldly vibe. Or maybe that’s the pot kicking in, but I felt for a moment I was floating. Val joined me on the large wicker couch and sipped her wine.

“Mmm, that water looks so good,” she said after a moment.

I realized she was running her hand through my hair, and I closed my eyes.

I felt her hand come to rest on my shoulder, and she pulled me in ever so slightly. I relaxed into Val, leaning into her a bit. She was nuzzling my hair, then my ear, softly kissing my forehead, my cheek.

I turned to face her and her lips met mine, her soft tongue snaking between my lips, into my mouth.

I kissed her back, harder, my tongue exploring her mouth as well.

One of her hands was on my thigh, gently caressing the inside of my leg.

She broke off the kiss to look at me.

“This OK, honey?” She asked as she ran a hand through my hair.

“Oh yes,” I replied.

“You are so beautiful. I love your eyes, Honey.” Val said and kissed me again.

Let’s’ get in the water.’ she said

“My suit..” I began, then I saw Val rise and drop the silk blouse on the wicker chair, her big tits pale in the moonlight, her nipples hard.

“No need.” She said smiling and dipped one toe into the cool water

The lights from the pool lit her from behind and with her back to me, I could see her full pussy lips as she pointed a toe in the water. She stepped to the ladder, turned to face me, and slowly climbed down into the blue water, her big tits moving slightly with the motion.

I left my blouse and skirt on the lounge chair and slid into the water after her.

She was sitting in the shallow end, watching me as I glided through the shallow water to sit next to her.

She placed her hand on the back of my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. Her hand ran down my thigh and slipped between my legs, a long slim finger parting my pussy lips.

In less than a minute of Val’s tongue in my mouth and her finger rubbing my clit I was shaking with orgasm as she held me.

When I was done trembling and gasping, she stood and sat on the side of the pool, spreading her legs for me.

Kneeling in the water I moved up between her legs and ran my hands down her thighs. With both thumbs I spread her plush pussy lips open, the whole time staring into her eyes.

“Oo yes, Baby. That’s where I want you.” She purred, leaning back, her big boobs swinging slightly.

Kissing her lovely pussy here and there, I slowly worked my way around to her clit, poking out of its hood. When I softly touched the tip of my tongue to the fat bud she groaned and I felt her body jerk. Seeing her reaction I couldn’t help but increase the pressure, pressing my tongue along the length of her clit, now peeking out farther, seeking my tongue.

“Oohhhh, fuck, yes baby. That’s it, so good yes yes yes.” The older woman babbled

I could see her pussy was gloriously wet, so I slipped my tongue between her lips to taste her, then slid two fingers into her hole.

She gasped, and when my tongue slid over her clit again her body tensed and jerked like electricity was running through her.

I focused on her large clit, licking and sucking the bud, my fingers slipping in and out of her wet cunt as I lapped at her.

Suddenly she became quiet, then began convulsing under my tongue.

“Ooooohhhh, fuuuuuck, I’m cumming baby. Yes, yes, yes.” She wailed softly, her body spasming and jerking, her feet now out of the water and planted on the pool edge, opening her legs wide for me.

I continued to lick her clit softly, my hand reaching up to squeeze one of her large firm tits

Val sat up, leaned forward and took my head in both hands, and kissed me, still quivering and shaking from her orgasm.

“Mmm, that was sooo good, baby.” she said breathlessly, sliding into the water next to me.

She held me tight as we sat in the shallow cool water, kissing and running her hands over my tits.

We slept together in the master bedroom that night, Valeri spooning me tight. The morning dawned bright and clear and I awoke to her nuzzling my neck, soft hands curling around my tits, her vulva rubbing against my butt.

As the sun through the windows slid across the bed I woke to find Val’s hand softly rubbing my pussy, the other gently fondling a tit, her lips nuzzling my neck.

We can’t dally too long.” she said. “I have a masseuse coming over. My favorite, Peter, had an opening today.”

“A masseuse?”

“Well, he fucks me too. If I ask for it. He can do us both if you like. Or, you escort karataş can watch, I think he’d like that. I know I would.”

“I can watch?”

“Or see if you like him and join in. He has a nice body.”

Val wasn’t kidding about Peter. He was tall, well-built, and muscular with a dark complexion. He came through the door with his folding massage table, wearing a tight white shirt and raw silk pants that gave us both a glimpse of the cock underneath.

He set up in the guest room as we got nude and put on robes.

“Are we both getting some work today?” He asked without a hint of irony.

“Yes, Peter. Please put both of us on my account.” Val said, peeling off her robe. “I’ll need a full massage and we’ll both need a little special attention.”

“Of course.”

Peter’s large talented hands worked over Val’s body as I watched. I could see he was getting hard, but he professionally worked out every knot his hands could detect.

When Val rolled over on her back things took on a different tone. Her big boobs jiggled slightly as she turned and reached for the drawstring of his loose pants, pulling the bow like opening a present.

Peter’s fat, dark uncut cock was revealed, and Val took it in one hand and rolled to her side to take the muscular Hispanic man’s hard-on into her mouth. She slid the foreskin back and forth over the smooth round head of his dick a few times before her tongue snaked out to tease the underside of the tip.

The tall masseuse moved one hand to her pussy, slipping a pair of fingers between her full lips as he watched his cock slip between her lips.

I stood, dropped my robe and moved to the massage table, and placed my hands on Val’s legs, positioning myself between them.

Val in response moved her legs back and opened them for me, her wet pussy glistening in the light.

As she worked over Peter’s big cock I began to lick and suck her, tracing the full lips of her cunt with my tongue and flicking her clit. I crawled up on the table to get my face between her legs and my tongue inside her as far as I could. Soon the older woman was bucking and convulsing as she orgasmed, one hand holding Peter’s cock, now wet with saliva and precum.

Peter fucked us both, taking turns with us.

I sat on the table as Peter stood between my legs and fucked me like a machine, slowing to lean down to kiss me and suck my nipples. Val stood next to him, playing with my clit and running her hands up and down his back. Now and then he would turn to her and kiss her while his cock continued to slide in and out of me. His cock was thick, dark, and veiny and I loved watching it split my little shaved pussy wide.

So did he.

“I think he likes you.” Val said laughing, noticing the amount of time our masseuse was taking fucking my little cunt.

Val finally laid him down on the table and sucked him to orgasm, swallowing his cum as he spasmed powerfully.

Later, after he had gone, we relaxed outdoor near the pool talking about sex.

“My first sexual experience was with my Uncle.” Valerie said. “I was young but ready for a man, He was good-looking, very strong, and popular. After I seduced him, he came to me often, and I learned a lot from him. Have you ever had a family member?”

“I fucked my step-dad and then blackmailed him. But he was trying to blackmail me for sex.” I said laughing.

“Yes, I heard that story from David. I mean a blood relative. ” Val said.

“No. I mean, I don’t think so. When I was eighteen I met a man that said he knew my father, in the military. We fucked that night and I pretended he was my dad That’s as close as I’ve come.”

“You never knew your father?” Val asked.

“He left when I was four. What was it like fucking your Uncle?” I said, dodging the question.

“He was a very attractive man, and I was a young woman, but very mature for my age. We were attracted to one another, I showed him a lot of interest and he introduced me to sex. It was very good, and he took good care of me. We fucked a lot, and I think if things were different…” She trailed off, not completing the thought.

“My mother wasn’t happy about it when she found out.” Valerie continued, “But she loved her brother and me so she looked the other way.”

“It sounds hot if you don’t mind me saying. You turned out OK.” I replied.

“Thank you. I loved him a lot, and he loved me. He took really good care of me, and when we moved on I was a better person.”

“Can I tell you something?” I asked.

“Of course.”

“I’ve fantasized about meeting my father and having sex with him. He seduces me and I make love to him. I go down on him, he goes down on me. Finally, he fucks me and cums in me as he holds me tight. Sometimes I fantasize he knows and seduces me, sometimes only I know. Sometimes we both know and we can’t help it, we fuck anyway. That’s why I imagine the man I met and fucked that night was my dad. I get really turned on by the thought. I know it’s wrong.” I admitted.

“No, that’s a very sweet thought, honey.” Val replied.

“It’s wrong, but I have that fantasy a lot. That’s why I like older men, I think.” I continued.

“It’s not wrong honey. It’s natural, and I’m here to tell you it can be a fruitful relationship. A lot of women feel that way, but nothing ever comes of it. What would you do if he came to you and tried to get you into bed.” Val asked.

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