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The most wonderful thing in life is a surprise. I don’t mean a scare, like a loud noise or a near miss on the highway, or a surprise birthday party with friends jumping out from behind the furniture, but a more subtle and profound surprise. A realization that the shape of things you once though to be just so are actually far different, and far better, can reshape your mind and your life.

Michelle was such a surprise. I met her though Gina my junior year. She was in the school of aviation and wanted to be a pilot and to this day I couldn’t tell you how the two met. Gina and I had a stormy, steamy relationship that ended badly, but Michelle and I stayed friends afterwards. Partly because we lived only a few blocks from each other, we wound up doing things together, like studying or sharing rides into town or whatnot. We didn’t date and there was never much sexual tension between us, but we connected on a deeper level sometimes.

We talked about sex a lot, but just as often we talked about more general things like our outlook on life and attitudes towards different issues. Even when we disagreed we found common ground in respect for each other’s opinions. Except her choice of food, that is. I have always and will always hate Indian food. But hat was a small enough issue.

What finally opened my eyes was a party at her place. I had a good loud stereo and she needed it for a party she was throwing so I carted it over and set it up for her. I’m not much of a party guy – I prefer more intimate settings – but I hung out and enjoyed the place. I figured you couldn’t go wrong with a room full of attractive young women bouncing around and having a good time.

I was drinking lightly and honestly planning on going home early, but I saw Michelle out there dancing and I found I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She was dancing alone and her movements just brought out a whole new image to me, that of a sensual, sexual creature. Her eyes were closed and her hands were above her head and she just swayed with the music, her head moving back and forth and her hips swiveling slowly in time. She looked like something out of nature, a tall blade of grass moving in a gentle breeze, or a wisp of smoke rising from a campfire. She held my attention with an iron grip.

Michelle had never struck me as a particularly sexual creature for several reasons. She was not the body type I prefer, for one. She was very slender, skinny even, with very small breasts and little in the way of feminine curves. She had the body of a runner. She did have a slight swelling of the hips and a backside that made it clear she was a “she,” but she was not particularly feminine. She had a long graceful neck and a bob haircut that accentuated it nicely. Still, this was all in opposition to what I liked at the time. I was a typical lout whose head snapped around at large breasts and long legs. As she danced, her hands went up and down her body slowly, pressing against her sides and moving up past her breasts, up her lovely neck and into her hair, then extended above her head to wave in the breeze. I cannot describe it adequately. Words fail me. I was seeing something entirely new to me.

I stayed and watched her through the night, and near the end she noticed me. She beckoned me out to the floor but I demurred. She smiled wickedly and then did something amazing; she began to dance for me. 15 feet apart, with 20 other people in the room, she was dancing for me as if we were alone. She faced me most of the time, and when she turned away it was just to give me a better angle of her touching herself and moving her body seductively to the music. Her hands roamed her body more freely now, intentionally touching her bra-less breasts and ass, even occasionally sliding a finger under her low belt line for a moment. She played with her lips and nibbled at her fingers, shooting glances at me the whole time, often boring directly into my eyes or even looking me over and staring at my crotch. Most of the other dancers had paired up by now and were busy dirty dancing with their partners so few people noticed.

I could handle only so much of that before I decided to join her, but as soon as I got there she decided that she had had enough and went to get a beer and have a seat with her girlfriends, leaving me high and dry. I tried to cover by moving up next to another girl on the floor, and fortunately there were more women than men still moving that late. I tried to concentrate on the little blonde cutie with the low cut top and inviting cleavage, but my mind and eyes kept wandering over to Michelle, now completely ignoring ankara escort me and having a laugh with her friends. Blondie was half drunk and was just interested in some bump and grind, so I let her push her ass into my crotch for a while for some dirty dancing, but the boner she put on me wasn’t to be hers that night.

A few more songs and it was time to pack it up. Michelle turned the music down to a background level and started passing out jackets and shooing people towards the door. Blondie stated making noises like she wanted me to go with her, and just as I was about to have to come up with a line Michelle bailed me out.

“Sorry, I need him to help me with the stereo.” She said, holding out Blondie’s coat. Blondie looked a little disappointed but left without incident. A few stragglers were left and I went to the back room to start taking down the stereo. A mound of CD’s were scattered all over so I started packing them up and matching them to their cases.

I heard the door close as the last people left. I was about to start disconnecting wires when Michelle came into the room. She headed for her CD stack and grabbed one in particular, some blues group I had never heard of. She handed it to me and said, “Put this on repeat. Then come out to see me.” She gave me a quick wink and went back out to the main room. I queued up the disc, raised the volume a bit and went out.

The music started immediately and Michelle was in the middle of the floor, swaying very slightly to the sultry groove. I moved in close to her, but she pushed me away and guided me to a chair where she made me sit. She touched her finger to my lips to keep me silent, then moved away and began dancing for me again.

She was wearing white canvas deck shoes, khaki “high water” Capri pants and a button down shirt with arms and hem too short, showing off her midriff when she raised her arms. She kicked off her shoes almost immediately, no longer concerned about others stepping on her toes. She swayed her slender hips to the music, just as she had before, hands roaming all over her body. At first she wasn’t looking at me, but closed her eyes and lost herself in the slow, driving beat, dancing a few feet in front of me.

She turned her back on me an accentuated her hip movements, slowly grinding back and forth in an exquisite figure-8 motion. That lovely little ass had never looked so good, that pale flesh had never been so enticing, and her motion had never been so hypnotic. I was seeing a new woman emerge from a plain-Jane shell.

She was good, too. Her maneuver had hidden her hands and directed my attention downward so that I didn’t even notice her unbuttoning her blouse. When she let it fall to the ground between us my eyes shot back up to see her slender naked back and tiny waist, still swaying in the musical breeze. Her arms wrapped around her breasts and she turned, still dancing, still dancing for me. Her arms moved out until only her hands covered her small breasts, and still she danced.

She turned back around and showed me her ass again, but this time I noticed her hands go for the buttons. As her torso turned slightly this way and that, I caught glimpses of the gentle curve under her breasts which made my hands ache to touch them. As her hands began to undo her pants I noticed more of my own physical situation.

She was getting me hot! My heart was beating fast and hard, my hands were aching from gripping the arms of the chair, and the discomfort in my pants was growing steadily. I rearranged my seating position and did some minor positioning maintenance to make myself more comfortable.

She had her pants undone now and began pushing them down her willowy hips, still swishing back and forth to the sultry blues sounds. She bared her ass, narrow and subtle and lily white, and pushed them further down until she was doubled over in front of me. A pair of pink bikini-style panties covered her most delicate places, but the heady scent escaped. She smelled so perfectly like sex that I think I moaned a little. I know I shuddered and my penis throbbed painfully, almost fully erect now. She bent back straight and tall and stepped out of her pants, now bundled on the floor.

Then she turned to face me again. Through all of this, her eyes had been either closed or averted and she had not looked at me. Now her eyes bored into mine, those cold gray windows showing passion and confidence. Her face was still serene and beautiful, not lewd or aggressive, but relaxed as if this were the most comfortable thing she could wish for.

Her hands did not cover ankara escort bayan her breasts this time, but again roamed her pale flesh in erotic passages. She pressed one breast up, squeezing the nipple, with one hand while the other dipped low into her panties, obviously touching herself in that intimate place. And still, her eyes bored in on mine. I found it so hard to break that gaze, but I wanted to see her in all her glory.

I had never imagined she could be like this! I had known Michelle for months and never once thought she had this in her. I had never felt any kind of sexual tension between us, nor felt that she wanted something more from me than the solid friendship we had developed. Even now I didn’t get that feeling. This didn’t even feel like a practiced act of seduction, but rather like a deepening insight into her most personal feelings and desires. I felt like I was watching a force of nature, a sprit of wind and moonlight following its nature in a dance devoid of duplicity or deceit. I was being allowed to see something more private than skin, more personal then sex, and more stimulating than anything I had ever seen.

Hooking a thumb into each side of her panties, she slowly pushed them down with the rhythmic movements of her hips, until they fell down her slim legs to the floor. She stood there, completely nude, and still she danced.

She moved a little further away from me and closed her eyes again, turning her back on me and losing herself in the music and movement once again. She continued to sway and move, and to let her hands find their places. She turned back toward me and slowly prowled forward, stopping when she was very close.

She reached out to my face and put her fingers at my lips, pushing forward a little. I opened my mouth and sucked the two fingers she offered, trying to convey my arousal through her slender digits. She removed her fingers and put them between her legs, rubbing her lightly tufted mound, then slipping them into herself with a slight shudder. She slid the tips of her fingers in and out for a few moments, then raised her hand again to my face. Damn this was hot! I took her fingers hungrily, sucking her sweet juice from them and shuddering in my own ecstasy. I had never been so artfully and completely aroused. This woman was amazing!

She removed her fingers and bent down to my belt. She deftly undid the clasp, then quickly unzipped the blue jeans. I lifted my hips so she could pull down my pants and boxers, and then settled back down, my stiff member now fully exposed and pointing up at my navel.

She wasted no time. She turned her back to me and stuck her ass out, then reached between her legs to grab my dick. She pointed it up at her and sat right down on it in one motion. We both erupted with gasps of pleasure as our heat mingled inside her. She felt so warm and complete around me, and I felt like I filled her up entirely.

She held that pose for a few moments, hands on knees with most of her weight on me, with her eyes closed and her vaginal muscles twitching. Then she started grinding her hips into me, forward and back, wrenching my dick around inside her. She smiled more and looked over she shoulder at me and I swear she purred like a cat. Her hand went down to caress my balls as she started going side to side, and I couldn’t keep my hands off her fine little ass any longer. I grabbed her at the waist and pulled her down harder onto me, holding her still for a moment. I thrust once into her and held it, feeling like I would never release her from this position. It was a magical ecstasy I had never felt before, this silent vision of sexual energy, beautiful and graceful, and wrapped so tightly around my dick as if she would never leave it. Her back arched and her arms spread out in that “king of the world” position and I damn near came from the sight of it.

After I relaxed a little she started a slow bounce, rising almost completely off me, then slowly back down. I was still holding her hips and helping her motion, but I let her control the pace. I caressed her ass and lower back and let her run this incredible show.

Her pace quickened slowly over time and the slow luxurious lovemaking started to turn into a strong fucking. She was nearly throwing herself down on me on each thrust and she was starting to get out of control. She leaned back, twisting at the waist and reaching back with her right arm. She caught a handful of my hair and pulled me forward to kiss me roughly. I reached forward and held her slender torso up as her sharp tongue plunged maniacally between my escort ankara teeth. She was passion unbridled, wild and nearly out of control, and she kissed like a thirsty woman at an oasis. Hers was a need, not a desire.

The position was uncomfortable and awkward and we started to slip out of the chair. Before we could she broke away and went down on her knees in front of me, facing away. I slid out of the chair and into position behind her on my right knee, left leg raised and to the side. I was about to position myself to enter her but she got there first. She grabbed my slick member and aimed it quickly, then thrust back and impaled herself on me again.

Finally in control and with little left in the way of restraint, I started fucking Michelle for all I was worth. I grabbed her hips and drove in as far as I could go, my balls slapping her clit hard. I wanted to drag this out, to prolong the pleasure, but there was no way. I was too excited and she was clawing the carpet like an animal. I set a fast pace, thrusting all the way in every time and having to hold her tight against me. Her face had been down on the carpet but the motion was giving her rug burn and she rose on to her hands. This put her hair in reach and I grabbed a handful of it. Wrenching her hair back a bit so I could see her face, I continued to plunge away. Her face was like nothing I had ever seen. I would have sworn it was pain if she weren’t working so hard for it. Eyes clamped shut, teeth bared in a snarl, she was lost in the moment and completely out of her mind.

My balls started to tingle and I felt my orgasm growing deep inside me. My body focused all it’s energy, all it’s nerves, all it’s power into the thrust. Still tight as a glove, her sweet canal gripped me hard and encouraged the wave building in my body. I don’t know if she knew I was close or if she was just reaching her own climax, but her sounds changed from the terse grunts and brief moans to a stream of profanity and wailing that I won’t even try to record. Her limbs went beyond her control as she spasmed, but I held her close and drove the last few thrusts home before the point of no return.

I paused, like the top of the roller coaster and the calm before the storm. Then it hit. I pulled her hard onto my dick and thrust again as the first contraction hit. My semen rocketed into her and I yelled my animal lust at the ceiling. You can never be deep enough in a woman when you come and the need to drive deeper hit me like a brick. I leaned back, pulling her with me, and pumped twice very quickly before the next wave hit, then splashed another load into her depths. I was out of control now and could do nothing but hold on as my body spasms forced me into her again and again. I must have howled like a madman, but I don’t remember. Michelle continued her stream of obscenity, but again I took little notice.

The primary orgasm passed, and my body tried to collapse. I stayed there, on my knees behind her, and let the last few contractions flow over me, pushing deep inside her again for each. Finally, the aftershocks over and my energy spent, I fell to the side. Barely cushioning the fall with my arm, I lay down next to the seemingly frail little woman who had just given me the most erotic moment of my life. She too fell to the floor, her back to mine, and wiggled up against me in the spoon position. I reached out and pulled her close and she snuggled up into me.

I held her, silently, tenderly, on the carpet for some time as our sweat dried and our hearts slowed. She felt so slight in my arms, so compact and concentrated. I played with her hair idly as we rested from our efforts. We slept briefly, I think.

After some time had passed and the CD was over she stirred and sat up. She turned, propped up on one slender arm, and looked at me. A gentle smile lay on her once again serene face. We watched each other for a while, silently. I don’t know what she saw, and I’m not sure I could put words to what I saw, but it was a special and simple moment of clarity and calm. I felt like I had been told a precious secret, one that I should have known before. This was my soul mate, and she had known it before me.

We retired to her bed and made love in between sleeping in each other’s arms that night. We didn’t emerge the next day until well after noon and had to endure questioning glances and veiled inquiries from her room mate, but we didn’t care.

I would learn much from Michelle in the coming months and years, largely about the beauty of subtlety. I don’t know when I figured out that I loved her, but it wasn’t long after that night. She learned a great deal from me as well, as she had been a wanting to push her boundaries but had not had a willing partner. She and I continued to have “adventures” for quite some time, but the best times of my life were with her lying quietly in my arms.

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