Ways to Bed Your Mom Ch. 02Ways to Bed Your Mom Ch. 02


All characters are fictional and 18 years or older. All parties are “Consenting Adults.” No animals were hurt in writing this story. Read at your own risk. The author takes no responsibilities if the reader gets to aroused.

I would like to thank Kenji for taking the time to review my story


My heart was pounding as I searched for Gretchen, my mother. After she caught me jerking off while I blew my load, I wasn’t sure what I would say, but knew I had to face her. There wouldn’t be a chance of her wanting to fuck me if she was upset by what she saw.

However, I was hoping for the opposite reaction. Maybe. Just maybe, it might have sparked something sexual inside her.

With her back to me and her head lowered, I found my mother frantically chopping up a bunch of carrots in the kitchen. It was apparent by how she was dicing up those little orange sticks, that her mind was troubled for sure, and I pleaded, “Mom. I’m, I’m sorry you…”

That was as far as I got when she abruptly turned and exclaimed, “No, Kory. Stop right there. I’m the one that’s sorry. I shouldn’t have barged into your room like that.”

I sat at the table, while Mom went back to her aggressive chopping, and remarked, “Mom, I can tell by the way you’re butchering those carrots that what you saw me doing is bothering you.”

She stopped again and announced, “Listen. I’m just a little, um, taken back by it, that’s all. I mean, I’m not stupid. I do understand that young men your age do that kind of stuff. It’s just I never gave it a thought that I would someday actually be seeing you… You know.”

“Jerk off,” I replied.

“Yes, that!” she declared.

“But, Mom,” I questioned. “Don’t women do that also?”

Mom gasped, “Kory!”

“What? Am I wrong?” I asked.

“No, you’re not wrong.”

“So if girls also masturbate, wouldn’t you expect me to be cool-headed if I noticed you doing it?”

Mom shouted, “Listen here, Kory! I don’t like where this conversation is going, so let’s just drop the subject.”

I did as she requested, and before exiting the kitchen, I turned and said, “I am sorry that you saw me masturbating before, and for getting you upset now.”

Mom did not say anything as I ventured back into my room.

Once inside, I felt a little depressed, since I had only made matters worse. If Mom wasn’t distraught with me before, she sure was now.

I needed to do something to get my mind off of my current predicament and decided to once again look over some of those incestuous replies.

The next one in line looked interesting, so as before, I lay on my bed and started to read.


Hi Jim, I will address myself as Chuck since my mother and I are in the movie industry. I’m telling you this because it was when I was breaking into the business myself, that I was able to get between my mother’s legs for the first time.

Let me first say that having sex with her wasn’t something that I dreamt about. In fact, it never crossed my mind, until the day that I got a role playing this young stud that was having an affair with a much older woman who just happened to be Nancy, my mother. No, that isn’t her real name either; if you’re wondering.

With that said, it appeared everything was going well between us on the set. Mom even commented on how well I was performing. That is, until the day we had to kiss for the first time. I’ve kissed my mother hundreds, if not thousands, of times before.

However, this time it would be on the lips, and the only way to get that realistic appearance would be if we kissed for real.

We both knew this, and it didn’t seem like a big deal at first, until we actually did it, and I must say, once my lips touched hers, I felt something ignite inside me.

I mean, really light up! Her puffy lips felt so soft on mine. It actually startled me at first. I might have only been eighteen at the time, but I had already kissed several girls, and I can say, hands down, that my mother’s lips were the sweetest and most pleasurable lips I’ve ever kissed before.

In fact, I couldn’t get enough. It wasn’t long before I felt myself getting stiff. I was hastily losing my self-control, and that’s when I did the unimaginable. Without thinking, I instinctively inserted my tongue inside her mouth while gently wrapping my arms around her waist.

It was only after I did that, did I realize that I was doing this with my mother. I was just about to break our kiss when my mother shocked me and lightly moaned in my mouth, before letting her tongue mingle with mine while she wrapped her arms around my chest.

Our kiss only intensified, and I couldn’t help but mash my already-stiff member into her groin, causing her to let out a loud sexual sigh.

That did it for me. After that, all I wanted to do was fuck this beautiful woman I had in my arms from that moment onward.

My hands went on autopilot and dipped lower Bursa Escort until my palms were molesting her ass cheeks.

Mom went along with our little sexual encounter and placed her hands on my rear before pulling me tighter into her mound.

I was hot now, and could not help but grind my throbbing penis into her crotch.

Both our breaths heaved as our sexual desire built. I so much wanted to strip Mom naked and fuck her right then and there. Unfortunately, I was so lost in this dark, incestuous encounter, that I almost missed it when the director yelled, “And that’s a take!”

My head spun as I eased myself back before peering into my mother’s eyes. It was then that I noticed something I had never seen before. A look of lust was all over her face. Maybe it was my imagination, hoping she was also feeling this strange desire to fuck her flesh and blood. But that look quickly changed into a smile as she said, “Wow, Chuck, you’re quite a good kisser.”

My head was still in a fog, and I babbled, “You are too, Mom.”

“Listen,” Mom barked, as she quickly looked around and then whispered, “I don’t think you should call me mom.”

In my hazing condition, I forgot that people actually weren’t aware that she was my mother since she changed her name once she broke into the show business after my parents divorced.

“Oh! Right, right. I’m sorry,” I replied, and then, in a louder voice, announced, “So are you, Nancy.”

Mom smiled and stated, “Much better.”

Hopefully, nobody caught my slip up by calling her Mom.

However, after making out the way we did, I found myself not seeing her as my loving Mom anymore but as a very sexy older woman who was able to arouse me with just a kiss.

Mom didn’t say anything else, as she turned and walked away while my eyes devilishly focused on her ass as it seductively swayed back and forth.

Fuck. I thought, feeling myself get more aroused watching her strut away.

“You two sure know how to get into your work.” I heard, causing me to jump as I turned and noticed the director standing next to me before he then said, “Oh, didn’t mean to startle you like that. I just wanted to say that was a very hot and believable scene you two just did.”

“Huh?” I said, since my mind was still picturing my mother’s sweet ass. “I mean, yes, I agree. I think we both have great chemistry going on.”

“I’ll say you do. In fact, now that I’ve seen it firsthand, I might want to make a couple of corrections in the script to see if we can’t spice it up even more,” the director announced.

My mind went wild with what other things I might be doing with my mother, but I played it cool and replied, “I’m sure whatever you come up with will be great.”

“I’ll send both of you the changes once I have them written down,” he said and then returned to his chair.

We finished the day off shooting two more scenes before calling it a day, and I gave my mother a quick peck on the cheek before departing myself. God knows what I really wanted to do was to have another lip-locking sexual encounter with her, but I wasn’t sure if Mom would go for it again, especially since it would be done for real and not us pretending like before.

However, that evening as I rested in bed, my mind wandered back to that kiss, and I found myself picturing how her short, cranberry hair complemented her light skin and blue eyes.

My hand slipped down to my penis, as my imagination drifted downward until I was staring at her perky B-size tits, and then wondered what it would be like to suck one of them inside my mouth.

My dick was super hard now, and as I began to stroke it more vigorously, I strolled even lower and envisioned her firm ass again.

Damn, I couldn’t hold back anymore and came, when in my mind, I saw her sashaying the same way she did earlier.

Panting loudly, I sat up in bed, realizing just how hard I came from picturing this forbidden scene in my mind. There was no doubt now–I truly wanted to fuck my mother for real and was now figuring out a way to make it happen.

But how? I pondered, before jumping out of bed to clean the cum I had plastered all over my body; then, it hit me. The movie script. That’s the answer.

I remembered how the director was going to make some changes and then thought, What if I was to drop a couple of suggestions myself? Then all I would have to do was use my acting skills and hope my mother would believe the line of crap that I was going to sell her.

Setting my alarm earlier than usual, I arrived before my mother at the set, and quickly located the director.

“Listen,” I said. “I was thinking about what you mentioned yesterday about making some changes to the script, and it hit me. Maybe we could shoot a hot love scene before her husband sees us lying in bed together.”

The director looked enthused with the idea, and I pushed it a little further when I suggested, “I bet if we also did it completely nude, that would put it over the top.”

“You know… I like it. I like it a Bursa Escort Bayan lot. But I’m not sure if I can sell this idea to Nancy. I mean, she’s never starred in a hard R-movie before, and that is what this would be if I were to add this idea to the script.”

“Well, it was only a suggestion,” I replied, figuring it was in his hands now to sell this idea to my mother. But the way he acted, I think he was really interested in adding that scene to the movie.”

I departed to my dressing room and was about to finish getting ready when I heard a knock on my door.

“Come in,” I said, and in walked my mother with a troubled appearance.

“Everything okay, Mom?” I asked.

“Well, I don’t know. I was just talking with the director, and he was thinking about changing the script in a couple of spots.”

“Oh?” I replied, pretending to act as if I wasn’t already aware.

“Yes, but I’m not sure how you’ll feel about what he’s suggesting.”

“What do you mean?”

Mom paused before saying, “He wants to add a nude sex scene.”

“What!” I shouted, giving the best impression of being shocked.

“Holy shit, Mom! I mean, kissing like we did the other day is one thing! But this! Oh my god! This is another level altogether!” I expressed.

“Yes… It is,” Mom sighed, and then said, “I figured you’d say something like that.”

I looked puzzled and questioned, “Well, don’t you?”

“No, no. I figured the same thing at first, but then when the director mentioned how doing this would help us along with our careers by opening more doors, I gave it a second thought. Then he said he would make sure we got a more significant increase in pay for doing more than we originally signed up for.

Now I had to make sure I really put on a good show and cried, “I don’t know, Mom. I mean, I can see how what he said makes it sound like an excellent deal. But, I honestly don’t know if I can get naked and act like we were having sex. I highly doubt I would be able to stay in character, knowing I was doing something like that with you.”

“Yes. I totally agree, it would be a challenge. One that I’m sure I would also have a hard time staying in my role. But if you’re willing to give it a shot, I would also try my best.”

I acted as if I was mulling the idea around before stating, “Listen, I think I might have an idea that would help us from becoming uncomfortable when they shoot the scene.”

“Really?” Mom said. “What’s your idea?”

I looked into my mother’s eyes to see her response when I said, “We should practice the scene beforehand at your house.”

Mom’s eyes widened at first, but then her appearance returned to normal when she said, “You know. That does sound like a good idea. It would allow us to pace ourselves and stop if we felt uncomfortable.”

“Yes! That is what I thought exactly!” I cheered.

“Then I agree. We should give it a try and see what happens,” Mom announced. “I’ll tell the director we need to see the script changes before making our decision. That should give us a couple of days to practice.”

“Good idea, Mom.”

Of course, the director agreed, and we went back to Mom’s house after finishing for the day, to practice our new up-and-coming sex scene.

“So, how should we do this?” I asked.

“Hmmm. Maybe we should start with keeping our clothes on and see how well we can act as if we were having sex,” Mom suggested.

Of course, I agreed and then said, “So you have any idea of the sexual position we will be doing?”

“No, I don’t, but the typical ones are either missionary or with the girl on top, so I suppose it would be one of those.”

“So maybe we try both?” I blurted.

“I agree,” Mom asserted.

Still dressed, we ventured over to my mother’s bed, and she got into possession. Once she was on her back, my heart started to pound in my chest when she waved me over and said, “Okay, now just put yourself between my legs, and we’ll see how it feels.

I could feel myself already getting excited as I got into position between her bent, spread legs.

My god, I felt such a rush of pleasure once my cock rested on top of her mound while I mashed my chest onto hers. I was so excited I groaned, “Oh shit, Mom!”

“Yes… I… I, um… I have to say this is a little awkward now that we are like this.”

This wasn’t awkward; it was sexually stimulating, and my dick thickened while I stayed motionless. I figured it must be having the same effect on my mother and asked, “Do you want to stop?”

“No… I… I think we should continue,” she said, before placing her hands on the side of my hips.

Fully erect now, I nudged myself forward, causing another rush of pleasure to race through my body, while Mom expelled a soft moan.

Then when I raked my dick back over her pussy, Mom moaned a little louder, causing me to stop and say, “You okay, Mom?”

“Yes. It’s just… a little, um…”

“Stimulating,” I announced, and noticed my mother’s face turning red.

“Yes… very,” she sharply cried.

“Maybe Escort Bursa we should stop if this is too much for you,” I suggested.

“Yes, I think we should take a break.”

I didn’t argue, since I sure didn’t want to scare Mom from wanting to try it again. But, if this were going to work, I would have to keep things slow, so I eased myself off my mother before helping her to her feet and then said, “Why don’t we have a couple of drinks and talk for a bit.”

Mom was all for that and made us some margaritas, before sitting down in the living room. After having a few more mixed drinks while we chatted, I started to feel the effects of the alcohol and then heard Mom say, “So when we were doing that before, how did it make you feel?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer that question at first, but then Mom surprised me when she exclaimed, “I mean, I know you were stiff, but were you also uncomfortable at the time?”

“Well, at first I was,” I lied, and continued by saying, “but then, strangely, I kind of enjoyed it.”

Mom looked down at her glass while running her finger over the rim and then, in a soft voice, said, “Yes. That’s how I felt as well.”

“So, is that why you wanted us to stop?”

“Yes. I mean. Christ, you’re my son.”

“Yeah, I know what you’re saying. But you know we are still human. I mean, wouldn’t anyone in that position feel the same way, whether they were related or not?”

“I suppose you’re right.”

I took another sip of my drink before saying, “Maybe it was because we rushed into it. I mean, I didn’t have any problem when we kissed on the set. In fact, it felt natural to me. To the point, I didn’t see you as my mother at all. Instead, I saw a sexy, mature woman that I felt wanted to take our kiss even further.”

Mom sat upright, and her eyes widened when she announced, “You know what? It felt like that to me also.”

“So maybe that’s the answer. We don’t start off as if we were already in bed going to have sex. We pretend to be that. A real couple interested in taking things further, but we slowly build up to that point.”

“I think you’re right!” Mom said, and with that, she stood up and asserted, “Let’s give it another try, and do exactly what you said.”

Once again, we ventured into my mother’s bedroom, only this time we sat on the bed next to each other, and I asked, “Are you ready?”

Mom smiled while nodding, and I slowly moved my face closer to hers. My lips had just touched hers when I heard her let out a soft sigh before opening her mouth to welcome my tongue inside.

Our breaths quickly increased, as our passion built, and I laid my mother on her back before I gingerly ran my hand up and down her arm.

Mom was moaning in my mouth now, and I took that as a sign I could proceed further. Slowly, I moved my hand off her arm and onto her right breast, causing my mother to let out a loud sigh.

Surprisingly, Mom did something I never expected and brushed her hand over my groin, causing me to break our kiss when I groaned, “Oh, Nancy…”

Oh… You’re so hard, Chuck,” she whispered.

“Nance, you make me that way,” I expressed, while squeezing her tits in my hand.

“Mmm. Ahhh. Oh!!! Oh, Chuck, you have no idea what your hand is doing to me,” my mother announced before I felt her hand fumbling with my trouser. She was actually trying to get inside them. I couldn’t believe it. This was going better than I had hoped, and it didn’t take her long before I felt her hand slither around my shaft.

It was apparent this wasn’t us acting anymore, and I quickly lifted her top and was in awe as her marvelous breasts came into view. They looked as good as I envisioned them, and I wasted no time sucking her left nipple into my mouth.

“Oh… Oh, Chuck! Yes! Oh my god. We shouldn’t be doing this for real. But… Oh!!! I so do love having my tits sucked on,” she exclaimed, right when her palm started to stroke up and down my meat.

Slowly, her digits worked on my rod while I sucked and fumbled with her breast.

Mom was panting when I went back to kissing her, while I eased my right hand down inside her pants. It wasn’t long before I found her moist mound and tickled my index finger over her clit.

“Oh, Chuck! This is so wrong, honey. It’s… It’s… Oh god… It’s making me so hot!”

“So you like it, Nancy,” I teased. “You like how I’m rubbing your button. Making you horny?”

“Yesss…” she hesitantly hissed.

I then added a second finger, and rubbed both of them over her pussy lips before nudging them a little inside and croaked, “What about this? You like this.”

“Mmm. Oh, I shouldn’t… I really shouldn’t,” she whimpered, as I worked my fingers faster.

“Oh! Oh god! Oh! Oh! Oh, Chuck! OH, I can’t take it! Please! Please put them inside me!” she begged.

Without hesitation, I heeded her request and nudged them partially inside, which caused her hips to lift, helping to sink them into her depths.

“Yes!” she shrieked, while her hand squeezed tightly onto my tool.

Slowly, I started to finger fuck her while her hips lifted and fell to my every jab.

Moaning and whimpering, my mother then went wild, and I could feel her wetness seeping past my digits, as she gyrated and heaved while working her magic on my dick.

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