Unexpected Perks Pt. 01Unexpected Perks Pt. 01


When working for a small school, you often have to fill extra-curricular positions regardless of experience or ability. There are some perks to the situation. Some schools can afford to pay a fairly decent amount of money for the time. There are often opportunities to spend time in bigger cities attending coaching clinics, which is really just an excuse to be near people of a similar background while drinking for free. And sometimes, you unexpectedly get rewarded for your work.

John Walter had not planned on being the girls’ basketball coach. No one else had either. As the low man on the totem pole, it fell to John. He was a fairly good looking man, a little above average in height at 5’11”. His dark brown hair was cut short, mostly just because it was easier to throw a hat on and not have to style it. That fit well with his preference for his beard, perpetually looking like he had a few days’ growth but not unruly. His hazel eyes changed shades with the clothes he wore, but many a girlfriend in college had gotten lost in them. He was reasonably fit from the many hours spent hiking in his free time. As the high school Spanish teacher in the small school, he had most of the students in class. At 26, he was still the youngest teacher in the school.

John wasn’t asked to be coach; he was basically just told to do it. For a small school, there was a decent amount of talent on the team. Lots of juniors and seniors, and a total of fifteen players. He could work with that, if they wanted to work hard. After a few practices, he knew they would. The seniors were strong willed, and they had not experienced much failure. They were not world beaters by any measure, but they were above average. They were led by the twin towers, who were truly twins. At 6′ tall, Marie and Melissa were usually more talented than the other team’s best post players. They weren’t quite identical, but most strangers could not tell them apart. They both preferred to keep their long, dirty blonde hair tied in a ponytail as it was much less work. They had long muscular legs and perky but small breasts. Melissa was a bit more outgoing, but Marie was the one always in a relationship. Marie had never gone longer than a few weeks without a boyfriend since her freshman year. Soon to be 19, the girls were often considered leaders in their class because they were just a bit older than the rest of the students.

The other senior starter was Jessica. She was a terrifically skilled point guard, and at this level, she influenced the game as much as anyone on the court. She rarely went to the bench, and her ball handling was good enough to keep the team out of trouble against pressure. Most games she could get the ball into the hands of the twins, and they could score pretty easily. If not, she was good enough to take over. At just over 5’1″, she was a touch shorter than her peers. But she had a killer smile, and her body caused many of the boys in school to drool. She kept her dark brown hair about shoulder length. Her brown eyes could get her most anything she wanted if she was that type of person. She wasn’t. If her eyes did not do it, her curves would have. She hid her large chest well on the court, but she struggled to do so off it. She made modern fashion look obscene, finding it difficult to buy something that was cute yet did not show off an inappropriate amount of cleavage. She worked out consistently in the weight room, and that was apparent in her well-developed rear end. She did squats, and lunges, and all kinds of other exercises to develop strength in her legs. It made her un-guardable on the court, giving her a good combination of speed and power. It made her ass look like an Instagram model, large and firm. With a skinny waist that led into rippling abs, she was built like an 18-year-old sex goddess.

She was 18, having turned that a few months into her senior year, but she was not a sex goddess. At least not in her mind. In fact, she had a hard time with the idea of sex. She didn’t know if she was a lesbian. Or bisexual. Or curious. She had only developed up top in the last six months, and she had not quite gotten used to the leers and lewd comments from older males. Maybe that is why she preferred being around the girls on the team instead. Most of the boys in her school would tell you that she was too damn intimidating for them to push the issue of sex with her, and she was too nice to everyone for anyone to know whether she was interested in them in the same way. It made for some awkward interactions, of which she never really thought anything herself. This was typical stuff in a small school as far as John Walter was concerned.

John, known as Coach Walter to the girls, quickly developed a good relationship with the whole team. He pushed them. He knew they were working hard. He held everyone accountable, but gave them enough of a chance to learn from their mistakes. There was no screaming, or belittling. He explained what he wanted from them, they tried their best to do it, and that was it. Everything felt good for both John and the team. Artvin Escort They had spent a few weeks going at each other in practice, and in two days they would have the chance to scrimmage another team. They’d be going to Carroll High School, a much larger school on the outskirts of the big city. They had never been to the recently opened school but were looking forward to the opportunity. They were going to be leaving a little earlier than they probably needed because of the threat of traffic as they got towards the city. Normally the hour drive was pretty easy, but the Friday scrimmage at 6pm might lead to some traffic issues.

“Coach?” Jessica quietly asked at the end of practice.

“Yeah, Jessica. What’s up?” responded John.

“I’m sorry, but is there any way I can meet the team at the scrimmage? I have a visit planned to a college in the city, and I am not sure I can make it back to the school on time for the bus. If that’s not okay, I can reschedule my visit or cut it short.” Jessica was nervous as she talked to Coach Walter, not wanting to cause an issue with him or the team.

She really didn’t need to worry about either. John was happy that she had taken the initiative to start the conversation with him, and her team knew she was a hard worker who did not make excuses. “Of course, Jessica. It doesn’t make sense for you to do anything but meet us there. We’ll see you there.” He knew he was blessed as a coach to have her skills and commitment on the team, and he did not want to make her feel bad about the situation.

Friday came quick. John had put the seniors in charge of making sure the equipment got packed and put on the bus. Melissa and Marie took charge without Jessica there. John was as nervous as he had ever been. Even though he had played sports in high school, and this was just a scrimmage, he had tremendous butterflies building in his stomach. The ride over did nothing to help that. The closer they got to the new school, the more he felt it. He nervously sipped his bottle of water. In fact, he did so until it was gone. This presented a new problem for the coach. He now had to empty his bladder. And soon.

They pulled into the school, and were met by the Athletic Director. He talked with Coach Walter, letting him know where the locker rooms were and that they were open. Coach Walter thanked him, and told the team to gather the equipment and he would be right back out to lead them to the locker room. They could tell he was nervous, and about to pee himself. Melissa looked at him, with the team nearby, and said “Coach, don’t think about waterfalls! Or a faucet dripping!” He wanted to laugh, but was afraid he would piss himself. The rest of the team did not refrain. He ran off into the school to a chorus of belly laughs

He high tailed it into the school, down the hallway, and into the locker. Like a lot of schools, the opposing team used the other gender’s locker room. He saw the urinals in the corner and made a bee line for them. Pants unzipped, he pulled his member out to get the relief he needed. He had a chance to laugh to himself, thinking about the team laughing at his predicament. He sighed, still unloading the contents of his water bottle, and turned his head to the side to take in the new school’s locker room facility. And that’s when his world changed.

The Athletic Director had opened the locker room about five minutes before the team had arrived. He had done so only because Jessica had arrived and asked him to allow her in. Recognizing her letter jacket, he showed her to the room and opened the doors for her. She planned to change, and work herself through a quick ball handling work out before the rest of the team arrived. She put on her Bluetooth headphones, and unbuttoned her shirt. Oblivious to the world around her, she laid the shirt on the bench and unsnapped her pants. Jessica shimmied the pants down her rear end, and then stepped out of them. She bent at the waist, picking her pants up to fold and place with her shirt. Because she had her headphones playing music, she did not hear the gasp of her coach.

When John had sighed relief and turned his head, he saw the most beautiful image of perfection he had ever seen. Jessica, bent at the waist, in profile to him. He gasped. Almost panicked. “What do I do? My career is over!” He thought to himself as she picked up her pants and put them on the bench. If she turned to her right, she would see the urinal he was currently using. Thoughts of panic were replaced with lust as she moved her hands up to undo her bra. John was in awe. His penis responded in kind. It was growing. And growing. And growing. In about fifteen seconds, he had reached his maximum length of just under seven inches. He watched as she slid the bra off her front and then stuck her thumbs inside her waistband of her underwear. She pushed those down, bent slightly at the knees and waist and removed them.

Lucky for John, her head was down. She turned his way, looking at the ground into her bag, giving him his best view yet. Artvin Escort Bayan It was less than a second, but seemed like forever to him. Her breasts were spectacular, sitting high with very little sign of gravity having any effect on them. There were stretch marks on the sides, lightly showing the tremendous growth that had occurred in the last few months. Her nipples were erect, due to the chilly temperature in the unoccupied locker room. There was a slight brown tint to her nipples and areola. They looked fantastically proportioned for her large breasts’ size. Looking down her body, he could see the definition of her abs. There was a well-defined “V” of her stomach and hip muscles leading into her pubic area. She had a small amount of brown hair, trimmed but not shaped. Her mound was slightly puffy, and John could see just the hint of her inner lips.

She bent down, picked up her sports bra and panties. As she slid her sports bra down and over her large breasts, John knew he had to get out. He was finished with his original purpose of using the urinal, and tried to tuck his now erect penis back into his underwear and pants. It didn’t fit well, but he did what he could. He backed up slowly, tying not to draw attention to his movement. She finished with her panties, and proceeded to put on her jersey and shorts. He was already gone by then. As Coach Walter walked out of the locker room to go meet his team outside, he tried to position his cock so it was not as noticeable. He hit the doors leading outside. He told the girls to follow him as he led them back to the locker room. They met Jessica outside the locker room. While she was greeting the team, Marie thought she noticed a slight growth in her coach’s pants. Not seeing any other restrooms nearby, Melissa began to silently wonder where the coach had relieved himself and how long Jessica had been dressed.


The scrimmage went like a blur for the team. The girls played hard, found some things to work on, and ultimately came out of it feeling great. For Coach Walter, it was also a blur. Only because every time he would look on the court at his team, he would see his point guard Jessica and envision her naked from the encounter in the locker room. He couldn’t get it out of his head. It was so bad that he had to sit down on the bench a few times in order to hide his semi hard on. The only thing he was certain of was that Jessica had not seen him, meaning he wouldn’t have to prepare for a new job outside the realm of education.

After the game, the girls changed out of their uniforms and started to shower. The twins, Marie and Melissa, were not shy about their bodies. They paraded around the locker room, talking with different players, while nude. They went to the shower. Most of the rest of the team, including Jessica, were a bit more reserved. In fact, Jessica marveled at how free the twins were, strolling around nude in the locker room compared to her. She didn’t like to be seen in less than her bra and panties if she could choose. It just wasn’t in her nature.

“Hey Jess, how did your college visit go today?” Melissa asked as she returned from the shower and started to get dressed. She, like most of the other girls, would be jealous of Jessica’s body if the girl wasn’t so damn nice to everyone. That being said, Melissa and her sister were both attractive and had many of their own suitors. They were each slim, but had nice perky boobs. This fit well with their long and lean bodies, the classic volleyball player style body. Melissa liked to completely shave her pubic hair, while her sister Marie left a blonde landing strip. Both had well defined inner lips that showed between the outer lips of their vagina, but not too significantly. Jessica, sitting on the bench putting on her socks, found herself staring right at the taller girl’s vagina before gradually moving her eyes up to make contact with Melissa.

“It was nice, but I think it is too big of a school for me. Most of the classes I saw had three or four hundred students in them. I don’t know if I can handle that after going to small schools my whole life,” Jessica responded. She knew it was probably a place Melissa or Marie would do well at, but not her. “I think I am going to look more closely at the junior college and a couple of smaller private schools before making up my mind.”

“I don’t think you know how well you could handle it if you gave it a chance. You are talented, gorgeous, and so nice to everyone. You are basically going to fit well wherever you go!” Melissa said, amazed at the girl. “What did you do before we got here? A big workout, study? Take a tour of this giant new school? I am sure you had some time to kill.”

“Actually, I just beat you guys. I finished getting dressed right before you showed up. Not much time to do much else.” Jessica finished the short conversation, grabbed her bag, and left the locker room. Melissa finished getting dressed, interested by the seemingly innocuous revelation.

The next morning the team gathered for Escort Artvin a short practice and film session. Most of the girls had started stretching while Coach Walter was still in his office. When he came out, he noticed that Melissa was wearing just a sports bra with no reversible jersey. It was a chilly Saturday morning, and the school did not run heaters on the weekends unless there were events planned. Melissa’s small chest showed prominent nipples that looked like they could cut glass. Coach Walter did not say anything to her. Or the other girls. He let them stretch and shoot the ball a little. While they were doing that, he went to the HVAC controls and turned the heat up. Hopefully he could solve Melissa’s issue.

After about ten minutes of shooting, he blew his whistle and barked out a drill. The team had run it a few times already in the last few weeks, so they jumped right in. Usually they went with darks and whites for reversible jerseys. Melissa was on the dark team with the other starters, but didn’t have her jersey nearby. She told her sister, and Marie decided to join her sans jersey. Emily, a junior, saw the two and joined in. Jessica and Jamie, another junior, wore their dark jerseys. No one else even noticed or said anything.

The drill was a timed defensive shell drill, practicing movements of the defense in the half court. They had done it enough to practically do it blindfolded. Everyone, including Coach Walter, kinda zoned out. After swapping defense and offense, Coach Walter called out another drill. He had been lost in thought while the girls had built a start of a sweat. He hadn’t noticed the girls without jerseys.

The next drill was a transition drill, with lots of full court running. Fifteen minutes of hell, a race against the clock to score enough baskets. If they did not hit the mark, the team ran another similarly grueling drill. So far, they had hit the mark fairly easily in prior practices. Today, Coach Walter had upped the mark. The girls knew it would be tough, but they were up for it. They didn’t want to run the next drill for not hitting the mark. Coach Walter was shouting encouragement, trying to push the girls. It took about halfway through the drill before he realized the other two girls were just in sports bras.

One basket. One measly basket short. The team was pissed at themselves for not getting the mark. It meant another drill, this time ten minutes. They were already dripping with sweat. This was going to be bad, and Jessica knew it. She was sweating worse than usual and looked at the three girls wearing just sports bras with jealousy. A couple of other girls had the same thought, but acted on it. Jamie ripped her jersey off and threw it to the side. Dana, another senior who didn’t play much, also lost hers quickly thereafter. The drill started. The heat kept pumping out of the ducts. It was getting even warmer, causing the ball to slip out of sweaty hands. A few other girls took their jerseys off and threw them to the side when they had a few seconds of time.

A loss. Another loss. That is what they called it when they didn’t hit the goal. The concept was to punish the team with more running when they lost in order to develop a hatred of losing, thus creating a desire to be winners. It was working. The girls were pissed. Coach Walter had set the goal high to feel this way, to push the girls. He still had their trust, as they were pissed at themselves. They wanted to win. They had another drill to run, final chance. Five minutes.

The mark wasn’t the only thing he set high. The controls on the HVAC system were notoriously wonky, and very difficult to make minor adjustments. It was not digital, and could be hard to get right. He thought he set it to 72, hoping to clear up Melissa’s issue. Instead it was 78 degrees, basically making a sauna of the gym. He also had a new problem. Jessica was the last one to give in, but she finally did. All of the girls were in just their sports bras up top. And the drill was about to start.

Coach Walter thought he had recovered enough from the night before to make it through practice. In fact, he believed he was doing really well. Even after the girls started to take off the jerseys, he was fine. At least he didn’t have an erection. He did not want to force them to put the jerseys back on in fear of drawing more attention to himself. And he really was a good guy, not trying to perv on the high school girls. He continued to shout encouragement at them, avoiding looking at Jessica as much as he could. When the drill was done, he was shocked. They obliterated the mark. They weren’t going to lose. Jessica and the twins had willed them to it.

The emotion they displayed after was the most he had ever seen. Not just high fives and good jobs. Girls screaming, jumping into each other’s arms. You would have thought they had won the World Series or Super Bowl. Jessica let out a guttural yell, rattling the old wooden bleachers in the gym. Marie set both of her hands down low, taking low fives from every one. Coach Walter was not far away, giving his high fives energetically. The girls came through the line, full of sweat. Out of context, it was probably not a good scene. A 20’s something guy at the start of a wet t shirt contest. But they didn’t notice. They were caught up in the emotion.

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