Tunnel VisionTunnel Vision


The fluorescent lights in the station buzzed incessantly, and as Chloe fed her travel card through the ticket machine she cursed the day she jumped a light at 60 miles per hour in her flashy new car. Her punishment; having to travel to and from work by tube and endure the various delays, dysfunctional members and bad odours of society that came with it, for the next three months.

“Ten more bloody weeks,” Chloe muttered to herself, as she descended the ‘we apologise for any inconvenience caused’ stationary escalators, trying to avoid her heels catching in the grooves.

As the train rumbled into the station, Chloe could already smell the mixture of bad breath, sweat and the pungent mixture of cheap perfumes and scented deodorants. She shuddered as she recalled the previous day, when her nostrils were pushed into a particularly sweaty armpit. The doors slid open with a hiss, and Chloe manoeuvred her way into the already crammed, overcrowded carriage amidst the eager early morning shoppers and bleary-eyed work force, strategically positioning her feet so as not to cause inadvertent injury to her fellow passengers.

This morning was no different. Her closest partner in grime was a silver haired letch with a tattered brown briefcase clutched between his legs. Chloe detected a leery glint as his sneaky peepers rested on her cotton covered breasts and as she turned away from his disgustingly suggestive gaze she was aware of his sharp intake of breath as he sniffed her coconut scented auburn locks. The doors of the train were just about to slide closed, locking the passengers in a dense claustrophobic squeeze, when a last minute hurried passenger jumped on board.

It was the heavenly scent of leather that struck her first, but it was the wearer of the black jacket that made her gasp. He was tall, Mediterranean and unashamedly gorgeous. His tight fitting white T-shirt showing off his rippling six pack was tucked into a pair of dark green chinos, which were held up by a fancy name belt. Unlike most of her travel companions he did not deem it necessary to spritz his entire body with cheap scent hoping to achieve a ‘lynx effect’ but allowed his natural scent to linger. As the train began moving slowly out of the station, Artvin Escort Chloe closed her eyes and emitted a soft yet audible moan as she allowed his delectable aroma to permeate her nostrils.

“Are you alright?” he whispered in her ear, his creamy voice and faint trace of an accent was like melted chocolate. Chloe opened her mouth to answer, but one look at his eyes and she was dumbstruck, so she nodded lightly. His liquid brown eyes were like the complimentary dark chocolate topping to his milk chocolate voice. She turned away slightly and licked her lips seductively almost tasting him with her tongue as she felt his puppy dog gaze rest on her curves. A deep desire welled up inside of her. She wanted to feel his fabulous fingers, taste his tantalising tongue, lick his luscious lips and his sensuous eyes to stare intently into hers. But despite her obvious sexual longing, Mr Mediterranean averted his previously lustful gaze away.

Chloe felt her insides churn along with the chugging of the train wheels on the tracks, her heart thumped faster and faster in unison with the gaining speed of the train. Desire welled up inside of her and she could feel it culminating in an intensely delicious moisture at the centre of her licentious being.

As Chloe was about to abandon her inhibitions to her indulgence, the train jolted to a sudden halt, the lights flickered for a few seconds before plunging the entire train and its occupants into total darkness. There were groans of frustration and anxiety from several passengers, but all Chloe could feel was a sudden rise in the temperature as she felt a hand lightly run through her hair and touch her shoulder. Without waiting for a further invitation, Mr Mediterranean slid his hands downwards and Chloe was silently thankful for her Ally McBeal length skirt as she felt his fingers slither expertly up her inner thigh. From within the confines of her panties, Chloe sensed his sensitive caress reach her deliciously moist crotch and massage it gently. With a total lack of restraint Chloe gasped appreciatively at the pleasurable intimacy of the gesture.

Making sure that no one around them was taking advantage of the free entertainment, especially the by Artvin Escort Bayan now salivating silver haired letch, she playfully ran her manicured fingers under his shirt feeling the softness of his male eroticism beneath her fingertips. She traced a line of feminine titillation on his chest, pausing every so often to trace circles of sensuality. In an instant he moved his free hand between two of her blouse buttons, slipped it under her satin bra and tweaked her pink pencil eraser nipples, which by now were hard from lust and desire. Chloe leaned back into the welcoming stretch of his torso as both of his hands worked on her heated focal points.

“Mmm, that’s nice,” Chloe whispered in her sauciest ‘fuck me’ tone. Her hand travelled lazily to his crotch and she massaged him through the material of his chinos until she felt his appreciation forming a definite swelling in his trousers, allowing him to voice several expressions of grateful excitement and longing. Just then the lights flickered and came back on as the train shuddered forwards.

There were several sighs of relief, but Mr Mediterranean was left with a hugely embarrassing bulge, which forced Chloe to retain her position, leaning against him in order to conceal his continuously growing passion.

“I have to get off next stop,” Chloe whispered, barely disguising the smile in her voice.

“I’ll just have to get off with you and stay closely behind you,” he whispered urgently back, his tone still carrying risqué suggestion despite his obviously awkward situation.

As they got off the train Mr Mediterranean stepped discreetly behind Chloe, whilst the unsuspecting morning working masses rushed passed them in an effort to reach work on time. The train pulled away from the station, leaving a couple of stragglers and one or two passengers who had just missed the departing train.

Mr Mediterranean pulled Chloe into a recess in the wall, which was almost invisible to anyone who didn’t know it was there. He pushed her firmly against the tiling, the cool ceramic tiles causing a thrilling chill to the heat and passion being emitted from

every self-indulgent pore, their bodies fitting together like two pieces in a jigsaw. Escort Artvin He locked his lips with hers, pushing his tongue inside her mouth and exploring her sizzling oral orifice with such an urgent insistence that she was forced to surrender her entire body to his delectable taste. His fashionable stubble roughly rubbed against Chloe’s skin, but all she could focus on was the sweet honey taste of his lips and the mouth-watering effects he was having on her swollen cupids bow.

“God, I couldn’t wait to do that,” he panted as he lowered his head and nibbled on her neck, planting a trail of butterfly kisses along the length of her throat all the way down to her breastbone. One of his hands crept inside her bra, his masculine fingers teasing her nipples with adept and precise movements. His other hand travelled up her inner thigh causing Chloe to tremor slightly as he deftly moved her G-string aside and allowed his fingers to tease her. He circled her hard throbbing clit and pushed a single finger inside her fabulously moistened hole and Chloe inhaled at the excruciating pleasure of his dextrous teasing.

With quick but careful movements, Chloe unbuckled his belt and eventually managed to release him from the confines of his chino prison. His engorged masculinity greeted her mischievously as she guided his cock towards the centre of her lust. She felt her hot wetness welcoming him as he entered her deeply rocking his body back and forth in rhythm with another approaching train. She could feel his body tensing as the train screeched to a halt, his lips emitting a moan, inaudible over the sound of the opening doors, and as the new set of passengers poured out of the open doors, he filled her with his warm creamy love juices. Chloe felt a rush of nervous excitement at the roguish notion of being caught as she relinquished herself to him with an inevitable orgasmic climax.

“I bet you never thought travelling on the underground could be this much fun?” Mr Mediterranean smiled seductively with a knowing twinkle in his eyes. Chloe, who was leaning against the wall exhausted from her spent passions just grinned and silently thanked the judge who suspended her license.

As they reached the station exit, Chloe handed him her business card and quipped, “Yep, tube travel is definitely more fun with you.”

“Well, I am just doing my job,” he smirked handing her his business card.

Chloe took the card and read out loud, “Steven Lanzini, Customer Services, London Underground.”

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