TRUE STORY: What Happens In Vegas … Stays Burned In My Memory (revised)TRUE STORY: What Happens In Vegas … Stays Burned In My Memory (revised)


The story is completely true and happened in November 2019, just before Covid hit.


She came through the revolving door as if she were gliding on air. She had an elegance that belied her age … just 24 … and her smooth stride somehow masked the fact that she was 6-foot 2-inches in her heels. A few steps in, she stopped. She told me she was a model but people lie so often I didn’t expect the claim to be true. But she most certainly was runway material. Her leather-clad legs were miles long. Her hips, while slender, tapered into an even more slender waist. Her breasts shattered the flat-chested model norm, and while I couldn’t tell how ample they were from across the lobby, but it was clear she was packing a serious pair under her silky, flowing blouse.

It was almost 2:00 am. Because it was a Tuesday night, the casino lobby was nearly empty. I was glad for that because I was in Las Vegas on business. I’d been nervously scanning the lobby and adjacent bar to be sure none of my colleagues were there. Given that I was a white married man who was nearly 60, I didn’t need the trouble. Well, I actually did need a certain kind of trouble, and Lauren answered my Double List ad that was looking for the adult-fun kind of trouble.

With her in my sights, I got up from my dark corner seat at the bar and walked to her. I’m only 5’9″, so she towered over me. It sure as hell didn’t bother me, and the way she smiled down at me, it didn’t bother her either. We walked to the elevator making small talk. I always ask the women who answer my ads why they do (answer my ads). Lauren answered honestly, “This isn’t something I’m going to make a habit of, and you sounded like fun … and kind of sweet. And I’ve never been with a white man before … and definitely not your age!” Lauren was Black, and her skin was the color of rich hot chocolate.

I am from Chicago, and Lauren wasn’t like the typical Black women I knew. The Chicago stereotype fit many of them: loud entitled divas. Lauren spoke quietly and with just a trace of Southern California accent. She was articulate, kind and authentic.

Laurens facial features were gorgeous. Her big brown eyes melded perfectly with high cheekbones and a perfect nose. Her smile could melt glass, and it certainly melted me. Her relaxed hair fell about to her shoulders.

Always the gentleman, I opened the door to my suite and let her in. The huge room had a panoramic view of The Strip. I mixed myself (yet) another drink … I’d expected her nearly 4 hours earlier and had needed some liquid courage to follow up with her on the phone. Now I was riding the buzz and felt great.

While we’d talked earlier about a photo session, I was way too horny to go through the whole photographer/model thing. We both decided to skip our planned photo shoot even though I was a professional photographer and she was a model. Plus I wanted to get to the fun part of our meeting, and I wasn’t sure how long my energy would hold on … my body was still on East Coast time (I was in Vegas for a convention), meaning all of this fun was starting for me with my body thinking it was 5:00 am!

Lust for Lauren pushed me past the physical barriers. As she looked out the large windows, I walked up behind her and put my hands on her waist … which was a good 6 inches above mine. She turned around and her breasts were right in my face … I looked up at her and almost involuntarily said, “You’re absolutely gorgeous. I’m so very glad you answered my ad.”

Sweetly she said, “I am too, and you’re way cuter than your picture.” I reached up to her face and drew it to mine for a deep, exploratory and then very satisfying kiss.

Toward the end of our kiss, my hands moved from her face to her blouse, finding the small buttons and unfastening them one by one. Lauren’s bra was nothing fancy, but its cups held her breasts up into natural mounds. Their curves were perfect, and the dim lamp light caused a subtle gradient of light to fall across them, illuminating her rich brown skin. And her skin felt and tasted as good as it looked. I sensually landed kiss after kiss across the exposed skin. Lauren let her head fall back and exhaled with a soft moan of approval.

That was all the encouragement I needed to untuck her blouse and release her bra claps. As it the bra fell away it was like her breasts didn’t move. Their shape remained perfect, and I could now see their truly beautiful shape. Her firm nipples were the size of small grapes and rested upon areola about the size of a half dollar. They aimed straight ahead Denizli Escort and a little upwards, highlighting the ideal compound curve of her under-boob. Hugely sexy.

What was also sexy is that she was still in her heels and her nipples were exactly at face level for me, so I took full advantage. More moans of approval, and then I felt her hand on the back of me head pulling me more tightly into her. As I moved passionately from one to the other, I tasted a hint of sweetness … colostrum perhaps. The taste drove me even wilder. She’d mentioned that she had a young son…

As I pulled my head back to look up at her she said, “I’m not used to moving so fast, but I’m glad we are.” I felt the same way.

We separated for a moment to undress and Lauren joked about whether she should leave on her heels. Even without them she was still 3 inches taller than me. We ditched them, which when we embraced yet again put the tip of my throbbing cock just above her glistening pussy lips.

Fully naked before me, Lauren’s shape was truly exceptional. She had a slim, almost waif-like build with tiny bones and slender limbs. While her chest must have been a 34-C or D, her waist was tiny tiny, like a young teenager. Her hips, though, completed a dramatic hourglass figure, no doubt wider because of childbirth. Even at nearly 6 feet tall, I doubt she weighted 120 pounds.

I could wait no longer to have her, so I pushed her to the bed, forcefully spread her thighs and attacked her bald snatch with abandon. She apparently loved my mouth on her pussy, and immediately grabbed my head to draw me farther in. Her large outer lips spread wide as my tongue made the trek between the bottom of her vagina up to her clit. I took my time to … first grab a deep breath … then bury my mouth and nose in as deeply as possible, sensually separating her inner lips and tonguing as deeply in as possible. Soon she climaxed and out came that familiar scene of a satisfied woman … musky and rich. I paused for a moment to look at her still open and pulsing pussy … and I marveled at how pink her labia and other womanly parts looked. Something about her dark skin amplified the richness of the color. Certainly, the fact that every part of her was swollen with pleasure had something to do with the shade down there!

But I wasn’t done. Raising my wet face up from between her thighs, I saw Lauren’s post-cum smile widen as I began to caress her hips, thighs and intimate areas. I cupped her pussy under my huge hand and gently squeezed her lips together to ease her into her second round of action. My initial exploring discovered that her pussy opened widely to accept my tongue. Now my fingers would see how much she was really used to. Sliding my fingers up and down the length of her slit, to two easily slide it. After massaging her outer lips and teasing her labia and clit, three slipped inside. I could have gone for four, but I decided to focus on hitting her G-spot, so I turned my palm up and stroked until I found the magic point. When I hit it, I was unrelenting and used the full strength of my forearm to vibrate her pussy opening while the pads of my fingers gently stroked her G-spot. In no time she came again and used both hands to grab and hold my arm still. The intensity of that orgasm nearly made her pass out. I relented and slowly … gingerly even … removed my fingers.

I got up off the bed and sipped some more of my bourbon. As I raised the glass to my lips I could smell the sweetness of the alcohol and the muskiness of Lauren’s pussy. Those two smells were so wonderful together. Lauren had rolled over from her back to her side, and her head was at the edge of the bed. She looked like a piece of hot licorice. Enjoying the view before me like a Hugh Hefner character … with my drink in my hand … ice cubes quietly clinking as a walked toward her … I placed my cock head to her ample Black lips. Without even lifting her head or opening her eyes, she licked my gland and then parted her lips inviting me in.

I slid the tip in and enjoyed the feeling of her tonging me. That, plus the bourbon float I was feeling, caused me to start gently rocking as I just went with it. Before long, my cock was in about half way and Lauren changes her position to open herself up more, and to take more control. I don’t remember everything she did, but I do remember her reaching one of her slender arms around my ass and going between my legs to grab my sack from the backside. This pulled the skin on my cock so tight that I felt like the head was going to pop off … and when when she went Denizli Escort Bayan down on me then, I almost passed out. I could feel every millimeter of her tongue and cheeks move back and forth on me.

But cumming from oral wasn’t my goal right then, so I forced myself to back away with my chest heaving and my face feeling beet red. “Now we fuck,” I said. I slipped on a condom, climbed on the bed, slid between her long slim legs and dropped my cock into her in one smooth, forceful motion. She was sopping wet and I went in until our pubic bones collided. Just boom!

Her legs wrapped around my hips as her arms wrapped around my back. We were intertwined like Chocolate Vanilla Swirl ice cream.

I loved that she wanted to kiss … not all women do in this situation. Her lips and mine slid across each other passionately as our hips moved to their own rhythm. Grinding and thrusting, my cock moved in and out in long strokes … so long that when I pulled out, her pussy closed and my cock could tease her clit before plunging back inside. We enjoyed this for a while then switched it up. Lauren climbed on top of me cowgirl style, a position I appreciated because I could see, feel and kiss her beautiful breasts. And when she leaned forward, her breasts naturally fell to my mouth. Heaven. Again I tasted a hint of breast milk, sweet as could be.

Driving deep into her, even through the condom I could feel my cock head pass the nib of her cervix. The physical stimulation was taking its affect on me, driving me closer and closer to a climax. While I usually love to cum inside a woman, this time, maybe because of the condom, I didn’t. In one series of movements I sat up, took Lauren entirely in my arms, spun her over and put her down on the bed facing me. I then pulled myself out of her, ditched the condom, and stroked off a forceful orgasm where I spurted cum all over her brown stomach and tits. The sheer amount of white cum on her dark skin illustrated the impact she had on me.

Exhausted, I fell over to one side. Lauren kissed my lips and gingerly kissed my cock as she also scooped up the dripping cum and fed it to herself. Fuck’n sexy!

We both went to the bathroom for a quick clean up and Lauren beat me back to the king-size bed. She was under the covers when I returned, and murmured something about needing to sleep as I slipped in next to her. The fact that this young woman would trust me enough to actually sleep … go totally unconscious … be completely vulnerable … made me feel like this was something special.

While I couldn’t sleep, I did rest … and needed the rest badly. I spooned in next to her with every inch of my body touching hers.

As the Vegas sky started to brighten in the predawn hour, my cock started to come back to life. I began to gently rub her back and I whispered to her, “What you would like to do next?” With a naughty smile and a little bit of devil in her voice she responded, “Will you eat my ass?” Not missing a beat I responded, “I will if you will.”

And with that, Lauren rolled over to lay on her stomach and I laid a path of kisses from her neck, between her shoulders, down her spine and then to her gorgeous ass. Even laying down her ass had an amazing bubble butt shape, rich and full. I kissed all over her ass cheeks, then wet my tongue with spit and ran it down into her ass crack.

With little effort I grabbed her hips and lifted her to her knees and then pushed her chest into the sheets. With a hand on each cheek, I spread her wide open to reveal her pink ass just begging to be teased. And I did. With long strokes and powerful stabs, I ate Lauren’s ass like it was my last meal on Earth. The way she squirmed and moaned and tore at the sheets told me she was having a very good time. And then she said, “Fuck it Rich. Fuck my ass. Now!” As she said that, her ass gaped just a little … like the iris on a camera lens opening just a bit.

On went another condom, and I spit across her slightly open hole to ease the entry. Lauren had obviously done this before, my cock head poked in with ease, and I enjoyed the feeling of being caught inside that first inch of two of powerful muscle. The feeling sent tingles down my legs and up my spine so badly I had goosebumps.

I pulled Lauren back to me like a rag doll so that I could stand behind her (I was kneeling before). And then the pounding started. While I’m not huge, my 6.5 inches were doing their job. I’m quite wide at the hilt, and each time that girth hit Lauren’s hole she grunted like an animal. My cocked loved the feeling Escort Denizli of piercing her ass. My hands each grabbed Lauren’s hips to force our bodies together – skin slapping against skin – air being forced from our lungs – my cock pushing past her crushing sphincter and into the gripless abyss of her rectum. Lost in exhaustion from lack of sleep and delirium of being with a beautiful young Black model just half my age, I felt like I went on autopilot as we fucked and fucked and fucked. Lauren brought me back to reality as she experienced a huge moaning orgasm that was aided by her fingers wildly rubbing her clit. Her finger tips occasionally touched my balls, adding a different sensation to the myriad I was already feeling.

As her body quivered from the intense pleasure, I pulled my shaft from her ass. The tunnel remained open, pulsing ever so slightly. I gently rubbed my palm and fingers flatly over her rim. Then, totally spent, Lauren’s knees gave out and she collapsed before me like a house of cards.

My cock, though, needed further attention, and Lauren had her end of the bargain to satisfy. I laid on the bed and pulled my knees to my chest and whispered to the tired girl, “Eat my ass. Eat me now.” Lauren rolled off the bed and positioned herself on her knees with her head between my ass cheeks and started rimming me. If you’ve never been rimmed, you have NO – zero – idea how good it feels. The nerve endings down there seeming connect to every cell in your body. The feeling is intense and powerful. After a few minutes of rimming, I felt Lauren’s long slender finger enter my ass, gently feeling for my prostate. She knew when she it hit because my cock jumped … I felt an erotic sensitivity combined with an immediate need to pee … she found The P Spot.

Lauren knew she hit gold. As she stroked in and out of my ass, she added a second finger and then three. The fullness I felt made my face burn with adrenaline. With her free hand she massaged my balls, stroked my shaft, and pulled my shaft to her full Black lips. With her fingers deeply inside me, I lowered my legs and wrapped them around her torso. I propped my head up on a pillow to be able to gaze upon her as she overwhelmed my senses.

For guys who have never had a prostate massage, it causes huge amounts of prostate fluid to be created. And when combined with having your cock stroked or sucked leads to fantastic orgasms with huge amounts of cum (but it’s thinner than regular cum).

Given how badly I needed to release (again), I doubted I’d reach a P-Orgasm before Lauren took me over the edge with a regular orgasm, but I didn’t care. The attention to my ass rim, prostate, balls, shaft and head was driving me crazy. I was sweating all over and Lauren was relentless. She took a firmer grip on my shaft and made longer strokes. Her palm and thumb reached over the top of my gland before slamming back down to my balls. She varied the frequency so that I could sometimes feel my foreskin envelop my head, and on the down stroke she’d pull my skin tight. It was just too much …

The first ropes of prostate fluid shot across my stomach over the sheets and off the edge of the bed. I arched my back as her fingers in my ass rubbed my prostate again, sending another rope of fluid to land on my heaving chest. My legs trembled uncontrollably. My abs tightened like steel. And then … seemingly at last … I orgasmed with familiar contractions that pumped out the seaman in rapid contraction-driven spurts that covered my stomach and Lauren’s hand.

Thankfully Lauren kept stroking me, but slowed a bit and was more gentle. The aftershocks continued but lessened, and she carefully removed her three fingers from my ass. My legs fell off to either side of her as Lauren stood and looked at me with a satisfied smile. She seemed proud of herself, even with one hand covered in spunk and the other in ass juice. Her hair was a mess and she smelled like a well-used whore … but she had been my whore … my beautiful whore … for this memorable night in Las Vegas. On her way to get cleaned up, she bent over me and kissed off the fluids from my chest, gently kissing each of my nipples. With all of this on her lips, she then kissed me on the lips in a way that sealed our experience as a forever memory.


Lauren and I keep in touch for a couple years. Due to Covid, we never met again. I’m sure she’s moved on…

It is my hope that another woman might read this and want to chat about fun like this. Here’s your clue: Kay Eye Kay Chicago440.

If you like this story, please search out Never In A Million Years. It’s a very different true experience I had a few years ago. I also have a story called Becoming a Master. Like this story, both are completely true.

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