There was a knock at the door.

Tim Atwater tossed the final dish into the machine and went over to peer through the peephole. The face on the other side was that of Wanda Greene, one of the four dykes that lived across the hall. The four he had partied with last weekend when he had found their door invitingly open, the music pouring out into the hall.

He opened the door to see want she wanted.

As she stood there before him, his eyes were drawn to the roundness of her breasts, the fullness of bosom that only certain overweight lesbians seemed able to achieve.

She had a mischievous grin on her face. And the smell of wine on her breath.

“We’ve decided to take you up on your offer,” she said.

“My offer?”

“You know, to reveal to us the wonders of the male body. How the parts all fit together and all that.” She giggled at that and blushed a little, clearly nervous before Tim. “We’re ready for you now. Really ready.”

It all came back to Tim now. Last weekend’s drunken exposition of the engineering advantages of the male body vis a vis the female body. He had offered to demonstrate these advantages to them personally, he thought, although he really couldn’t remember the conversation very well in his present nondrunken state.

“So which of you has decided to take a ride on the old Tim-mobile?” he asked Wanda, taking in the soft mounds of her breasts, the hippy earrings dangling from her succulent lobes, fully exposed by her short lesbian haircut. He found himself faintly hoping it would be Wanda herself.

“All of us,” she told him blandly, giggling again, her hand reaching to his shoulder, tracing its way down his right pectoral muscle.

“All four of you? At once?” he said, disbelieving his good fortune, although he had to confess that he was not sure that the male body, despite its marvelous engineering for this purpose, was quite up to this particular task.

“Come on, boy. It’s time to put up or shut up. Time’s awasting.” Wanda said, the twinkle never leaving her drunken eyes.

She turned around to head across the hall, leading Tim by the crotch, which she squeezed periodically with the arm that trailed behind her.

Tim followed her willingly, if not without a little trepidation.

When they entered Wanda’s apartment, the other three were sitting: Danielle and the dark-eyed Moira on the futon, Sheila in the easy chair opposite the TV. All three of them stood when Tim and Wanda entered, staring at them as if not believing that Tim had really come, that all this was really going to happen.

The take-charge Danielle was the first to break the silence. “Do we strip him now or what?” she asked Wanda, her eyes never leaving Tim.

“Yeah, let’s strip him now,” Sheila said, her large breasts heaving in anticipation. “I want to see him. I haven’t seen a penis in ten years. I want to take a look at him.”

“OK, Tim?” Danielle asked, her tautly muscled butch body advancing on him. Tim stared at the rippling muscles in her midriff beneath her cut off T shirt. The waify Moira shrank back, her eyes uncertain. Her chop cut black hair framed her face in shadows. Tim felt himself drawn to her.

Tim nodded his agreement.

Danielle began unbuttoning his shirt, her well-defined triceps muscles bulging as she freed each button. When she was done, Tim felt two hands reach up behind him to pull the shirt off his shoulders. Wanda’s huge breasts then pushed against Tim’s back as she peeled his T-shirt over his head. Tim felt himself beginning to grow hard.

“I can’t believe we’re really doing this,” Sheila laughed, her double chin bobbing up and down with the rhythm of her voice. Tim thought her crew cut was strangely congruous with her humongous breasts.

“Before we go much further, we want you to put these on, Tim,” Danielle said, removing the pair of handcuffs that had been hanging from her belt behind her, hitherto out of Tim’s field of vision.

“It’s not really for us. It’s for Moira,” Sheila said. “She was raped by her uncle when she was eleven. That’s the only time she has ever been with a man. She’s a little afraid. This will make her feel safe.”

Tim looked over Moira, who giggled. She had clearly been imbibing wine, just like the others. But her eyes held an aura of anxiety. And fear.

“OK,” he said, “but first I have to see one of you.”

“Well which one of us do you want to see first, Timmy?” asked Danielle, almost hopefully.

“I’ll do it,” volunteered Wanda. “Anything to get our big strapping man here into the cuffs.” She stood before him and unbuttoned the top of her blouse. She pulled it over her head, revealing unshaven armpits and an industrial size bra. She reached behind her to pull off the bra. Her breasts were the largest Tim had ever seen, adorned with wide dark areolas. Tim felt himself growing very hard.

Wanda tossed off her shoes and stepped out of her jeans. She pulled down her unexpectedly lacy underwear, giving Tim an eyeful of her furry Escort Çankaya crotch. There was a silver ring running through her labia. She sat down on the futon and pulled off her socks. Her tummy and ass were both plump, and her skin was the same olive color all over.

She rose from the futon and stood before Tim. “OK buddy, let’s see those hands,” she commanded.

Tim held out his arms to her. Wanda took the cuffs from Danielle and snapped them closed over Tim’s wrists, all the while rubbing her huge breasts on his naked arms.

“OK, it’s time to see him,” said Sheila, reaching for Tim’s zipper. Tim felt her hand as it brushed against his penis through the cloth of his pants.

“Not so fast,” said Tim. He held up his cuffed wrists. “I’m beginning to lose my leverage here. “I have to see the rest of you first.”

“OK, Timmy, whatever you say,” said Danielle. She pulled off the cut-off T-shirt, revealing a tautly muscled torso and small, firm breasts. Her skin was smooth and unblemished. Just as quickly, she peeled off her jeans and socks. Her leg muscles were firm and well developed.

Sheila simply pulled her mumu over her head. She was naked beneath. Her flesh was white and plump. Her huge breasts sported rose-colored nipples, already fully erect. Somehow her buzz cut and long dangling earrings seemed to work together despite their incongruity, Tim thought. He longed to run his hands over her breasts, to knead them, to bury his face in those mounds.

“OK, Moira darling, it’s your turn,” said the clearly dominant Danielle, turning away from Tim to face Moira. Tim marveled at the definition of her back muscles, the tightness of her ass.

Moira shrank bank, and Tim thought he could see a tear in her eye.

“It’s OK,” he said. “Moira can wait until she’s ready. But not forever,” he added, as the three naked dykes began to advance on him.

“OK, Timmy boy, it’s time to see your thingie,” Wanda said. “But first we’re going to put you on the bed.” She led him by the handcuffs into one of the bedrooms, which featured a queen-sized four-poster bed.

Tim let them connect the handcuffs to the chain they had run between the two top posts. He was now lying on his back, his arms chained above him.

“He doesn’t look so dangerous now, does he Moira?” Danielle asked the reluctant waif. She climbed on top of Tim’s legs, her blond-haired cunt leaving a trail on moisture on the fabric of his pants. Tim could feel the lips of her vulva squeezing his leg. Danielle ran her fingers over Tim’s abdominal muscles and then began unbuttoning his pants. She pulled his belt loose and tossed it to Sheila Meanwhile, Wanda was removing his shoes and socks. Danielle slowly unzipped Tim’s trousers and pulled down his underwear. Tim’s fully erect pick sprang free, and Danielle traced it from the head to the root with her sharply pointed fingernail.

“It’s a very nice one, Tim,” she said. “I do men sometimes, you know, so I can tell you it’s a very nice one. Worthy of my three sisters here.” She licked the head as Danielle and Wanda each took one leg of Tim’s pants and pulled them from his body. Wanda then climbed up Tim’s body, her soft flesh brushing his thighs as Danielle took Tim’s penis into her mouth, running her studded tongue along the underside.

Wanda pulled Tim’s underpants off him. Danielle sucked him more vigorously as Sheila and Wanda tied ropes around his ankles and stretched out his legs. They tied the other ends of the ropes to the bottom posts of the bed. Tim let them do it without raising even a mild protest.

“Now we’ve finally got you where we want you, Timmy,” Danielle told him. “He doesn’t look so dangerous now, does he Moira?”

The dark girl looked up from the shadows of the corner of the room, where she had been squatting against the wall, pulling on her unkempt hair and rocking back and forth.

“Men aren’t so powerful, really, Moira. They can be controlled quite easily. All you have to do is lead them by this,” said Danielle, stroking Tim’s organ with the ball of her thumb. A small drop of pearly fluid oozed out of the tip. “All you need is this,” she repeated, as she took Tim’s penis deeply into her mouth again, running her tongue stud up and down the length of the shaft.

Sheila had gone over to comfort Moira, and the slender girl climbed into Shiela’s naked lap, her black dress forming a stark contrast with Sheila’s white skin. She began to nurse at Sheila’s jutting right nipple as if she were a starving infant. Sheila crushed the small girl’s head against her massive breast as she sucked.

Meanwhile Wanda had climbed upon the bed to cradle Tim’s balls while Danielle continued to suck his erect prick. “Very nice, cojones, Tim. I haven’t seen a set of these in years. Not since my boyfriend in tenth grade. They’re very smooth,” she said, rotating the balls within Tim’s scrotal sac. “Like apples. Do you mind if I eat one?” She suddenly took the left ball in her mouth, sucking on it vigorously.

Tim Ankara Escort arched his back, his arms straining against the handcuffs that bound him to the head of the bed. Danielle took him even deeper into her mouth, her lips almost meeting Wanda’s at the root of Tim’s shaft as Wanda continued to suck Tim’s balls.

Tim looked over at the corner of the room. Moira head was now buried in Sheila’s crotch, lapping vigorously at her cunt. She was still fully dressed. Sheila clutched Moira’s head to her naked lap, rubbing Moira’s mouth up and down her slit. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes went dreamy as she spilled her fluids into Moira’s eager mouth over and over again. Her opulent flesh shuddered with every orgasm. Finally she collapsed against the wall, her energy spent for the moment.

Wanda had also been watching the scene in the corner. She released Tim’s balls and crawled to the back of Danielle, licking her up and down the crack of her ass, her tongue thrusting deeply inside the anus.

Danielle shuddered and momentarily lost her concentration on Tim’s prick. She backed into Wanda as Wanda continued to tongue her ass. Finally, Wanda ran her tongue up the crack, over the dimple in Danielle’s ass, all the way up the small of her back to the scruff of her neck. She dry humped Danielle as she licked her ear, then turned Danielle’s head to kiss her, ramming her tongue all the way to Danielle’s throat. “I want to ride, him. Can I?” she asked the obviously dominant Danielle. Danielle silently nodded her assent and kissed her once more.

Wanda crawled up to Tim’s face and kissed him, parting his lips and thrusting her tongue deeply inside him. She held her large right breast up to Tim’s mouth, and he sucked hard on its wide dark areola, trying to draw as much of her flesh into his mouth as possible. “I’m going to ride you now, Tim. Make me happy, and everything will go well for you,” she said, as she draped her crotch over Tim’s mouth. The ring through her vulva felt strange against the side of Tim’s nose.

Tim accommodated her eagerly, running his tongue quickly around the inside of her cunt, the lips of her vagina, the growing bud of her clitoris. She stroked the side of his head gently at first as he sucked her, then gripped it more firmly as she began to rock violently on top of him, her crotch crushing Tim’s nose against his face, her cunt ring scratching his cheek with every motion. She began to move her cunt faster and faster on his face, and Tim lapped and sucked and bit her clitoris until her fluids gushed all over his face in her first release. She pushed his head harder against her and then suddenly released it. She bent down to kiss his forehead and then his cheeks. She slid her body all the way down Tim’s muscular torso, rubbing her huge breasts against his hard muscles. She draped her leg over him, her soft flesh brushing against Tim’s prick, urging it once again to full hardness.

Someone peeled Wanda off of Tim. It was Sheila, who gazed at Tim’s growing prick. “It’s my turn now,” she whispered. “I want to see him, touch him, taste him.” She grabbed Tim’s throbbing organ and looked at it minutely, as if seeing one for the very first time. Tim supposed it had probably been a while.

She squeezed her hand around it and began to milk Tim slowly. When a small drop of pre-come appeared, she licked it off with her tongue and swallowed it. “Look at it,” she told Moira, who had come over to view the proceedings, her curiosity having overcome her reluctance. “It’s really quite beautiful, isn’t it, Moira?” Sheila asked her. Moira stepped closer to view Tim’s prick. Then her eyes wandered to Tim’s eyes and held them as Sheila took Tim’s prick in her mouth. “I used to do this with my boyfriend,” Sheila announced, with Tim’s prick still in her mouth. “I think I still remember how.”

“Don’t talk with your mouth full,” Wanda said, as Sheila plunged Tim’s prick deeper into her mouth. Wanda rolled over on her back, came up beneath Sheila’s crotch and began lapping at her cunt while Sheila continued to suck on Tim’s penis. Sheila began to sit down hard on Wanda’s face as she lapped her cunt, running her tongue all the way along the crack, parting Sheila’s wide cheeks and plunging it into her anus. Sheila squirmed down hard on Wanda’s thrusting tongue as Wanda reached around with her other hand to rub Sheila’s cunt and clitoris. Already primed by Moira’s ministrations, Sheila’s whole body shuddered as she exploded all over Wanda’s face. She renewed her attention on Tim’s organ, which had lapsed as she concentrated on her own pleasure.

“I want to ride him too,” she said

“We’ll all ride him,” Danielle told her. “We’ll ride him over and over again. He’s chained there. He will do whatever we tell him. We can keep him here with us forever.”

“I want to fuck you,” Tim said. “Fuck at least one of you. I want to fuck all of you. Can I do that? Isn’t that why I came/”

“So you want to fuck us, do you Tim?” Danielle sneered. “I’ll Sincan Escort tell you what, Tim. You can fuck us every night. All of us. We can be one big happy family. But first you have to become one of us. You have to become a lesbian.”

“How can I do that?” Tim asked. “I’d have to be gay and a woman. I’m neither and I have no intention of parting with that,” he said, indicating the pulsing prick that Sheila still held in her hand.

“You won’t have to, Tim. As you say, it’s a marvelous piece of engineering. Designed especially for us. We would never take that from you,” Danielle said. “But I will make you a woman. You must accept the gayness yourself.”

Tim looked at her questioningly, not really understanding.

“Roll him over, ladies. Get him ready.”

Wanda and Sheila began to untie his legs. They urged him to roll over and he complied. When he was lying on his stomach, they tied his legs to the rear posts of bed once again. His hands remained shackled above him.

“Now we’ve really got you where we want you, Timmy my boy,” Wanda told him, running her fingernail down the nape of his neck. “You’re about to experience lesbian love, to feel what being a woman is all about.” She crawled down over Tim’s back, parted the cheeks of his ass and began licking his anus. Her huge breasts rested against the muscles of his back and her crotch was draped over his neck, squeezing it periodically.

In the meantime, Sheila reached up and pulled Tim’s erect prick out from underneath him, laid it down upon the sheet and began licking it up and down the length of the shaft. Wanda continued to thrust her tongue in and out of Tim’s anus. Someone handed her a jar, and Tim felt a strange sensation as she began to rub a cool jelly into his ass.

He looked up startled. Strangely, Moira had come closer and began to stroke his hair. She looked at him intensely, her eyes penetrating his. Her expression was one of pity and concern. She even bent down and kissed Tim on the cheek. And stroked his hair once again.

“Now we will make a woman out of you,” Danielle told Tim. Tim craned his neck to look around behind him. Danielle had strapped on the hugest dildo he had ever seen. It rose erect from her crotch, her taut abdominal muscles making her look like a prizefighter in heat. “Now you will know what it is like to be one of us.”

She came behind him and quickly mounted him, Danielle and Sheila guiding her into Tim’s ass.

At first the pain was excruciating, but Tim learned to relax his sphincter muscles and let her inside him. Soon she was in up the to the hilt, thrusting hard within him. She lay against his back as she pumped into him, her small soft breasts and hard abdominal muscles sending a shiver up Tim’s spine.

She licked his earlobe, his eyes, then turned his face to kiss him as she plunged the dildo even deeper inside him. Tim kissed her back, thrusting his tongue into her aggressive mouth.

When she came out of him, she lay her head on his naked back, her energy spent for the moment.

“That was just a taste, Timmy,” she whispered. “To truly become one of us, you must know what it like to be used by a man. And to be a lesbian, you must also be gay.”

The door to the apartment opened and shut. Tim could hear Sheila talking softly to someone in the next room.

She brought the new arrival into the bedroom. Tim looked up. Recognized the close-cropped dyed blond hair, the armless T-shirt, the bulging muscles. It was Chris Barrows, the fag who lived downstairs from Tim.

“Chris has always wanted you, Tim. He has dreamed of something like this. You just lying there chained to the bed, naked and helpless, spread, waiting for him,” Sheila said, then turned to Chris. “Chris, we give him to you. Do with him what you will.”

“But…” Tim began to protest.

“Ssshh,” Danielle whispered, putting her finger to Tim’s mouth. “If you do this one thing, you can be with us. All of us. Every night. Forever. Just do this one thing. Be nice to Chris. It’s just this one time. We will never ask it of you again.”

Moira came over and kissed Tim on the cheek and stroked his hair.

Tim nodded his assent.

Wanda began licking Tim’s balls and he felt himself becoming erect once more, despite his fear.

“OK, Chris, he’s all yours,” Danielle announced.

Chris peeled off his black T-shirt, revealing huge pectoral muscles, earned during sixty-hour weeks at the health spa where he worked. His pants soon followed.

Chris took Wanda’s place at Tim’s ass. He pulled Tim’s erect penis out from under him and began licking it with an expertise Tim did not know was possible. Chris’s mustache felt funny tickling his balls. Almost like pubic hair. Just before Tim was ready to explode, Chris released him, climbed up his back, and swung one of his legs beneath the chain that bound Tim’s hands to the top of the bed. His erect organ sprang in front of Tim’s face. “Take me in you,” he told Tim.

Danielle nodded to Tim, and he obediently opened his mouth. At first Chris merely inserted the tip of his massive organ. Tim closed his lips over the ridge beneath the head and extended his tongue to touch the sensitive spot beneath the vee of the helmet. It tasted salty. And male.

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