Broken hearts Ch. 01Broken hearts Ch. 01


Day 1

Me and Naina sat in her small but beautiful one bedroom house drinking beer and celebrating our appraisals. Naina is my colleague. We both work in different teams and ever since the holi festival we have grown very close to each other. I’m the introverted guy at our office who silently handles the finances of the company. I was withdrawn and living in my own world coming out of a bad 3 year long relationship. I had wasted my time on a selfish and unappreciative girl and stupid enough not to realise it. She cheated on me and I broke up with her, finally coming to my senses.

Naina was totally opposite to me. At the time, she was working in the sales team and was full of energy. She had broken up from her ex, who just like mine thought it was ‘okay’ to bang another person while still in a relationship. But this did not stop her from smiling that beautiful smile of hers and enjoying life to the fullest. ‘If you fall in love and come out heartbroken, make sure you come out brave and kind. Brave enough to fall back in love with someone else and kind enough not to break their heart’ She told me this.

On the day of Holi, we had a celebration in our office which is when we spoke for the first time. She put colours on my face, wishing me ‘happy holi’ I didn’t know then that it was the start of her colouring my life as well. We went out to have snacks along with other colleagues. When she started asking me questions.

‘So what’s your name?’


‘What do you do at the office?’ She asked another question.

‘I handle finance and accounting’ I replied.

‘And? What exactly do you do? I mean what in finance?’ she asked again. Why wouldn’t this girl let me be. I was happy being quiet.

‘It feels like you are taking my interview. Ask me something else other than office’ I replied carelessly. She might stop at least now. The rest of the colleagues had become silent and watched us with curiosity.

‘Okay what do you do to have fun? What are your hobbies?’ She asked, still taking interest in me.

‘I read novels. I play cricket. I cook among a lot of other things’ I replied.

‘You read? What’s your favourite book? And your favourite author?’ she asked. This girl loved asking questions.

‘I like many authors but Sidney Sheldon and Jeffrey Archer are my top favorites. And Kane and Able is my all time favourite book’ She wanted to keep talking but the others came in breaking our conversation.

I got to know later that she loved reading novels as well. And we had started becoming friends.

As each day passed, we started getting closer, spending more time with each other. Getting to know one another. When we went to Fenny’s, our first outing together, we shared our dreadful past and each understood the pain inflicted on the other. From there we shifted to drinking in her house every other day. She was staying in a rented place, alone as her parents house was 20+ kms away from the office. This house went on to become our love nest.

On one such day, while boozing and celebrating, I finally decided it was time I bid goodbye to my brooding self and take the beautiful risk called ‘love’. And so, I asked her out. She said yes almost immediately. I learned later on that she had a crush on me from past many months. Since that day of Holi. She said she saw sadness in my eyes. The same sadness that clawed her heart. Everyone thought I was just an introverted guy. But no one had recognised the sadness inside me.

She would make excuses everyday just to talk to me. Get to know me. She was the bold one taking the first step. She had taken a lot of steps. And she said she had always dreamt of this day.

She came and sat next to me looking into my eyes. She was wearing a black trousers and a shirt. Her hair was left open and she looked radiant. I saw genuine love in her eyes. Something I had never seen in my ex.

You will always feel the ‘right moment’ in your heart to go for a kiss and this was one. I placed my hand on her cheeks and bent down going in for the kiss. I felt her soft lips press into mine. Small pecks followed by deeper kisses. I pulled her closer, mashing my body against hers. She put her hands around my neck while I had mine around her back. I wanted to feel her. My hands were roaming all over her, feeling her body. Now, she wasn’t a slim, size zero girl. Rather, she was a thick, curvaceous girl at 5’4 height. Darker chocolatey skin colour. Black silky but curvy hair. I loved everything about her. My left hand was now feeling her bottom while the right one was trying to feel her tits over her shirt. She was biting my lower lip while her hands were trying to unbutton my shirt.

I broke the almanbahis adresi kiss, threw my shirt away undoing the buttons. I went back for the kiss while my hands worked on her shirt. She lifted her hands up in the air, letting me take it off of her.

Our kiss was now deeper. Parting my lips, I would run my tongue over her lip first and then kiss her. She parted her lips, taking my tongue in, letting me explore her mouth. Every now and then she would push her own tongue into my mouth.

I was squeezing her tits over her padded bra. I kissed her chin, her cheeks and went nibbling her left ear. I came down, kissing her neck… Kissing her heaving chest… and down to her cleavage. I wanted to feel her bare tits. I went to unhook her bra when she stopped me. ‘Baby.. no. Let’s not rush and do everything in one night’ She said. She was breathing heavily. She wanted it as well. But she was right. I agreed. And we stopped at kissing.

Day 2

There was a huge desire to rip each other’s clothes off and have sex but all we did was make out in her bed. We kissed and cuddled and just lay in bed holding each other.

Day 3

Third night was similar to the previous two nights with only an addition of stripping our pants. In between our heavy kissing and petting she slipped her leggings off. And I threw my pant away. We were burning in passion but she stopped me, yet again. Why remove the pants when you wanted to stop? Maybe she wanted it just as bad as me but her mind was battling between yes and no. And team ‘No’ won that day. Also, I guess through this ‘patience test’ women find out if the man really loves her or he is only after her treasure.

Day 4

It started from where we had left the previous nights. We were already in bed. Clothes stripped. Our kissing getting intense. She was moaning into my mouth as I cupped her tits. ‘Baby.. I need you. But.. not sure if we should have sex so soon’ She said. I think she was afraid I would leave once I got sex. This happens when you get cheated. You become insecure. She was in a live in relationship with her ex. He had brought in some girl and fucked her in the same bed they used to sleep together. It was ‘our bed’ how could he? She had poured her heart out in front of me one day.

‘Let us not. But I can still give you pleasure without having sex’ I replied. Still kissing her I got up, put my hand behind her and unhooked her bra. As I slipped the straps off of her shoulder, my eyes were treated to a beautiful set of boobs. Round and full 34C cup tits. Brown areolas of medium size with pert nipples. She pulled me back into a kiss. I obliged and then started going down. I kissed her neck. Went further down tracing and kissing the veins that went to her chest. I cupped her tit eliciting a sexy moan. I was kissing all around her areola before I took her nipple in my mouth. She clutched my hair in her fist, purring ‘Oh..’

I was suckling on her tit. Even biting it sometimes. I showed the same kind of attention onto her other tit before I started going further down. I kissed her navel. Using my tongue I started drawing circles around her navel. She was pushing her body up wanting me to kiss her more. And I was happy to do it.

I went further down touching her pussy over her panties. She was soaked. I pulled her panty and cupped her pussy. She spread her legs urging me not to stop. I moved my fingers up and down her slit feeling her squirm and moan. Reaching her clit, I rubbed it in circles and then let my fingers slide down. Back up again and play with the clit. She started moving her hips to my up and down movements. I pushed my middle finger into her pussy and started moving it in and out. ‘Ahh yes!’ Her moaning was so sexy. In and out I kept pumping my finger ‘God! Yessss. Don’t.. stop! She kept saying. While my finger was digging into her I touched her clit using my thumb rubbing it. And off she went like a bomb. Shivering and shuddering ‘stop..stop..stop..’ Biting her lip she started cumming and I let her ride down her orgasm while my finger was still buried inside her.

I was still admiring this girl in front of me looking like a beautiful mess when she pushed my hand away. She got up, put her hand on my chest and pushed me down. ‘It’s your turn now’ She said as I felt her hand pull my boxers down. She took my cock in her hand but she didn’t start jerking me immediately.

‘That was amazing, baby. Where did you learn to do that?’ She asked.

‘Everyone knows how to do that. It’s natural. Isn’t it?’ I replied.

‘Yeah but how did you know what works for me? Everything was so perfect’ she said looking at my cock. She was observing and almanbahis adres noting everything about my cock. I guess that’s what love is. Everything sort of clicks. She pulled my foreskin back and then up. Slow first. And steadily she kept increasing the pace. I was so horny. Wanting to feel her heat again, I put my hand in between her legs but she swatted it away.

‘No. Don’t distract me’ she said, her focus entirely on my cock. She squeezed the head and I felt her squeeze my precum out. Gradually she increased the pace. She kept alternating the pace. And every now and then when I got close, she would stop jerking all together. She would just cup and play with my balls and resume the jerking when I cooled down a bit.

‘Cum baby.. I want to see you cumming..’ she said.. she gripped the base firmly and started jerking and squeezing wanting to milk me. Few more strokes and I came. Thick ropes of cum. I kept shooting more and more until my orgasm subsided.

‘So much cum. All wasted’ she said slowly squeezing the last drop out. She was in awe.

Day 5

People say things cool down once we have sex. But I feel you crave more and more of it. You never say enough. We were just as horny as we had been the last few days. Small pecking to kissing to cupping and feeling to stripping and feeling each other’s body. This time when I went down from her navel, I didn’t use my fingers. I kissed the inside of her thighs. I can still remember the pungent smell of her pussy. I went closer to her V kissing the point where her legs and crotch joined. I blew air on her pussy wanting to drag things and tease her.

She didn’t say anything but I could see the expectations in her eyes. I bent down and kissed her pussy. A peck. She held her breath. I placed my tongue just next to her lips and started going up and then over her clit and then back down. As if I was drawing an outline around her pussy. She clutched the bedsheet. I put my tongue right on her slit. I could feel her wetness. I started moving up, accumulating all her wetness on my tongue as I reached her clit. I gently took the clit in my mouth. Sucked it. And then came back down. I repeated a few times getting her closer towards the edge of orgasm when she held my head near her clit ‘there.. yeah. Right there… oh… ‘ I kept sucking it in my mouth gently but as fast as I could. And off she went screaming not caring to keep her moaning down.

While she took the same place across my legs she had taken yesterday, she asked me ‘do you want a blowjob baby?’ Yeah. It was her turn to tease now. ‘You have a nice cock’ she kept playing. Am a little bit more than average and not a monster in any way. But it felt great to hear her compliments. She pulled my foreskin down. Adjusted her hair and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. Wet, hot and slippery. Oh god. I felt electric as my cock went inside her mouth. She pulled her head back while still jerking me ‘This will be the best blowjob you have ever received. Just relax and enjoy’ She told me.

She put my cock back in her mouth. She would jerk me with her hand and when her hand went down she would push her mouth down sucking me further in. Every now and then she would twirl her tongue over the cockhead. She would remove her hand, push her head all the way down trying to take my entire cock in her mouth. She would choke a bit, get back up and continue with the hand plus head technique. She kept alternating between the two methods and when she was going all the way down I put my hand on her head. I kept her there pushing my cock up and down. She kept sucking my cock like a lollipop. I warned her I’ll cum just seconds before when she was on her way down sucking my cock. She pulled my cock out with a plop sound and I came! She was smiling proudly.

Yes. It was the best blowjob I had received.

Day 6

It was a weekend and we decided to spend it with our family. I missed her. Her big eyes full of zest for life, her smile that brightened my day, her chirpy voice. Her positivity had rubbed into me. I was in love with this girl.

Day 7

While most were feeling Monday blues, we both were so excited to see each other. We hadn’t told anyone about us dating. Not even our friends. But they knew something was up.

We were constantly chatting all day like any new couple, talking about anything and everything. Some of it were useless topics. We were on one such topic when she sent me a text ‘Okay wait. I need to go to the bathroom’ She went past my bay throwing a glance at me and disappeared into the hallway that led to the washroom.

‘Am horny’ she sent another text.

‘So much that almanbahis adres you need to relieve yourself in the office bathroom?’ I asked

‘Shut up! No. Am not relieving myself’ She replied and even before I had typed my response she sent another text

‘I want you to come here and fuck me right in the bathroom’

We couldn’t do it there for obvious reasons but I replied ‘by pulling your pants down? Turning you around, bending you over and fucking you from behind?’

Images ran through my mind making my cock hard. I didn’t receive any other text but saw her walking back from the restroom. ‘Yeah’ she said with a gloomy look in her eyes and continued walking towards her bay. My friend plus my manager who was sitting on my right turned to me with a question mark on his face. I just shrugged.

We hadn’t even closed the door of her house when I pulled her and started kissing. ‘lock the door baby’ she said and soon we were stripping each other’s clothes off. I took her inside her room and pushed her onto the bed. She was squeezing my cock over my boxers. I started kissing her neck and biting into it leaving a big hickey. I sucked and pinched her nipple, not being too gentle. My other hand was rubbing her pussy over her panty. Her panty was stuck to her pussy completely soaked. I went crazy feeling her wetness.

I yanked my boxers down. I pulled her panty and lied back down. ‘Come on top’ I said.

‘Should we do it? But…’ she trailed off.

‘Get on top. I have an idea. Let’s not go all the way if you don’t want to’ I said.

She came on top of me. I kept my cock flat down on my chest. I told her to sit at the very base of my cock with her pussy touching my cock. She did it and it felt so good when she sat completely. I put my hands on her hips and told her to slide to the front, stop before my cockhead and slide back till the base. So she was rubbing her pussy along the length of my cock. Front and back. Front and back.

She got the rhythm and started gyrating her body. She was so wet that my cock was coated with her juices. She really got into it now. Instead of stopping before the head, she started going close to my cockhead. The wetness of her pussy and rubbing it had spread her lips open. When she came to the front this time, I felt my cock head touching her entrance. But it didn’t go in because of the angle. She did the same again but when she reached the head she gave a downward pressure and I felt her opening but it didn’t go in yet again.

Now my cock wouldn’t have gone in and she would have cummed just like that. But next time when she came back, I put my hand under my cock and lifted it to a 45° angle. She slowly came up, paused a little at my head and went back down.

She started rubbing upwards and when she reached the top this time, I tried to push my cock upwards. With her slit right on my cock, it went in. Her wetness helped. My cock went inside her pussy and she settled down with an ‘ahhh’

I let her get adjusted to my cock. She opened her eyes saying ‘okay let’s stop’ and started getting up. I waited till my cock was almost out of her but I put pressure on her thighs pushing her down and pushing my ass up lodging my cock right back into her. ‘fuck!’ she screamed. I let her get up again but just when my cock was about to pop out of her I pushed her back down lodging my cock balls deep in her. I pulled her upper body down. Put a hand behind her head, holding her upper body down and kissed her full on her lips. I put my other hand in between her ass holding her lower body down. And I started pumping her. She was moaning in my mouth. ‘uf..ahhhuff uff’ I hugged her body tight. The moment was so hot.

She got up immediately pushing my cock out. ‘Condom. We need condom!’ She said and started taking one from her drawer. I had started carrying a condom since we started dating. But she took the ones she had and gave it to me. I was so wet from her juices that the condom wouldn’t stay on.

She cleaned my cock with her blanket. I put the condom on and pushed her down on the bed. I spread her legs and went back right in. I didn’t move though. I kissed her and wanted her to ask for it and she did ‘Oh god. Just fuck me already!’ she cried.

And I did. I started moving in and out skipping the first and second gear. She was moving her hips to match my thrusts. I kept pumping my cock in and out. I would pull my cock out almost till the end and drive it right back in. Her hands shot to my ass, pulling me back in, each time I pulled out. The thrusts became rapid and shorter and so was our breathing. We were sweating, hugging, moaning and egging each other to cum.

Suddenly, I felt her shuddering under me. Her hands squeezing my ass trying to keep me deep inside, her nails digging into my skin. She was cumming and few more strokes without stopping and I came too. We were totally spent. But I kept moving my cock in and out of her very slowly.

We hugged tight not wanting to let go of each other.

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