Trading in Our “V-Cards”Trading in Our “V-Cards”


This is my first work. I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to leave constructive criticism in the comments. Also, many thanks to regalsub for the editing work!

Anthony is romantic, kind of nerdy, and a total sweetheart. He also has a disconcerting passion for video games; but I digress. He’s a pretty good catch as far as boyfriends go. We haven’t gone far, and I wanted to wait until I was 18 before going all the way. Call me a goody two shoes, but that is the promise I made to myself.

I find myself wondering, though, what it would feel like when we make love for the first time. I lay here at night, idly fondling a breast, imagining his hand in place of mine, his fingers gliding over a place I still don’t understand yet, but is being awakened by feelings I can’t quite comprehend.

I guess I should tell you about myself. I’m Jordan, and today I am 18. I’m 5’7″, with short auburn hair and green eyes. I’m not a stunner, but have been told by multiple people that I really am very pretty. I look delicate, but am lean and strong from years of all-star cheer-leading and hip hop. My breasts are small, a 32A, and I wear anywhere from a size 0-2 in jeans. I guess my best features are my legs and butt. My legs are supermodel long, and my butt is perky and toned. Anthony always said that my ass was the first thing he noticed about me, besides my face. Silly boy.

I’m having my birthday dinner tonight. Anthony is coming over of course. He will be bringing me gifts, but what he doesn’t know is that I’m going to be giving him a gift too.

I stand in front of my mirror, psyching myself up for tonight. “Ok Jordan,” I say to myself, “Tonight will be wonderful, and perfect, and… and…” I pause, hearing the doorbell ring. That would be Anthony. I walk out of my room and head downstairs to go and answer the door, pecking Anthony on the cheek as he steps through the threshold.

Anthony smiles at my parents across the table as I sit quietly, playing with a fork. “Thanks for the dinner, it was truly delicious.” he says. They nod and smile, and accept our request to go upstairs. I trot up the stairs in front of him, knowing he enjoys the view. I close the door, hearing it snick into place, and the soft whisper of the lock sliding home.

I turn around, smiling as he takes me in his arms and kisses me softly. “Happy Birthday Darling,” he says. I kiss back gently, thanking him with my lips.

I lead him to the bed, both of us sitting down side by side. My hips are gently caressed as Anthony’s lips move against mine with a little more passion. I freeze, and I know he understands I am fearful of my parents walking in on us. “It’s your birthday,” yenibosna escort he says, “and I want to be with you, and we can deal with your parents if anything happens”.

I nod, pressing my lips back to his, using more force as I slide slowly into his lap. I sigh happily as his tongue slides into my mouth, dancing eagerly with mine. My hands slowly unbutton one of the buttons on his Polo. His hands caress the skin along the bottom edge of my shirt, then slip underneath, lightly tickling my back. We start pulling each other’s shirts off when my mother knocks at the door, asking how we are doing.

I smirk at Anthony, mouthing, “Told you so.” then call back calmly, “We’re great, Mom, just surfing the web.” She calls a goodbye through the door and promises not to bother us again. How fantastic.

Anthony’s heart is beating as fast as mine as he leans down to take my shirt off hurriedly. I return the favor by removing his more slowly, deliberately trailing my hand down his abs as his tongue twines sinuously with mine once more. I feel his hands find the front of my bra, and they gently squeeze my breasts through the lacy material. I sigh against his mouth, feeling his tentativeness as he slides his hands towards the hooks that will bare my breasts for him to see. I guide his hands back to the hooks as they start sliding forward again, and he takes it off, seeing my perky pink nipples for the first time.

I notice that his breathing is becoming heavier, and I feel something warm pressing against my butt. I look down, and blush like crazy as I see his erection is the problem.

Anthony apologizes profusely, saying, “I’m sorry Jordan, I can’t help it. Being with you drives me crazy in the best way!” I look him in the eyes, my own emotions flitting across my face, and he sees something that makes his own brown eyes widen.

“Jordan, what is it?” he asks.

I take a deep breath, “I…I wanted to give myself up to you tonight.”

He looks shocked by my words, stuttering, “Gi..give yourself? To me?”

I blush and nod, wanting to make fun of the look on his face, but suddenly realize I can’t speak. He smiles a little, asking me if I’m sure. I tell him I’ve never been surer.

He lays me down on the bed, kissing my lips as his fingertips stroke my nipples, making them perkier and excited. He suddenly takes his lips from mine and suckles first one, then the other. The suction is exquisite.

I reach for the bulge pressing against my hips, squeezing it gently, his gasps proving that I must be doing something right. I squeeze harder, and start rubbing my zeytinburnu escort hand along the outline pressing against his jeans. Our sexual arousal seems to increase along the same line, and as I feel his hard-on grinding slightly against my hand, I realize that there is a dampness in my panties that thrills me.

His hands slide from squeezing my ass to hovering over the button on my shorts, and I press the most private part of myself against him, begging him to undo them.

He slides them off my long legs, dropping them to the floor behind us, revealing a lacy thong that has become damp from my excitement. I look at him, noticing the hungry look that has started to replace the look of nervousness as he takes in what has previously been hidden from view. Anthony looks back at me, and before I can even blink, he is crushing his lips to mine with a newer force, a hunger that sends liquid ripples through my body, melting away the rest of my insecurities.

It is different, this kissing, rawer, more passionate, more animalistic.

Basically, it’s hot.

My hands move from caressing his neck to unbuttoning his jeans, blushing as his cock springs even harder against his boxer briefs. As the jeans come off, I return to massaging him through his underwear.

He breaks away, gasping heavily. “Jordan, I…I want to feel you down there.”

My lusty moans answer his question with perfect clarity. I feel his fingers leave a tingling trail down my taut stomach, sliding into my panties, encountering a slippery heat that turns him on even more. He lightly presses a finger against my entrance, his thumb brushing my clit at the same time, leaving me gasping.

I slide my hand into his Calvins, feeling his cock for the first time. How can something so hard be so hot and silky at the same time? I roll his cock through my hand, entranced by the feel of it. He slides his fingers between my lips and into my pussy with increasing tempo, his thumb strumming my clit, his grunts and my mewling keeping perfect time.

We are getting closer, I can feel it. I’m so wet, and I can feel his cock starting to pulse gently in my hand. Anthony whispers to me, barely able to get out his question, “Are you ready? I want to be…inside you…so bad.”

I scoot up onto my elbows as he pulls my panties off, and then takes his boxers off. I gulp at the impressive size of his cock, finally realizing that I’ve been fondling a python. He is off in his own reverie at viewing my bare pussy, a thin strip of reddish hair glistening from my arousal. He suddenly looks up, noticing my wide eyes staring acıbadem escort in the general direction of his crotch, and frowning at the incompatible sizes.

He whispers, “I’ll be gentle baby, I swear.” I ask if I can guide it in, and he nods.

I take his cock and pull it gently toward my slick opening. His precum drips onto my pussy lips as the tip of his head penetrates me and I have to stop, feeling my pussy being stretched in ways that fingers would never do. Anthony puts his arms around me and kisses me gently, struggling not to lose control and plunge into my depths wildly. I get him in halfway before sighing in frustration and a little bit of pain.

“Anthony? Maybe if you started thrusting, it could get in further?”, I pant.

He nods thoughtfully, and shallowly starts thrusting, slowly working another inch into my tight, slick hole. The resistance and pulsing is slowly starting to go from pain to pleasure. I moan loudly, instinctively bringing my legs closer in to my body, and I feel his eight-and-a-half inch cock sink in to the hilt, shocking us both. The look on his face as he feels my warm velvet grip completely encompassing his silky steel tool is priceless.

I wrap my long legs around his waist, bringing him as close to me as possible. He runs his fingers through my hair, tugging on a lock as he brings his lips back to mine, his cock starting to pump slowly in and out once again. I feel him pull out completely, the emptiness devastating, before thrusting back in once more, this time at a faster rate.

I dig my nails into his shoulders, to keep myself from screaming loud, but the thought that my parents are downstairs is quickly drowned out by the feeling of his thumb once again tickling my clit. He says my name like a prayer as the tempo of our coupling increases, and I can feel myself getting wetter. The waves of warmth that have been flowing through my body are increasing, and I can feel this tingling in my pussy that is amazing.

His cock throbs even harder inside me, and he whispers hoarsely, “Baby, this feels so amazing, but…I can’t…hold back…any…more…Unh! Where should I …release?!”

I ponder slowly, getting distracted between his well-timed thrusts, “Well, I don’t want to get pregnant, but…Oh baby that feels good!…but I’ve heard that I haven’t had true sex until the guy cums inside me…Oh GOD Anthony YES!”

Well, that did it.

He grunts low and deep, ropes of cum spurting into me with astonishing speed. Anthony keeps thrusting into me, brushing my clit until my own muffled whimpers and screams signal that I’ve experienced a mind-blowing orgasm of my own. I can’t feel my legs, and I feel like all my joints have become unhinged, which isn’t an unpleasant feeling, under the circumstances. Our combined juices leak out, even as his cock continues to fill me.

Anthony kisses me deeply as our orgasms fade, both of us glowing over our lost virginities. “Happy Birthday, babe”, he says.

Why, yes, it certainly was.

The Beginning

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