Together Ssn 06 Ch. 04 – Personal MissionTogether Ssn 06 Ch. 04 – Personal Mission


***All sexually active characters are of age, 18 years old at least, and all sexual activities are consensual. Enjoy!***

In the offices of Cummings Enterprises International, Mia Milosevic, 19, has been spending most of the day shadowing distinguished businesswoman, Miss Tiffany Bright, 24, watching how she works, talking through her responsibilities, processes, and ethics of work, sitting in on meetings and business calls, reading through companies’ documents, all to gain an insight into the workings of how this woman earns her living.

Sitting with Miss Bright on the sofa in her office, Mia repeats what she’s been learning, “I see; so, because of assessing the infrastructure of each company, based on their output, and their relationships within organisational structures, you can find where they can add value to their own business, or where they can add value to other businesses. It’s about finding those ways that companies can get the most out of what they are known for, by expanding the visibility in their markets to find other organisations they can collaborate with in return for something equitable. It’s a co-operative system.”

Listening intently and impressed, Tiffany takes pride in the teen’s grasp of her work, saying, “You have a good knowledge of this.”

Mia humbly explains, “Economics in college.”

Tiffany confirms Mia’s assessment of what she does, “You really know your stuff. It’s an old-fashioned idea, but we work with the human element. We’re all about fostering relationships, introducing people to each other. Ideas are shared. It’s about what people are prepared to do so they can find benefit, advancing their own interests by bringing others on that journey, even for a little while.”

Mia comments, “Sounds like a win/win to me. It’s just good business. Nothing new.”

Tiffany again agrees, “It is nothing new, really. It’s just age-old business principles that you would always find. The thing here is we make introductions with businesses, and allow them to make the magic happen.”

Mia adds, “And, you make money from it.”

Tiffany giggles more, telling Mia, “Well, yeah, but, remember, we put them together in the first place. The magic doesn’t happen without a little visit from the fairy Godmother.”

Mia laughs, “Fairy Godmother? Really?”

Tiffany self-consciously defends herself, “Hey, I always make the magic happen!”

Mia sassily asks, “Always?”

Tiffany thinks more realistically, “Well, it’s not my fault some people don’t make it home before midnight,” laughing with the interested teen.

Mia says, “It all sounds so simple.”

Tiffany reminds her, “You’ve studied economics. Even so, think about relationships in your life; with your friends, for example. Those relationships take time, energy, planning, resources, all kinds of things to build and develop, and work. You get together to have a chat, you talk about things, and someone suggests going out and doing something for a day out. Someone has to plan that day out, pick a date everyone can do, schedule when to meet and how to get there, arrange the activities. If it all goes well, you get an unforgettable experience that you’ll cherish forever, and, you’ll want to do other things with them. That is what we do, but instead of doing it with a group of individuals making friends, we do it with businesses.”

Mia supposes, “Well, when you put it like that,” sharing in laughter with Tiffany. The teen watches the young businesswoman with reverence, awed in her presence, magnetically drawn to allow her hand to wonder, sweeping the silky smoothness of Tiffany’s suit, feeling the fabric in her fingers.

Tiffany warns the teen, “Do you want to know what happened to the last person who touched me inappropriately in this office? They ended up in prison,” looking up at the ceiling, indicating the CCTV camera watching them, telling the teen, “Just be careful that you are always being watched in these offices, and, any inappropriate practises are swiftly and suitably punished.”

Mia immediately retracts her hand, putting her hands up to apologise, “I didn’t mean to cause any offense.”

Tiffany winks, “I know.”

Mia coyly states, “It’s just I look up to you. I want to get to know you better. Maybe I was too forward.”

Tiffany enjoys seeing Mia getting flustered, telling her, “You were forward. Didim Escort I do want to get to know you better.” She promises the eager young teen, “I’m going to make it my own personal mission to get you to where I am here.”

Mia sputters with shock, “But, why would you do that for me?”

Tiffany simply says, “Because, I want to, and I can.”

Mia can hardly believe the woman by her side, reasoning, “You really believe in me, but what do you get out of this?”

Tiffany responds wholeheartedly, “Oh, I’m doing this for me. It looks good if I bring in a protege to groom and build up into the business, and I keep rising up to the top of the pyramid showing I have leadership qualities,” playfully looking at the teen in her periphery with a prideful smile.

Mia thinks Tiffany is joking, but, also has a feeling she is being serious, feeling like she is being used as an instrument to her own success, ready to play the part nonetheless, “If I work hard, I get to be where you are. I can do that.”

Tiffany says, “Great! It’s going to be hard work though. No time for camming. Less time with Kisha, but, I will give you as much concession of time as I can to be with her.” Sparking an idea, the businesswoman proposes, “How about, we get the kids together? It would be good to have Kisha play with Joy and Hope.”

Mia accepts, “Okay, that sounds good. A chance to get to be more comfortable with each other?”

Tiffany asserts, “I want it to be made clear. We are never going to get, ‘more comfortable,’ with each other. I’m offering to be a friend, because I genuinely want to be your friend. I will also help advance your career here, so long as you want it, but, I give myself, in that way, to only one person, and that’s Craig. You and me are never going to happen. Got it?”

Mia looks a little defeated, replying, “Got it, hmph. Boundaries.”

Tiffany smiles, saying, “Good,” getting up to her feet, offering her hand to the teen, suggesting, “I think it’s best that I take you home for tonight, but, my offer to get the kids together still stands. Maybe, on a weekend with the sun out nice and warm, and we can go out for a picnic, or something? Ooh, maybe get Frankie and Pleasant out with Colette as well?”

Mia takes Tiffany’s hand to help herself up, and gives her answer, “That will be nice. It’ll be good for Kisha to get out and make friends.”

Tiffany ushers the teen out of the office, saying, “Yeah, and it’ll be good for you as well; for all of us, really. For now, though, let’s get you home.”

Arriving at her flat, Mia is greeted by her mom, Aniya, and her baby daughter, Kisha, announcing, “Mom’s home!” The teen approaches the smiling baby girl in the living room, picking her up to hug her, asking her mom, “Has she been good?”

Aniya informs her daughter with a bright smile, “Kisha has been on her best behaviour,” asking, “How was your internship?”

Mia sits down with Kisha, replying to her mom, “I took it all in well enough, I think. I can see myself working well there. Tiffany is showing a keen interest in me.”

Aniya asks, “Keen interest?”

Mia laughs a little, saying with a smile, “Strictly professional.”

Aniya suggests, “If only you had someone to come home to.”

Mia says, “I have you.”

Aniya clarifies, “I’m your mom.”

Mia smiles back, “I know.”

Aniya walks across to where Mia sits with Kisha, suggesting, “Kisha is all worn out and ready for bed,” taking the girl from her mom, quietly saying, “We should let her get some rest so the grown-ups have a little alone time.”

Mia agrees, “Let’s take her in,” following her mom as she cradles the baby girl into the bedroom. Mia gives the baby girl a kiss on the forehead, telling her, “Mom loves you, Kisha,” before Aniya places her down to rest in her cot.

Aniya follows her daughter’s lead back into the living room, sitting with her on the sofa, feeling the teen snuggle up to her as she puts her arm around her shoulders. She asks, “About us? Where are we going?”

Mia looks up at her mom’s face, nuzzling her head against her chest, getting more comfy as she replies, “I have been so hot for you. I’ve been getting turned on by anyone being motherly, craving their attention like it’s a drug, or some shit like that.”

Aniya rubs the teen’s arm, squeezing her tighter as she says, Didim Escort Bayan “That must be so difficult to deal with, assuming you get anywhere as near as horny as I do. How’d you cope?”

Mia just casually responds, “Cope? I don’t.”

Aniya hugs her daughter even closer, telling her, “Poor girl. Mom can make it all feel much better.”

Mia confesses, “I never thought of being with a girl until I met you. It just felt wrong. Now, I don’t know what to think.”

Aniya leans down to plant a kiss atop the teen’s head, advising her, “Don’t think. Just feel.”

Mia sits up, undressing for her mother, nerves catching in her throat as she croaks, “Mom? I need you to make it all feel better,” taking off her shirt and bra to say, “In here,” taking off her jeans and knickers, adding, “And, in here.” Scared, shaking visibly, she asks, “Is it wrong for me to want this? Am I a bad girl?”

Aniya looks upon her daughter, naked as the day she gave birth to her, and assures the teen, “It’s natural for a girl to need her mom. I have neglected you too much. I will do anything to put that right… Anything…” Falling forward, she catches the teen’s cheeks in her hand, kissing her on the lips with such hot passion it reminds her of when she first met Tibor or Owen, but perhaps even hotter knowing she’s the girl’s mother, and this is so wrong, pausing her kiss to breathe into the teen, “I guess we are being bad girls,” resuming her tending to the teen’s lips, sucking on her protruding tongue long and hard.

The teen tugs at her mom’s blouse, breaking their kiss to pull it over her head, finding her mom’s breasts without a bra, stubbornly sitting with the grace of youth in spite of her mature age, with her skin supple to the touch. Mia’s fingertips find the curves of her mom’s breasts, settling her hand to mold around them, clutching at their surprising firmness with a squeeze.

Aniya lifts up her skirt, shifting the waistband to sit a little higher around her waist, reaching beneath to pull her panties down over her thigh-high stockings. With her slim figure, she appears so young compared to her age, straddling the teen’s near leg to sit closer to her, rubbing a hand between the teen’s boobs whilst the other hand holds her shoulder. Slowly drawing closer, the mom plants a kiss on the teen’s forehead, then each cheek, then gracing the tip of the teen’s nose before ravishing her lips with her own.

Mia feels melty beneath her mom, burning with heat and bristling with energy, but content to sit and stew in a hot numb blasting through her body. She feels her mom’s hand on her chest slide downward slowly, maddeningly needing more quickly, but also not wanting to hasten things, savouring the feeling.

Tiptoeing her fingertips down to the teen’s crotch, the mother redirects her wandering touch along the teen’s thighs, making her moan with discontent as she was expectant of her touch travelling elsewhere. Aniya smiles at the teen’s turmoil, advancing at her own pace to grace her daughter’s hip, tickling the stretched skin of the tubby teen.

Mia immediately becomes self-conscious as her mom’s hand rises up to her waist, feeling her fingers find the recesses of her stretch-marks, fresh from her pregnancy, but knowing she’s had some just from the expansive size of her frame. She blushes hard, noticing her mom’s gaze loving and warm even as she inspects these imperfections.

Treating the trembling teen, Aniya sweeps her hand below, combing the hairs between her fingers as they skim the sodden skin to find the soaked flesh. Moaning hard, Mia is heard uttering, “Fuck,” prompting a swift smack on the pussy to punish the potty-mouthed teen.

Mia feels her mom stroking her hairy crotch, massaging her labia, and she already feels like she’s ready to cum, gasping as she shudders intensely, squinting as hard as she can with a grunt.

Aniya coos, “Ooooh, there, there, poor girl. Mom knows you needed that,” inspecting her fingers to see creaminess clinging between the span of the splayed digits. She sucks them clean, savouring the clean taste, refreshing her as she says to the teen, “I’m sure there’s plenty more where that came from,” plunging deep to plumb the plump teen’s pussy.

Mia is so soothed by the seat cushions of the sofa around her, and having her mom above her, as she feels Escort Didim her fingers scratching and stretching her most sensitive flesh. Staring up into her mom’s eyes, she feels so at home, wanting to feel like this forever.

Aniya squats lower on the teen, using her free hand to cup up one of the teen’s boobs, finding the nipple to tease with the lapping of her tongue and the puckering of her lips. The mom’s mouth is met with the milk that feeds her granddaughter, allowing it to melt in her mouth, absorbing on her tongue before being swallowed down her throat.

Mia can not find it in herself to argue about her mom feeding on her daughter’s food, with her thoughts faded into a blanket of fuzziness filtering all thoughts away. Inside her belly, she senses a swirling storm, turning with heaving force, trying to hold on as she seems to sink into the sofa, mouth dry, mind blank, tingling all over, stretching out every finger and toe to reach as far as they can go, stretching further than ever before, until…

The teen curls her fingers and her toes so tightly, and her shoulders press down hard, lifting her body high off the seat, rubbing her head of hair hard into the back seat cushion, squinting so hard her cheeks pinch, lifting her upper lip into a painfully wide grin, showing her mom her gums, and, as her mom removes her fingers from her pussy, she floods forth a torrent to soak her mom’s knee, cascading around her leg, rushing to soak down the side of the sofa like a waterfall before pooling into the carpet a patch of Mia’s moistness.

Barely giving Mia a moment to recover, her mom cranes down to kiss her on the mouth, massaging her bodacious body as the teen tingles, moaning tiredly. Aniya breathes into her daughter’s mouth, “I love you, Mia,” resuscitating the teen to return the kiss eagerly, desperately.

Mia returns the sentiment, breathing heavily, “I love you, Mom,” bursting into tears.

Aniya asks, “What’s wrong?”

Mia attempts to regain her composure, enough to answer, “We can’t be together. I can have you as my Mom but that’s it.”

Aniya laughs, admitting, “I know. It’s cruel, but this will always be for us… Our secret… So hot…”

Mia sobs, “Yeah…”

Aniya confides in her daughter, “I love you way more than your father or Owen. I’m always going to be there for you. I promise you, Mia.” Bracing as her daughter helps herself to sit up, Aniya holds the teen firmly in her arms, as the teen’s hands rub up her back.

Resting her ear on her mom’s chest, Mia can feel the rhythm of her mom’s dancing heart, proposing, “You could leave Owen? Live with me.”

Aniya’s hands cross around her daughter’s back, gripping her shoulders tightly as she says, “It’s not that simple.”

Mia huffs, uttering, “Fuck. I know. You’re married. You made a promise to him,” suggesting with a glint in her eye, “You made a promise to Dad once, and you left him. Leave Owen for me.”

Aniya reminds the teen, “Then, he would come after me. Owen isn’t a man you leave.”

Mia enquires with concern, “Are you scared of him?”

The room falls silent, enough so that they can hear the soft gurgling of Kisha’s snoring in the next room, as Aniya carefully considers her answer, “We can’t be how we want to be, Mia. Listen to me. I can’t leave Owen. I am your mom. Things have to be like this, just… It’s not fair,” her voice croaking.

With her head held firmly to her mom’s chest, Mia asks, “Are you crying?”

Bravely, Aniya says, “No,” but it isn’t long before Mia feels something drip onto her hair, soaking in down to her scalp, knowing better, but not saying a word.

Mia thinks to herself, ‘Every relationship I have is wrong, and it always hurts. I’m going to make sure I get something right,’ reminded of Craig’s words to her at the club, saying she will lose what she cares about, asking her to be the best version of herself. ‘I can do that, right? Because, he’s probably right. If I continue like I am, I will lose everything. I will lose Mom, and Kisha’s grandmother, and I don’t want to push Daisy away, or Cassie, and I don’t want to fuck things up with Tiffany, being given a great opportunity at a career. Get your shit together, girl.’

Mia says as clearly as she can, “I’m sorry.”

Aniya asks, “What are you sorry for?”

Mia explains herself, “I am a bad girl, and I want to be better. I will be better; for everyone. You’ll see.”

Aniya strokes the teen’s hair, kissing her daughter on the top of her head, telling her, “I believe in you,” maintaining their embrace, feeling safe and warm, feeling that things will be alright.

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