The Young Cherry Cheerleader Pt. 3: The Young Cherry Cheerleader Cums of AgeThe Young Cherry Cheerleader Pt. 3: The Young Cherry Cheerleader Cums of Age




As Jennifer Wilson rolled out of bed on that Friday
morning in early December to get ready for school, she did
so with unusual enthusiasm. It was her sixteenth birthday
– “age of consent” in her home state.
Her best friend, Angie Walker, had pointed out the
significance of the event. It meant that she could now
legally have sex with anybody she wanted. All of those
men, who had backed away from the thought of having sex
with her because of her youth, would now be candidates for
lovers. And the men who had been fearful of discovery
could now fuck her with confidence.
Angie had celebrated her sixteenth birthday already,
and had done so in style. Her dad and a few of his friends
had spent a day at a hotel with her, fucking the teenager
until she was sore.
Tonight, Jenny would be going to Angie’s house for a
birthday party and a sleepover after the girls cheered at
the school’s home basketball game.
“But don’t expect to get any sleep,” Angie had told
her, with a smile.
As Jenny showered and put on her cheer uniform to wear
to school, her mind raced in anticipation of what she might
experience that day. The 5’8″ sweetie with a 32-22-28 “B”-
cup figure, blonde hair to about the middle of her back,
and lovely blue eyes, knew she was going to have a lot of
She smiled at herself in the mirror before leaving her
bedroom, her cute dimples enhancing an incredibly innocent
face that masked her sexual experience. She quickly
reviewed her body’s appearance in the uniform, giving her
own personal approval before starting her school day, as
she combed her long blonde hair into pigtails with sweet
bangs across her forehead.


When Jenny walked into her history class late that
morning, clad in her cheerleading uniform, she couldn’t
help but notice Mr. Lewis’ smile. Her teacher was hot for
her every time she walked by him, and their long-running
sexual relationship was something she had really enjoyed.
She sat in her assigned seat, in the back of the
classroom. From here, she would frequently tease the hell
out of the poor teacher by flashing her panties at him,
whether in one of her school or cheerleading skirts, by
spreading her knees and revealing her crotch to him. It
was her sign to him that she was looking for a little
“extra credit” work after class.
This was one of those days. She wanted to help
celebrate her sixteenth birthday with her teacher’s cock in
her cheerleader pussy.
Jenny slowly parted her knees as she sat at her desk.
With Mr. Lewis looking on, trying not to look obvious, she
slowly spread her knees outward, stretching the pleats of
her cheerleading skirt. Like the petals of a sweet
blooming flower opening up, the insides of Jenny’s smooth,
thin thighs revealed themselves, quickly exposing her tight
white cheerleading briefs.
The cheerleaders usually wore their red cheer briefs,
and their black ones sometimes. Their cheer coach thought
the white briefs made it look like the girls were showing
their underwear, and she had told the squad that they would
need her permission to wear them for games, which the
captain had surprisingly received the previous day. Jenny
and Angie had encouraged their captain to ask, since they
knew the coach wouldn’t listen to them because of their
promiscuous reputations.
Mr. Lewis’ eyes took immediate notice of Jenny’s white
cheer panties, a special treat, indeed. As Jenny smiled
with her naughty display, he had all he could do to
suppress an immediate erection in front of the class.
When the bell rang to end class, Jenny brushed against
her teacher as she walked by.
“Can I have a private tutoring session during lunch?”
she whispered, teasingly.
“Absolutely,” he whispered back. “I’ll be expecting


Less than an hour later, when lunch hour came, Jenny
headed straight for Mr. Lewis’ classroom.
Following their regular routine, she sat down at a desk
in the front row, pulled out her textbook, and acted as if
she was doing homework. When the traffic in the hallway
had died down, Mr. Lewis walked over and closed the door,
locking it for their privacy.
Jenny stood up and walked over to his desk, where she
waited for her teacher.
She looked so pristine and innocent in her little
cheerleading uniform. She wore just a hint of makeup and
had her long blonde hair in two pigtails with red and white
hair ribbons. Her bangs draped over her forehead, cut
evenly just above her eyebrows and adding to her schoolgirl
She smiled sweetly at Mr. Lewis as he walked toward
her, showing off her cute dimples, always excited by the
idea that she could give a man an instant erection and that
thousands of men were regularly jerking off to her pictures
on the Internet.
Her cheerleading sweater was a tight, ribbed turtleneck
style, ending just at her waist, so that when she would
lift her arms, her flat tummy would peek out. It was all
white except for two thin red stripes running down the
sides and down the sleeves. The red letters “SLHS”, about
four inches high, ran across her chest, thrust outward by
her blossoming, firm breasts.
The cheerleading skirt was red, with twelve inverted
white pleats. It was very short, ending just below her
crotch, and showing off her long, thin, tanned legs. Her
white cheerleading panties were snug on her shapely teen
ass, ready to be shown with her slightest wiggle.
White knee socks with red-and-white saddle shoes
completed the delightful outfit, accentuating her thin
“Happy birthday, Jenny,” he told her.
“Thanks,” she replied with a beaming smile. “Are you
gonna be at the Walker house tonight for the big party?”
“Absolutely,” he said. “But how could I resist my
favorite cheerleader when she flashes her cute little
briefs for me?”
Jenny giggled. “I just wanted to get a sneak peek at
that special cock of yours,” she cooed, rubbing the crotch
of his trousers with one hand and tracing his bulge with
her fingertips.
“And you girls are wearing white briefs today?” he
asked, rather surprised.
“Yep,” she nodded. “Angie and I were hoping that we
could give the guys a special tease at the game today, and
Mrs. Andrews gave our coach permission for the squad to
wear ’em tonight.”
“Very nice…” he said. “And I think a special young
lady deserves to have her pussy licked on her birthday.”
Jenny giggled as Mr. Lewis slid his hands under her
little skirt and tugged her tight white cheer briefs and
her cotton panties down her thin thighs. She wiggled her
legs and shook the brief/panty combination down to her
ankles, stepping out of them as he sat her on the edge of
his teaching desk.
“Wow, it must be two weeks since the last time we were
together like this,” Jenny mused.
“And I’ve got a nice big load of cum all saved up for
you,” he added.
She giggled again.
“I’m used to that,” she teased, as she leaned back,
propped on her elbows. “Just don’t get all used up so you
have nothing left for tonight.”
Jenny put her red-and-white tennies on the edge of the
desk, her feet about shoulder-width apart. Then she spread
her knees wide to the sides, fanning out the white pleats
as her white kneesocks formed a “V”. Her shaved snatch
begged for a tongue or a stiff cock.
“Not a problem,” he assured her. “You’ll always manage
to coax a load out of me whenever you want it.”
Jenny smiled as she watched Mr. Lewis carefully laid
her little red cheerleading skirt up high on her tummy,
keeping the inverted white pleats smooth so they wouldn’t
get wrinkled before the game.
“Oooh, Mr. Lewis,” Jenny purred as he leaned forward
and pressed his tongue against her smooth hairless pussy.
He started massaging her tender young clitoris with his
taste buds, inhaling her essence. Jenny would often use a
fruit-scented bodywash, and her teenaged cunt smelled like
fresh strawberries today.
Jenny closed her eyes and just purred softly as her
teacher ate her strawberry-scented muffin for several
minutes. She could feel her pussy juice flowing out of her
young snatch, and her teacher lapping her sweet love nectar
as it oozed from within.
The teasing friction of Mr. Lewis’ tongue, coupled with
his hot breath on her tender twat, had driven her to the
brink of ecstasy very quickly.
“Ooh, Mr. Lewis, almost there…” she coached between
gasps. “You’re gonna make me cum really hard.”
Jenny bit her lip as the red chenille letters on her
tight white cheerleading sweater heaved outward with each
Mr. Lewis relentlessly assaulted her swollen pink clit
with his tongue, burying his face deep into the
schoolgirl’s crotch. Then he heard Jenny groan.
The young cheerleader squealed in delight as she hit
orgasm. Jenny’s kneesock-wrapped legs visibly shook with
the intensity of her climax, and her pussy juice flowed
freely into her teacher’s hungry mouth.
“Aw, fuck!” Jenny groaned as she came.
Mr. Lewis quickly slowed and stopped his stimulation,
allowing Jenny to bask in the warmth. He looked up to see
her smiling at him, having obviously enjoyed the tongue-
“God, that was good,” she muttered, as she reached out
to him and ran a hand through his hair.
“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Happy birthday,
sweetheart,” he smiled, the bottom half of his face
glistening with her wetness.
“I want you in me, now,” she ordered. “I need you to
fuck my little cheerleader pussy,” Jenny teased.
She watched him unbuckle his pants and whip out his
schlong, quickly hand-whacking himself stiff.
“Just don’t cum inside me,” she asked. “I want to be
fresh for the party later, so I’ll drink you dry.”
Mr. Lewis smiled and nodded. He enjoyed nothing more
than the familiar feeling of tossing his hot spunk down the
back of this cheerleader’s throat.
He leaned forward and fisted himself into the young
girl, driving his meat into her warm, wet cunt. Jenny
spread her legs even wider, allowing him to thrust the full
length into her.
The two lovers fucked on the desktop, Jenny smiling as
the teacher pounded her cheerleader pussy. She looked so
marvelous and naughty in her little uniform, her panties
off as he nailed the vixen with a quickie-fuck.
“Let me know when you’re ready to be sucked off,” she
reminded him.
He continued banging Jenny for at least five more
minutes. She was actually surprised he was fucking her
this long – he usually only lasted three or four minutes
before blowing his wad. Not that she was going to
complain; she loved the sensation of his fleshy piston
drilling her deep. She realized, though, that she had to
get going to her next class in just a few more minutes, so
she tightened her pussy muscles around his rod to
accelerate his orgasm.
“Okay, baby, do me,” he said, as he pulled out. He
backed up as he pulled her from the desk.
Jenny dropped to her knees and clamped her lips around
Mr. Lewis, jerking him with one hand. She didn’t want her
uniform getting stained before the game with his creamy
goo, so she kept a tight mouth-seal around his cock and
widened her throat to receive his load.
It didn’t take him long. With her well-honed cock-
sucking skills, Jenny’s vacuum-cleaner mouth and her
dancing fingers quickly worked her teacher to the breaking
point. He groaned loudly, and Jenny could feel the first
spasm in her fingertips as his prick throbbed with the
first squirt, tossing his milky semen across her tongue and
into her eager mouth, where it slid down her throat like a
creamy milkshake.
Jenny kept jerking him as he geysered load after load
of warm, sticky jizz into her sucking mouth, where she
eagerly swallowed it as fast as it came. When it had
finally stopped after five or six salvos, she pressed her
thumb against the underside and squeezed the last of his
gooey cum as she sucked hard, milking him dry. Then she
let go of him and smacked her lips, having not spilled a
drop of his precious seed.
Mr. Lewis put himself away and fastened his pants as
Jenny quickly slipped her panties and white cheerleading
briefs back on.
“I’ll fuck you later,” he told her, with a wink.
“You can count on it,” Jenny answered. She grabbed her
bags and headed out the door, wiggling her ass at him and
shaking her little pleats from side to side as she left.


Jennifer Wilson rode with her best friend, Angie
Walker, to Angie’s house after the varsity basketball game
for Jenny’s big sixteenth birthday party – her “cumming of
age” bash.
As Angie turned onto her street, Jenny noted all the
cars lining the block.
“Holy shit,” gasped Jenny. “These people aren’t all at
your house, are they?”
Angie smiled at her friend.
“Jenny, just be prepared to get your brains fucked
out,” she said.
“How many guys?” asked Jenny.
“About thirty, I think,” Angie answered. “And every
one of ’em is gonna fuck you.”
“You’re not gonna take any of ’em?” Jenny inquired.
“Nope, this is your night,” Angie smiled. “Daddy just
wants me to be the fluff girl.”
“Fluff girl?”
“Yeah, my job is to give the guys handjobs or suck them
and keep them hard for you, but not to actually make the
guys cum,” Angie explained with a smile. “I get to be the
teaser and make sure you get a steady supply of guys with
hard cocks all night.”
They pulled into the garage and walked into the house,
to find a bed set up in the middle of the Walker’s spacious
living room. There were about fifteen men sitting around
the room, on chairs, on the edge of the bed or on the
floor, all watching a video of Angie getting gang-banged on
her own sixteenth birthday.
A few lights had been set up, and Greg the photographer
was waiting with photo and video equipment to capture the
all-night orgy.
As soon as the men saw the two girls enter the room,
dressed in their little cheerleading uniforms, they voiced
their approval loudly and sang “Happy Birthday” to Jenny.
“All these guys are here for me?” Jenny asked Mr.
“There are another fifteen or so in the basement right
now,” he said.
Jenny could hear a stampede of feet coming up the
stairs. They had obviously heard the singing and were now
alerted to her presence.
Mr. Walker walked up to Jenny and pressed a large wad
of dollar bills into her hand.
“Here,” he said. “Happy birthday, Jenny.”
“How much?” Jenny asked.
“Three thousand dollars,” he answered with a smile.
“Including Greg’s fee to shoot the event.”
Jenny smiled. This would only be more of herself on
the Internet for guys to stroke themselves to.
She stuffed the cash into her purse and Angie took it
up to her bedroom to put it away, while Angie’s dad quickly
explained the rules to all the men.
“Okay, guys, listen up,” he yelled. “Two rules.
First, no blowing your wad with my daughter tonight. It’s
Jenny’s night, and Angie’s job is to get you guys hard if
you want her to, but that’s it. So if she’s giving you a
blowjob, don’t shoot your wad – save it for Jenny.
“Second rule is no cumming in Jenny’s pussy or asshole.
We all want some good fucking tonight, and nobody wants
sloppy seconds, so pull out and spray it in Jenny’s face or
into her mouth.”
Mr. Walker looked at Jenny, who just grinned
“It IS okay if they cum in your mouth, isn’t it?” he
Jenny looked around the room at the men and innocently
twirled a long blonde pigtail with her fingers.
“Of course,” she said, with a smile. “I like to eat
lots of hot, sticky semen.”
The men cheered.
“Hey, guys…” interrupted Greg, the videographer. “If
you cum in her mouth instead of on her face, don’t blow off
with your dick stuck in there. Have Jenny hold her mouth
open so you can aim it there and just squirt it inside.
That way, the camera will see all the cumshots and I’ll get
some good gooey footage.”
“And Jenny”, said Greg, “just leave the semen on your
face between cumshots. We’ll clean you up after each round
of guys goes through, okay?”
Jenny nodded with a smile. He wanted her looking
naughty and nasty.
“And we’ll take a break after the first round of
fucking for pizza,” Mr. Walker added.
“You did bring a couple of other uniforms to change
into later, didn’t you?” he asked.
“Yeah, I’ve got another cheer uniform in the car, along
with a couple of school outfits,” Jenny told him.
“Good,” he said, “because we’re gonna soak you with
plenty of hot jizz the first time through, so fresh outfits
would really be nice for later on.”
“Jenny, why don’t you slip your shoes off and stand up
on the bed for some dancing?” he suggested. “That should
get the guys ready for some serious cheerleader-fucking.”
She kicked her red-and-white saddle shoes aside and
stood on the bed, while Mr. Walker cranked up some music
for her to grind with. Jenny stood in the middle of the
king-sized bed and waited for the music to start, noticing
the fuck-hot stares of the men surrounding her, the lights,
the video camera and the still cameras, all waiting for a
wild evening of debauchery.
Jenny looked stunning in her little cheerleading
uniform. She wore just the right amount of makeup, coupled
with sparkling red lip gloss, and had her long blonde hair
in two pigtails with red and white hair ribbons. Her bangs
draped sweetly over her forehead, cut evenly just above her
eyebrows and adding to her schoolgirl innocence.
She smiled at the men, noting them in various stages of
disrobing. Some were already naked, while others were
simply in their briefs or boxers, many of which jutted the
fabric outward, masking their erections.
Jenny looked at Greg and winked as he videotaped her,
already starting his coverage of her marathon sexual
Her cheerleading sweater was a tight, ribbed turtleneck
style, ending just at her waist, so that when she would
lift her arms, her flat tummy would peek out. It was all
white except for two thin red stripes running down the
sides and down the sleeves. The red letters “SLHS”, about
four inches high, ran across her chest, thrust outward by
her firm breasts.
The cheerleading skirt was red, with twelve inverted
white pleats. It was very short, ending just below her
crotch, and showing off her long, thin, tanned legs. Her
white cheerleading panties were snug on her shapely teen
ass, ready to be shown with her slightest wiggle.
White knee socks completed the delightful outfit,
accentuating her thin thighs.
As the tune started, the guys started whopping and
hollering for her. Jenny smiled as she gyrated her teen
body for the leering guys, flinging her little pleated
skirt around as she shook her ass and giving them glimpses
of her schoolgirl cunt wrapped in white cheer briefs.
She wiggled her torso, shaking her breasts in the tight
sweater as she danced provocatively, noting the men getting
more and more excited.
Meanwhile, her friend, Angie, smiled as she sat between
two guys and slowly stroked each cock with one hand. She
would have no problem getting them hard for her cheerleader
friend, but most of her work would be spent getting them
hard again for Jenny later, after they’d had their first or
second orgasm.
The song finally ended, and Jenny received a large
applause from the men for her dance number. One of the
nearby men, without his trousers, crawled onto the bed and
positioned himself on his back between Jenny’s legs. His
cock jutted upward toward the young girl, and Jenny just
couldn’t resist the urge to put it inside her.
She squatted over his fleshy spear and, holding the
front of her little pleated cheerleading skirt up with one
hand, used the other hand to pull the legband of her white
cheer panties off to the side. She nestled his prick head
between her moist pussy lips and impaled herself on him,
sinking down slowly to drive the full seven-inch length of
man-meat into her.
Jenny dropped to her knees and pulled her skirt up over
her waist, leaning onto him as she fucked him good. She
smiled for the video camera as it shot her from the side,
and then disappeared behind her to get a better angle of
the cock fucking her in her cheer briefs.
The man squeezed her ass cheeks as she rode him hard,
her blonde pigtails swinging back and forth as the teenager
drove him deep into her twat.
As the other guys cheered them on, Jenny smiled for the
camera periodically, groaning for effect as she put on her
show. After several more minutes, though, the guy
underneath her yelled for her to stop.
Jenny lifted off of him as he rolled her onto her back,
her head propped up on the pillow. He scurried up next to
her face, stroking himself furiously.
Jenny just smiled, waiting for the guy to cum.
“Do it in my mouth, baby,” she said, as she opened wide
for a gooey treat.
Meanwhile, a second guy was pulling Jenny’s cheer
briefs off. She raised her feet as he tugged them down,
then pulled them over her white kneesocks and flung them
aside. He pushed her knees wide apart and pulled her
little pleated skirt over her waist as he fisted himself to
her buttery slit and pushed his nine-inch prick into her
warm, moist snatch.
Jenny smiled as she encouraged the first guy, noting
the video camera focused on her face to capture the first
cumshots of the evening.
“That’s it, baby,” Jenny groaned. “Shoot it in my
mouth. I wanna eat your cum.”
With her mouth wide open, he obliged. With a series of
grunts, white globs of semen flopped out of his swollen
cock and splattered all over the inside of the
cheerleader’s mouth. She dutifully kept her lips wide
open, not wanting to miss a drop, as he emptied his balls
into her oral receptacle.
Finally, he shook himself dry and moved away. Jenny
looked at the video camera, still holding her mouth open,
and showed off her mouthful of jizz, swirling the milky
strands with her tongue. Then she swallowed and opened her
mouth again for the camera, demonstrating that she had
consumed his load.
“Mmmm, that was tasty,” Jenny showed off for the video.
“I’m a naughty cheerleader who likes to eat lots of creamy
In the meantime, the second guy was fucking the hell
out of her teen snatch. Like an assembly line operation,
he pulled out and scurried up next to her face, while a
third sperm donor moved in to fuck Jenny.
“Give her a facial,” several guys shouted.
Jenny just smiled and held her mouth open as an option
for the guy to dump his creamy load. She giggled and
fondled his balls gently as he jerked himself to climax.
With a grunt, he tossed his load onto Jenny’s smiling
face, aiming streams of warm cum across her nose, cheeks
and upper lip. With each contraction, his cock deposited a
very creamy and thick pool on the cheerleader’s face.
She giggled as the guy dumped five or six thick wads of
sperm on her face, changing the aim slightly with each
squirt to cover as much of her face as possible, like a
jizz-filled lawn sprinkler. By the time he had emptied his
balls, Jenny had cum from her chin to her forehead, matting
down her blonde bangs.
The other guys were going crazy, whooping and hollering
about the massive amount of cum that he had dumped onto the
young girl.
“God, what a load!” said Jenny with her frosted face.
“Thank you, mister!”
As the third man banged her twat, Jenny snuck a look
over at Angie. Sitting in her chair, she had a cock in one
hand, while another guy was grasping the back of her head
with both hands and fucking her mouth hard, as if he was
drilling her pussy.
“Hey, mister, don’t you dare blow off in her mouth,”
Jenny told him with a smile.
He turned around and looked at Jenny, seeing that the
video camera was filming him as he relentlessly fucked her
friend’s face.
“Don’t worry,” he said. “I’m just working up a big
load to dump all over that pretty cheerleader face of
“Okay then,” Jenny said, smiling, as she had pulled the
bottom of her shell top/crop top combination up over her
firm tits. She rolled her nipples between her fingertips
while she waited patiently for the next guy.
Just a few seconds later, he shimmied up next to her
head and aimed his cock at Jenny’s open mouth.
“On my face?” she asked.
“No, I’m gonna feed it to you,” he grunted.
Jenny stuck out her tongue, just as he gasped and
tossed his sticky fluid. It rolled down her tongue and
funneled into her mouth, but it wasn’t much of a load, she
thought. Jenny lapped it up, anyway.
In the meantime, one of the guys just couldn’t wait any
longer. He climbed onto the bed and knelt above her head
as another man was sliding between her legs and quickly
fisting himself into her.
Jenny rolled her eyes upward, viewing the man upside
down as he stroked himself.
“Aren’t you gonna fuck me first?” she asked him.
“I just can’t wait,” he gasped. “I’ll fuck you good
and hard later. Right now, I’m gonna decorate that pretty
face of yours, okay?”
Jenny nodded and smiled as he frigged himself, flopping
a stream of jizz down her forehead and down the side of her
nose, then another across the tip of her nose and onto her
bottom teeth, where it dribbled into her mouth. Two more
squirts of milky-white semen finished the job nicely as the
gooey strands clung to her tender face.
“Very nice,” Jenny commented, as he climbed off to make
room for others. “Thank you.”
“Let’s go, guys,” Jenny encouraged naughtily. “I need
more cum on my face or in my mouth. I need my protein.”
The guy fucking her pulled out and quickly slid up to
her face, barely making it in time as his first squirt of
cum landed on Jenny’s white turtleneck top. The second and
larger squirt of jizz found her open lips, though, and he
kept stroking himself into her teen mouth. Jenny just
smiled as she felt the gooey wads of protein sliding down
her tongue to the back of her throat. She licked his piss-
slit dry and he moved off the bed to make room for two
other guys.
One of the guys lied down next to Jenny and pulled her
over on her side to face him, pulling her sweet pleated
skirt out of the way.
“You wanna fuck me in this position?” she asked,
“Yeah,” he said, as his friend lied down behind her.
Jenny giggled, looking over her shoulder at the other
“Oh, I see what you two are up to,” she observed.
The guy in front of her pulled one of her kneesocked
legs up and placed it on his side, as he fisted himself to
her snatch. Jenny smiled as he inserted himself.
At the same time, the other man was sliding his seven-
inch cock between her ass cheeks and slowly popping the tip
into Jenny’s tight asshole.
“Ooh, I see somebody wants my ass,” Jenny chuckled,
looking at the video camera.
“Yeah,” he said. “I’m gonna fuck your tight little
cheerleader ass while my buddy fucks your pussy, and then
we’re gonna drench your sweet face with our cum.”
“Aw, yeah, baby,” she groaned, feeling the two fleshy
pistons pumping into her.
The threesome put on quite a show, making sure to talk
dirty for the camera as they entertained the other men. It
only took about five minutes before the guy in her ass
couldn’t take any more.
“You ready? He asked his friend. “I’m gonna pop my
load in her ass if I go on.”
“Yeah,” his friend answered. “Let’s do her.”
The two men pulled out and rolled Jenny onto her back
again as they flanked her face on each side.
The young cheerleader smiled for the camera, looking so
pristine in her little uniform, her kneesocked-wrapped legs
raised and spread, showing off her sweet pussy. She looked
so innocent with her blonde pigtails and bangs, as the two
guys jerked themselves for a half-minute next to her
“Give it to me, guys,” Jenny teased. “I want your cum
all over my face.”
Both of them came within a second or two of each other,
each splashing out stream after stream of thick, well-aimed
jizz on the face of the poor girl.
Jenny couldn’t keep from laughing as she got covered in
man-sauce from her blonde bangs, across her eyelids and
nose and onto her upper lip. By the time these two guys
were done, Jenny’s face was coated white with sticky semen.
“Wow!” the young cheerleader exclaimed. “You guys got
me really good!”
She smiled for the video camera, her eyes half-
plastered shut with cum, proud of the reward she had


It took a couple of hours for all the guys to drop a
load onto Jenny’s sweet face or into her hungry mouth.
Most of them had fucked her first, either in her pussy or
up her ass.
As Jenny cleaned up and changed into another outfit
that Angie had retrieved for her from the car, her friend
put Jenny’s cum-stained cheer uniform into a plastic bag to
take to the drycleaner.
“You know, Jenny, you can really make a mess of your
clothes,” Angie teased.
Jenny just grinned.
“Then that means I’m pretty damn good at this,” she
said, proudly.
“How are you holding up?” asked Angie. “Are you sore
“I’m fine,” Jenny answered. “I’m just trying to make
sure these guys are dragging worn-out cocks out of here in
the morning.”
“Well, you’re doing a good job so far” Angie told her,
as she watched her friend finish applying her makeup with
her school uniform.
Downstairs, Mr. Walker had ordered pizzas for all of
them, as the guys recharged their balls for the next round
of fucking and facials by watching video footage of other
high school cheerleaders and schoolgirls in uniform getting
He had also changed the bedding for all of them so they
could all begin fresh for the next series.
Within a half-hour after her cheerleader facials, Jenny
had washed up and changed into her next outfit, and now she
came down the stairs to the sound of whistles and applause
from the men.
“Okay, guys!” announced Mr. Walker. “It’s almost time
to fuck a little Catholic schoolgirl!”
Jenny’s thin 5’8″ frame was the essence of schoolgirl
beauty. Her 32-20-28 “B”-cup figure was the envy of
virtually every man she saw, as evidenced by the stares she
was receiving now, as the guys fucked her with their eyes
while she bounced down the stairs in her little school
Jenny had re-applied her favorite red lipstick, and her
angelic face had a smooth complexion. Her long blonde hair
was freshly pulled into two pigtails, and her darling bangs
still draped across her forehead, ending just above her
The young sophomore wore a white long-sleeved blouse
with a red-and-white flimsy plaid pleated skirt. The
standard skirt length for the school’s uniform provider was
about four inches above the knee, but since Jenny’s waist
size was so small and she was so tall, the tiny plaid skirt
hemmed out about six or seven inches above her knobby
little schoolgirl knees.
Below her long, thin thighs and knobby knees, a pair of
cable-knit white kneesocks were pulled up smartly and
cuffed over by about an inch. Red-and-white saddle shoes
completed the terrific ensemble.
Jenny sat on the edge of the bed and watched some video
with the guys while they waited for the pizza. Many of the
men were touching her, stroking her thighs or reaching up
under her little plaid pleated skirt and rubbing her tender
pussy through her white cotton schoolgirl panties.
“This time, guys,” announced Mr. Walker. “Jenny’s
gonna keep her entire uniform on, and we’re gonna fuck her
in her panties. And everybody cums in her mouth to give
her a high-protein dessert.”
Jenny grinned. It always felt really naughty when she
fucked with her panties on but pulled aside.
The doorbell rang.
“Pizza’s here!” Mr. Walker announced triumphantly, as
he answered the door.
He stood there talking to the deliveryman for a while
before paying him, and finally gestured him into the house
with the rest of them.
Jenny looked him over. He was probably in his mid-
twenties, and a little cute. He had a stunned look on his
face as he took in the scene of about thirty guys, some of
whom were mostly naked, a large bed in the middle of the
room, and a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl all dressed up in
her little uniform.
The deliveryman set the stack of pizzas down on a table
while Mr. Walker addressed the group.
“Guys, since this is Jenny’s birthday, she gets to eat
the first slice, and we’re gonna make it special.”
Mr. Walker opened the top box, pulled out a slice and
put it on a small plate.
“Jenny, here’s a slice of pizza, but we’re gonna add
another topping.”
Mr. Walker nodded to the deliveryman, who quickly
unzipped his trousers and pulled out his flaccid penis,
much to Jenny’s surprise.
“Jenny,” said Mr. Walker, “I’d like you to rub your
pussy for the nice pizza guy, while he jerks off on your
slice, so you can have a piece of sausage and semen pizza!”
They all laughed. Jenny nodded and moved back on the
bed so she could put her feet up on the edge. With her
knees high in the air, she spread her white kneesocks to
the sides, pulled the hem of her little skirt up, and began
rubbing her crotch through her panties.
Jenny looked over to Greg, the video guy, who was
already filming the proceedings appropriately.
The deliveryman began stroking himself to the sight
before him, and it didn’t take long before his cock
stiffened up.
Mr. Walker held the plate in his hand.
“Now, mister pizza-man, when you’re ready, just let me
know, and I’ll hold the pizza slice so you can add your
special topping for our birthday girl.”
The guy nodded, his eyes fixated on the sweet young
schoolgirl as they both masturbated for each other.
Jenny smiled as she hooked a finger around the legband
of her white cotton panties and pulled it aside, revealing
her little pink treasure. Then she inserted a finger and
started wiggling it in and out across her clit.
She knew the poor guy wouldn’t last long now, and she
was right. After another thirty seconds of furious
masturbating, he was ready.
“Oh God!” the guy exclaimed. “Here it comes!”
Mr. Walker held the plate for him as he aimed for the
pizza slice and started flopping out strand after gooey
strand of thick jizz on top of the cheese and sausage.
After ten seconds or so, he had pretty much covered the top
of the slice with his cum.
He shook himself off and wiped the last bead of jizz on
a chunk of sausage, and Mr. Walker presented the special
food to Jenny. She smoothed out her skirt again and
bounced to the edge of the bed.
“Here you go, Jenny, a fresh slice of sausage and semen
Jenny just grinned as she took the plate in one hand
and picked up the slice with the other. Smiling for the
video camera, she wiggled the piece of pizza so that
everyone could see the thick, gooey jizz jiggling on top.
Still grinning, she took a first bite of pizza, making
sure to ingest some creamy cum. Jenny followed that with
another bite, this time lapping up some of the semen from
the remainder of the slice.
The men hollered their approval as Jenny showed off for
the camera.
“Mmmm…” she said to the camera, as if acting for a
commercial. “I love this new semen topping!”
After she had finished eating the slice, the men began
hurriedly eating pizza so that they could get back to
fucking. Angie, meanwhile, ate pizza with one hand while
she stroked cocks with the other, getting the guys hard and
ready again for the birthday-girl.
While some were still eating, a couple of the men
jumped on the bed with Jenny and began having their way
with her. One started kissing the young girl passionately
while unbuttoning her blouse. The other man stroked the
schoolgirl’s thighs, ruffling up her little pleated skirt
and eventually sticking a finger into her hot pussy.
Jenny wasn’t wearing a bra now, and her firm lovely
tits begged for attention. With her blouse pulled out,
still on but unbuttoned, each of the men sucked one tit.
“Oooh, guys, that’s nice,” Jenny cooed.
“How ’bout one of you guys fucking my pussy, while the
other fucks my mouth?” she asked.
“I’ve got her hot little cunt,” volunteered one.
“And I’ll fuck her hot little mouth like it was her
cunt,” said the other.
Jenny lowered herself onto her back while one of the
men straddled her chest and the other spread her kneesocked
legs wide apart, pulling the crotch of her panties aside.
While Jenny watched the wobbling tip of one cock reach
for her open lips, she felt the other as it slid into her
teen pussy.
“My pussy’s filled now,” Jenny giggled, as the other guy
slowly pushed his meat into the schoolgirl’s hungry mouth.
“Mmmmm…” Jenny murmured, as she closed her lips
around the shaft, caressing the underside with her tongue.
“Okay, sweetie,” he told her. “I’m gonna fuck your
sweet mouth now and end by spraying my seed all the way
down your fucking throat.”
Jenny giggled again, as he grasped the sides of her
head, just behind her blonde pigtails.
He started a good fuckstroke on Jenny’s mouth, pumping
in and out while he held her head still.
The two men fucked her holes good at each end. Jenny
used her tongue on the cock in her mouth and sucked like a
pro, wanting him to cum hard. He was driving his prick a
good five inches to the back of her throat, but not enough
to make her gag.
The pace grew faster and faster. Soon, he was pushing
with short, jackrabbit thrusts as his breathing got louder
and faster.
“Aw, baby, that’s it!” he gasped. “Suck it hard!”
He fucked Jenny’s mouth relentlessly, grasping the
sides of her head firmly as he worked himself to the brink.
“Yeah, baby! I’m gonna cum down your fucking throat!”
he groaned.
With a loud grunt, he arched his back and fired a load
of thick semen to the back of little Jenny’s mouth. She
held her throat open, allowing the creamy mass to slide
down her gullet.
Again and Ortaköy Escort again, she felt spasms of cum squirt down her
throat, past her taste buds. She never gagged as she took
his sack full of semen.
As he moved off the bed, the guy fucking her pussy
moved up into position for his cumshot as Jenny readied
She smiled at him as he pressed the tip of his cock
down onto her extended tongue. Wiggling her taste buds
across the sensitive underside just behind the cock-head,
while he simultaneously stroked himself, she easily brought
him to climax.
With the video camera capturing it all, the guy dumped
strand after strand of gooey jizz across Jenny’s tongue and
into her mouth. The schoolgirl held it all in her mouth as
the guy dismounted her, and she showed off her creamy
mouthful for the camera before swallowing it like a naughty
little whore.
“Good to the last drop,” she giggled.
As the man climbed off the bed, Jenny called for more
“C’mon, boys,” she said with a naughty smile, as she
pulled the legband of her white cotton panties aside to
show off her wet slit. “My pussy needs a nice hard cock.”
Angie, seated nearby, was jerking on a cock with each
hand. She released her grip on one of the guys, who had a
swollen schlong about eight inches long, and slapped him on
the ass.
“Go get her, mister,” she said with a smile. “That
little schoolgirl needs to be fucked nice and hard with a
big cock.”
Little Jenny held her panties to the side for the man
as he climbed onto the bed and positioned himself to fuck
the young schoolgirl. He drove the full nine inches of
hard meat into her, smoothly but firmly.
“Ooh…” cooed Jenny, with a teasing smile and a wink
for the video camera. “You really know how to fill a
pussy! Ride me, big guy!”
In seconds, he was banging hard into Jenny, fucking her
intensely. She held her kneesock-wrapped legs wide to the
sides, allowing him to plunge deep into her sweet twat.
His balls slapped against her ass with each thrust as he
held her shoulders steady to keep from driving the poor
girl into the headboard of the bed.
“Aw, yeah! Fuck me!”
The other guys cheered him on as he fucked little
“Bang her! Drill that nasty schoolgirl’s cunt!”
Jenny’s saddle shoes bounced up and down, her shoelaces
dancing wildly, as her hot, wet pussy rode the man’s penis.
“Aw, shit! I’m gonna cum!” he finally exclaimed.
“Aw, yeah!” Jenny hollered with a smile. “Do it in my
mouth! Give me a drink of that big protein milkshake!”
She opened her mouth wide as he quickly slid up to her
pretty face and aimed his cock between her shiny red lips.
“Yeah,” said the camera guy. “Let me see you squirt it
into her mouth.”
Jenny didn’t have to wait long to receive her tasty
treat. He pumped long sticky strands of cum across her
tongue, where it slowly slid down the girl’s throat.
“Okay, guys, who’s next?” Jenny asked as she swallowed
the last of it. “I’m really thirsty!”
Suddenly, everybody heard a loud groan from Angie’s
direction. Mr. Walker’s daughter had been stroking and
sucking guys to get them hard for Jenny, but this guy had
apparently misjudged.
He was standing in front of Angie, who was still
dressed in her cheerleading uniform, and he had the tip of
his cock firmly between her sucking lips.
From his body language, he was clearly ejaculating in
Angie’s mouth, rather than waiting to do it in Jenny’s.
“Hey!” exclaimed Jenny, with a nasty thought. “Don’t
swallow that, Angie! It’s mine!”
Angie was already on the same page with Jenny’s
thinking. She was dutifully collecting the man’s sperm
load in her mouth, and when he had stopped feeding his seed
to her, she carefully slid his cock out of her mouth,
taking care not to swallow his creamy goo.
While all the men watched, Angie stood up and crawled
onto the bed over her friend. As she put her face directly
over Jenny’s, the naughty young schoolgirl opened her mouth
for Angie to deposit the load.
Angie opened her mouth slowly, allowing the gooey mass
to ooze out and drip onto Jenny’s tongue. The men cheered
their approval as Angie’s cum-transfer completed, resulting
in Jenny’s tongue bathed in white frothy semen, as she
showed it off for the camera, swirling it around in her
mouth for a minute or so before swallowing it.
As the men cheered their approval, one of them took
Jenny by the hand and pulled her up to stand next to the
bed, then spun her around and bent the girl over. Jenny
stood there in her little school uniform, her white
kneesocks and saddle shoes wide apart, with her elbows
resting on the bed.
She looked back over her shoulder, smiling, still fully
dressed in her white blouse. The guy pushed her short red-
and-white plaid pleated skirt up high on her delightful,
tight little ass, exposing her white cotton panties. He
pulled the crotchband of her panties to the side and fisted
his hard cock into the schoolgirl’s warm, inviting snatch.
“Yeah, mister,” she said. “Do me doggy.”
Grabbing Jenny by the waist, he hammered her with
quick, short thrusts from behind. Jenny’s pigtails swung
back and forth as he drilled her twat.
The video camera had re-positioned to catch this
action, and Jenny smiled naughtily for it.
“Fuck me, mister!” she cried for the camera. “Fuck my
hot little schoolgirl pussy!”
Jenny took her doggy fuck for a full four minutes,
somewhat surprised by the man’s combination of intensity
and staying power.
“Aw, yeah, baby,” he said. “Getting ready now… turn
around and take it when I tell you.”
“That’s it, mister,” she coaxed. “I wanna eat your
cum. Squirt it all in my mouth, okay?”
“Take it!” he groaned.
He pulled out and Jenny quickly spun around and dropped
to her knees before him, opening her mouth wide for the
He didn’t disappoint. As Jenny pressed her tongue to
the underside of his cocktip, he only had time for a couple
of handstrokes to bring him all the way.
He grunted as his jizz began to pump into Jenny’s
waiting mouth. Spurt after messy spurt of thick sperm
rolled down Jenny’s tongue to the back of her throat,
sliding down her gullet as he fed the schoolgirl.
After six or seven squirts of creamy semen, he finally
squeezed out the last drops and wiped them on Jenny’s
tongue. She dutifully swallowed the last of it before
smiling at him.
“Nice load, mister,” she complimented.
Jenny stood back up and looked around the room. There
were at least twenty more cocks to drain in her mouth.
“Okay guys,” Jenny said. “I know we’re gonna do a
cheerleader facebath later on. I hope you’re going to have
enough spunk to decorate my smiling face later. Do you
think you’re all up to doing three loads for me?”
“No problem,” Mr. Walker answered for them, as a number
of them nodded enthusiastically. “After this round, we’ll
take a break for a few hours and we’ll watch some of my
porn videos to reload our balls with some nice, steamy jizz
for our birthday girl. And I’m sure Angie will assist
with some extra stimulation.”
Jenny laughed. “Okay.”
She figured it would take at least another couple of
hours to finish the guys off in her schoolgirl outfit, and
then she would change her clothes again for the final
“cheerleader bukkake facebath” scene.
Jenny smiled for the video camera as another man bent
her over and fisted his prick in from behind. Three
thousand dollars and a tummy full of cum. Not a bad way
for a horny teenaged cheerleader to spend her birthday…


“Hey, Jenny, time to wake up,” said Angie.
Jenny slowly opened her eyes, taking just a minute to
figure out where she was and what was going on.
“How long was I asleep?” Jenny asked.
“About three hours,” Angie replied. “You were pretty
worn out from two rounds with all those guys.”
Jenny looked over and saw her school uniform on the
“Yeah,” she sighed with a smile. “But I did ’em well,
didn’t I?”
“Yeah, you did.”
“My jaws are aching,” Jenny said.
“And mine would be, too,” Angie sympathized. “But now,
all you need to do is give them a little turn-on routine in
your cheer outfit and let them blow their loads all over
your face.”
“Sounds easy enough,” giggled Jenny. “What are all
those guys doing right now?”
“They’re all watching my dad’s porn videos. They
watched a couple with your sister, Suzie, and one of mine.
Now, they’re watching a series of short videos with guys
fucking junior-high cheerleaders.”
“No shit?” asked Jenny. “I’d like to see a little of
that, myself.”
“Okay, just come downstairs when you’re all dressed
up,” said Angie.
Jenny tossed her school outfit into the bag for the
laundry, then pulled out her final uniform for the evening.
She quickly washed herself up a bit before changing into
the fresh uniform, then re-applied her makeup, including
sparking red lipstick.
One more time, Jenny walked down the stairs to the
sound of whistles and applause from the men.
“Okay, guys!” announced Mr. Walker. “Who’s ready to
shoot their load all over a pretty cheerleader’s face?”
The men continued their lustful applause.
“Just a few minutes, guys,” Jenny interrupted. “I
wanna watch some of that video with you.”
She sat on a couch between a couple of men to watch the
porn videos with them. A segment was just finishing, and
Jenny got to see what looked to be a young girl take a
popshot on her tiny tits, then wave goodbye to the camera.
A new segment started. A young brunette graced the
screen, dressed in a cute cheerleading uniform, smiling
with braces on her teeth. She said her name was Tabitha,
and gave her age as thirteen, which was about what Jenny
would have guessed. A short interview followed, where
Tabitha was told that two men would be having sex with her
and cumming on her braces. The girl looked somewhat less
than thrilled at the prospect, but nevertheless endured a
ten-minute suck-and-fuck with most of her uniform kept on,
just the skirt and sweater pulled up to show her pussy and
tits. The two middle-aged men’s faces were kept off
camera, and the segment ended with a reluctant junior high
cheerleader showing her braces to the camera and then
having them coated with frothy cum from both cocks.
Jenny looked over at Greg, the videographer, and
signalled for him to start filming her. He stood up and
started taping.
“Okay guys,” Jenny said. “How about a chance to do
that personally?”
Mr. Walker turned off the TV as Jenny stood up and
walked to the center of the room.
Hi,” she said to the men. “My name is Jenny, and I’m a
cheerleader. I’d like to show off my sexy outfit for you,
make you nice and hard, and then I’d like all of you to
shoot your sticky sperm all over my smiling face.”
Her thin 5’8″ frame and 32-20-28 “B”-cup figure was the
envy of every man in the house. She smiled, knowing that
she was being fucked by all of their eyes as she stood
before them in her saucy little cheerleading uniform.
Jenny had re-applied her sparkling red lipstick, and
her sweet youthful face had an angelic glow. Her long
blonde hair was freshly pulled into two pigtails, and her
darling bangs draped across her forehead, ending just above
her eyebrows.
Jenny had chosen a uniform she had worn the previous
year as a JV cheerleader – an outfit which was even shorter
and more snug this year. She wore a white long-sleeved
oxford shirt with a red button-down vest over the top of
it. The vest fit tightly, with white snaps. On her left
breast was a small emblem showing a falcon, while the white
letters “SLHS” ran down from her right shoulder to her
right breast.
Jenny’s skirt was red-and-white plaid with knife pleats
all the way around. It was made of a flimsy, lightweight
fabric that flipped around easily when she moved. It was
incredibly short, since she had grown a bit more from the
previous year. As short as the squad’s cheerleading skirts
were, this one barely covered her crotch.
Scarcely hidden under the little skirt’s hem, a pair of
white cheerleading panties gripped her lithe, precious ass.
A pair of white cotton knee socks and white tennies rounded
out the uniform very nicely.
“Do a cheer for us!” shouted one of the men.
Jenny giggled.
She put her fists on her waist and started a cheer for
the men, turning as she did it, so all the men would get a
chance to see her from all angles. Jenny jumped about, her
tightly-held breasts bouncing in her bulging red vest. Her
red-and-white plaid pleated skirt danced about wildly,
showing off her tight white cheer panties.
She did a few more cheers, followed by a couple of
dance numbers to a CD that Mr. Walker started for her.
Jenny made sure to shake her ass vigorously, tossing her
little skirt from side to side, then bending over and
grinding it to the music, showing the men behind her a
pussy mound wrapped in white fabric between those teen
After the sensuous dance routines, Jenny smiled for the
“How was that?” she asked.
The men all voiced their approval.
“I’ll bet you like how short this skirt is, don’t you?”
More applause and lewd comments followed.
“Well, I think I should take off my cheerleading
panties for you, then sit down here and masturbate while
you all jerk yourself off on my face.”
Jenny reached under her tiny skirt and peeled off her
white panties, tossing them aside. She sat on the carpet
and lifted her knees high, spreading them wide apart to
show her pussy to the camera and the men, her kneesock-
wrapped legs forming a lovely “V” shape.
She looked to the camera, which was now in a good
position to capture the action, and softly fingered her
clit, rubbing it gently across her womanhood.
“Okay,” Jenny said, smiling sweetly. “Somebody’s got
to be first, right? Who wants to defile my sweet, innocent
An older man in his fifties walked over to Jenny,
furiously stroking himself over her upturned face.
“That’s it, mister,” she encouraged. “Work up a nice
big load for me and put it right on my face.”
She waited for just a little while as he worked himself
“Almost there,” he grunted.
“Yeah, that’s it,” she said with a naughty grin. “I’m
a horny teenaged cheerleader, and I want your cum all over
my face.”
Seconds later, the man deposited his load with four
squirts of warm, milky semen across her cheeks and nose.
He shook himself dry, then moved aside for the next man.
Jenny kept her face tilted upward for the camera, to
keep as much semen on her face as possible, as another guy
positioned himself next to her.
“Come on, mister,” she coached for the camera.
“Decorate this cheerleader’s face with a nice big load of
Meanwhile, a man with a rather large cock stood over
her from behind her head.
“Aw, yeah,” she said. “You boys are gonna double-up on
They timed themselves almost perfectly, one ejaculating
across her cheeks from one side, as the other coated her
forehead and fired his gooey mass across Jenny’s lips to
her chin.
Jenny laughed as they unloaded on her, finally shaking
themselves dry and stepping back. She smiled for the
camera with sticky strands of cum across her bright red
“You know, a teenaged girl needs this kind of treatment
to help keep her complexion soft and creamy,” she said
mockingly to the camera.
One by one, the rest of the men stepped into position
and deposited their final loads of jizz onto Jenny’s eager
and smiling cheerleader face as the video camera captured
each juicy cumshot. By the time they were finished,
Jenny’s pretty little face was an absolute mess, coated
with frothy white goo from her bangs to her chin.
Jenny smiled for the camera, still dressed in her
little uniform, with strings of semen hanging from her jaw
and the sides of her face, streaked back into her lovely
blonde hair and matting down the bangs on her forehead.
“Well?” she asked. “How do I look?”
“Fucking hot,” said Greg, the camera operator.
Jenny smiled.
“Well, I know a camera guy with a raging hard-on who
hasn’t had the chance to fuck me all night,” she said to
the camera.
“You do?” asked Greg, behind the camera.
“Uh huh,” said Jenny sweetly, while licking a strand of
semen which had rolled down onto her upper lip.
“Would you like to fuck me in my little cheerleader
outfit while somebody else tapes the action?” Jenny asked,
“God, yes!” he said.
“And would you like to pour your thick load of nice,
warm semen into my mouth so I can have dessert?” she asked,
playfully twirling the ends of her blonde pigtails and
batting her cum-caked eyelashes.
“You want me to feed you my cum?” he teased.
“Uh huh,” Jenny nodded, with a cute little giggle. “I
wanna eat all of your yummy cum!”
Mr. Walker took the video camera from Greg and pulled
back to show a shot of young Jenny in her uniform, her
kneesocked legs spread wide apart to show off her tight,
wet, hairless pussy, as she smiled to the sight of Greg
pulling off his trousers and briefs to reveal a swollen
cock ready for schoolgirl action.
“Ooh,” Jenny cooed, as she rubbed her pussy under the
upturned pleats of her little skirt. “Looks like you’re
nice and hard already for me.”
He dropped to his knees before the young maiden as she
lowered herself down to the carpet and spread her thin legs
wide apart for him, knees raised. He quickly moved on top
of Jenny and fisted his hard penis against those buttery
soft, pink pussy lips, then popped the head of his cock
into the precious cheerleader’s warm vagina.
“Oh, I feel a nice, big cock in my little teenaged
pussy,” said Jenny, mugging for the video camera with more
nasty talk.
Jenny smiled at the camera with her long blonde
pigtails spread across the carpet and a pretty cum-glazed
smile across her lovely face.
She squeezed her pussy muscles around his plunging love
spear, tightening herself on his meat as he fucked her
softly but firmly.
“Yeah, mister, fuck me,” she said to Greg, as she
wrapped her long, white kneesocks and tennies around his
pumping ass.
The two lovers screwed hard for five or six minutes in
that position, his balls slamming against sweet Jenny’s ass
with each powerful thrust. Jenny’s breasts heaved upward
against her tight red cheerleading vest as she groaned,
looking upward at her man.
“Aw, baby, I’ve got to do you doggy-style now,” he
“Okay,” Jenny said.
He pulled out of her, letting little Jenny roll over
onto her elbows and knees, spreading her legs wide for him
to enter her from behind.
She looked over at Mr. Walker operating the video
camera and smiled, her blonde pigtails hanging down, her
darling teen face still glazed from all of the semen
dropped on her minutes earlier.
Greg crawled up between Jenny’s white kneesocks. He
slid his fingers underneath the flimsy pleats of her plaid
cheerleading skirt and pushed the little skirt up high on
Jenny’s ass, then fisted his cock into her waiting pussy.
“Aw, yeah,” groaned Jenny. “Fuck me just like that.”
He started banging the teenager from behind, slamming
his meat deep into her repeatedly as he drilled the
cheerleader in her sexy little uniform.
Jenny’s pigtails swung back and forth as he rode her
tight pussy. He put his hands on the sides of her waist as
he fucked the cheerleader’s twat nice and hard.
“Oh, God,” he muttered. “You’re gonna make me cum!”
“Not yet!” she said. “I wanna eat your cum, remember?”
He managed to get in a few more strokes, then pulled
“Turn around! Quick!” he gasped.
Jenny spun around and knelt before him as he quickly
stood up and placed his throbbing penis under her smiling
With her smiling face turned upward toward him, she
opened her mouth for him, sticking out and flattening her
tongue so he could squirt his creamy load onto it and have
it slide into her mouth.
“Right on my tongue, mister,” Jenny coaxed, her hands
caressing his thighs as he stroked himself to a huge
“I’m gonna cum, baby!” he groaned.
A thick wad of creamy jizz flopped out of his cock onto
her waiting tongue, followed by a more sizeable squirt of
warm semen. He kept good aim, pressing his penis down
against Jenny’s tongue, pumping strand after milky strand
of cum onto her taste buds.
The gooey mass continued to slide into Jenny’s mouth as
he fed it to the young cheerleader. After about fifteen
seconds and seven or eight nice, juicy salvos of male seed,
he squeezed the last of his massive load onto Jenny’s
Jennny turned toward the video camera and, having
trapped almost all of Greg’s cum in the back of her throat,
worked it to the front of her mouth to show off the gooey
puddle of thick cum for the camera.
Then she let it slide down the back of her throat and
swallowed once, proving that she had downed all of it.
“I love eating cum,” she said for the camera. “Maybe I
can eat yours some day, too.”
Jenny smiled, winked and blew a kiss for the camera.
It was the perfect way to wrap up her birthday.


It had been only a week since Jenny’s birthday
gangbang, and Jennifer Wilson came home from high school to
finish another week. There was a football game that
evening, so she was wearing one of her cheerleading
uniforms. As she walked up to the house, she noted her
Uncle Bill’s car in the driveway.
Jenny walked into her home and found her uncle watching
“Hi, Uncle Bill,” she said.
“Hey there, Jenny,” he leered, as he eyed her in her
lovely uniform. “Why don’t you come over here and sit on
my lap?”
Jenny knew her mom wouldn’t be home for another couple
of hours, and it was obvious to her that uncle Bill was
drunk just enough to come on to her. Even though she knew
her uncle was hot for her from the fuck-stares she’d
receive, he always conducted himself properly when he
wasn’t drinking.
He and Aunt Karen also had quite a bit of money, Jenny
knew, and an evil idea crossed Jenny’s little mind.
“Okay,” she told her leering uncle.
Jenny walked over to him and sat on his lap, making
sure her ass was in contact with his crotch. She could
smell the liquor on his breath, and as he talked to her,
Jenny wiggled around frequently. Within a couple of
minutes, she could feel a stiffness against one of her ass
cheeks, and she knew she had coaxed him into a hard-on.
“You know, Jenny,” he told her, “you’ve always been
such a good girl.”
He put a hand on Jenny’s thigh and slowly slid it up
her leg, under her cheerleading skirt, groping for her
cheer panties.
“I’ll be back in a few minutes,” she told him, and
stood up, looking down to see the bulge in his pants. “And
then I’ll sit on your lap again, if you’d like.”
“Sure,” he said. “But don’t be long.”
“I won’t,” she smiled.
Jenny slipped upstairs quietly to her bedroom and
loaded her video camera with a fresh tape. Then she put it
on the tripod that she kept for filming herself whenever
she and Angie practiced for their hot videos.
She crept out of her room and set up the camera on the
hallway, angled downward with a perfect view of the living
room couch from above. Jenny started the recording, then
slipped backward before standing up and walking back down
the stairs to her waiting uncle.
Jenny smiled at him for two reasons. She was
determined to film him fucking his niece, which would be
wonderful blackmail ammo for her in controlling him and his
The video tape would also help her in case she got into
trouble with her younger cousin Darcy, who was Uncle Bill’s
daughter. Jenny had recently been introducing little Darcy
to the joys of sex, and this tape would protect her in case
she or Darcy ever got caught by Darcy’s dad.
“Hey,” said Uncle Bill, as he patted his thigh. “Come
over here and sit on your uncle’s lap.”
His fuck-hungry eyes mentally raped his teenaged niece
as she reached the botttom of the stairs. Jenny’s 5’8″
frame with the 32-22-28 “B”-cup figure, blonde hair to
about the middle of her back, and lovely blue eyes beneath
sweet blonde bangs made her virtually impossible to resist,
especially in one of her cute little cheerleading outfits.
Jenny smiled with those cute dimples, enhancing an
incredibly cute face with a smooth complexion. Jenny also
had slender, attractive legs, with slightly knobby knees
that only accented her schoolgirl innocence.
She wore a shell top that zipped down the back. It was
black across the back, with a red/white/black trim that
crossed her shoulders and ran down both sides. The front
of the shell was white on the top, black on the bottom,
with the same red/white/black striped trim separating the
color scheme in a “V”-shape.
Across the white top of her shell were the letters
“SLHS” in a script fashion, for St. Luke’s High School.
Under the shell top, Jenny wore a tight, thin white long-
sleeved turtleneck bodysuit top that ended with an elastic
band just below her breasts.
Jenny’s cheerleading skirt was quite short, hemming out
very high on her delicious, shapely thighs. It was black,
with twelve alternating red and white box pleats. In
addition, the same red/white/black trim pattern ringed the
hem of the tiny skirt.
Below about eight inches of luscious, teenage thighs,
her slightly knobby knees only enhanced her youthful
innocence. Her calves were encased in a pair of white
kneesocks, pulled up smartly to just below her kneecaps.
Her white kneesocks had a four-inch-wide black band
near the top, embroidered with the white initials “SLHS”.
Two thin red bands circled her socks, one about an inch
above and one below the black band.
White athletic shoes with black trim completed her
delightful ensemble.
“First, why don’t you do that dance number for me that
you girls did at last week’s game?” Uncle Bill asked.
“Are you sure?” asked Jenny. That dance number had a
number of suggestive moves and panty-flashes, she knew, and
her uncle was wanting a private performance.
“Yeah, I really liked that one,” he said.
“Okay,” Jenny relented.
With her leering uncle watching intently, Jenny
launched into her routine. Without the music, she worked
her way through the dance number, exaggerating her
movements for him. She wiggled her ass sensuously, shaking
her little pleated skirt to display her tight red
cheerleading panties.
By the time she had ended, she could see the bulge in
his pants, and she knew she was in business. He had dry-
humped her before, ejaculating on her panties, but this
time she was actually hoping he’d fuck her, so that she
would have the act on videotape.
“Come over here and sit on my lap,” he told Jenny.
She walked over to him and sat on one of his thighs.
He slid her over, so that her ass was rubbing his crotch.
As he spoke to her, he began wiggling back and forth
beneath her. Jenny could feel his swollen cock rubbing
against her, even through all the clothes between them.
“What are you doing, Uncle Bill?” she asked, knowingly.
“You just look so hot in that little uniform of yours,”
he told her. “You don’t mind giving me a little
stimulation, do you?”
“Well, I don’t know,” she teased. “We shouldn’t really
be doing this.”
He humped against Jenny for a couple more minutes, then
decided he wasn’t satisfied with that.
“Stand up,” he told her.
She did so, and he stood up, too. While she watched,
he unbuckled his pants and pulled down his boxers to expose
his hard cock.
“Uncle Bill!” she gasped in mock surprise.
He took Jenny’s hand and put it on his dick.
“Just slide your hand back and forth on it like this,”
he showed her, moving her hand on the shaft of his penis.
“But Uncle Bill, we shouldn’t be doing this,” she
“It’s okay,” he said. “Just don’t tell anyone.”
Jenny stroked his cock with her hand. She was hoping
he just wasn’t going to have her jerk him off. While it
would be incriminating, actually fucking her would seal the
“That’s it, sweetie,” he moaned. “That feels really
After a few minutes of hand-stroking, he took it to the
next level.
“Are you on the pill, Jenny?” he asked.
“Uncle Bill!” she exclaimed. “Why do you want to
“Because I was just curious,” he told her.
“Well, yes, I am,” she answered.
“Good. And have you fucked other boys?”
“Why?” she asked.
He turned Jenny around and reached up under her little
cheerleading skirt, grabbing her bright red cheer panties
and tugging them down on her thighs.
“What are you doing?” she asked.
“Now it’s my turn to fuck that tight little pussy of
yours,” he said. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long
He bent Jenny over the back of the sofa and pushed her
little black skirt up high on her ass, spreading out the
red and white pleats, then fisted his cock against her and
rubbed it a few times against her soft pussy lips before
slowly droving the full length of it into the young
“Uncle Bill, you shouldn’t be doing this,” she said in
mock resistance.
Locked in on his lustful desire for the darling
cheerleader, he ignored his teen niece and began fucking
Jenny looked back over her shoulder at her uncle, then
briefly at the video camera positioned at the top of the
Uncle Bill hammered at his young niece, driving his
cock firmly into her, with one hand holding her shoulder
down and the other on Jenny’s waist to steady her. Each
thrust drove the girl into the sofa, his balls slapping
against her as he skewered the young cheerleader in her
sexy little uniform.
Jenny was betting this was looking really hot on video,
with her bent forward like this in her uniform with her
kneesocked legs spread wide, her cheer panties stretched
across her thighs, while her uncle was fucking the living
daylights out of her from behind. She was really turned on
right now, but she’d never admit it.
Several minutes of plunging himself deep into Jenny’s
hot, wet gash was all that her poor horny uncle could take.
“Aw, yeah,” he groaned. “I’m gonna blow my load right
into your pussy.”
After a few more seconds, he grunted and pushed once
more, pressing his loins against Jenny’s tight ass and
holding his penis as deep into her pussy as possible. His
cock began spasming, sending stream after stream of hot
male seed deep into Jenny’s little snatch.
Jenny could feel his pumping action as her uncle
deposited his load into her eager little lovebox.
Finally, a satisfied Uncle Bill pulled his drained
penis from her cunt.
“Here,” he said, “lick the last of it off.”
He pulled Jenny down to her knees and held his cock in
front of her face, squeezing out the last drops of cum.
She obediently licked him clean, then stood up and pulled
her cheer panties back on.
“I’d better go clean up,” she said.
As Uncle Bill put his pants back on, Jenny went back
upstairs, quietly removing the video camera from its perch
and taking it back to her bedroom. That tape would be her
bargaining chip if she ever needed it. She smiled to
herself in the fact that her teen pussy was filled with her
uncle’s semen.


It was about a week before Christmas, and Jennifer
Wilson was arriving home from school, dressed in her
delightful school uniform. She unlocked the door of her
house and walked inside, expecting a few hours alone until
her mom got home from work.
“Well,” said a familiar voice. “What kind of trouble
have you gotten into lately?”
Jenny instantly recognized the voice. She looked off
to the couch on the side and saw her sister Suzie.
“Suzie!” she exclaimed.
Jenny ran over to her as Suzie stood up. The two
sisters hugged and held their embrace.
“God, I’ve missed you,” Jenny told her. “I didn’t
think you were coming back for winter break until
The two sisters relaxed their embrace and sat on the
“Well,” said Suzie, “my last final exam was over, and I
wanted to see my old friends as soon as I could.”
“You’re looking great, Suzie,” commented Jenny, looking
over her sister’s figure.
“Thanks,” Suzie answered. “I work out almost every day
by doing squat thrusts with a college guy beneath me.”
The two girls laughed.
“I’ll bet you get lots of sex, huh?” asked Jenny.
Suzie nodded with a smirk.
“Oh yeah,” Suzie said. “I even made it with one of my
Jenny laughed. “You’re so bad”, she teased.
“What about you” asked Suzie. “Are you getting lots of
action lately?”
“Yeah,” Jenny said. “I’ve been making some pretty good
cash doing photos and videos, too.”
“Really? Tell me more!”
“Well,” said Jenny, “I just did about 30 men in a
gangbang for my birthday, and it’s all on video, too.”
“No shit?” asked Suzie. “Thirty guys?”
Jenny nodded proudly.
“Where was this at?” Suzie inquired.
“Mr. Walker’s house – I passed it off to mom as a
birthday sleepover with Angie.”
“So you’re picking up where I left off and nailing Mr.
Jenny nodded again. “Pretty regularly.”
“And he prefers you dressing up in your school uniform
or one of your cheerleading uniforms, doesn’t he?” Suzie
“Yep, he loves it.”
Suzie smiled. “Well, it’s good to know some things
never change.”
“And I even got Darcy in on some action,” Jenny added.
“Our cousin?” Suzie asked in amazement.
“Yeah, Mr. Walker popped her cherry a couple of months
ago, and I even got her into a little bit of blowjob action
during an orgy,” Jenny told her.
“Holy shit!” said Suzie. “She’s only in junior high!”
“Yeah,” Jenny nodded, “But those guys really wanted to
fuck her bad.”
“Just make sure she doesn’t get pregnant,” Suzie
“I know,” said Jenny. “That’s why I limited her to
blowjobs. But we got her on birth control a few weeks ago,
so she’s open for business.”
“Hey, you know what would be cool, especially since we
have time before mom gets home?” asked Jenny, changing the
“You dropping in on Mr. Walker,” said Jenny. “How long
has it been since you guys fucked?”
“Middle of the summer,” said Suzie.
“Why don’t I see if he’s home without his wife there,
and if so, we can go over there,” suggested Jenny.
“But I figured he was your play-toy now,” said Suzie.
“Hey,” said Jenny with a smile and a wink, “Good
sisters share everything.”
Jenny picked up the phone and called for Angie. Mr.
Walker answered the phone instead.
“Hi,” said Jenny. “It’s Jenny.”
“Why, how’s my sweet little cheerleader?” Mr. Walker
“Just fine,” said Jenny. “I’m assuming your wife is
out of the house right now?”
“Yep,” he said. “Won’t be back until later tonight
from a business trip. Why? Did you have something in
“I just thought you might like a special surpise.”
Jenny answered.
“Oh, I love surprises,” he said, with a chuckle.
“Especially when they’re young, pink, warm and wet!”
“Well, how about if I come over for a bit?” Jenny
suggested. “I even have a car to get there.”
“Sounds great,” he said. I’ll have the garage door
opened, so just pull straight in.”
“I’ll be over in about thirty minutes, then,” Jenny
said, and hung up the phone.
Jenny turned back to Suzie.
“Well, Suzie, something tells me he’d love to see you
in one of your cheer uniforms from last year.”
“Duh!” Suzie answered, with a smile. “You think?”
Suzie stood up and walked over to the stairs.
“I won’t be long,” she told Jenny, with a naughty
smile. “I think I’ll slip into something short and
pleated. Maybe I’ll put my hair into pigtails, too.”


Within a half hour, the two sisters were pulling into
Mr. Walker’s garage. They waited until Mr. Walker closed
the garage door behind them, keeping the nosey neighbors
from seeing too much.
Jenny had noticed Angie’s car parked in front, which
meant that she was home with dad. Jenny smiled with the
knowledge that Mr. Walker would have a larger audience.
With Suzie crouched down in the car, Jenny got out and
walked into the house, where Mr. Walker greeted the
teenager, still dressed in her sexy little school uniform,
with a passionate kiss as her friend Angie stood next to
“How’s my Jenny today?” he asked.
“Just great,” she answered.
“You said you had a special surprise for me?” he
“Yep,” Jenny answered. “I need to go back to the car
to get it. But you need to wait right here.”
Jenny smiled and walked out the door, then waved her
sister out of the car. Suzie scurried up to the door, and
Jenny led the way inside.
When Mr. Walker laid eyes on Suzie, he just smiled from
ear to ear.
“Holy shit…” was all he could mutter, at the sight of
his long-time lover in her old outfit.
Suzie was dressed in one of her varsity cheerleading
uniforms from the previous year. She was about the same
height as Jenny, but she had a few more curves than her
younger sister. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was parted
in the middle with bangs and hung loosely, curled under
slightly and framing her lovely face. Like Jenny, Suzie
had bright blue eyes and a killer smile.
Suzie wore a red long-sleeve sweater with a wide white
band running around the middle of the body and sleeves. On
the front of the sweater, on the band itself, were the
letters “SLHS”. The red lettering really stood out on her
large, firm tits.
Her cheerleading skirt was also red, with twelve
inverted white pleats. It was incredibly short, barely
covering her crotch and the tight white cheer panties
hidden beneath.
Red kneesocks with three white stripes around the top
and white tennis shoes completed the classic uniform.
All three girls could Ortaköy Escort Bayan see the bulge growing in Mr.
Walker’s slacks as his eyes devoured Suzie’s body in that
hot little outfit.
“God, Jenny, would you mind if I fucked Suzie?” asked
Mr. Walker.
“No, I want you to,” Jenny told him. “And I want Angie
to videotape all the action for me.”
“I’ll get the camera, Dad,” mused Angie, with a smile.
The group walked into the living room as Angie returned
with the video camera. Meanwhile, Mr. Walker slipped in a
CD with some sexy music.
Angie powered up the video camera and started filming
Suzie and her dad.
“Okay, Mr. Walker, you’re gonna sit on the couch while
I give you a hot little dance tease,” Suzie told him. “But
first, you’re gonna strip down to your underwear for me.”
Angie’s dad was down to his boxers in a matter of
seconds, as Suzie chuckled at his eagerness.
“Okay,” said Suzie. “Now, sit down and start a really
sexy song. I’m gonna finish by doing a lapdance on you,
but you can’t touch me till I say so, okay?”
The music started, as Suzie started grinding to the
intro. She stroked the front and sides of her sweater,
squeezing her tits as she shook her ass from side to side,
swinging the white pleats of her little red skirt wildly.
Suzie bent over as she wiggled, so that Mr. Walker could
clearly see the white cunny mound in her tight cheer
The girls could all see his cock jutting upward in his
boxers, and Jenny and Suzie both smiled. Suzie rubbed her
ass cheeks through her little skirt, then wheeled around to
face him. Still gyrating her hips, she slowly lifted the
front of her pleated skirt and held it up while she stroked
her pussy through her panties. Moaning softly, she reached
in through her elastic legband and began fucking herself
with her finger. After a couple minutes of teasing, she
felt a little sorry for him and decided to accelerate
Looking over her shoulder, Suzie positioned herself
over Mr. Walker and lowered herself slowly onto his lap.
As his tented boxers disappeared under the pleats of her
tiny skirt, she felt his stiff cock against her ass. She
pressed hard against it and began moving up and down on it,
jerking him off with her panty-covered ass.
“Oh, God…” he muttered.
“You like this?” she asked teasingly.
“Fuck, yeah.”
Suzie rode him hard, dry-fucking him through her
panties with her clenched thighs. It didn’t take long to
get the poor bastard moaning.
“You’re not gonna cream your boxers, are you?” Suzie
“I will if you keep that up!”
Suzie giggled and lifted off of him.
“Okay,” she said. “I’ve teased you enough. Now, how
would you like me to suck on that big, hard cock of yours?”
Suzie turned around, grabbed the waistband of Mr.
Walker’s boxers and pulled them off, tossing them across
the room.
She knelt before him, worshipping the erect pole of
manflesh before her. Suzie looked at him and smiled as she
put her tongue out and licked his cockshaft from the base
to the head. She circled the purple head a couple of times
with her tongue, then opened her mouth and sealed her lips
around the tip of his penis.
Suzie sucked him hard as she stroked the underside of
the tip with her tongue, fucking him with her lips by a
couple of inches. She used a hand to stroke the shaft of
his cock at the same time, taking it slowly, sucking him
off for a couple of minutes. She didn’t want him popping
his load too early.
“Aw, fuck, this is good,” he moaned.
Suzie pulled his prick out of her mouth to interrupt
the stimulation. She smiled up at him and gently licked
the shaft of his meat from his balls to the tip. Squeezing
it from the base upward, Suzie coaxed a drop of pre-cum
onto his slit and licked the salty liquid from his cockhead
while she smiled for the video camera held by his daughter.
“Fuck her, dad,” said Angie.
“I think you’d better listen to your daughter,” said
Suzie, with a nasty smile.
“Okay,” Mr. Walker said. “Get on your hands and
Suzie obeyed, while he positioned himself behind the
“Gonna do me doggy, huh?” she teased.
“Yep,” he answered. “I’m gonna fuck your little
cheerleader pussy nice and hard.”
He pushed the pleats of Suzie’s little skirt high on
her ass, pulled the legband of her cheer panties off to the
side and slid himself into her warm gash.
“Doin’ me in my panties, huh?” Suzie observed.
“You bet,” he said.
Suzie giggled. “I figured. You’ve always liked that.
You’re such a naughty man!”
Suzie looked up to the video camera and smiled while he
rode her. His thrusts drove her forward and back in her
sexy cheerleading uniform while her blonde hair swung back
and forth.
“You like this, Angie?” asked Suzie. “You like
watching your dad fuck the shit out of me?”
“It’s hot stuff!” said Angie, as she filmed both of
“And so is the gooey cum he’s gonna squirt all over my
face,” Suzie added with a naughty look. She looked back
over her shoulder at Mr. Walker.
“You’re gonna give me a nice big facial, aren’t you?”
she asked.
“Wherever you’d like it, baby,” he moaned.
“Yeah, I like it when you squirt all over my face for
the camera,” Suzie commented.
“Hey,” he suggested. “Why don’t you lie on your side
and I’ll fuck you from behind?”
He pulled out of her. She lied on her left side,
propping up her head with her hand while she lifted her
right knee high. Mr. Walker pulled her skirt pleats over
her waist as he fisted himself into her eager cunt.
Suzie diddled her clit with her right hand as he fucked
her from behind. Meanwhile, Angie’s dad was rubbing
Suzie’s tits through her cheerleading sweater.
“Hey, Jenny,” said Angie. “Why don’t you lick your
sister’s clit while my dad fucks her from behind?”
Jenny grinned.
“Great idea,” Jenny said. “Hey Suzie, I’m gonna suck
you to orgasm while he fucks you.”
While Mr. Walker fucked her sister, Jenny lied down in
front of Suzie, positioning her head in front of Suzie’s
Lying on the carpet in her little school uniform, Jenny
eagerly placed her tongue on her sister’s clit while Mr.
Walker’s cock pumped Suzie’s pussy, his balls smacking
little Jenny on the forehead with each thrust.
“Aw, yeah,” moaned Suzie, looking so great as she lied
there on her side, her pleated cheerleading skirt pulled up
and one of her kneesocked legs high in the air.
“Do it to me, Jenny,” Suzie begged. “Get me off.”
Angie continued filming the trio. She could feel her
own juices start to flow into her panties as she watched
her dad fuck Suzie in her little cheerleading outfit, while
Jenny licked her sister’s clit.
“Aw, fuck!” groaned Suzie. “My sister’s gonna get me
off! Keep going, Jenny!”
Jenny twirled her tongue around Suzie’s womanhood, then
stroked it up and down the clit shaft.
“Oh yeah, Jenny, almost there!” Suzie gasped.
Jenny kept working her sister’s clit, rolling it from
side to side on her tongue while she kept the friction
going, smiling at her sister the entire time.
“Oh, shit!” Suzie groaned, squeezing her eyes shut with
the intensity. “That’s it! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”
Jenny kept stroking with her tongue, letting the grunts
and groans from her sister tell her when to back off.
In the meantime, Mr. Walker could feel Suzie’s entire
body trembling from the intensity of her orgasm. Suzie’s
chest heaved and she groaned repeatedly as she climaxed
hard. Finally, her orgasm subsided.
“Jenny, that was great,” said Suzie, with a smile. “I
came so hard that time!”
Suzie looked over her shoulder at the man fucking her
from behind.
“How about you, Mr. Walker?” Suzie asked. “Are you
ready to give me that big load on my face for a Christmas
“Sure,” he said. “Do you wanna make it really
“What do you have in mind?” asked Suzie.
“What if I blow my load all over your pretty face, and
then Jenny licks it off your face and eats it?” he
Suzie laughed as she looked at the camera. “It works
for me! How ’bout it, sis?”
Jenny smiled for the camera, too.
“You mean I get to lick his warm, gooey cum off of your
face and swallow it?” Jenny asked, teasingly.
“Yeah,” Suzie answered. “Whatcha think?”
“I think it sounds delicious,” Jenny answered.
Mr. Walker fucked into Suzie for a few more minutes,
holding her by the waist, before he decided it was time to
finish the job.
“Okay, baby, time for your facial,” he announced. “Lie
on your back.”
Suzie did as instructed, taking time to smooth out her
little red cheerleading skirt. She spread her legs and
raised her knees, though, showing off the twelve inverted
white pleats, along with those darling red kneesocks that
had the white band around the tops.
Suzie just smiled up at Mr. Walker, waiting for her
white decorative load. Meanwhile, her sister Jenny
positioned herself on her hands and knees a couple of feet
away from Suzie, still clad in her sexy red-and-white plaid
schoolgirl uniform with the white kneesocks.
“Do you have a nice, big load for this horny
cheerleader?” Suzie asked teasingly for the camera.
“Two days worth,” he told her.
Suzie giggled.
“Hear that?” asked Suzie, to her younger sister.
“I sure did,” Jenny answered.
“Sounds like I’m gonna get drenched, Jenny, which means
that you’re gonna get to eat lots of cum,” said Suzie.
“Oh yeah, and I can’t wait for my tasty, gooey treat,”
Jenny chuckled.
“Almost there,” Mr. Walker gasped, while Angie zoomed
in to frame Suzie’s smiling face and her dad’s cock as he
jerked it just above Suzie’s chin.
“Two-four-six-eight! He can really masturbate!”
cheered Suzie. “C’mon, shoot your wad, big guy!”
“Aw, fuck!” he yelled. “Here it comes!”
Jenny watched as a long, thick stream of jizz flopped
out across her sister’s lips, up the side of her nose
between her eyes and onto Suzie’s forehead. Then another
wad decorated her lips and splashed onto her nose. A third
burst of cum raked the other side of her nose and off
Suzie’s right eyelid.
Mr. Walker wasn’t done yet. A fourth load landed on
Suzie’s left eyelid and forehead, and a fifth all over the
laughing cheerleader’s upper lip. A few more smaller
squirts onto Suzie’s nose and cheeks finished him off, and
he squeezed himself dry, wiping the last of it onto her
“Wow, that’s a big load, dad!” gasped Angie behind the
Suzie just laughed, as she could feel his warm fluid
coating most of her face.
Mr. Walker moved out of the way, and Angie panned the
camera back to show the nasty cheerleader lying on the
floor in her uniform, covered in cum.
“Okay, Jenny,” said Angie. “Go ahead and clean your
sister off.”
Jenny smiled naughtily for the camera as she slowly
lowered her face to Suzie’s. Still smiling and maintaining
eye contact with the lens, Jenny’s tongue reached outward
and carefully scooped a trail of thick, gooey semen from
Suzie’s nose.
Jenny played with the strand of cum for a few seconds,
letting it dangle from her tongue before pulling it into
her mouth. Then she slowly lapped another tongue-full of
his white cream from Suzie’s eyelid, swirling it in her
mouth before swallowing it.
Like a seasoned porn actress, Jenny eagerly cleaned her
older sister’s face. She licked another wad from Suzie’s
upper lip, letting it stretch several inches from her
tongue before slurping it in.
It took Jenny several minutes to do the job completely,
seldom breaking eye contact with the camera, and she ended
by showing off a final mouthful of jizz, then swallowing
and winking to the lens.
“Wow, that was fucking hot,” said Angie, as she wrapped
up the filming.
Mr. Walker gave the two girls a round of applause.
“That was wonderful,” he told them.
“And you know what, Jenny?” he asked.
“You’ve got another idea in mind, don’t you?” she said.
“I think we ought to introduce that cousin of yours to
the wonderful world of gang-banging,” he suggested.
He nodded.
“Think we could pull that off?” he mused.
“Absolutely,” Jenny retorted, with a sly smile.
“Because I secretly recorded her dad while he fucked me
in my living room,” she told him. “So even if he finds
out, I can shut him up with that video.”
“Then let me know if Sunday would work out,” Mr. Walker
said. “I can get the usual guys together and I’ll see if
the video guy would let us use his studio for the day.”
“Hey, here’s an idea,” said Jenny.
“Go on,” said Mr. Walker. “Your ideas are usually
really naughty, so I like them!”
“We feature Darcy, but Suzie and I also take part. We
could have the guys flip a coin to determine which girl
they get to fuck. And then we could end up later with all
the guys giving Darcy a huge facial,” Jenny suggested.
“What should the odds be for each?” he asked.
“Well, added Jenny, “since we want Darcy to get most of
the action, if they flip heads, they get Darcy dressed up
in her schoolgirl outfit, and if it’s tails, they get
either Suzie or me in a cheerleading outfit, and then they
would flip again – heads for me and tails for Suzie.”
“Outstanding,” said Mr. Walker. “Are you in, Suzie?”
The older sister smiled. “I think that sounds really
depraved. Let’s do it.”


Jenny looked over at her cousin, Darcy, while Mr.
Walker drove the car to Greg’s photo studio. Darcy was
dressed in her school uniform, while Jenny and her sister
Suzie wore cheerleading uniforms.
The junior-high schoolgirl was visibly nervous. She
wiggled her legs repeatedly as she sat in the back seat,
biting her lip slightly.
“You’re nervous, aren’t you?” asked Jenny, already
knowing the answer.
“Kinda,” Darcy admitted.
“It’ll be just fine,” said Jenny trying to reassure
her. “These guys will be really gentle with you, trust me.
And just remember how much money you’ll be getting for
this, too!”
“I just hope they like me,” said Darcy. “I hope I’m
pretty enough for them, even with these braces on my
Jenny smiled.
“Darcy, they’ll like you even more than they like me.
Trust me. And the braces will turn them on even more.”
Darcy smiled. “You think men like braces on girls?”
she asked.
“Combined with a school uniform, they’re perfect,” said
Jenny patted Darcy on the thigh, temporarily stopping
her legs from wiggling. Jenny knew she would have to coach
and reassure her young protégé along the way.
As the car pulled into the back of the parking lot, the
three of them could see that it was already filled with
cars. They got out, and Mr. Walker led both of them into
the building through the back door and into the small
“Okay,” he told Darcy. “The men will all be in the
studio areas through these doors. We’ll start with a photo
session, and then we’ll start the main event.”
Darcy nodded nervously.
Jenny put her arm around Darcy. “I’ll introduce you to
the guys, and then I’ll come back in here and get you so
you can make a grand entrance, okay?”
Again, Darcy nodded nervously.
“You’re going to be great,” said Mr. Walker. He smiled
at Darcy, and then walked through the door.
“Just remember, this is supposed to be about having fun
and being naughty, and I already know you can do that,”
Jenny told her with a smile.
Darcy laughed.
A few seconds later, Mr. Walker opened the door and
stuck his head through.
“Okay, Jenny, why don’t you do the introduction?”
Jenny winked at Darcy.
“Get ready to have lots of fun and make lots of money,”
she said.
Jenny walked into the main studio, where about 25 men
waited. They all applauded the cheerleader, and she
recognized almost all of them from her birthday party
Jenny looked so delightful in her little cheerleading
uniform, and she smiled sweetly at the fuck-hot stares she
She wore bright red lipstick and had her long blonde
hair in two pigtails with red and white hair ribbons. Her
bangs draped over her forehead ending just above her
Her cheerleading sweater was a tight, ribbed turtleneck
style, ending just at her waist, so that when she would
lift her arms, her flat tummy would peek out. It was all
white except for two thin red stripes running down the
sides and down the sleeves. The red letters “SLHS”, about
four inches high, ran across her chest, thrust outward by
her firm breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her
nipples could be clearly seen through her sweater fabric
under the red lettering.
Her skirt was red, with twelve inverted white pleats.
It was very short, barely covering her crotch, and showed
off her long, thin, tanned legs. Beneath it, Jenny wore
red cheerleading panties, which fit like a glove on her
shapely teen ass, stretching tight across her little pussy.
Solid white kneesocks with the red-and-white saddle
shoes completed the wonderful ensemble.
“Thanks, guys,” she said. “But today belongs to
another girl – my cousin Darcy. She’s a junior-high
Catholic schoolgirl, and she’s all dressed up in her pretty
little uniform for all you horny guys.”
The men again applauded, this time even louder.
“Just remember, she’s young, innocent and tender, so go
really gentle with her, okay? No ass-fucking my little
cousin, got it?” she said, with a smile.
“We’re gonna start with a special little photo and
video session for Darcy and one of Greg’s porn stars, and
you can all watch. That’ll help loosen her up for you
guys. “We’re gonna put some variety into the day, so
you’re all gonna draw your fuck sequence at random. Then,
when it’s your turn, you’re gonna do a coin-flip. If it
comes out heads, you get to fuck Darcy the schoolgirl. If
it’s tails, you get to fuck either me or my older
cheerleader sister, Suzie, and something tells me some of
you guys have done her before.”
About a dozen men let Jenny know she had guessed
“If you flip a cheerleader, you’ll flip again. If it’s
heads, you fuck me, and tails means you’ll fuck Suzie. And
in case you haven’t not seen her before, here’s Suzie…”
Jenny opened the door and called Suzie in. Her older
sister strutted in, dressed in her varsity cheerleading
uniform, and the men again applauded their approval.
Suzie was about the same height as her younger sister,
but her figure was shapelier. Her shoulder-length blonde
hair was parted in the middle with bangs and hung loosely,
curled under slightly and framing her lovely face. Like
Jenny, Susie had bright blue eyes and a killer smile.
Suzie wore a red long-sleeve sweater with a wide white
band running around the middle of the body and sleeves.
Across the front of the sweater, on the white band, were
the letters “SLHS”. The red lettering stood out on her
large, firm tits.
Suzie’s cheerleading skirt was also red, with twelve
inverted white pleats. Like Jenny’s, it was also
incredibly short, barely covering her crotch and a pair of
tight white cheerleading panties.
Red kneesocks with three white stripes around the top
and white tennis shoes completed Suzie’s uniform.
Jenny spoke again, drawing the eyes of the men from her
sister, back to herself.
“And now, about my little cousin Darcy, she’s on the
pill, so you can cum in her pussy if you want, but we want
you to pop your load on her face if you can, ’cause it
looks really good for the camera. And if you think you’re
gonna cum in her mouth, pull it out and give her the option
of letting you squirt it in there. We just don’t want you
choking her, either with your dick or with your cum.
Remember, if she doesn’t have fun, she probably won’t want
to do this again.”
The men all acknowledged with a nod, eager to get on
with things.
“So, after Darcy’s photos and sex session with the porn
actor, we’ll do a coin-flip-and-fuck session with
everybody. After that, we’ll let you build up another
load, and then we’ll give Darcy a big bukkake facial for
the camera.”
Jenny motioned to Mr. Walker to open the door.
“And now, gentlemen,” Jenny announced with a loud
voice, so Darcy could hear her from outside the door, “It
gives me great pleasure to introduce my delightful cousin,
The men all applauded, and Darcy shyly stepped into the
large studio room. When the men feasted their eyes on the
young girl as she stood demurely before them, they cheered
even louder.
Darcy looked absolutely angelic. Her long blonde hair
hung in two ponytails, with bangs combed down over her
forehead. The long blonde ponytails with cute white hair
ribbons only enhanced her angelic looks. Her bangs were
cut scarcely above her eyebrows.
She smiled sweetly with darling dimples, exposing the
braces on her teeth. Darcy could never imagine how many
guys were fantasizing about dumping their frothy white goo
all over those innocent braces.
Darcy’s figure was lithe and budding. The fourteen-
year-old schoolgirl’s white long-sleeved blouse fit snugly
over her skinny frame and budding A-cup breasts, while her
blue-and-white plaid pleated school skirt showed off her
skinny thighs. She had the waistband hiked up a little
higher than normal, so that it hemmed out about five inches
above her knobby little schoolgirl knees.
Darcy’s white cableknit kneesocks were pulled up just
below her kneecaps, cuffed over by an inch or so. Her
blue-and white saddle shoes capped off the wonderful
Greg took Darcy by the arm and led her to the wall of
the studio room with a light blue backdrop and a school
“Okay, sweetheart, we’re gonna start by doing some sexy
pictures, okay?”
Darcy smiled and nodded.
He started with some innocent poses of Darcy standing
next to the desk, then with her foot on the chair to show
off more leg, and then sliding the hem of her little school
skirt up on her thigh to show off a bit of her white cotton
Darcy then sat on the desk, first with some innocent
poses, then spreading her legs to show the crotch of her
panties, and finally pulling the legband aside to reveal
the gash of her sweet hairless pussy.
Before long, Darcy found herself unbuttoning her white
school blouse for some more photos. She hadn’t worn a bra
for a reason, and the men cheered their approval of her
small titties. Still wearing her blouse, but wide open,
with her legs spread apart and her panties pulled down in a
stretch across her white cableknit kneesocks, Greg soon had
her sticking her fingers into her snatch.
The image of little Darcy in some of those poses,
smiling with those sweet braces, was incredibly hot.
Between photos, Darcy could see some of the men slowly
stroking themselves, most of them already fully exposing
their cocks. She could feel herself growing more and more
confident as she now posed with naughty facial expressions
for the photos, progressing during the session from an
innocent to a nasty schoolgirl.
After about fifteen minutes of photos, Greg was ready
to move on to the hardcore stuff.
“Okay, Darcy,” he said. “That was really great. Now
I’d like to get you in some hardcore photos with a college
guy, okay?”
“Sure,” she agreed. “I’m ready for that, I think.”
He had her put her clothes back on fully, while the
guy, dressed in a shirt and tie, joined Darcy on the set
with the school desk.
“All right,” said Greg, once Darcy had finished tucking
in her blouse.
“Now the idea is that you’re an innocent schoolgirl and
he’s the teacher, and he’s going to seduce you into first
giving him a blowjob while you’re sitting in your desk.
Then, he’s going to fuck you from behind at your desk, and
fuck you on the desk. Meanwhile, you’re going to keep your
clothes mostly on, so it keeps the schoolgirl theme and
gives the idea of a quick sex encounter during school.
Finally, he’s going to finish by blowing his load all over
your smiling face, okay?”
Darcy smiled and nodded. She thought the guy looked
really cute, and she was excited by the idea of having sex
with him.
“And Darcy, you’ll need to move very slowly, so I can
get the photos I need. He’s done this before, so just
follow his lead, okay?”
“Okay,” she said.
Greg positioned her sitting in her desk, her ankles
crossed, doing homework. Then, the so-called teacher
approached her from behind. Darcy pretended to ask him
questions about a problem from the book, while he leaned
over to help. He put a hand on her thigh and she acted
shocked at first, then gradually accepted it as he kissed
her, then slid her skirt up until he had his hand on her
panties, slowly rubbing her crotch through the fabric.
The two kissed more and more eagerly, unconsciously
speeding up their amorous advances.
“Hey, folks, keep it slow,” Greg reminded them as he
kept snapping photos.
Before long, Darcy was unzipping his slacks and pulling
them aside, then fishing out his cock from his boxers. She
slowly stroked it to its full, hardened eight-inch length,
then slowly licked it before sliding it into her sweet
Darcy slowly sucked and stroked him for several
minutes, alternating her facial expressions, sometimes
looking upward into his eyes and sometimes looking at the
camera, depending on how Greg instructed her.
She smiled at the camera, showing her braces while she
licked his swollen penis.
“Okay, now put her on top of the desk, unbutton her
blouse, but leave it on,” Greg instructed her lover. “Then
suck her titties.”
The two repositioned themselves slowly.
“Okay, Darcy,” said Greg. “Keep your knees spread
apart, so I can shoot up your skirt while he unbuttons
Darcy spread her kneesocks to the sides as her lover
kissed her while opening her blouse. He rubbed her little
tits with one hand, as the other slowly slid up the inside
of one thigh, pushing her little blue-and-white plaid
pleated skirt against her waist, then rubbing her crotch
through her moistened white cotton panties.
“Oh, yeah,” Greg encouraged as camera flashes filled
the room. “That’s good stuff. Now, pull her panties aside
and slip a finger or two into her pussy.”
As Darcy kissed her guy passionately, she felt his
fingertips enter her tender vagina. She moaned softly in
delight as he pushed his fingertips repeatedly into her wet
“Okay, I think you guys are ready to fuck, aren’t you?”
Greg asked.
They both smiled.
Darcy lifted her ass off the desk while her guy slid
her panties down to her knees, then pulled his slacks and
boxers down. He slowly pulled Darcy from the table and
stood her up, then bent her across the desk.
Looking back over shoulder, her elbows propping her up
on the desktop, she watched as he dropped his trousers to
his knees. She smiled as she felt his fingertips grab the
hem of her short school skirt and push it up to her waist.
With her legs spread apart and her panties stretched
between her white kneesocks, Darcy felt him nestle the tip
of his schlong between her pussy lips from behind, then
slowly drive it home.
With his hands on each side of her waist, he began
fucking into young Darcy. The schoolgirl moaned softly as
he slowly drove his full eight-inch length into her wet
teenaged gash.
Within a minute, he had a ponytail in each hand, riding
his schoolgirl as he pumped her from behind.
“Okay, now let’s have Darcy on the desk lying on her
back, while you fuck her,” said Greg.
Darcy’s lover pulled out, and she turned around and
lied down on the desk. With her blouse hanging open and
her tiny nipples hard and erect, she smiled up at him with
her braces while he pulled her ass to the end of the desk
and draped her kneesock-covered legs over his shoulders.
Again, Darcy watched as he scrunched up her little
pleats on her tummy and fisted himself into her tender
twat, slowly pushing it all the way in.
Darcy gripped the back of her thighs as he fucked into
her, softly but firmly. Her blonde ponytails swung in
rhythm with his thrusts as he fucked the junior-high
schoolgirl in her sexy little uniform.
Meanwhile, Greg was snapping photos of the lovers from
various angles. Darcy alternated looking at the camera and
her lover as Greg instructed her.
“Yeah, that’s good fucking,” Greg said as he clicked
away a few more before stopping.
“Okay, let’s get the cumshot,” Greg told them. “Darcy,
get down on your knees.”
Darcy’s lover pulled out, and she stood up, then
dropped to her knees. Her lover repositioned himself over
her face, jerking himself off. She couldn’t help but smile
as she watched him.
“Yeah, that’s it, Darcy,” Greg told her. “Keep smiling
at him with your face turned upward, and show those braces.
When he shoots his load, just keep on smiling like that. I
want to see his cum all over your face and your braces,
Darcy nodded, still smiling and waiting for her face to
get decorated.
“Getting close?” asked Greg.
“Almost there,” the young man gasped. “Get ready.”
Darcy put her head back a little more, still smiling as
he jerked himself over her. His breathing was even heavier
“Here it comes!” the guy screamed, as he pointed the
tip of his penis at Darcy’s face.
Darcy caught the first salvo of jizz squarely on her
brace-covered teeth as she heard the camera clicking away.
She involuntarily closed her eyes but kept smiling as his
male seed rained down on her in a gooey shower, drenching
her face from her teeth and lips to the blonde bangs on her
She could hear the camera shooting almost constantly as
her lover splattered her entire face in semen. Finally,
the deluge ended. She could feel the warmth of his cream
coating virtually her entire face.
“Holy shit,” muttered Greg. “That may have been the
best facial I’ve ever seen.”
Darcy giggled.
“Okay, sweetheart,” said Greg. “Open your eyes now,
and look at me while I take some more pictures of you.”
Darcy managed to open both sticky eyelids, almost caked
with the guy’s cum. Still smiling with jizz on her lips,
braces and teeth, she looked so naughty with baby batter
streaked across her teen face.
Greg took more photos of her.
“Yes, that’s it, keep smiling for me,” he coached.
“You’re the naughty schoolgirl who did it with her
Darcy giggled as he finished his photographs. Then,
she was ushered off the set to clean her up for the main
event gangbang.
Jenny helped Darcy wash the sticky cum from her face
and bangs, and then helped her re-apply her makeup.
“You were great doing that scene,” Jenny told her.
“You think so?” asked Darcy.
“It was fucking hot,” said Jenny. “And you handled it
like a pro.”
Darcy smiled at her cousin. “Thanks.”
“Now, a few of these guys may pop their load in your
pussy, but most of ’em will do it on your face,” said
Jenny smacked Darcy on the ass through her school
“Now, go out there and be a teenaged schoolgirl fuck
goddess,” said Jenny, with a wink.
Darcy smiled. “I’m gonna drain those guys dry,” she
“Yeah,” said Jenny. “Suzie and I will, too.”
Jenny opened the bathroom door and led her cousin back
into the studio.


Darcy, Jenny and Suzie sat in chairs near the bed, clad
in their sexy little uniforms. There was music playing
now, a rather sensuous beat, and it only added to the
atmosphere of forbidden passion. The video camera was
running, capturing all of the proceedings for later
Some of the men had removed their clothes already.
They had undoubtedly drawn the top of the sex order and
awaited their coin toss to determine which of these
delightful young ladies they would fuck.
“Remember, guys,” reminded Mr. Walker, “No anal sex,
and preferably, you cum on their face or shoot into their
mouth. But if you prematurely cum in their pussy, I
understand, because these girls are nice and tight,
especially Darcy.”
Mr. Walker looked over at Darcy, who smiled shyly at
the flattering comment.
“After everybody fucks their girl and dumps their load,
we’ll take a break, and then everybody will jack off onto
Darcy’s face in the same order for a big bukkake facial.”
“Okay, Bob,” said Mr. Walker. “I drew number twenty-
four, but you got number one. Do the honors and make your
The naked man took the quarter and tossed it into the
air. It bounced around a couple of times and finally came
to rest, showing heads-up.
“And now, gentlemen,” Mr. Walker announced, “It’s time
to kick off the fun, with the delicious young schoolgirl,
The men applauded as Darcy stood up from her chair and
approached the bed. They all cheered their approval
loudly. She couldn’t help but smile at the warm reception.
The men all applauded again as Darcy modeled her school
uniform for them.
Darcy’s inhibitions were really loosened up now, just
having been fucked in front of the men for the camera.
With her long blonde hair in two ponytails with cute white
hair ribbons, and bangs combed down over her forehead, she
was a combination of innocence and naughtiness with her
facial expressions.
She smiled sweetly with her darling dimples, exposing
the braces on her teeth, only adding to her youthful looks.
She twirled the ends of her ponytails with her fingers as
she turned around several times for the men.
Darcy’s white long-sleeved blouse was snug over her
skinny schoolgirl frame. The nipples of her tiny A-cup
breasts were clearly visible through the fabric.
Her little blue-and-white plaid pleated school skirt,
ending about five inches above her knobby little schoolgirl
knees, showed off her thin, delectable thighs. With one
hand, she pulled up the pleats against her to reveal the
crotch of her white cotton panties.
Darcy’s white cable-knit kneesocks were a perfect
addition to the innocent ensemble, pulled up just below her
kneecaps and cuffed over by an inch or so. Her blue-and-
white saddle shoes completed the hot schoolgirl outfit.
Bob, a man in his forties, approached her and took her
in his arms. He kissed the young girl passionately as he
pressed his already-hard six-inch cock against the soft
pleats of her little plaid skirt. He squeezed her tight
ass through the fabric as he rubbed himself against her
several times, and then lowered Darcy onto the bed.
Still clad in her saddle shoes, Darcy slid to the
middle of the bed, lying on her back with her head on the
pillow, her knees raised and legs spread apart.
“Okay, Bob,” said Darcy. “Are you gonna do me now?”
Bob nodded.
“Yes, my darling.”
He crawled onto the bed and straddled her, kissing her
softly. He pushed her little pleated skirt up on her
belly, and then Darcy felt him pull the legband of her
panties to the side and fist his swollen penis against her
warm, buttery-soft pussy lips.
“You’re gonna do me in my panties?” she asked.
“Yeah,” he muttered. “I’m gonna fuck your sweet little
cunt through your schoolgirl panties.
“You’re so nasty,” she giggled.
He carefully moistened the head of his cock by rubbing
it across the girl’s tender clit and her inviting gash.
Then, he slowly popped the tip of it into her. With
several slow strokes, he was able to push it all the way in
and began fucking the young girl in the missionary
Darcy grabbed her legs at the knees and held them up
high, to allow him maximum penetration. His balls slapped
her ass as he drove deep into the young girl.
Darcy moaned as she fingered her clit while he fucked
“Shit,” the man muttered after just a few minutes of
fuckstrokes, “you’re just so damn tight.”
“You think so, huh?” she asked.
She knew the poor bastard wasn’t going to be able to
last very long. He had only fucked her for several minutes
or so, and his body was already shuddering. She just knew
that he about ready to go off on her.
“Shit, girl, you’re gonna make me cum,” he groaned, as
he pulled out and quickly slid up to her face, straddling
It only took him a few hand strokes before he shot a
respectable load of creamy cum onto Darcy’s face. It
wasn’t anywhere near the amount the porn actor had
decorated her with, but it was good enough, and she smiled
politely and thanked him as she cleaned her face with a
paper towel and tossed it aside to the floor.
Meanwhile, the second guy had done his coin toss. It
was heads again.
“Ooh!” said Darcy. “Another one for me!”
This guy was much younger, probably in his early
twenties, and he sported a cock that was a little thicker
and a couple of inches longer, she guessed.
He didn’t waste any time moving into position on the
bed while the first guy crawled off. He grasped the
waistband of Darcy’s cotton panties. She lifted her hips
as he pulled them off, peeled them over her white cableknit
kneesocks and saddle shoes and tossed them aside.
Then he fisted his hard schlong to her cunt as she
raised her knees, spreading her legs wide to receive him.
She watched, her little pleats piled on her tummy, as the
young man skewered her in seconds, driving an eight-inch
penis into her little schoolgirl gash.
“Gawd,” Darcy gasped, as he drove himself deep into
He pushed Darcy’s knees up high as he jackhammered her
sweet, tight pussy. He was firm, but not rough, and
deliberately withheld the last inch or so to keep from
jamming his cock against the girl’s cervix.
Darcy glanced off to the side to see the photographer
getting them on video, and she smiled. She also glanced at
her cousin Jenny, who just smiled and nodded. Darcy
grinned upward at her man. He had a good fuckstroke going,
and the bed creaked slightly with each of his thrusts into
The two lovers went for at least five minutes in the
missionary position before he slowed and pulled out.
“Okay, lie on your side,” he told Escort Ortaköy her.
Darcy did, and he pushed himself back into her from
behind. She pulled her skirt up and raised a knee to
spread her legs for the camera, propping up her head with
an arm while he fucked her.
Darcy looked straight ahead at the camera and smiled.
It was a good video angle, because it showed her entire
body in her schoolgirl outfit, with her pleated skirt
pulled up and his cock impaling her from behind while he
rubbed her small tits through her white blouse.
“You like that?” she asked him, while she fingered her
“Aw, yeah, you hot little cutie,” he moaned. “And I’m
gonna spray my cum all over your little schoolgirl face and
those braces of yours, okay?”
“Yeah,” she said with a smile toward the video camera.
“I want you to shoot cum all over my face and my braces.”
He rode Darcy for a full four minutes in that position,
pacing himself just slowly enough to keep from ejaculating
inside of the young girl. Finally, he was ready to deposit
his seed as promised.
Darcy felt him pull out, and he rolled her onto her
back as he knelt next to her head.
“Are you gonna do it?” Darcy asked, looking upward at
“Yeah, baby,” he said. “Just give me a big smile so I
can see those cute braces of yours.”
Darcy smiled, showing off her braces, as he wanted, as
he jerked himself off to fruition. His first squirt of
semen flopped across Darcy’s upper lip, then the next
across her top set of braces.
Darcy held still, making sure to give him a good
target. Another salvo decorated her bottom braces, and he
kept depositing more creamy goo between Darcy’s smiling
lips, pooling it on top of her brace-covered teeth until
her braces were barely visible.
Darcy kept her eyes open throughout, and she held her
big frothy smile as the video camera captured the scene.
“Okay, honey,” the man instructed. “Now, eat all of my
cum, you naughty schoolgirl.”
Darcy opened her mouth, letting his cum slide down her
tongue to the back of her throat, while some sticky strands
stretched between her upper and lower teeth. She swallowed
once, and then licked the remainder from her braces and
lips. Darcy swallowed again and then opened her mouth wide
for the camera, to prove she had eaten all of his sperm.
Meanwhile, the next coin toss was taking place.
“Okay, everybody,” said Mr. Walker. “It looks like a
cheerleader this time!”
Darcy was a bit disappointed, but then, she could use a
bit of a rest. The two lovers crawled off the bed to make
room for the next pair.
The man tossed the coin again, and it landed with tails
showing. Suzie just grinned her approval at her selection.
“Okay,” said Jenny. “Drain him dry, sis!”

With the music in the background, Suzie figured she’d
give this guy and all the others a little tease to start
off. With the man standing in front of her, Suzie batted
her bright blue eyes and gave him a big smile as she licked
her lips suggestively. Her shoulder-length blonde hair,
parted in the middle with bangs, curled under slightly and
framed her lovely face as she showed off her cheerleading
Suzie wore a red long-sleeve sweater with a wide white
band running around the middle of the body and sleeves.
Across the front of the sweater, on the white band, were
the letters “SLHS”. The red lettering stood out on her
large, firm tits as she slowly rubbed them through her
Suzie’s cheerleading skirt was also red, with twelve
inverted white pleats. It was incredibly short, barely
covering her crotch and her tight white cheerleading
panties. She spun around and bent slowly over for the men.
As a result, the tiny red skirt pulled upward, fanning out
the white pleats and exposing her sweet cunt, wrapped in
those fabulous cheer briefs.
With her legs spread apart slightly, Suzie ran her
hands down over her thighs to her sexy red kneesocks with
three white stripes around the top. One hand slid back up
a thigh and, while gyrating her ass, she rubbed her crotch
through the panty fabric for the men.
In seconds, her pussy juice was starting to seep
through, and Suzie took both hands and peeled down her
white panties, kicking them aside.
She turned around to face her guy. His cock was almost
fully erect, so she wrapped her fingers around it while she
smiled and stroked him to a full hard-on of six inches.
“Oh, baby, suck it,” he begged.
Yes,” she agreed, with a smile. “I think this cock
needs a pair of lips around it.”
Suzie quickly dropped to her knees and took the tip
into her warm mouth, then slowly slid the entire length of
his penis into her skilled throat, until her lips and nose
mashed against his pubic hair. She slowly pulled back on
it, and then took it all in again.
All the guys marveled at her deep-throating skill as
she sucked the lucky man, fucking him with her head for a
couple of minutes as she moved it forward and back.
“Aw, yeah, baby,” he moaned. “I wanna fuck you from
behind now.”
Suzie pulled him out of her mouth, and he helped her to
her feet, and then bent her over the bed. Suzie spread her
legs for him. With her elbows on the mattress and her
little skirt already high enough to expose her gash, Suzie
felt him press his cockhead against her soft cunt lips.
She looked back over her shoulder and gave him a naughty
“Okay, mister,” she told him. “Fuck my hot little
cheerleader pussy.”
He grabbed Suzie by the waist and pushed into her moist
twat. Suzie felt him penetrate her and drive it all the
way in, slowly but firmly. He started a good fuckstroke,
slapping his balls against her with his jackrabbit thrusts.
Suzie looked at the video camera. She looked so hot,
dressed in her uniform and getting drilled from behind.
“I love a nice hard cock in my tight pussy,” she said
to the camera, her hair swinging back and forth in rhythm.
The man fucked Suzie for several minutes like that.
Suzie could tell from his breathing that he was about to
let go.
“You’re getting close, aren’t you?” she asked.
“Aw, yeah,” was his response.
“You wanna do it in my mouth?” she asked. “Just tell
me when, cause I wanna eat your gooey cum.”
He was only able to fuck into Suzie three or four more
“Now!” he exclaimed, as he quickly pulled out.
Suzie spun around to face him, the pleats of her
cheerleading skirt twirling as she moved. She squatted and
placed the back of her head against the bed, opening her
mouth wide and extending her tongue for him to aim at.
Suzie watched him as he pressed the underside of his
cocktip against her tongue and jerked himself off for a few
seconds, before dumping his splooge in sticky strands on
her tongue and flopping the creamy mess into the
cheerleader’s wide-open mouth.
Suzie giggled as he gave her five or six squirts of
semen, letting it pool in the back of her mouth. As he
finally stepped back, Suzie showed the creamy spunk to the
camera before swallowing it like a horny cheerleader.
“Mmmm…” she moaned to the camera, as she smiled.
“Good to the last drop.”
In the meantime, the coin flips for the next two men
had already taken place.


“Okay,” said Mr. Walker. “The next two guys have drawn
the same girl, so do you want to do her together?”
The guys looked at each other, smiled and nodded.
“Hell, yeah,” said one of them.
“Who is it?” asked Suzie, who was just smoothing out
her uniform.
“It’s your little sister, Jenny,” he announced.
The men applauded as Jenny stood up.
“Thanks, guys,” Jenny acknowledged. “But first, would
you guys like a little tease from a naughty cheerleader?”
They all hollered their obvious approval.
“Okay, then, let me start by showing off my uniform for
you,” said Jenny.
She smiled sweetly, wearing bright red lipstick. Her
long blonde hair was in two pigtails with darling red and
white hair ribbons to match her uniform colors. Jenny
batted her eyes, her blonde bangs combed down nicely over
her forehead and ending just above her eyebrows.
Jenny’s cheerleading sweater was a tight, ribbed
turtleneck style, ending just at her waist, so that when
she would lift her arms, her flat tummy would peek out.
“I like the length of this sweater,” Jenny pointed out.
“It’s just long enough so that, when I raise my arms to
cheer like this, you can see my flat tummy.”
She demonstrated the effect, exposing the milky smooth
skin of her teen tummy between the sweater and the skirt.
The sweater was all white except for two thin red
stripes running down the sides and down the sleeves. The
red letters “SLHS”, about four inches high, ran across her
chest, thrust outward by her firm breasts. She wasn’t
wearing a bra, and the outline of her nipples could be
clearly seen through her sweater fabric beneath the red
chenille lettering.
“It’s nice and tight, too, so you can see my breasts,”
Jenny pointed out. “And when I jump around, you can see my
breasts bounce. The boys really like that.”
She placed her hands under her firm teen tits, cupping
them tenderly through her sweater and fingering her nipples
for the men to observe.
Jenny’s cheerleading skirt was red, with twelve
inverted white pleats. It was very short, like Suzie’s,
barely covering her crotch, and showed off her long, thin,
tanned legs.
“I like this skirt, too,” she added.
“It’s lightweight, so when I move around or dance, the
pleats bounce all over the place. And it’s short enough so
that, when I bend over like this, you can see my bloomers.”
Jenny turned away from them and bent forward slowly,
showing the staring men her red cheerleading panties. They
fit like a glove on her shapely teen ass, stretching tight
across her little pussy.
She held the position for about ten seconds, letting
the men enjoy the marvelous view, before she stood back up
to face them.
“And I like the kneesocks,” she said. “They’re
different from the other schools, so they’re distinctive,
and I think they draw attention to my thighs. And the
saddle shoes are old-school and make us look young and
Jenny placed one foot on the bed, clad in the red-and-
white saddle shoes, and ran a hand up one of her white
kneesocks, then over her thigh, slowly until it disappeared
under her little cheerleading skirt.
She sat on the edge of the bed.
“What do you think?” asked Jenny. “Do you like?”
She could see the erections and the mesmerized smiles.
“Would you guys like to see under my skirt some more?”
she asked.
Smiling, she pulled the pleats of her skirt up with one
hand, and then spread her kneesock-covered legs apart to
reveal the crotch of her red cheer briefs.
“And when I’m wearing these,” Jenny confessed, “I don’t
wear any underwear with them, because it gets uncomfortable
having all those layers.”
Jenny began rubbing her crotch through her cheer
panties. Within a minute or so, her pussy juice was
starting to seep through the material.
“Of course,” she added, “When I get excited, not having
that extra layer means that you can see me get wet like
Jenny continued rubbing her teen pussy through her
bloomers, looking at the men and knowing that every one of
them was fucking her in his mind. The more she thought
about that, the more excited and wetter she became.
“Okay,” she said. “Do you guys wanna see what’s under
my cheerleading briefs?”
The cries from the men were flattering, as they begged
her to show more. She smiled sweetly and hesitated, then
placed her fingers on the crotchband of her bloomers and
pulled them aside, revealing her glistening wet, hairless,
smooth young snatch.
“Do you like?” she asked, teasingly. “Here, let me put
one of my fingers in here, like this.”
Holding the crotch of her cheer panties to the side
with one hand, she took the index finger of her other hand
and slowly slid it into her tight little treat, then back
out and in repeatedly.
“I do like this,” she told the men, “But it’s much more
satisfying to have a man’s nice big, hard penis in here,
She smiled and pointed at the two men selected to have
sex with her.
“And I’d like both of you guys to fuck my brains out
eight now,” Jenny said with a naughty smile. “I want both
of you to make me your little cheerleader sex toy.”
The men both stood and walked to Jenny, poised on the
edge of the bed.
“Just stand there, first,” Jenny told them, looking
upward at them with a smile, “so I can make you nice and
Jenny grasped a dick in each hand and started stroking
One of the men was an older gentleman with graying
hair, probably in his late forties, Jenny guessed. The
other was in his twenties and a little better looking, but
the older man had a cock that was somewhat longer, and
Jenny enjoyed the challenge of taking a long, thick piece
of flesh.
She wrapped her kips around the older man and slowly
started fucking him with her warm, teen mouth, but kept
stroking both of them with her loving hands.
Using her tongue with masterful technique, Jenny had
the older guy rock-hard within a minute to a full eight
inches. She pulled her lips away but kept up a slow
“I think you’re more than ready to go,” she winked at
Turning her attention, she took the younger guy into
her mouth. His cock wasn’t as thick as the other guy, so
her jaws were getting a bit of a rest. Jenny sucked on him
until he was fully erect to about six inches.
“Okay guys,” she said. “Are you both ready to fuck a
horny cheerleader?”
The two men agreed to take turns, with one of them
prone on the bed and getting sucked, while the other fucked
her from behind.
The younger guy crawled onto the bed first and spread
his legs, while Jenny worked her way between them to his
crotch, dressed in her sexy uniform. She lowered her head
to fuck him with her mouth, smiled at him, and then slid
his swollen cock between her warm teen lips. In the
meantime, the older man was positioning himself behind her.
Jenny arched her back to push her ass high for him. The
gray-haired man pushed the little white pleats of her red
cheerleading skirt up high on her ass and peeled down
Jenny’s cheer briefs until they were in a red stretch
between her thighs. He fisted himself to her pussy and
slowly skewered the young cheerleader’s tight little twat.
Jenny felt him drive it home into her teen gash. She
moaned and smiled for the camera as she felt the girth of
the guy’s prick fill her vagina. He drove it all the way
to her cervix, impaling the young girl as he started riding
her from behind, his balls slapping against Jenny’s clit
with each push.
In the meantime, Jenny’s head bounced up and down on
the younger guy, her ponytails dancing around, while she
was fucked from behind. The older man held Jenny by the
sides of her waist, and as her little cheerleading skirt
swung wildly, he slapped her playfully on the ass.
“Naughty little cheerleader!” he mockingly chided her.
Jenny pulled her mouth off and looked back at the man,
“You got that right,” she said proudly. “So keep
fucking my hot little cheerleader pussy!”
Jenny looked again at the video camera and slowly
licked her way up the length of the cock in front of her,
swirling her tongue around the tip.
“You like that?” she asked the younger man.
“Yeah, baby,” he said. “Keep sucking my cock.”
“Okay, just don’t blow your wad, yet,” she reminded
Jenny continued her blowjob and went on for several
minutes before he asked her to stop.
“Change positions now?” she asked.
Both men agreed. Jenny waited for them to trade
places, and then crawled up between the older man’s legs.
His massive cock wobbled as she jostled the mattress, and
she smiled at him.
“I’ll bet this thing is holding a gallon of cum,” she
“You’ll find out soon enough,” he replied.
Jenny steadied it with one hand and sealed her lips
around the tip, before sliding it deep into her mouth. She
could take all but the last inch or so, and she started a
mouthfuck on him.
In the meantime, the younger guy was removing Jenny’s
cheer panties all the way, wiggling them down over her
kneesocks and tossing them aside. She raised her ass again
as he pushed her little skirt upward and then fisted
himself into her.
By comparison, the guy now fucking Jenny was easy to
take. But Jenny was taking care not to gag on the big guy
she was blowing, using her hand more and not taking that
much of him into her mouth. Instead, she was busy using
her tongue on the underside of his cockhead.
The three lovers continued in that position for five or
six minutes before the guys decided to change things up.
“Okay,” said the older guy. “Now, how about both of us
fucking you at once?”
“Okay,” Jenny agreed. “But I want you in my pussy,
’cause I don’t think I’d like to take that prick up my
“Okay,” said the older man. “Now just straddle me.”
Jenny knelt astride him, holding her little skirt up
with her hands. She lowered herself until she was impaled
on his large schlong.
He reached up and tugged her tight sweater upward until
her firm tits were exposed with the hardened nipples.
“That’s a hot look,” he told her. “Now, lean forward,
so he can fuck your sweet cheerleader ass.”
Jenny giggled as she did so, and the other man tossed
her little pleated skirt up again. He fisted his moist
cock against her asshole and slowly pushed himself in.
“Oooh…” Jenny moaned, as he filled her anus with his
stiff flesh.
Jenny began rocking forward and back, fucking the penis
in her pussy, while the man behind gently fucked her ass.
“God, this is wild,” Jenny groaned.
“Yeah,” said the guy in her ass. “But you like being
an ass-fucked cheerleader, don’t you?”
Jenny giggled and looked at the video camera with a
nasty expression. With her skirt and sweater pulled up,
and a guy in each hole, she looked positively dirty.
“I love having a cock in my pussy and a cock in my ass
at the same time,” she said to the camera. “I’m such a
nasty little cheerleader.”
Jenny bit her lip as she rocked on top of the older man
while the younger guy drilled her tight asshole from
behind. It wasn’t very comfortable, but it was okay. She
looked over at the video camera again with a naughty
expression as her blonde pigtails swung back and forth.
“I know I shouldn’t be doing this at my age,” she
mockingly confessed. “But I can’t help it, ’cause
cheerleaders make guys horny, and I just can’t leave a
guy’s swollen cock unfulfilled. I mean it’s only an act of
kindness to get them off.”
After only a couple of minutes of getting fucked in
both holes, the guy behind her had reached his limit.
“God, I’m gonna shoot into your ass if I keep this up,”
he said.
“No,” replied Jenny. “I want both of you to squirt
your loads on my face. Remember?”
She ordered both of them out of her, then she quickly
crawled off the bed and sat on the floor, her head lying
back on the bed and pigtails splayed to the sides. With
her legs spread apart and kneesocked legs raised high, her
white pleats fanned out to show her pussy to all the men,
and her tits looked so fine beneath the bottom of the
pulled-up sweater.
Jenny smiled at the camera again and batted her
eyelashes beneath those sweet blonde bangs.
“Okay, boys,” she said. “It’s time to decorate my
cheerleader face with your gooey jizz.”
The younger guy was going to be the first to grant her
wish. He jerked himself off above her face, then grunted
and fired a squirt of cum diagonally across Jenny’s cheek
and nose.
“That’s it, baby,” she said, as a second burst landed
on her upper lip. “Keep pumping it out for me!”
The young guy only had a few salvos for her, and as he
shook the last drops onto her lovely face, she looked at
the older guy standing on the other side of her.
“Are you ready for a big load?” he asked.
Jenny just smiled.
“Something told me you’d have a lot of spunk for me,”
she giggled.
“Well, let’s see how much I can pump out on your sweet
little face,” he replied.
Jenny held still and just smiled as she waited for the
gray-haired man to cum.
“That’s it,” she coached, as she rubbed her nipples.
“This teenaged cheerleader wants lots of thick spunk all
over her face. C’mon, mister. Jerk it all out for me.”
“Shit!” he gasped, as he fired a mass of warm, gooey
sperm onto Jenny’s smiling face.
Jenny laughed as she felt the creamy mess splatter
across her face from her mouth to her forehead.
Instinctively, she closed her eyes as he adjusted his aim
for a second squirt, then a third, a fourth and more.
The guys in the room hollered as the man absolutely
drenched poor Jenny with a thick, white shower. She could
only laugh as he continued pumping his cum all over her
When it finally subsided, Jenny’s face was literally
coated in thick goo. She could hardly open her eyes.
“Wow,” she said. “That’s got to be the biggest load
I’ve ever gotten.”
Jizz was everywhere. Plastering her blonde bangs on
her forehead, draped across her eyes and nose, all over her
lips and chin, oozing down her cheeks.
Jenny smiled at the video camera, also noticing all the
flash bulbs going off.
“I’m a mess, aren’t I?” she asked.
“Totally fucking hot!” shouted one of the men.
“Why don’t you get on the bed and give us some sexy
poses?” suggested the videographer.
Jenny stood up and sat back on the bed, spreading her
legs open and pulling her little skirt back up her thighs.
With her hard nipples exposed, as well as her wet snatch,
she smiled at all the cameras circling around her, most
held by men with rock-hard cocks. Her sweet smile under a
face of gooey semen was a hit that had cameras flashing for
several minutes as she alternated poses and facial
Finally, Mr. Walker brought the hot episode to a halt.
“Sorry, guys, but we need to move on. Remember that
these girls need to get back home tonight.”
Jenny climbed off the bed and walked toward the
bathroom to clean off her sticky face.
Darcy resumed with the next fuck-session, and the three
girls continued taking turns over the next couple of hours
until they had finished off the men.
“Okay, guys, let’s let these young ladies get cleaned
up,” Mr. Walker suggested.
“And in the meantime, we’ll watch some other young porn
videos and get our balls charged back up, and then we’ll
all dump facials on little Darcy to finish up for the
By the time Darcy was saturated with loads of cum on
her face for the cameras that evening, Jenny was convinced
she had ushered in a replacement for her when she’d head
off to college. Mr. Walker and his friends would have a
seasoned teenaged slut ready to fill in for her when she’d
leave for college.


It was the evening of the last football game for the
season. Jenny Wilson and Angie Walker left the school
building with the rest of their cheerleading squad and
walked over to the nearby stadium.
As they entered through the gate, the stands were
nearly half full. The two teenagers went to their
customary spot to stretch out before the game, and Mr.
Lambert, the new school photographer, was preparing his
camera gear for the evening just a few feet away.
Jenny looked absolutely magnificent in her little
cheerleading uniform that the squad had chosen for the
night. Wearing just a hint of facial makeup with bright
red lipstick, she had her long blonde hair fixed in two
pigtails with red and white hair ribbons, with her bangs
draped over her forehead.
Her cheerleading sweater was a tight, ribbed turtleneck
style, ending just at her waist, so that when she would
lift her arms, her flat tummy would peek out. It was all
white except for two thin red stripes running down the
sides and down the sleeves. The red letters “SLHS”, about
four inches high, ran across her chest, thrust outward by
her firm breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra tonight, so
that the cool temperatures would make the outline of her
nipples clearly seen through her tight sweater under the
red lettering.
Jenny’s skirt was red, with twelve inverted white
pleats. It was a couple of inches shorter than Angie’s,
ending just below her crotch, and showed off her long,
thin, tanned legs very nicely. She wore a pair of tightly
fitting white cheerleading panties, without any bulky
underwear beneath.
Far below the hem of her tiny skirt and a pair of
delicious teen thighs, solid white knee socks with
red-and-white saddle shoes completed the wonderful
As Jenny began stretching, she heard his camera shutter
click when she’d lift a leg. He was holding his camera
down, but it was unmistakably pointing at her from below.
She pretended not to notice.
“Hey, Angie,” she whispered to her friend. “Mr.
Lambert’s taking pictures up my skirt.”
Jenny stretched again, spreading her legs a bit wider,
and Angie saw Mr. Lambert’s finger press the shutter
release a couple of times. She smiled at Jenny.
“Mr. Lambert,” addressed Jenny.
He looked at her nervously.
“Yes,” he asked, with a gulp.
“Could you take a couple of pictures of Angie and I
together?” Jenny asked.
“Why, sure,” he answered.
Jenny posed with Angie, while he snapped off a few
quick photos.
“You know,” he said, “with the low sun, the lighting
isn’t very flattering for portraits. These would be better
if I did them in the school’s photography room.”
“You think so?” asked Jenny, playing along.
“Absolutely,” he told her.
“Well then, could you take some pictures of us at
halftime if we met you there?” asked Jenny.
“Why, of course,” he eagerly replied.
“Okay, then,” Jenny said. “We’ll meet up with you.”
Mr. Lambert smiled and nodded, then moved further away
from them, but it was obvious to Jenny that his attention
was still on her.
“Okay,” murmured Angie. “What are you planning?”
“Who? Me?” asked Jenny mockingly.
“Yeah, something tells me you’re planning to do him at
halftime,” said Angie softly.
“Just follow my lead,” said Jenny, with a sly grin.
“After he takes some pictures, I want you to take over
shooting pictures, so the poor guy can have some souvenirs
after I’m done with him.”


Jenny and Angie slipped away from the cheer squad with
about four minutes to go in the second quarter. They
hurriedly made their way to the school building and to the
photography room, where the door was open and the light was
“Mr. Lambert?” called out Jenny.
“Yeah, come on in,” he said. “I was just finishing
getting things set up.”
The two cheerleaders walked in. Studio lights were
turned on against a backdrop, and a locker room bench was
placed on the floor.
Jenny smiled to herself. Mr. Lambert seemed to have
more in mind than a couple of photos, but she was
determined to play along and seduce the poor man after
teasing him mercilessly.
“I know you don’t have much time,” he said, “But let’s
see what we can do.”
He closed the door behind them. Silently, Jenny pushed
in the button on the handle to lock the door.
“Okay, I thought the bench would be a good prop to sit
on or stand with a foot rested on it,” he suggested.
“Good idea,”” said Jenny. “Angie, let’s do some poses
Angie joined Jenny, first sitting on the bench
together, then standing in front of it, and finally
kneeling in a couple of poses, while Mr. Lambert clicked
“Can I get a few by myself, Mr. Lambert?” asked Jenny.
“Sure,” he answered.
Jenny sat on the bench facing him, posing innocently
for a few shots, then gradually spreading her legs apart
for him, pulling the pleats out to the sides as her knees
stretched outward. Soon, she was exposing the whiteness of
her panty-covered crotch and teasing Mr. Lambert.
He continued shooting photos.
“Will this work?” asked Jenny, her legs wide apart,
showing off her thin thighs and white kneesocks.
“Yes, absolutely,” he told her, still clicking away.
Jenny pulled the front of her red skirt tightly against
her tummy, spreading out the white pleats and showing off
the fullness of her cheer panties, smiling the whole time.
“How about this?” she asked. “Now you can see the
whole front of my bloomers.”
“Very nice, dear,” he answered.
“And I can pull up my sweater, if you’d like.”
“Sure! I mean, if you want to…”
She pulled her tight white ribbed turtleneck sweater
upward until it was just over her magnificent little tits.
She could tell from the look on his face, that he was
thrilled to find that she wasn’t wearing a bra. The red
“SJHS” lettering hovered above her nipples, which were
still stiff from the cool night air combined with the
passion of the moment as they jutted outward.
“Oh, yes,” he muttered, “let me get some more of these
poses, please.”
Jenny smiled for a few more shots, changing her facial
expressions. Then, leaving her sweater pulled up, she
pushed a hand slowly down the front of her white
cheerleading briefs.
“How’s this?” she asked. She could see the front of
his jeans bulging as she fingered her clit under the cheer
“That’s very nice,” he stammered.
“Would you like me to show more?” Jenny inquired.
“Only if you want to,” he replied.
Jenny slowly peeled her white cheer briefs down over
thighs, leaving them stretched halfway down her white
kneesocks as she cocked her legs wide apart, her white
pleats fanned out as she held the front of her little red
skirt against her.
She smiled as she fingered her clit for him while
flashes filled the room as he madly photographed her.
Jenny poked a finger into her wet twat and fucked herself
slowly for him, spreading her pussy lips.
The teen cheerleader just looked positively naughty as
she showcased her body for him and the camera, giving him
nasty facial expressions as she finger-banged herself.
Meanwhile, Angie was noting just how stiff Mr.
Lambert’s cock was, begging to be released from its
“Well, mister,” said Jenny. “I think my hot, wet pussy
needs a man’s tongue. What do you think?”
He just nodded weakly.
“Then why don’t you give the camera to my friend,”
Jenny suggested. “She can capture all the action, so you
can enjoy it later.”
Mr. Lambert looked at Angie.
“Actually,” he said to her, “I’d like to have a video
of this. My camera’s over there – it should be ready to
Angie quickly retrieved it and started filming.
“Okay, you two,” Angie told them. “I’m recording now.”
“Mr. Lambert, would you like to lick my cheerleader
pussy?” playfully asked Jenny for the video camera.
He knelt to the floor and quickly pressed his mouth to
her sweet slit. Jenny, holding up her little skirt with
one hand, watched as the man lapped at her hole, swirling
his tongue around her soft clit.
“Oh, yes…” Jenny moaned. “Just like that.”
Angie slowly moved around for better angles as she
filmed her friend’s clit-lick. Just hearing Jenny’s
moaning made her horny, as well, and she could feel her own
juices seep into her panties. It only took a minute or so
for Jenny to get worked up.
“Oh, God, you’re gonna make me cum, sir!” gasped Jenny.
“Keep going!”
He maintained his relentless assault on Jenny’s pink
treasure, lapping away with frenzy. He inhaled the
intoxicating scent of her precious pussy. Jenny’s
breathing became more shallow and faster, stimulated by the
friction of Mr. Lambert’s tongue and his warm breath.
“Aw, shit!” groaned Jenny. Her legs were shaking now,
and she was close to the brink.
“Almost there! Don’t stop!” Jenny implored.
Mr. Lambert’s tongue was working overtime to please the
teen cheerleader. She was almost hyperventilating.
“Aw, fuck!” exclaimed Jenny, as her young body
convulsed. “Yes! I’m getting it, sir!”
He kept up his lapping for ten or fifteen more seconds,
slowly relaxing the pace as he heard Jenny’s breathing
subside. He finished by gently kissing her wet womanhood.
“Wow, that didn’t take long,” said Jenny with a smile,
looking downward at him. “Something tells me you’ve done
that before.”
“Once or twice,” he answered.
“I think you’re a lot more experienced than that,” said
Jenny, smiling. “Now, how about taking that stiff cock of
yours and fucking me in my little cheerleading uniform?”
“I’d like that,” he said.
“Good,” Jenny replied, “Because I’d like that, too.”
She licked her cheer panties aside, then lied back on
the bench and put a leg on each side as he quickly stripped
off his jeans.
“Now, straddle the bench and fuck my brains out,” said
Jenny, with a naughty facial expression.
Angie made sure to get a good camera view of his rock-
hard eight-inch schlong as he straddled her friend.
“Your cock is such a nice size, too,” Jenny commented.
“Fuck me with it, Mr. Lambert. Fuck my cheerleader pussy
with your nice big cock.”
Jenny looked fantastic with her kneesocked legs spread
wide apart, the white pleats of her little red skirt piled
on her tummy. Her mostly-white sweater, except for the red
bands down the sides and sleeves, was still pulled up,
showing off her modest breasts and the firm nipples. Her
blonde pigtails hung down under the bench, tied sweetly in
red-and-white hair ribbons.
As he lowered himself to Jenny, she wrapped her white
kneesocks and red-and-white saddle shoes around his torso.
Angie made sure she captured the moment he fisted his
cock to Jenny’s pussy lips and pushed inside. Jenny’s
pussy was already soaking wet, so even an eight-inch dick
went in smoothly.
“Yeah,” moaned Jenny. “Fuck me, mister.”
He started a good stroke on the girl. With her legs
wrapped around him, he was able to drive all of it into her
with each thrust.
“That’s it, mister,” Jenny said. “We don’t have much
time, though. Angie and I need to get back to the game.”
He picked up the pace on Jenny. His balls slapped
against her, and her pussy sloshed loudly with her juices
as he pumped her with his fleshy spear.
“Aw, this is good,” he groaned. “I’ve dreamed about
doing this to you for quite a while.”
Jenny giggled.
“Well, I guess I just made your dream come true,” she
The two fucked for a couple more minutes. Mr. Lambert
was riding Jenny firmly but not roughly, accelerating his
pace to bring him to orgasm. Jenny’s blonde pigtails and
her shoelaces both swung back and forth as he pumped
himself deep into her loins.
“Almost there?” Jenny asked.
“Where do you wanna cum?” asked Jenny. “I’ll let you
shoot your stuff anywhere you want.”
“Even in your mouth?” he asked.
“I love it in my mouth,” Jenny assured him with a
smile. “I try not to spill a drop if a guy wants to dump
his load in there. I think that’s so hot, especially if
it’s being filmed, like right now.”
She winked at her friend Angie.
“Swallowing a guy’s cum makes me feel like a porn
star,” Jenny added.
“Incredible,” was all he could say.
“Let me know when, and we’ll get up, I’ll kneel in
front of you, and stick my tongue out,” instructed Jenny.
“You put your dick right on my tongue so the camera can
film you squirting it right down my tongue and into my
mouth,” she added.
“Sounds like a plan,” he told her. “But first, may I
fuck you doggy-style over the bench?”
Jenny laughed.
Mr. Lambert pulled out. Jenny unwrapped her kneesocked
legs, and the two lovers stood up. Jenny positioned
herself at the end of the bench, spread her legs, and bent
over so that her hands grasped the edges of the wood.
As she leaned forward, her wonderful little skirt
pulled up high on her ass. He grasped the sides of her
thin waist through the skirt fabric, and then pushed into
her from behind.
Jenny fucked back into him to complement his thrusts.
She looked back over her shoulder, smiling, as he rode her
“Fuck me, sir! Fuck my cheerleader pussy!” she begged.
Angie filmed as Mr. Lambert pumped Jenny furiously,
holding her by the waist. He pumped into Jenny for a full
“Shit, I’m gonna cum!” he exclaimed.
He pulled out. Jenny quickly stood up and spun around
to face him, her pleated skirt twirling in the air.
Dropping quickly to her knees, she opened her mouth and
held her tongue outward.
Mr. Lambert held the tip of his cock on the front of
her tongue and aimed it straight to Jenny’s throat, as
Angie zoomed in to capture him splattering his seed.
“Fuck, here it comes!” he warned her.
A splurge of whiteness gushed onto Jenny’s waiting
tongue, sliding into her mouth, followed by another and
another, as his balls emptied themselves into the
cheerleader’s hungry mouth.
Jenny held still as he drained himself and squeezed the
last of it onto her tongue. Then, as he backed away
slightly, Jenny turned her head toward Angie and showed off
the pile of creamy goo in her mouth, swirling it around
with her tongue.
She closed her mouth and swallowed, then opened it
again for the camera, proving conclusively that she had
taken his full load of jizz.
Jenny smiled.
“That was delicious,” she said.
Jenny looked at Mr. Lambert again.
“Thank you, sir,” she said. “That was a nice dessert.”
Then, Jenny stood up and slipped her cheer panties back
on. Angie handed the video camera back to him, and the two
girls left the room to return to the game.
As the two girls walked down the hallway, their little
skirts dancing from side to side, Angie looked at Jenny and
“You’re such a whore,” she teased.
“Why, thank you!” said Jenny, smiling smugly.
Jenny thought about how much she was looking forward to
basketball season, which would be starting in a few weeks.
There was a new assistant coach that she was determined to
fuck, and she relished the idea of another young man to
seduce with her irresistible charms.

********** THE END **********

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