Jane in New York Pt. 05Jane in New York Pt. 05



It wasn’t just her imagination. Camilla could not understand why her new coworker was so overwhelmingly generous with the sexual favors. Every time she tried to do Jane a favor, she was the one who ended up with all the pleasure.

Her attempt at giving Jane a massage wasn’t the only time her plan backfired. Every time she tried to do a non-sexual favor, Jane would find a way to outdo her. And every time she tried to pleasure Jane, she would end up getting dominated in bed.

Seeing it as a challenge, Camilla was determined to work hard and see it through. She knew she had to come up with a clever plan if she was ever going to give her sweet roommate the payback she deserved.

The non-sexual favors were just as important to Camilla as the sexual ones were. Jane’s reminders that she was beautiful, and words of affirmation gave her the confidence to do anything. Hearing it from someone as amazing as her smart and sweet roommate was exactly what she needed to get over her troubled past.

The best thing of all was the photoshoot that Jane convinced her to do. She never imagined herself pretty enough to model clothing. Since the shoot, she had received a lot of attention on the company social media page.

Being complimented by Jane was amazing enough, but there were thousands of people leaving comments of admiration. Camilla often found herself scrolling through the comments to remind herself that people thought she was beautiful.

One night, as she was looking at her photos, she noticed a comment left by someone with a familiar name. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but Camilla knew that name from somewhere. After a quick search, she realized it was someone from the marketing department of Moonlight Company, a subsidiary of Sunshine Industries.

The smaller company focused on sexier clothing, particularly underwear and lingerie. Moonlight was a new, but they were growing rapidly. Seeing someone comment on her photo made Camilla wonder if there was more to the compliment than originally thought.

After messaging the Moonlight representative, Camilla realized they were very excited to hear from her. They discussed an opportunity to take some photos for their website and possibly a catalogue. Though they couldn’t afford to pay her, the opportunities that could come from it intrigued the beautiful Latina.

Camilla was asked if posing in lingerie made her uncomfortable. After thinking about it for a moment, she decided she was okay with it, as long as she had the support she needed. “I need to talk to Jane,” she thought to herself.

She spent the next day focusing on everything except her own work. Between staring at Moonlight’s social media page and coming up with a plan to show Jane her gratitude, Camilla was unproductive for once.

“I need to do some research,” Camilla thought to herself, twirling her pen between her fingers. She stared at her generous coworker, trying to remember the details of her previous relationship. “There has to be something I can do for her.”

The only significant note Camilla could remember was the night they spent together in the hotel. “She was almost drooling when she saw me in my underwear. Ugh! I need more than that!”

She started going through Jane’s files, looking for anything that could help. “There’s got to be something I can use.”

After looking through Jane’s original application, Camilla’s entire body froze as she realized something important. “How did I not know this?! Jane’s birthday is tomorrow!” She put the document back in the filing cabinet and walked away.

The more Camilla thought about it, the more it made sense. Jane wasn’t the type to seek attention. Her social media page was full of Sunshine Industries’ events. It didn’t even have Jane’s birthday on it.

“I can work with this,” Camilla thought to herself.

Later that day, Camilla received a phone call from the marketing department of Moonlight. She stepped out, not wanting Jane to overhear who she was talking to. They discussed her availability and the type of outfits they wanted her to wear.

Though she was nervous, the platinum Latina smiled from ear to ear just thinking about it. The more she talked about it, the more she wanted to do it. They ended the call with the expectation of setting up a photoshoot later. However, after an hour passed, Camilla received another phone call from Moonlight Company.

Now that she knew their direct number, Camilla ran outside as soon as she got the call. They called her to let her know that because of a cancelation, there was an opening the next day.

Camilla’s heart raced as she tried to keep herself from screaming. “I can’t let this opportunity pass,” she thought to herself, before accepting the invite.

After sorting out the final details, Camilla ran back to her desk with a big smile on her face. “Oh my God! I can’t believe I’m doing this!”

Jane noticed when Camilla got back to her desk, she started typing rapidly on her computer. beylikdüzü escort “Are you okay? That’s twice that you’ve run out.”

“Everything is fine,” Camilla assured, barely taking her eyes off her screen. “Would you like to go out for a drink tonight?”

“Umm… sure,” Jane answered. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Everything is great. I just need a drink and I want you to join me.”

Once the girls got home, they changed out of their work clothes and walked down to their local bar. Jane knew there was something on Camilla’s mind and couldn’t wait to get to the bottom of it.

After a few drinks, Camilla started asking questions. “So, Jane…”


“I have a question that’s been on my mind…”

“Here we go,” Jane thought to herself.

“You’ve been doing a lot of… favors for me,” Camilla started. “You’re not doing that just because I let you live with me for free, right?”

“Of course not,” Jane answered, shaking her head.

“I figured that,” Camilla assured. “I just needed to hear that from you. I mean, you’re just so… amazing! It’s unbelievable how many sexual favors you’ve done for me without asking for anything in return.”

“I do those things because I want to,” Jane assured. “I am forever grateful that you have taken me in and refused to take any rent payments from me. But most importantly, I really enjoy doing all those things to you because you deserve it.”

The Latina tried not to smile. “I deserve it?”

“Of course, you do! I never think of it like… I do you one favor, now you owe me one favor. I just like to do things for you because you deserve it.”

“But… why do you think I deserve it?”

Jane looked down at her drink and blushed. She couldn’t even make eye contact with Camilla while complimenting her. “You’re just an amazing person. When I first got here, I couldn’t figure you out. You’re kind of mysterious and hard to read sometimes. I also felt a little insecure about working with someone who I might compete with for a promotion. But through everything, you’ve remained consistent, and have always gone out of your way to take care of me.”

Camilla placed her hand over her heart, touched by Jane’s words.

“You know… I used to think there had to be some kind of ulterior motive,” Jane admitted. “Why would my competition be so nice to me? But I realized, you’re just a great person!”

“That means a lot, Jane…”

“I know you might not believe me,” Jane continued. “I know you have doubts about yourself, but I don’t have any doubts about you. I don’t care about those stories of your past. The woman sitting in front of me is a wonderful person and a future leader.”

Camilla had to gather herself to keep from crying. Jane’s words were so touching, and it meant everything to her, coming from such an amazing woman. “Can I ask another question?”

“Of course.”

“Do you really think I’m beautiful?” the blonde asked while playing with her hair. “Or is that just something you like saying to me during sex to turn me on?”

“You ARE beautiful,” Jane said with her cute smile. “I would never lie about that.”

Camilla just smiled as she reached over and touched Jane’s hand. It gave her the confidence she needed to talk to Jane about her exciting news. “I have a photo shoot tomorrow.”

“You have a what?!” Jane asked, shaking her head in shock. “A photo shoot? With whom?”

“One of Sunshine’s subsidiary companies, Moonlight.”

“Really?! When did this happen?” Jane was flabbergasted, sitting with her mouth wide open.

“They called me today,” Camilla explained. “They saw the photos from the shoot we did. There’s an opening tomorrow, and they want me to model some outfits.”

“Wait… doesn’t Moonlight focus on lingerie?”

“Yes,” Camilla responded with a confident nod. “It’s going to be a lingerie shoot, and I want you to come with me.”

Jane was completely blown away that Camilla now had the confidence to do such a sexy shoot shoot. It made her so happy that others appreciated her roommate’s beauty, the way she did. “I’d love to go with you.”

Camilla was excited but wanted to give her sweet roommate a chance to admit her birthday was coming up. “Are you sure you’re not busy tomorrow?”

“The only thing I have on my schedule is your photoshoot,” Jane affirmed with a cute smile.

They were both excited to go over all the details. However, their conversation eventually took a surprising turn.

“So, Jane…”

“Yes?” the young woman responded, nervously. She knew that whenever Camilla started with that, it was going to be an interesting conversation.

“Tell me about this woman from your last relationship.”

Jane felt her heart rushing. She didn’t know why it made her so nervous. “What do you want to know about her?”

“Whatever you want to tell me,” Camilla answered. She had been curious about this woman for a while now. To understand Jane better, she needed to learn about her ex.

“Well, her name is Veronica,” Jane started. avcılar escort “And, like I said before, she worked at my last company with me.”

“What did she look like?”

Jane was a bit embarrassed, not wanting Camilla to draw any comparisons. “She’s Hispanic…”

“Like me?” Camilla interrupted.

Jane let out a nervous chuckle. “Yeah… All the girls at my last company were Hispanic… except for me.”

“That is very interesting,” Camilla responded. She looked at Jane, trying to picture her in that type of work environment.

“She has long black hair and she’s probably an inch or two taller than you. She actually looks a little skinnier now.”

“You’ve seen her recently?”

Jane didn’t often look at Veronica’s page, afraid that it would bring too many memories. However, she couldn’t help herself sometimes, and was worried about her former love’s health. “I just saw a random photo on social media.”

“Hmm… Do you check her page often?” Camilla asked.

“Sometimes,” Jane admitted.

“You miss her, don’t you?”

The young Asian woman became nervous. “I don’t know, Camilla. It’s really complicated.”

“It’s okay to miss her,” the Latina responded as she touched Jane’s shoulder.

Jane took a second to think about it before fully admitting it to herself and to Camilla. “I do miss her.”

Camilla appreciated Jane’s honesty. “What do you miss about her?”

Jane took a deep breath before coming out with an honest answer. Although she’d broken down many times in the past, she realized she needed to talk about it if she was ever going to get over Veronica.

“Pretty much everything about her,” Jane finally answered. “She was so beautiful, and she treated me well. She stood up for me when the other girls used to tease me. We were never really like… together, but she treated me like I was her girlfriend. I felt so… special.”

“That’s very sweet,” Camilla responded.

“That’s why I’m so confused… about the way things ended.” Jane shook her head, looking down at the table.

“Thank you for sharing that with me. You’re very strong.”

Much to her surprise, Jane felt relieved after talking about Veronica. For so long, she’d kept it to herself. It was nice to share it with someone who cared about her.

They continued drinking and talking about past relationships. Now that Jane was tipsy, Camilla hoped to get some juicy information out of her. Eventually, she was able to get Jane to admit a small fetish of hers.

“You know how I told you that Veronica and the other women at my office were Hispanic?” Jane asked.

Camilla tried to contain her excitement but was too curious. She leaned in closely, eager to hear what her roommate had to say. “Yeah?”

“Well… they used to call me something. It was usually during sex, but I really liked it.”

Camilla tilted her head. “Oh yeah? What is it?”

Jane was afraid to make eye contact with Camilla. She felt embarrassed to say it in front of another Latina. “I liked it when they called me…”

Camilla was glued to her, trying to figure out what she was going to say.

Jane’s heart started to beat so fast inside her chest. “They called me…”

“They called you what?!”

“Ma…” Halfway through the word, the Asian woman became too nervous to say it.

“Ma? What?” Camilla brushed her blonde hair away from her ear and leaned in to make sure she was hearing Jane correctly.

Jane couldn’t even look at Camilla without cringing. “Mam..”

“Oh!” Camilla’s eyes lit up as she realized what Jane was trying to say. “They called you Mami!”

As embarrassed as Jane was, her heart skipped a beat when she heard that nickname come out of Camilla’s mouth. She could feel herself getting wet from that sexy accent calling her Mami. “Don’t make fun of me!” she finally said, trying to escape her embarrassment.

“I’m not making fun of you!” Camilla assured. “I just think it’s so cute.”

After successfully comforting Jane, Camilla continued gathering more information about her sexual experiences. Though her plan was to pick up a few hints about Jane’s fetishes, she just had fun learning more about her roommate on a personal level.

After a fun night, Jane and Camilla went back to their apartment completely buzzed. The Latina wanted so badly to tell Jane that she knew it was her birthday at midnight, but she was able to contain herself and stick to her newly formulated plan.

“Well, Jane. I’m beat. I need to get some rest before my photo shoot.”

“I understand! I’ll see you tomorrow!”

As Jane went to her room, she felt a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. Unfortunately, after her personal conversation with Camilla, she was left a little turned on. She squirmed in bed as she remembered Camilla saying the word, “Mami.”

This was the most turned on Jane had felt since she got to New York. She started touching herself, imagining how good it would feel to be pleasured by her hot roommate. Suddenly, she had a desperate urge for Camilla esenyurt escort to take control of her and give her an explosive orgasm.

“It’s almost my birthday,” she thought to herself. “I deserve to reward myself, don’t I?”

After thinking about it for a moment, Jane came to a frustrating conclusion. “I just can’t! Ugh! What if I squirt on her sheets?”

As badly as she wanted to finish herself, she regained control and went to sleep. She slammed her head against the pillow, pouting that she wasn’t having her needs met that night. Luckily for her, Camilla knew it was her birthday, and had a plan to take care of those needs.

Camilla got into her own bed with a big smirk on her face. “Don’t worry, Birthday Girl. I’ll give you your present tomorrow.”

The girls had a pleasant day together, talking about Camilla’s big day while they were out for lunch. The young Asian enjoyed spending time with her new roommate but became curious when Camilla paid the entire bill.

“Why aren’t you letting me pay?” Jane asked. “You even convinced me to get dessert. I wouldn’t have ordered that if I knew you were getting the bill.”

Camilla sensed the suspicion in Jane’s voice. “I just wanted to treat you to lunch since you’re coming with me to the photo shoot.”

“That’s very nice, but you don’t have to do that. I want to go and support you.”

When they arrived at the photo shoot, Jane was surprised to see how professional the environment and staff were. There was much more preparation than there was in the small shoot she set up. There was even a makeup artist to doll Camilla up.

Being in the fashion industry, Jane understood that this was how professionals work. However, when she looked at the lingerie, she started to blush, picturing how sexy Camilla was going to look.

Suddenly, she snapped out of her daydream as Camilla asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yes!” Jane almost stumbled as her roommate caught her attention. “I’m okay. What about you?”

“I’m a little nervous,” Camilla quietly admitted. “I’m not used to posing for professional photographers. Doing it in lingerie is only going to make me more nervous.”

Jane put her arm around Camilla. “I know this is a lot, but you’ll do great. Everything you do is amazing! And I’m excited that the world gets to see how beautiful and sexy you are.”

“That’s very sweet of you,” Camilla said as she blushed. “So, which outfits do you like the most?”

Jane looked through the panties while trying to keep herself from showing too much excitement. Eventually, the pitch in her voice rose as she talked about the different options.

Camilla kept quiet. She just agreed with whatever Jane said and gave her a few of her own thoughts. Secretly, she was taking notes in her head.

As the session started, both girls realized it was much more serious than Camilla’s only previous experience. There was no time to joke around and talk to each other. The photographers were strict and knew exactly what they wanted out of the platinum Latina.

Though Jane wished she could have had more fun with Camilla, she was just happy the photographers were taking it seriously. It gave her an opportunity to appreciate her roommate’s beauty while watching her go through all the poses. She found Camilla breathtaking in every single outfit.

The first set showcased a pair of baby blue panties. The only thing Camilla wore with the panties was an unbuttoned shirt, just to cover her tits. She posed in front of a refrigerator, like she was getting food out of the kitchen.

One set in and Jane was already drooling at the sight of Camilla. However, the next shoot set up was even hotter. Camilla had to put on a frilly black bra and panty set. Jane went absolutely gaga as she watched Camilla put on a garter and stockings.

The photo shoot turned out to be a little naughtier than Camilla was prepared for. But after seeing the look in Jane’s eyes, she had all the confidence she needed to go through with it. The more photos she took, the sexier she started to feel.

The last set was definitely Jane’s favorite. Camilla wore a small dark blue satin slip with a floral design. The slip was barely long enough to cover the cute little panties she wore with it. Jane was left with her mouth open as she fantasized about her roommate. She so badly wanted to walk around and catch a glimpse of the Latina’s ass.

The photographer instructed Camilla to climb onto a bed for the last shot. As the Latina tied her hair up in a bun, she noticed Jane staring and biting her lip.

Jane watched as several photos were taken of Camilla. While her roommate posed for the camera hugging a teddy bear, Jane thought to herself, “I wish I was that bear.”

Suddenly, Jane noticed her cell phone vibrating. When she grabbed it, she realized it was her parents calling to wish her happy birthday. Quietly, she snuck outside so she could talk to them privately.

Everybody praised Camilla after the shoot was over. They were really impressed that this was her first time modeling professionally. One of the marketing agents guaranteed that Camilla would be on the Moonlight website and even said there was a possibility of being on the company calendar.

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