The Window Ch.1-3The Window Ch.1-3


“The Window” Chapter 1by Jersey There I was all excited packing for a weekend getaway to the White MountainsRegion in NH. Looking forward to blue skies, sunrise, sunsets, foliage,wildlife and everything nature has to offer with a few friends of mine. “Oh shit that would’ve sucked”, I mumbled to myself when I observed from thecorner of my eye the bag of weed laying on the corner of my bed next to thestrap-on and massage oil. After all it is Live Free or Die country we areheaded to. Hopefully we’ll all agree to go to the head shop to get moretoys and pot paraphernalia and do just that. In the background I hear a car pull up with the bass pounding ferociously,reminding me how my heart and clit feel when I see her smile. “Let’s go,”they scream and obnoxiously beep the horn as smoke poured out from the crackedwindows. I quickly grabbed my bag and locked the door. As I turned aroundto walk towards Christine’s Pathfinder I immediately noticed I wasn’t ridingshotgun. I quickly glanced at Christine as she sat there and winkeddevilishly at me and said, “Get in the back.” With that I smirked and blushedas a million thoughts raced through my mind. I nervously got in the back seatand turned to throw my bag in the rear of the truck and with that, well to bequite honest, I found my underwear so saturated with my juices that when Iturned it got wedged between my throbbing lips. “Oh my God” I quicklyheard myself saying not to myself but aloud. As I sat there hoping nobody heardme I quickly asked “E” who was sitting shotgun where we were staying. She saidwe were going to stay at a condo in the mountains and it would definitely be anadventurous weekend. She then chuckledand said, “Right Ladies.” Both Michelle and Christine immediately startedto laugh and simultaneously responded, “Oh yeah.” Then suddenly I hear a gigglecome out of Michelle’s mouth while the CD is in the midst of changing. Iimmediately look over at her, make eye contact and quietly say, “Well, what’sso funny.” As she puts her hand on the back of my head and pulls mecloser to her she leans in and whispers in my ear with her warm breath andsaid, ”I laugh at bad things remember.” “O.M.G,” I silently thought andsuddenly my heart raced as I sat there with a blank stare and envisioned myyearning desire of tasting her and making her cum multiple times all over myface. The music started playing again which was a good thing as it brought me backto reality. Moments later I looked at my watch and realized we haveanother hour and a half to go…”time to toke my friends, no?” I shout to theladies. Thankfully they agreed, because I needed to distract myself andre-coop from all the dirty thoughts I was having about her…. In the distanceahead I observed such dark fierce clouds forming and random bolts of lightning.Not a second later an enormous crashing sound came from the sky and the rainbegan. “So what’s the game plan for tonight?” Christine asked. “E”responded she was tired from working late the previous night and more thanlikely would crash not long after we got there. The other two were aboutpartying it up while I was open to anything just as long as I relieved myselfof the beers I found myself quickly consuming. As we continued our drive we noticed an attractive woman pulled over in thebreakdown lane. Her hazards were on, as she stood in front of her car withsmoke coming from the hood “Whoa, Slow Down”, we all shouted and laughed. About a half a mile from where she was stranded Christine finally came to a completestop, put her hazards bahis siteleri on and reversed the truck. We slowly pulled up tothe mysterious beauty, she was soaked head to toe from the rainfall. I quicklyjumped out of the car and asked if she needed any help while not being able totake my eyes off her erect nipples showing through her shirt. “OMG” I can feelmy cheeks blushing and was praying I wasn’t obvious about what I just couldn’tseem to stop looking at. In the meantime the other 3 ladies were laughing it up listening to theradio as I could hear them in the background. The mysterious womanintroduced herself as Desiree and with this appeared a man walking out frombehind the trees pulling the zipper of his jeans up. Desiree said in anot so pleasant voice, ”And that’s Brian, while rolling her eyes in whatappeared to be a sign of disgust. I introduced myself while I gave Brian a handwith changing the tire and not being able to take my eyes off his woman. “Oh,God forgive me,” I prayed silently. I told Desiree she was welcome to have a seatin the truck and grab a beer to relax while Brian and I try to change thetire. She graciously welcomed the invite with a sigh of relief, winkedand off she went. All I could think of was, this is going to be a goodgirl gone bad once she enters the truck not knowing she’s jumping in with abunch of crazy lesbians. As I watched her slowly walk to the car while looking back at me I askedBrian where they were headed. Ironically, they were headed right up theroad from where we were staying. As the storm became stronger, lightningmore dangerous and Brian’s continuous unsuccessful attempts to remove the lugnuts from the tire I thought it was best to leave. I figured we are only a halfan hour from our destination so why not just give them a ride and when thestorm passes I’ll take them back in the morning to get their car. Imentioned this to Brian and all he can say was how disappointed Desiree waswith him already and maybe it would be the best thing to do right now. AsBrian walked towards the trunk of his car to get their bags I jumped in theback seat of our truck with Michelle and Desiree. Desiree appeared to be a bit more relaxed as she sipped on her beer andthanked me for trying to help them. I told the women what Brian and Idiscussed outside and they agreed it was in our best interest. Brian opened therear of the truck only to notice a cooler full of beer amongst other alcohol,the cloud of smoke and smell of weed. “You girls have started the weekendoff good already I see,” while laughing and persistently demanding he drive theduration of the trip. Christine was so thankful Brian offered to driveand became his new best friend. Desiree being more bitter with the whole carsituation turned around as she inhaled the blunt and said, “If we took my carlike I asked we would’ve started the weekend off right as well.” I turnedaround and jokingly said, “It is what it is, we are in New Hampshire, forgeteverything.” Needless to say Brian didn’t drink because he was driving. Desiree, well shecaught up to our buzzed state by the time we arrived to our destination. Did Iforget to mention she was extremely touchy feely with myself and Michelle but Ipaid it no mind. All I could think about was how badly I needed to pee!!I quickly exited the truck and realized this wasn’t a condo we were about toenter but rather a large sized log cabin with a 20-foot window right smack inthe center of the house. This was my dream home. I was amazed with thishouse since canlı bahis siteleri the day I first saw it. I always had visions of me havingendless nights of romantic sex in each room and lustful crazy sex in front ofthat window which so happened to be in the master bedroom. There was justsomething about that window that brought about all these dirty thoughts. Damnfucking right, this is going to be a great weekend, I thought. While “E” began to show the home to the “beautiful messes” staggeringbehind, I made a beeline to the bathroom while unbuckling my belt and unzippingmy pants. I slammed the bathroom door closed, pulled my pants down, sat and”Ahhhhhhh” relief!! Seconds later I heard a quiet knock on the door as Iwas washing my hands and said, “Come In.” Stumbling in came Michelle and shetold me “E” and Christine left to take Brian and Desiree to their condo up theroad. After that, they were going to stop at the store to buy groceries.Michelle then grabbed my hand and said, “Let me take you on a tour.” Iwillingly obliged and off we went. As we toured the spacious home I observed a deck outside with a hot tublocated off the room with that gigantic window. Then I noticed both our bags onthe bedroom floor. As I unpacked my bag Michelle stood in front of thewindow with her back to me, she stared outside and said it looked like theweather was getting worse. The lights started flickering while the thunderroared and lightning struck not too far off in a distance. Michelle’s phone rang; she answered then whispered to me that it wasChristine and E. I heard her say, “OK just make sure you are careful,we’ll see you in an hour or so.” She got off the phone and says, “Now what dowe do,” as she jumped up with excitement and lit her blunt. I mumble undermy breath, I can think of many things, and continued to unpack while Michelleenjoyed her smoke. The lights flickered again but this time they did notgo back on which made unpacking quite difficult. In between the lightdisplay I misplaced the strap-on that I pulled from my bag. “Great,” Ithought to myself and watched Michelle slowly make her way over to me to passthe blunt. I could feel my face turn a shade of red brighter with everystep she took closer. No sooner was she standing still in front of me when a lightning bolt lit upthe room and to her surprise she observed the strap-on on the bed, and said, “Interesting,who’s that for?” I laughed and said, “You’re on a need to know basis and rightnow you don’t need to know.” I slid thestrap-on under the pillow trying to avoid her eyes piercing at me and told herI was going to take a hot shower. I grabbed some clothes and headed forthe shower. Luckily there was one candle lit already in the bathroom so Iwasn’t left completely in the dark. As I turned on the shower and waited for the water to warm up I beganundressing and in walks Michelle holding the strap-on behind her back. “So are you going to answer me” as she winked and moved it from behind her backto her pussy. “I’m guilty,” I told her. “I’ve been wanting to useit on you.” She took a deep breath and whispered in my ear, “Well, what are youwaiting for” as she attached the playful cock to my waist and began kissing me.I immediately undressed her and lifted her up on top of the bathroom counterspreading her legs open wide. We began to kiss and teased our lips witheach other’s tongues. The candlelight was just enough lighting for me to takenotice of the glistening between her legs as I found myself starting to breatheheavy canlı bahis with lust. While watching the steam from the shower fog the mirror behindher, I became paralyzed not knowing where to begin but was sure that I would dowhatever she requested and get her to orgasm. “Am I dreaming”, I said. She giggled and with that while stillsitting with her legs in the same position pushed me down in a way where Igracefully succumbed to my knees and said to me, “This is no dream, now tasteme.” Michelle wrapped her legs around my shoulders then forcefullygrabbed the back of my head with both hands and guided my head in between herlegs where it was so warm. I slowly began to tease her hard pulsatingclit and explore every inch of her vagina with my tongue as she sat thererunning her nails firmly down my back. The feeling she left while doing so wasn’t quite pain wasn’t quite pleasure,whatever it was, it felt damn good, I thought. I forcefully stretched mytongue deep inside her warm wet hole and licked every part of her insides. Herloud moans and rapid breathing was just the start. As I continued to lickher clit and glide my tongue between the folds of her lips I slowly finger fuckedher one by one until she asked me to stop. Minutes later, “Stop” shesays, and pulls on my hair with one hand and tilted my head back and screamed,“Fuck Me.” I slowly removed my fingers from inside her, picked her up, and huggedher as hard as I could for a few minutes. I placed my hands on each sideof her face looked into her eyes with a smirk on my face and evil snicker andsaid, “Are you ready to get fucked!” She turned around and backed her firm assagainst the dick I was wearing. As she rest against me I reached for a shirtthen blindfolded her with it. She asked, “Where are we going?” while shestarted to finger me. I told her to hold that thought, pulled her fingersfrom inside me and guided them around her lips. While walking her in the bedroom because she could not see she continued tolick each finger in a seductive manner only to tease me. Once we stoppedI told her she was standing in front of the window facing the outside.Surprisingly, Michelle took a step back, turned around and got down on herknees. She grabbed my cock with one hand while moving the harness overwith her other hand so that she was able to stick her fingers inside me. One by one she forcefully slid each finger inside me while sucking the cock,which was something I never experienced however found myself to be quitearoused and sure enough came with pleasure. We then stood up and faced the window. While she stretched her legs Istood behind her admiring her ass and firmly embraced it with my hand. Shelaughed, then placed her hands against the window far apart from each other andslightly bent her torso forward. I moved closer to her as she reachedaround to feel for me. She grabbed the cock and guided it slowly into hercunt. I began fucking her as we listened to the thunder roll and watchedthe lightning strike and rain fall down. In and out, faster and harder,intensely thrusting each time as it made her scream louder and louder. I heardher juices stirring about, felt her body tensing up and then suddenly she camewith such great force I even became weak in the knees. I held her tightuntil we both felt stable enough to walk. After a few minutes had gone byI picked her up and carried her to the bed and laid her down. She turned over lying on her left side in a fetal position and I curled upnext to her and intertwined my legs around hers. I began to softly caress herhead with my fingers and slowly stroke the side of her face. You couldtell she was relaxed as she twitched quite a few times. She looked sopeaceful falling asleep and during that time the storm became silent.

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