Group Sex

Her new house was amazing, designed and built for exactly what she loved to do; entertain. The great room, that comprised the living room and the kitchen blended together into an area with many zones for conversation. Even now Nick could hear all the many conversations and jokes being exchanged. His great friend Krystal had invited him to her housewarming party and begged him to play bartender so she could focus on the food. He was only too happy to oblige because she was amazing in the kitchen. Everything she touched was heaven on a plate. Today she was barbequing chicken legs and had told him of a new honey glaze she had whipped up for the occasion. From the delicious smell coming from the back deck, he could tell they were nearly done and it was about time to eat.​Quickly Nick worked the crowd and topped off a few drinks, and just in time as the food came in and the announcement to eat went out. His mouth was watering, from the smell in the air, he was going to be well pleased and have a full belly in no time. He caught her eye as she carried in the heaping platter of legs, she responded with that cute grin of hers and a wink from her green eyes. He watched her mouth move and caught that she said, “Thank you, I owe you big time!” The dress she wore this warm summer evening seemed it was made for just this. A light yellow with bold red flowers on it, it was on the shorter side, hitting her about mid-thigh. She had on a cute set of wedge sandals that wrapped their way up her ankles. Her toenails displayed through the open front a nice shade of pink. He knew she didn’t like her legs thinking they were too thick, but with the tan on them and the way the dress flowed around them, to him, they were quite nice stems.​It seemed only moments later and the food was gone the dishes were dirty and the house was quiet. It was just the two of them and they were sitting on the deck doing their best to ignore the chaos filling the house behind them. Nick had made them both a Moscow Mule and güvenilir bahis they silently sipped on them side by side. Finally, he broke the silence, “That was an amazing meal; you really know how to entertain. The house is fabulous and that kitchen is to die for. Ugh, the kitchen, I was trying to forget about that mess.” Reaching over to rub her shoulder he said, “You just stay here, I am going to go in and start tackling that kitchen.”​Her response was low but he heard her say, “Stay and rub my shoulders for a minute, they could use it. Please?” She swept her hair to the side waiting for him to give attention to her upper back.​Setting his drink down and standing behind her he began massaging her sore spots. Immediately she pressed back into his thumbs causing him to dig them into her shoulder blade area, he tensed as if he hurt her but then heard her let out a small moan. That was sufficient enough encouragement that he rubbed stronger and deeper, her head beginning to roll as the stress eased.  Ten minutes in and he swore it sounded like she was sleeping. “You okay?” he asked.​“MmmHmmm,” is all she managed in return. “Perfect actually, you fingers are amazing! Another five minutes and I will be right as rain.”​He found her little sayings adorable; she had picked those up through her family and continued to use them. They stood in sharp contrast to what she said next as he pressed down on a particularly tough knot, “Fuck yeas! That’s it, get it.” So he obliged and dug his thumbs in. The buttons on the back of her dress were in the way, however, so with a touch he let her know what he was going to do and then released the top three and pulled the dress to the edge of her shoulders. Because he was a man he noted her bra was a playful violet and pink as he saw the straps. Back to the business at hand he set about relaxing Krystal all the way, she had earned it.​Five minutes later he was sure she was asleep as his touch had turned soft and her head had slowly fallen to the güvenilir bahis siteleri side. With a light kiss on her forehead, he went in to tackle the kitchen. As he set about working he realized how muggy it had gotten inside. His shirt was nice, he had even managed to keep the honey glaze sauce off of it, so now was no time to get it dirty. He unbuttoned it and took it off trading it for the apron hanging on the backside of the pantry door. At least it was white, not pink and frilly. “What a sight that would have been,” he thought and chuckled to himself. As he set about cleaning up he started whistling a tune, not one that could be named but entertaining to him at least.​He was so involved and distracted that he didn’t even hear her come up behind him. She put her arms around him and laid her head against the skin of his back and said, “You are so amazing, stop it, you have done enough, go home and leave this mess to me.”​“Seriously, what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t stay and clean up? Besides, you know I am working this apron,” he said with a low laugh.​He was caught off guard as she pulled her hands back and went under the apron and finding his nipples gave them a playful twist. “Yes, you are you definitely are.” Her signature wink followed moments later as he turned around to protest.​Now he felt a little awkward, she was in his arms and he was in hers. She was looking up at him from about chest level with that playful grin formed by her beautiful mouth. He wasn’t sure what to do so he mock tickled her on her sides and as she struggled to stop him, her dress that was still unbuttoned from earlier fell off her right shoulder caught only by the bend in her arm.You know that moment when it’s do or die? He felt that right now, he had yearned for her since the day he had met her. She had made it clear they were just friends, which she had no time to give to a more serious relationship right now.  The look in her dark green eyes now seemed to tell a different iddaa siteleri story. A story written of desire and lust; this is what made him now take the chance he wouldn’t in the past.Bending his tall 6’2” frame he brought his lips down to hers, gently connecting with them. The lips he found were soft and warm, pliable and inviting. They tasted of the honey and spices that had covered the chicken. He pulled back a bit thinking he had gone too far but as he looked her eyes were closed and her mouth slowly moving as if she were still in the moment of the kiss. In for seconds he went still soft but more pressing more urgency in his manner with the next kiss.  He was delighted to find her just as urgent, her mouth now slightly open.With his right hand, he pulled at the sleeve of her dress on that side bringing it also to the crook in her arm. He ventured off her lips and took his down her chin and dragged them across her neck to the spot just near her shoulder and gave a little nibble. He felt her respond by pressing her lower body into him as she arched her back bringing her upper body away from his, as she dropped her arms to her side, pulling slightly back from him, her dress fluttered down to land on the floor at their feet.​As his eyes drank in the sum total of her she brought her arms up to cover her stomach and her chest. He didn’t know why she would be embarrassed at this moment, the desire was clear in his eyes; he wanted to devour everything he saw. Pulling her back into him he started again at her neck and enjoyed listening to her soft moans of pleasure, the way she placed a hand at the back of his head and pressed him into her body. He grabbed a strap of her bra in his teeth and pulled it off her shoulder, kissing slowly where it once was. He repeated the same on the other side and heard the sharp intake of her breath as he worked the clasps of her bra at the same time. Switching directions he started kissing down her chest, nuzzling the cups away from her large breasts. Down he followed their curve leading him to a perfectly pink areola. Sitting up waiting for his attention was a round hard nipple and as he took it in his mouth she let out a whimper that told him volumes, she was his to use for the night.

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