The Undeniable Pt. 02The Undeniable Pt. 02


Be aware: This is a work of taboo fantasy and the characters are fictional and are 18 years or older. Your discretion is advised.


Reality vs Love

It’s been days since the night me and my mother actually did the unthinkable by having sex on her own bed. And not only did she cum once, but three times while I had my nut busted twice. Even though it was the best sex ever, everything changed since the morning I woke up from my deep slumber, still naked. I later found out that she had spent the rest of the night sleeping on the couch to then wake up early and leave for work. If I didn’t felt guilty before, I certainly did at the time, realizing that I might have made a big mistake. Though she did said that everything would go back to normal after that one night, my own mother could barely even look at me in the eye during the first week. It’s as if we became two different people while still remaining mother and son.

At high school, it was hard to stay focused, distracted by the memory of her sexy body and how good she was at giving a blowjob. It got to the point where I constantly had to be aware of my erections, which were hard to get rid of. And to make things even weirder, porn isn’t good enough anymore. It’s as if every video that I used to enjoy before, suddenly became less appealing and unsatisfying.

It was always the image of my mom that could raise my libido to a full boner for me to masturbate. Plus, I still have the pictures that I took with my iPhone of her thick, sweet butt shaped like a heart in that hot, red dress of hers. I couldn’t even play with my Switch for long without being tempted to stare at that delicious cake and beat my meat until I could blast my creamy load like a fountain. And for some reason, she never once asked if I deleted the photos or not. However, after what we did, she probably forgot all about it. Or did she?

Luckily, I have my swim practices with my swim team at “Seaside High”, my school where my boys and I have been attending together since we were twelve. At least then, I could clear my head at the pool, doing my laps, racing with my teammates and practicing my diving skills from a board at five meters high to ten. Ever since I jumped in my first pool, I always loved to swim. Mom once said to me that I was as a natural as if I was born a fish. And the day I fully learned how to really swim was the day I knew that this is my passion and that one day, I will compete in the Olympics. It was a dream that obsessed me all day and every day. Nothing could cloud my mind from that goal, starting with college once I graduate. But that was before my mother and I literally fucked each other almost like rabbits. And because of that, I wasn’t so sure anymore what I should do.

For awhile, I tried to forget about it and move on. She seems to be doing the same after all. But how can I really deny the fact that I had hot sex with the very same woman who used to carry me in her womb, who birthed me, who breastfed me and taught me how to ride a bicycle in the first place? Was I just so horny that I completely lost my mind (half thanks to the wine), or was it more than just the sex that drove me? Do I really love her just as my mom, or is it more than that?

I wasn’t so sure of neither, but as time went by, something else has changed within me. I guess it became apparent when I began to pick up after myself more often than not. And day by day, I became more attentive and mindful when it was time to clean up the house, doing the dishes and take out the trash before my mom would even ask after returning from her work as an interior designer.

One evening as she came back later than usual, I even prepared a hot meal composed with Mexican rice, salted mashed potatoes and one Greek lamb chop for each plate that I purchased from the nearby grocery store where I work part-time in the fruit and vegetable department.

She was so surprised and warmly glad with my initiative that she finally took me in her arms after all this time while adding a kiss on my cheek with the same affection as before. I have never felt so relieved to have my mother back as her face embellished by her make-up was suddenly revealing so much pent up emotion that her eyes were tearing up surely out of happiness. So I started to cook more frequently ever since.

That was when I realized that all that I want right now is for my mom to know that I care. I wish to show her more than ever that I can be not just her son, but also her best friend. Someone she can talk to and rely on. I want to become the man she deserves and the one she needs.

Those are the thoughts that were dwelling in my head as I was pedaling on my bike at seven PM on my way back home after hanging out with the boys in celebration for the coming spring break from school. Though I would like to spend time with them, I was more hoping for a chance to do something with my mom, something that might set us on the path where we can maybe talk about what Esat Escort happened between us. The anticipation of it was getting into my head as our home was near in plain sight among the other residents of the neighborhood.

It is a one-story white house with a gable roof to which is added a triangular dormer in front and a window at the middle. Not to mention that it’s surrounded by a sizable amount of lawn that I recently mowed yesterday. It isn’t quite as big or fancy as most of the other houses, but it’s a nice home and that’s more than good enough for me. And so as I stopped my bike to walk the rest of the way up on our driveway to the garage, I smiled as I noticed my mother’s blue Mazda parked inside. Looking forward to greet her and see what she’s up to, I left my bike against the nearest wall as soon as I walked through the threshold and then flip the switch to close the garage. And the moment I opened the door to step inside the house, my nose immediately picked up the smell of good food.

“Honey, is that you?” Mom asked as she heard me entering thanks to her super hearing.

“Yeah, it’s me,” I answered, leaving my vest hooked on a hanger to my left before taking off my shoes. “What’s cooking?”


“Sweet!” I said, grinning ear to ear at the delicious smell of my favorite dish that was becoming stronger as I went for the kitchen.

However upon arriving there, the lasagna was no longer of interest to me the moment I laid my eyes on my mother just as she was bending down to open the oven. And while she had her back turned, her big, beautiful ass filled her black leggings so completely that it’s as if the extensible fabric was a second skin on her round cheeks. It is the peerless definition of a nice, thick booty, the kind I wanted to smack right here and there. But I chased away the thought as Mom stood back up after pulling out the hot tray with her hands in a pair of mittens.

She was wearing a loose tank top in grey, garnished with pink, floral patterns. And by the time that she put her delicious lasagna to rest on the stovetop, I was able to ogle long enough to notice the contours of her mommy hips beneath the hem of her garment before she turned around to greet me with her warm smile that always seems to make my heart melt.

“There you are!” she exclaimed so happy to see me that she just tossed her mittens on the nearby kitchen table to sooner cross the distance between us and give me a bear hug. “It’s about time you came. I have very good news.”

“What is it?” I asked more happy myself to hold my beloved mother to also feel her big tits cupped in a bras against my chest.

“Well…let’s just say…Mommy got very lucky.”

“Lucky how?”

Not wanting to spoil the surprise, she gently broke off the hug and went for the dining table to fish out two tickets that she was now wiggling between her fingers with as much excitement as if she had just won the lottery.

“What are those?” I asked now even more curious.

“These are boarding tickets for the Carnival Oceanus in Florida,” she happily announced, barely able to contain her joy that was threatening to make her head explode. “We’re going on a cruise baby!”

“A cruise?!” I almost shouted, taken aback by the incredible surprise before I could snatch one of the so called tickets to have a closer look. “How much did it cost you?”

“Not a penny. Being employee of the year has its perks after all.”

“You’ve been nominated employee of the year?! Wow mom! Are you on fire or what?”

“I guess I’m just, naturally awesome,” she replied playfully with a gratifying smile on her beautiful face while posing confidently, like a sexy model.

“Well, whatever the case,” I added before giving her another hug with my hands passing through around her waist. “I’m proud of you.”

“Thanks honey!” she responded this time with humility before hugging me back with double the affection. “It means a lot, coming from you.”

Thus, we cuddled a little longer this time. And not one to miss an opportunity, I savored the moment, smelling her scent rich and womanly, and feeling the warmth and softness of her generous body. But that is not all that I cherish about her. Since I was a toddler, she was nothing but kind, nurturing, forgiving, smart, sweet and more.

I was so induced to be this close to my delectable mother that I could barely stop my right hand from sliding lower along her back for my fingers to reach for the top border of her buttocks. However, a thought prevented me from completing the gesture. It was a simple detail that almost slipped my mind, and it was concerning enough to make me let go and look her in the eye.

“You said WE?” I asked.

“Yes, we,” Mom answered still in a bright mood. “I’m taking you with me. Although the tickets were meant for a couple, I guess I’ll make do with my handsome devil of a son. What do you say?”

“Honestly, I’d be happy to, but what about Kevin? Aren’t you gonna Escort Esat bring him along instead?”

And thus, her smile faded a bit, like I was reminding her of something that she wasn’t really inclined to share with me.

“No,” she answered the moment her gaze eluded mine maybe out of embarrassment or something else. “He’s not gonna be coming.”

“How come? He would be crazy not to come with. I mean hell; it’s a freaking cruise we’re talking about.”

“I know, but like I said, he’s not coming.”

“Why?” I persisted, determined to get to the bottom of this.

“Fine,” she gave in, sighing while suddenly starting to sound upset with her arms crossed. “If you must know, I dumped him, that’s why. End of story.”

“Why?” I continued while feeling secretly comforted that no other man is going to stand between me and my mom.

“Don’t you listen?” she argued, starting to get annoyed. “I said I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“So why do you chose me to come with you after what we did that night…in your room?”


And there it is; Mom was speechless. The cat finally came out of the bag after pretending for three weeks straight that there wasn’t a big ass elephant in the room. She looked so shocked and clueless of what else to say that she turned her back on me and put her hands on the table to lean on, completely avoiding me.

She knows…she always knew this day would come. I can only imagine how she must be feeling right now. So the only way to be sure is to keep pushing through the wall of denial that she had built around her either to protect me, herself or maybe both. It’s pretty strange now that I think about it. She was so confident, so enthusiastic and so carefree that night when she gave me a blowjob, when I ate her pussy and then when we fucked. Now, she has become so distant and so closed up with me that it kind of hurt deep inside. How fucked up is that?

“Mom,” I called softly before moving to her side, trying in vain to glance at her face veiled by her long hair. “Mom, look at me.”

No answer, no reaction, nothing. So I insisted.


Still nothing, as if I was talking to statue. So I impatiently overreacted, reached for her shoulders and forced my mother to turn towards me, face to face.

“I SAID LOOK AT ME!” I shouted, frankly louder than I wanted to.

And finally, now that she couldn’t avoid me any longer, her eyes reconnected with mine. And what I saw in them squeezed my heart tighter than I’ve ever felt before. She was crying with tears shedding from her reddened eyelids to run down her swelling face, devastated and afraid. Ever since I can remember, she was always my rock when I needed support, especially when I get emotional. And now, for the first time, that rock cracked. And it was showing with her so shaken and vulnerable that it was almost too hard for me to bear watching her as I was trying my best to stay strong.

“Just tell me why?” I then said empathetically while getting more sentimental. “Talk to me, please!”

“I…I’m just…” Mom said, trembling as she was struggling with her words until her frustration took over and erupted. “I’M JUST TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO ME…TO YOU…TO US!”

And so without holding back, my mother, the first and only love of my life collapsed right into my arms, clinging for dear life to my neck and shoulder, and sobbed next to my ear before she started to lament and cry her heart out. Convinced that this is exactly what she needed, I clung on to her to give as much comfort as possible for as long as it’s going to take. And for over five minutes straight, she cried some more on my shoulder while all I did was rock her slowly, and gently rub her back in between her shoulder-blades.

“I was so scared!” she uttered as soon as her sobs were slowly subsiding after choking her throat. “I don’t know what got into me. It’s as if I was…a completely different person…that night. I was so, so stupid thinking that we would go back as we were before. But now…now I know that things will never be the same…ever…because I…I am…”

“You’re what, Mom?” I asked as I felt my heart beating faster.

And as I asked the million dollar question, she hesitated as if apprehension was holding her tongue. But after a minute or so, she shortly started to calm down, sniffing her nose a little before she pulled back without letting go of me. My loving mother suddenly became even more beautiful when the words she wanted to express from the bottom of her heart came out of her lips with her quavering but still endearing voice.

“I’m afraid…I think…I believe that…I’m in love with you too.”

Thus I instantly forgot to breathe for a second. I almost couldn’t believe my ears or even my eyes. Did my mom just fully admitted (to me no less) that she loves me far more than just as a parent? My jaw dropped, leaving my mouth open as the confirmed truth was sinking in deep Esat Escort Bayan and proper.

“Why didn’t you tell me anything?” I then asked as hope was rekindled within me.

“I don’t know,” she responded, emotionally distressed as if she was about to burst into more tears. “I guess…after realizing what I did to you…I thought I was…a terrible person.”

“No, Mom!” I objected, not buying it for second. “You’re not a terrible person, you’re a terrific person. You’re MY favorite person…even when you can be pretty bossy sometimes.”

And upon hearing me say that, my mother’s expression therefore brightened up a notch before a soft giggle slipped out, making her lips stretch into a white, toothy smile at the comic relief that I delivered. My own eyes were dripping a little as I was smiling back in happiness. And not a moment too soon, my two palms cupped her warm cheeks to hold her face for my thumbs to wipe her tears.

“And I do love you,” I added without a trace of a doubt. “More than anything, no matter what.”

“My sweet boy!” she purred fondly before taking a hold of my face as well between her own hands, touching me with such tenderness. “Do you have any idea how precious you are to me?”

“I think I have an idea.”

And as I said so, my body went on auto-pilot as I stepped in to have her curvy figure against me and my lips to hers. It was a chaste kiss at first, but to my pleasant surprise, my mother took a better hold of my head and pulled me back in for another kiss that lingered to take my breath away. We were then fully embracing each other with her arms laid around my neck, and my own around her waist to have us both pinned together. Carried away in more ways than one with our eyes closed, my mouth was absorbed in gently sucking and releasing her full upper lip in turn while Mom was onto my lower lip, bobbing her head as passionately as I was.

And so, we continued just like that, no longer caring who we are and why this is happening. There was no more talking and no more crying. As far as I was concerned, I was living in the moment and expressing my true feelings for my mother with whom I can be home anywhere, because home is where the heart is, as they say.

Slowly, the passion that had spurred us both was diminishing the longer our lips were glued to one another. Then alas, we eventually parted while still hugging with our foreheads welded together. I felt as if I was more connected to her than I ever was. I couldn’t know for sure how long we were standing like this in the middle of the kitchen floor, but I didn’t really care because my mother seems to have finally regained enough of her composure for her sobs to stop and her shoulders to relax.

“Are you Okay?” I asked, not sure of what else to say at the moment.

“I think so,” she answered, recovering from her teary breakdown while still looking a little nervous when our faces separated at ten or twelve inches apart. “I just…can’t believe this. What has become of us?

“That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out since we…you know,” I replied, immensely relieved deep down to finally be able to really talk to my mom without fearing for rejection or worse. “I guess it’s…just how it is.”

And as I vaguely provided the only answer at my disposal, not another word was said as we began to solely stare at each other. It’s as if we were compelled by an irresistible force that was somehow binding us. It’s pretty amazing the things we can see when two individuals are gazing at one another without looking away, even for a moment.

My science teacher once said that prolonged eye contact has been thought to release some kind of body chemical responsible for feelings such as attraction. He also mentioned something about “oxytocin”, some sort of love chemical closely associated with long term bonding and commitment. It felt awkward at first, but after a little while, the awkwardness of it all naturally dissipated, replacing it with pure, unrestricted love and acceptance.

I always thought that my mother’s eyes were as black as coffee, but now that I can see them up close, they are in fact a mix between dark chocolate and brown cinnamon. They are so beautiful, just like everything about her. At her core, she is a caring, loving and devoted woman who treats everybody with kindness and a paragon of positivity and selfless integrity with the youthful spirit of a girl who just wants to have fun.

A minute must have passed, and yet she never once stopped looking at me. It’s as if she was soul gazing me without being too intrusive or overbearing. Is she trying to determine what step she should take or is she attempting to read my mind to find out what is going on in my head?

“You look so much like your father,” she finally said, tenderly referring to my heart-shaped face, my distinguished jaw line, my straight, sharp-looking nose, and especially to my sky blue eyes in which she was fondly losing herself. “Did you really meant what you said, of you…loving me?

“Of course I did,” I answered affectionately with utmost certainty just before remembering something that just popped out in my head. “Do you remember the time when I stole twenty bucks from your purse?”

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