Busted in Balloonville Ch. 02: Filling Up at NansBusted in Balloonville Ch. 02: Filling Up at Nans


Jeff rushed out to his car, the box of balloons in his hand, feeling the wet semen against his skin. What the hell was he going to do now? He couldn’t change his pants, because his suitcase was in the trunk and he had left the keys in Alicia’s general store. He surely couldn’t go back to her and say “Pardon me, but watching you blow up all those balloons made me cum in my pants, and I need to change. Can I have my car keys back, please?”

He looked down to assess the damage. It wasn’t too bad. Lucky for him he was wearing black jeans that day, and he had blown most of his jizz right behind his beltline. There was a bit of a dark spot, but it wasn’t too noticeable. His car window was open, and he’d left a sweatshirt on the passenger’s seat. He reached in for it, tied it around his waist, then picked up the box of balloons and began walking into Balloonville.

Nan’s was a neat little corner coffee shop that looked like something out of a movie. A chalkboard sign out front listed the day’s special (grilled cheese and tomato soup, soda or coffee, $5.99), adorned by a little cluster of balloons.

Jeff held the door open for two older ladies. One was calling back over her shoulder.

“Thanks, Nan, the pie was delicious!” She glanced over at Jeff and smiled. “Thank you, young man, so polite! Oh, and Nan, the balloons on your sign aren’t looking very good. You should blow up some new ones.”

“Come on, Jeannie,” said the other woman. “We’re going to be late for our tuba lesson.”

“I’m just telling her about her balloons, neatness is so important-“

“She knows about the balloons, and we’re going to be late-“

“Don’t be silly, we have plenty of time, you always worry so-“

“Yes, but last time we missed the warm up, it was four-foot beachballs, my favorite-“

The ladies’ voices were cut off as the door closed behind Jeff. He found himself alone in the coffee shop with a slender woman in jeans, an apron, and a black t-shirt. She looked to be in her late 40s, trim and athletic.

“You must be Nan,” Jeff said.

“And you must be new in town,” Nan said. “Sit anywhere you like, the menus are on the table. Lunch rush cleaned me out of the clam chowder, but other than that, I’ve got everything.”

“Alicia at the General Store asked me to give you this,” Jeff said, holding out the box of balloons. “It’s the, uh, it’s the balloons you ordered.”

“She’s already made a messenger out of you, eh?” Nan asked. “She’s very good at getting guys to do what she wants, our Alicia. So these are my balloons, then. Did you see her blow one of them up?”

Jeff stared blankly for a second. He felt his cock begin to stir. “Did, I, uh… sorry, what?”

“I said, did you see her blow one up?” Nan asked. “I want to be sure she didn’t send the wrong ones like she did last week. I must have blown up a dozen of the damn things, big three-footers, too, before she rushed in, saying, ‘Oh, sorry, Nan, I sent you the wrong balloons!’ I was so mad, I made her pop all the ones I’d inflated and blow up the new ones, all fifty of them. Anyway, these balloons are for a party we’re having tonight for the mayor’s daugher. She’s very particular about the color, and it took a long time to get it right… oh, listen to me going on. I’m sorry.”

Jeff sat quickly and pulled his chair up to the table to hide his stiffening member.

“Yes, um, I saw her, uh, blow one up. She, uh, she had two boxes, and, uh, she blew up a balloon from each to make sure they were the right ones.”

“She did, did she?” Nan asked. “Well, you still can’t trust that girl. She’s as lovely as a summer’s day, but she’s got boys on the mind all the time. I’d better check.” She put the box on the counter, fished out a balloon, and began to stretch it.

“So, what brings you to our pretty little town?” Nan asked, then took a deep breath, put the balloon to her lips, and blew.

If Alicia spent her days blowing up balloons, then this is probably how she’d look with twenty years of practice. Jeff never understood the whole MILF thing… until now. Nan, halkalı escort who had barely registered on his sexual radar, was giving him the hottest balloon-blowing performance he had ever seen. She blew long, hard, even breaths, her rib cage expanding and then flattening as her lungs pumped huge loads of air into the rapidly-expanding balloon. As her chest expanded, he saw the nubs of her nipples poking through the fabric of her t-shirt.

“Cat got your tongue, stranger?” Nan said with a smile, before taking another big breath and emptying it into the balloon.

“No, I, uh…”

Nan was blowing the balloon bigger and bigger, her eyes looking straight into his. He knew she was just being polite… but somehow it feel like she knew, and was blowing just for him. He could feel the tip of his cock creeping down his pant leg as it grew big and hard.

“I uh, I was driving through town, and my car, uh, my car died, and I, uh, Alicia let me use her phone…”

“Did she call Joe’s shop?” Nan asked, then resumed blowing. The balloon was growing alarmingly large.

“Yeah, I think so,” Jeff said.

“Good place,” Nan said. “Joe does good work and doesn’t charge me an arm and a leg. And Joe will do anything for Alicia. Hey, there goes the truck now.” A red tow truck whizzed past the coffee shop’s window. Nan leaned over as if to keep their conversation private, even though they were alone in the coffee shop. The big balloon brushed his shoulder and gave a little squeal. It felt very firm, and he felt a spasm from his cock and a dribble of precum. “I think Joe likes to watch her blow up balloons,” she said in a conspiratorial tone. “Some people have a thing for that.” She stood up and started to inflate the balloon again.

“Um… really?” Jeff said.

Nan, in mid-blow, flicked her head as if to say “Who knows?” The balloon now had a nice big neck on it. She took it out of her mouth and looked at it. “Yep, I’d say that looks like the right color.” She stretched the neck as if to tie the balloon, then stopped and let the air out of it. “I was going to show it to the mayor’s daughter, but you know what? If she wants to see if the color is right, she can blow up her own damn balloons. So, what can I do for you, hon?”

Jeff was tempted to tell her she’d already done plenty.

Instead, he ordered the lunch special, which was prepared by an unseen cook. It was delicious. He had managed to put the inflation spectacles he’d witnessed out of his mind, and his member had returned to its dormant state. He’d never been so happy to be flaccid in his life.

That lasted about two minutes.

The little eatery was empty, and Nan pulled a large brown package out of a pile of mail, then sat down at the table next to Jeff’s. As she ripped the wrapping open, she asked Jeff, “What brought you out this way?”

“I’m going to meet a woman I met online,” Jeff said. “She lives in Globe Falls.”

“Oh, how exciting!” Nan said. “That’s so brave. You’ve never met her before?”

“No, we exchanged pictures, but this’ll be our first time meeting face-to-face.”

“Gosh, I hope your car is a quick fix,” Nan said. “You must be really anxious to blow this town and go see your friend. Well, look at this! Finally!”

Nan was pulling something out of the box. It looked like a pile of plastic, which she laid out on the table and started to unfold.

“It’s a big inflatable iced tea bottle,” Nan explained, as if hearing the question in Jeff’s head. “Sales guy says if we blow it up and stand it in the corner, people will buy more iced tea. I don’t know if I believe it, but in this economy, I’ll take whatever I can get.”

“Holy crap, how big is that thing?” Jeff asked.

“It’s supposed to be about six feet high when I get it fully inflated,” Nan said.

“You’re… you’re going to blow it up?” Jeff was stammering.

“Well, someone’s got to,” Nan said. “It sure as hell isn’t going to blow itself up, is it, hon?”

Nan found the nozzle, took a deep breath, and was just about to give Jeff anther raging hard-on başakşehir escort when the unseen chef came out from the kitchen.

“Hey, Nan, is that the big blow-up iced tea bottle we were promised?”

“Well, it sure isn’t the handsome millionaire I’ve been asking the mailman to deliver,” Nan said.

“If it was, you’d probably be just as anxious to blow it,” said the disembodied voice. Nan shot a dirty look at the doorway to the kitchen.

“Keep it clean, we’ve got company,” Nan said. “Come on out and meet the new boy in town. His car broke down and Joe is looking after it. Jeff, meet Tracy, our chef de cuisine.”

Tracy was the physical opposite of Nan: Short, with dark hair, a bright, happy face, and ruddy pink cheeks. Her androgynous cook’s whites couldn’t hide her serious curves; she had a tremendous bustline and it was obvious that she enjoyed her own food as much as Jeff did.

“Welcome to Balloonville,” Tracy said, extending a hand. Jeff shook it, and the combination of her warm touch and the next eleven words she said caused his dick to begin its own slow inflation process.

“Do you want me to blow that up for you, Nan?”

Jeff loved women of all sizes, but he had a special place in his heart for curvy bodies and big boobs. The thought of this woman huffing and puffing and blowing life into that great big inflatable… Jeff didn’t know if he could take it. And if she was even half as sexy as Nan or Alicia when she blew…

“No, that’s okay,” Nan said.

Jeff started to breathe a silent sigh of relief… and then stopped when Nan continued, “I’d rather you go pop those balloons on the sign and blow up some new ones.”

“Sure thing, boss,” Tracy said.

“She’s a great kid,” Nan said, then took a deep breath and began to blow up the ice tea bottle.

“Would you, uh… would you excuse me?” Jeff darted for the men’s room.

Once inside, he locked himself in the stall and nearly ripped off the button on his jeans as he fumbled to free his cock. It spring to attention and he took it into his hand. Alicia was right: It was clear that there was no shortage of balloon-blowing women here in Balloonville… or six-foot inflatable iced tea bottle blowing women, apparently. The thought seemed to make his member grow even bigger and harder, as if Nan herself were blowing it up. He had to relieve himself. He knew it would be easy. He had the fresh memories of Alicia and Nan powering their way through those purple balloons. Or maybe he’d think about how big Nan was going to blow that vinyl inflatable. And what about Tracy? How big was the bosom that would be heaving inside her whites as she blew up those pink balloons?

Yes, he thought, that was what he wanted to see. Maybe one quick glance outside and another quick trip to the bathroom…

No, no, this was crazy! He was on his way to see BustyLaura1234. They had no commitments, but how could he feel good about himself after jerking off to all these balloon-blowing women? He’d already cum once that day from watching a sexy woman blow up big balloons, and that was once too many. He had to stop this silliness.

The stall had a frosted window, and he slid it open to get some fresh air. The open window afforded him a view out to the side street, and he could see right down to the corner and the sign… and Tracy.

As he watched, she pulled the trio of balloons off the sign and dropped them on the ground. She put her foot on one balloon and slowly put her weight on it. It bulged but did not pop. Then, so quick it reminded Jeff of a rattlesnake striking, she stomped on one of the other balloons. It burst with a muffled POP. She lifted her foot, stomped again, and POP! The second balloon was gone. Jeff’s cock, which was as hard as he could remember it getting, seemed to bulge even bigger.

She stomped on the third balloon, the one she was holding down with her other foot, but it resisted. She stomped again and again, but it refused to pop. She picked up the balloon, the carcasses of the other balloons hanging kadıköy escort bayan limply from short lengths of ribbon.

“Well, you’re a feisty little one, aren’t you?” he heard her say. She pulled an earring out of her ear. “Goodnight, sweetheart,” she said, and jabbed the earring into the balloon. POP!

Trish replaced her earring, then reached into her pocket and pulled out some balloons. Oh my God, Jeff thought, I’m going to see another sexy woman inflating balloons! She stretched the first pink balloon, took a deep breath, put it to her lips, and blew.

Like many looners, Jeff liked to imagine there was a relationship between breast size and lung size. Of course there wasn’t, but he enjoyed the fantasy. Except that in Tracy’s case, it appeared to be true. Tracy seemed to blow forever, and Jeff couldn’t believe how big the balloon got from just one breath! She inhaled, filling her huge lungs, and blew again. Another big inhale, another big blow, and now the balloon was nearly full. Jeff’s cock seemed to pulse in his hand. He knew that one good stroke would push him over the edge, but he didn’t want to climax just yet, he wanted to watch her blow some more…

Tracy blew another massive lung-full into the balloon, and now the neck popped out and almost instantly grew dangerously full. Tracy must not have been paying attention, because she took another deep breath. No, Jeff thought, don’t blow again, not the way you blow, Tracy, that balloon will-

BANG!! The balloons she had stomped on had been old and oxidized, but this one was a virgin, and when Tracy blew it to smithereens, it exploded like a bomb. His hand squeezed his cock, and that was it. Jeff’s cock seemed to explode as hard as the balloon Tracy had just blown to bursting, and he blasting semen all over the wall below the window.

His ears hot with embarrassment, Jeff quickly cleaned up his mess with some toilet paper, then tucked his cock back into his pants. That’s it, he thought. I’m going find the town library and read the New York Times, because if I see one more woman blowing up anything, my cock is going to fall right off.

Jeff hurried out into the restaurant, where heard the metallic hiss of air being blown into vinyl. Nan’s head was bent over the half-blown inflatable, and from the back he could see the curve of her puffed-out cheeks. Right away, he felt his cock begin to grow slightly. How was that possible?

“Hope that noise didn’t scare you,” Nan said, looking up from her work. Her face was flushed from the effort of blowing up the huge vinyl inflatable, and Jeff quickly sat in order to hide his elongating member. “That was Tracy overinflating one of my balloons. She’s a great cook, but she just doesn’t pay attention to anything outside the kitchen. I don’t know why I asked her to blow up those balloons, because every time I do, she winds up popping half of them. She starts daydreaming, forgets what she’s doing, and blows the damn things to bits.”

As Nan took a deep breath and put her head down to the nozzle, Jeff looked out the window. Tracy was already filling the third balloon to replace the one she’d overinflated. His member was now close to fully erect. He stared at a spot on the wall.

He heard Tracy come back in. “Sorry about that balloon I popped, Nan,” she said, then looked at Jeff. “Sometimes I forget and blew them too big.” Jeff felt his cock twitch.

“Listen, Nan,” she continued, “why don’t you let me finish blowing that up for you? I can’t very well blow it that one too big, can I?”

“Oh, I’m sure you could,” Nan said. “It’s almost full, I can finish it.”

“Come on, Nan, you’ve been here since the breakfast shift. Go on home. I’ll get the place cleaned up and ready for tonight.”

“Okay,” Nan said, “To tell you the truth, I’d love to get a little nap. Do you mind if our new friend stays here with you? Alicia sent him, so she probably told Joe to call over here when he figures out what’s wrong with his car.”

“Sure,” Tracy said, “I’d love some company.” She smiled at Jeff. “Go on, Nan, I’ll see you at five.”

Nan turned the Open sign around and closed the door behind her. Tracy pulled the shades down over the windows.

“Well now, looks like I’ve got you all to myself,” Tracy said. “And I’ve got some blowing to do.”

Coming soon: Part 3 – Tracy Blows

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