The Stone Cabin Ch. 06The Stone Cabin Ch. 06


This is a work of fiction, any similarity between organizations and individuals depicted in this story and any real organization or individual is coincidental.

The letter carrier walked up to Dedra Ann Watson and Mary Jane Abernathy’s house. She deposited the usual bills, and advertising circulars, in the mailbox. But included in the mail that afternoon was very official envelope, addressed to Sgt Dedra Ann Watson from the US Air Force. The mail waited for one of the women to come home and collect the letters. Mary Jane was on the West coast for the next two days so Dedra Ann would collect the mail.

It was seven thirty when the lights from Dede’s SUV pulled into the driveway. Since Mary Jane was away Dede would swing by the mailbox before going in the house. She thumbed through the stack of mail while opening the door.

“What the hell is this” she said when she came to the Air Force envelope.

Dede ran her finger behind the flap opening the envelope. She pulled the contents out and opened the letter.

“Sgt. Watson,

You are requested to present yourself to the nearest Air Force facility and present these orders to the Personnel Officer. You are to be inducted into active service for a period not less than 6 (six) months nor greater that 12 (twelve) months.

The Air Force has determined that we need personnel in your specialty to fill gaps in the service. You must report within the next two weeks. Failure to follow these orders will subject you to sanctions.

W. Davis Brig General

Director of Personnel”

Dede spent four years in active service and three years in the reserves, while finishing her college degree. She also started at the Greene County sheriff’s office. She was placed in the inactive reserves which made her subject to recall when the Air Force needed her specialty. That commitment had three months remaining.

“This is bull shit. They can’t find intelligence specialists, so need to get a retread like me? That is why I got out,” said Dede out loud.

There were several sheets attached to the cover letter. But Dede wasn’t in any mood to look them over. She would call in the morning to see if she can get the situation sorted out. Her phone began to vibrate and beep. This time she was hoping it was a case, to take her mind off the Air Force. But the display read MJ Abernathy.

“You I will talk to,” said Dede.

“Been getting crank calls darling?”

“No, worse than that. I have orders to report back to the Air Force. Came in the mail today.”

“But you’ve been out what for three years?”

“Yea but I was put in the inactive reserve, subject to recall and I guess my number came up.”

“Well, I have good news, I’m finished here and will be home tomorrow,” said MJ.

“Be prepared darling, I want to take you in my arms and make love until you scream, and cream.”

“Well, that is the Dede that I have come to know and love,” said MJ.

The two women signed off and Dede put the phone in her pocket. As much as she hated it, she got a frozen dinner out of the freezer and let the microwave to its thing. The oven’s bell rang, and she pulled the tray out, placing it on a plate. She was almost finished when her phone rang, this time it was the office calling.

“Capt. Watson… Yes, I know where that is… I will be there in twenty minutes.”

Dede hoped that it would be a quiet night, but the call put an end to those ideas. There was a murder in one of Greene County’s sprawling developments. Dede was up for the case. Within twenty minutes she was pulling up to the scene. It was dark and the cool wind cut through the trees. She remembered how much she disliked the xenon strobes used on the county’s patrol SUVs. The constant blinking made it difficult to concentrate.

There were four patrol deputies and three of her investigators walking around the scene. In the middle of the front yard, covered by a yellow tarp, was the victim. Behind the victim was a large single story “ranch style house.” Dede quickly guessed that the house was a least five-thousand square feet. There was an oversized garage with the door opened. The light was off so Dede could not see if it had any significance to the reason why the person was lying on the ground dead.

“Fill me in Bill,” said Dede to one of the patrol deputies, as she slipped under the “Crime Scene tape.

“The victim is Mary Stewart a thirty-year old female. She lives in the house with her husband, who is not here. We are waiting for a search warrant before we enter the residence. She was shot three times in the chest.”

Dede scribbled in her notebook as the deputy gave his report. George Rogers, Mary Hampton, and Phil Crane, members of the homicide squad, gathered around Dede.

“let’s break up and start interviewing the bystanders, neighbors anyone who can shed light on what went on here. Ask if the husband was here earlier or if he is away on business. Let’s find out what happened.”

The group broke up and started to find witnesses. Görükle Escort Dede had the patrol deputies look for spent shell casings in the area around the body. The ME’s van showed up and Dede supervised them as they moved the victim. She looked the woman’s body over seeing if there was any evidence. The victim was dressed in what looked like a very expensive set of clothes. She examined the victim again but did not see any further evidence; other than the three bullet holes in the chest. She had the attendants put bags on the victim’s hands to preserve possible evidence.

“Somebody wanted this woman dead,” Dede thought to herself.

Dede’s phone bussed and after a few minutes of conversation with Bill Roberts back at the station, she walked into the dark garage. Bill got the warrant that allowed them to enter the house. She pulled the powerful flashlight from her belt and set the beam to wide and slowly swept it across the garage. There was a lot of blood on the floor leading to the yard where the victim collapsed.

The door to the house was open so she moved into what looked like the living room. Dede continued to sweep her flashlight across the room. The floor was littered with spent shell casings. So, she determined that the shooting started in the house. The big question was who. In the middle of the room was another body with a gun in his hand.

“This is 637 tell the coroner’s people not to leave I have found another body,” said Dede into her radio.

“Well, this will be easy to solve” she thought to herself. Phil Crane walked in to join her and inspected the scene.

“When will people start seeking counseling instead of shooting each other,” said Crane.

“Did you find another gun?” asked Dede.

“Yes Ma’am, it wasn’t too far from her body, I’m sorry that we missed it earlier,” said Crane.

“Get some tags out and start documenting the scene in here. Make sure we collect all the spent casings and let’s search for meth,” said Dede.

The next three hours were a blur as her team collected the evidence. But they didn’t find anything suggesting illegal drug use. Two of her deputies collected statements from neighbors. Most of the neighbors heard the shooting. But were amazed at the situation and stated that they were a happy couple. One of the witness stated something about seeing a car leaving after the shots. The scene was secured. Dede was glad that there were not children in the house, so they didn’t need to involve Family Services. Instead of heading to the station she drove home for a long shower and some needed sleep.

She was sad that Mary Jane was not home. In the almost a year of their marriage, and a year before that, Dede was surprised at how willing MJ was to listen to her. Her wife was a great sounding board. Willing to listen to the most gruesome details of her cases and the pressures of the job. Dede pulled into their house at a little after three am. She was glad that the tagger was leaving them alone. No telling when he would get bored and startup again. She walked in the door and her phone started to vibrate again. She uttered another cuss word and pulled it out of her pocket. This time it wasn’t the office, it was a number that she didn’t recognize.

“Who would be calling me at this hour?”

“Capt. Watson,” she said thinking it was someone from the office.

“Capt. Watson, its Barbara Patterson we met at the Sigma Sigma Delta event a few weeks ago. I know that I am calling at a weird hour, but I just got off the phone with Mary Jane and she said that you might be up. I wanted to let you know that I sold the “Bad Ass Lesbian Homicide Investigator to a national magazine and wondered if you are still willing?”

“Barbara, I hardly know you and I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but I just finished investigating a murder-suicide scene and I need to get some sleep. I have your number so I will call you when I am in a better mood.”

Dede stripped down and waited for the shower to warm up. She climbed in standing under the spray. Instinctively her fingers moved to her quim and she stroked her lips. Mary Jane had been away for three days and was glad that the trip was cut short. She needed the caress of her wife. She started to breath deeper as her excitement built. She climaxed and thought her legs would give way. She concentrated on getting clean but concentrated on her pussy again. But without MJ it was less satisfying. She finally turned off the lights and went to sleep.

It was nine o’clock and Dede was almost ready to leave when her phone started to buzz. She answered it with an irritation in her voice thinking it was Barbara Patterson again.

“Capt. Watson…”

“Ma’am, I am afraid that we have three shooters. The lab found casings from three different guns. We matched casings to the two weapons, we collected from the scene but there were several from an unknown weapon,” said Detective Phil Crane.

The call lasted five minutes and the information completely changed the nature Görükle Escort Bayan of the case from last night.

“Tell everyone to assemble back at the scene, we need to reinterview witnesses. Get in touch with the person that reported a car leaving after the shooting, someone must have seen something. I will meet you there,” said Dede.

As Dede drove back to the scene, she wished she was driving to the cabin, but that would have to wait. She had more important things to deal with. First the case and then this situation with the Air Force. “If we were in a national emergency, I could understand but our commitments in the middle east are winding down. So why are they wanting me back?” Dede said to an empty car.

Denver Airport.

It was one o’clock when Mary Jane walked down the jet ramp. Yes, she was a pilot but flew commercial between the Denver area and LA. Her plane was good for intra-state travel, but not for longer distances. She was on the road after collecting her luggage and paying the parking fee. Her phone rang and the voice announced that it was Dede Watson. She was still deciding if she liked all the bells and whistles of her new car. It was like having a butler answer the phone and announce who it was. Her family had a full staff when she was growing up. She remembered that all she had to do was ask and it was provided for her. Despite her family’s wealth she grew up a “Normal” person that could fend for herself.

“Yes, darling I am on the road home and can’t wait get into your arms,” she said.

“Don’t hold your breath I am still stuck at work. I will see you when I can shake free,” said Dede.

“Make it not more than three hours I have needs darling.”

“You have needs, give me a break. The only need you have is to have my tongue in your twat, darling,” Dede replied.

“I love the way you talk,” said MJ.

The conversation closed with Dede asking MJ to check her email for the grocery list she sent.

Sherriff’s office

Capt. Dedra Ann Watson and her crew were back from the scene that they worked last night and into the morning. Dede looked up from her desk and saw three people standing in front of her.

“Mellissa Kellerman Denver FBI,” said the woman who was holding ID and plainly in charge of the group.

“Look I just got the orders yesterday you can’t be coming for me this soon?” said Dede.

“Ma’am I don’t know what you are talking about. We’re here in regard to the incident in the New Vista neighborhood.”

“What interest does the FBI have in a local murder/suicide investigation?” asked Dede.

“Mr. Stewart worked on a top-secret project for the defense Dept. and his death made it the FBI’s business. I will need you to transfer all your evidence to us. Some of my people are at the scene looking it over for evidence you might have missed,” said Ms. Kellerman.

The bile was beginning to move in Dede’s throat thinking of the time and the two trips she and her team put in on the investigation. The FBI had a habit of swooping in and taking investigations away from local agencies. Then complaining of the lousy job, the locals did.

“We were alerted that there was a third shooter last night. We found shell casings that don’t fit either of the weapons found at the scene and one of the witnesses reported seeing a car pull away after the shooting. So, you see we take these matters very seriously, Agent Kellerman.”

“Sheriff Mathers said that we can expect your full cooperation, Capt. Watson.”

“Yes, Ms. Kellerman let me get my team together and we can make an easy transfer of what we found to you,” said Dede.

“How long will this take the preparator has long lead on us Capt. Watson.”

The bile continued the rise as the two women discussed the case. Dede hoped that she was not as obnoxious as the woman standing in front of her. Maybe there was a course in being obnoxious at the FBI academy. Or maybe the woman had experience with her male counterparts and was overcompensating. Dede stood and raised her voice asking everyone to meet in the conference room.

“Fast enough for you Ma’am,” said Dede with a note irritation in her voice. Dede’s team and the three agents gathered in the conference room and spent an hour and a half going over witness statements and the forensic evidence that they found. In the end Dede handed over two boxes of evidence including the two guns and all the shell casings that were collected. Ms. Kellerman thanked them for the cooperation and she and her team left. Dede held her team in the room to continue the meeting.

“Look in a way this is a blessing as we have three open cases, and we need to close them. But since everyone has been working hard on this just to have it pulled out from under us. I want everyone to take the rest of the day off. Bill has agreed to man the fort in our absences. Everyone stay by your phones we are all subject to a call-out. But before you go many of you need to requalify with all your weapons get that Bursa Escort Bayan done this month.”

The meeting broke up and Dede consulted with Bill Green who would be in the office. She left and flew down the stairs to reach her car. She was constantly monitoring her speed as she was driving home. Her pussy was becoming wet with the thought of being in MJ’s arms.

It was three o’clock when she reached her home, and she almost flew into the house searching for Mary Jane. MJ was on the phone in the living room finishing up a conversation.

“I will see you tomorrow,” she said and put the phone down. She stood and took Dede in her arms and the couple kissed. They broke apart and kissed again. Dede’s hand slid under MJ shirt and was surprised that there wasn’t a bra strap. The pair kissed again, and Dede lifted MJ’s shirt and sucked on one nipple and then the other. She directed MJ into their bedroom. The pair disrobed and fell on the king size bed in each other’s arms.

“I am trying to figure out who missed who the most, darling,” said Mary Jane.

“We don’t need to compare needs. You are here and that’s what matters. I love you and don’t want to be separated from you,” said Dede.

Dede moved down to MJ’s quim and buried her head in her wife’s pussy. Her tongue reached out and painted her vulva. MJ’s hands-controlled Dede’s head not letting her get away. MJ went rigid and she filled Dede’s mouth with cum.

Darling I need you to suck my tits,” said MJ as she passed out.

Dede moved up and caressed her wife’s breasts. She kissed her on the mouth and then moved to MJ’s breasts. Mary Jane roused herself and moved down to Dede pussy, fighting through the bush she painted her wife’s vagina with her tongue. Dede came in torrents. Mary Jane could hardly keep up with the cum. Both women relaxed in each other’s arms.

It was a few hours later as both women were in bathrobes relaxing after they had showered. A bottle of rose´ between them. Dede was relating the events of the past two days to Mary Jane.

“That Fed woman really knew how to push my buttons. I am surprised that I didn’t deck her in my office,” said Dede.

“Dedra Ann, you just have to know when to let go when people bother you.”

“I guess that woman…” said Dede before MJ broke in.

“Injured your ego, darling. What was worse is she did it in front of your team and you couldn’t defend yourself,” said MJ.

“How do you know this stuff, I’m the one with the psychology degree,” said Dede.

“Dede what do you think marketing is but psychology, with some other stuff thrown in, and I know you. By the way have you contacted the Air Force yet? The other thing I know about you is that on some issues you wait to the last minute to deal with things, like calling the Air Force.”

“In my, defense I have been a little busy for the last few days. I will call them tomorrow. But be prepared I may have to go back in if they want to play hard ball,” said Dede as she took a sip of wine.

“I don’t want your phone to go off for the next few hours. You and I have some catching up to do,” said MJ who leaned over and kissed Dede.

The women pulled open their robes and brought their heads together and kissed. Dede reclined on the couch, took a sip of wine and allowed MJ to play with her breasts. MJ and Dede eventually moved to their bedroom. MJ got between Dede’s legs and brought her mouth to her wife’s pussy. She was rewarded with more cum after her tongue worked Dede’s vulva over. MJ climbed into Dede’s arms and the pair kissed. MJ moved her mouth to Dede’s breasts, concentrating on her nipples. Dede’s hand moved to MJ’s quim massaging her pussy. The pair kissed and eventually let sleep overtake them. They spent the rest of the evening in peace as Dede did not get a call out.

They woke up and got ready for the day. Dede dressed in her slacks and uniform shirt pistol on her hip. MJ dressed in a suit which Dede found odd but didn’t dwell on it. She grabbed the envelope from the Air Force as she walked out of the house. She said she would be home at 6:00 if they didn’t catch a case.

She was driving when her phone rang. She touched the button to allow her to go hands free.

“Capt. Watson, we have a situation here,” said Phil Crane one of her deputies.

“What kind of situation Phil?”

“Last night a patrol deputy stopped a car for a traffic violation and noticed something hinky. He arrested the guy for having a fake driver’s license, and fake passport. They searched the car and found a Russian made handgun with the same type of ammo that we found at the Stewart place the other night. This guy speaks with a heavy eastern European accent. Do you want me to alert the three letter boys about this?”

“We will bring them in, but I want to talk to the person first. It will give me a chance to practice my Russian. Then we will call the FBI in. I will be at the station in fifteen minutes.”

“This is an interesting development,” Dede thought. She hit the buttons to get her car to look up numbers and call out. Usually all she needed to say was dial Mary Jane and the car would command her phone to call her wife.

“Look up Denver FBI” she spoke.

The screen displayed the Denver’s FBI public number. She touched the screen and was connected.

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