The Slave Ch. 05The Slave Ch. 05


This story has been long in the making. I’ve had the idea in the back of mind for years now and I finally sat down to feed it and see how it would grow. It has chapters in several different categories, though mostly BDSM, and group. I highly recommend reading in order. As always, please let me know what you think.



The leather dug in to her wrists as she hung from the ceiling. The rope had been fed through the hook above her and measured so that she had stand on the balls of her feet to be comfortable. She closed her eyes and laid her head on her arm. The breeze through the window brushed over her heated skin and she shivered in the night air.

His body moved up to hers, his breath on the back of her neck. Fingertips slowly slid up her arms, over elbows till they reached the bindings. Unclasping her, he had to catch her as she fell in to his arms. She whimpered softly. Her voice deepened to a contented moan as he lowered her to the floor, her head resting in his lap.

She smiled as his fingers slid through her hair. Gently tugging as they reached the back of her head, releasing and returning to her bangs to start over; each time the tug at the end grew stronger. When he gripped her head so tightly it pulled her head back and down exposing her neck and arching her chest she licked her lips anticipation.

His voice was smooth and tender, “my lass” he whispered turning her around and raising her body so that she straddled him; her legs wrapped around his back. Their bodies pressed together, both sticky and slippery from the sweat coating their bodies. Her pussy dripped desire for this man on to his black slacks. She rested her head on his shoulder and his large hands slid down her back to grip her buttocks. She moaned as her head fell back and she arched to get away from the stab of pain. The little red welts from the belt to new for touch.

He soft growl of need filled her sleepy mind causing her body to shiver in anticipation. This highland lord so big and down to earth was her favorite customer. He never left wanting. He gave her so much pain the pleasure disappeared and he also knew how to touch her quivering body.

His hands moved to her waist and he pushed her, her back arching, the back of her head laying on the floor; her body on display before him. One hand stayed helping her back keep the arch, the other, the fingertips touching her lips and slowly sliding down her neck to her chest. His fingers weren’t silk, they were rough, calloused from the manual labor of his youth and hobbies.

As his hand covered her right breast, he leaned forward and touched his lips to her stomach just above her belly button. The deep red stubble on his chin scratched and tickled her sending a flame that licked her senses just as his tongue slid over her skin.

He pushed her off his lap as he grabbed a pillow off the near by chair. The oversized cushion was used to raise her hips so his Scottish tongue could find a slow path from just below her opening to just above her throbbing clit. Her open palms slapped the carpeted floor frustration as he teased her. He laughed, rumbling deep in his chest in amusement. As he licked her closer and closer her need for completion became all consuming.

He leaned back and smiled, as if proud of himself. Her body burned, it cried out as she struggled to control herself; he hadn’t said she could move yet. “Get up gel” he pointed to the cushion in front of her couch. She gently rolled to her stomach and then slowly crawled to the floor pillow. He moved to sit in front of her, his knees spread wide. She laid her head on his knee trying to ignore her body. It was unbearable, what he did to her. It was if he took pride that every time he came to the compound he enjoyed himself to end but she never saw hers.

The first visit she had begged, she had screamed, but she just received more lashings in the corner. She learned that this what he wanted. This was his control. The moment she accepted that, he opened up to her. During his stay, every day he would spend hours like this with her, bringing her close and then denying her, the last hour each day spent with him talking. Talking about anything, from the green of his home to the blonde air head his brother thinks would be perfect for him.

Nika sighed silently rubbing her check against his thigh. Her body would scream until she relieved herself after he left her. For the moment she just sat there, her legs to the left, her arm wrapped around his leg until he was finished. Sometimes he made her laugh, but today seemed something else. He had spent all day from breakfast to past dinner with her. Each hour becoming more desperate, but he never let her know release.

His fingers stopped in her hair as the clock on the wall struck ten. “Lass, tonight’s my last wit you. I’ve spent many a good hour wit you, but after I leave here, I’ll not be back.” his Scottish brogue was dripping with sadness or disappointment, “I’m to be married next week, and I cant be making these visits batıkent escort after the fact. Some men can, but I cant, I’ve ne’er taken a vow lightly and the last that I would, would be my marriage vows.”

She closed her eyes, her body instantly calmed. Nika always looked forward to his visits, even if did drive her crazy, he was kind; and he was good. She looked up to him, not meeting his eyes. He leaned forward, his fingers pressing her chin to tip her face up. She lowered her eyes and grinned at his chuckle, “Even at tha last you’d keep ta tha silly eye rule, just once gel, I’ll tell on ya, look in ta my eyes so’s I can see your eyes as they were meant ta be seen,” Nika looked into his brilliant dark blue eyes, “ah gel, your eyes are like sunflowers. Golden petals ring your iris, set upon a tan background.” his face was so close his words brushed her lips, “I’ll miss our time together gel,” his finger gripped her chin and he kissed her soundly. Leaning back his fingers moved their grip to her hair, “but I’ll still not let you scream.” he laughed at the half scowl upon her face, “wouldn’t want to break a record now would I”

It wasn’t a question, she knew, but she laughed and smiled up him. As he left, the door closing behind him, she still smiled knowing that he would make one hell of a husband if kept those vows as well as he promised he would.

She put away her toys, took the chain and cuffs down, favoring her right ankle which she hurt when she kicked the stool over in her struggles. Her smile favored that of a cat that had caught the canary as she hung the riding crop on the wall in her toy closet.

After righting the stool in the corner and closing the doors to the patio, Nika moved to her room leaving the clothes about the room till the ‘morrow. She rubbed Esella’s ointment on her backside wincing from the pressure of her fingertips. Climbing into bed and laying upon her stomach she dreamt of better times, where sunlight sparkled off crystal blue waters and short but powerful white caps.


The next morning was spent cleaning her rooms, making it right before her trainer appeared to give her her schedule for the day. She didn’t have long to wait, he walked into the room and sat on his chair facing the open doors. She quickly moved to his side, kneeling gracefully at his knee.

“The Master is pleased, your excused for your library duties today. You have a guest this evening. Be in the billiards room before dinner is finished. You are to have a dessert ready as well as drinks. This is James’s first visit to our house and we want it to be perfect.” he never looked at her, just watched the sky out the door way. He sat there, his fingers trailing through her bangs and caressing the short hair on the back of her head. Nika’s trainer sighed and then stood abruptly, his fingers trailing over her cheek, “be the good girl I know you are tonight Nika.”

With that he left the room, Nika looked around in confusion. She might not be perfect but she hadn’t done anything stupid yet. She went to her room and changed into a loose deep green shirt that flowed like her dresses, bound with fine silver ropes and ties, black shorts that came to just below her knees and black sandals. She still had hours yet till it was time to be in the game room but if took a walk in the gardens she would have enough time to set up the room once dinner started.


The walked had refreshed her, Nika moved into the billiards room with grace to set up. Placing the light chocolate cake on the side table, arranging around it bottles of liqur. Earlier she had learned that her guest ‘James’ was only twenty-two and though had handsome play-boy looks he had been sheltered for most of his life. His father had shared the secret of the compound on his latest birthday and had even paid for this his first visit.

Nika sighed and wondered what the world was coming to that a visit to the most expensive brothel (for all intents) was considered an appropriate birthday gift. She shrugged to herself went finished arranging the various types of drinking glasses.

When all was ready she took a chair in the back of the room. Looking at the clock she knew the main course would be served about now. James and his friends had arrived that afternoon while she was walking. The sunlight had caught his auburn hair, the red highlights had sparkled.

The clock striking seven-thirty woke her from her day dreams. Hearing the foot steps on the marble floors outside the door and the soft knock of the footman at the door, she jumped up and in a flash of inspiration crawled up on to the rear pool table. Leaning back on to left hand, her right draped across her lap she had just enough time to paste a small smile on her lips before the doors swung open with the help of the footmen.

The young men who entered the long room were all in their mid-twenties and stood between five foot nine and six foot three. Nika looked through the group as beşevler escort she waited to be noticed. The game room was large enough to hold three pool tables and two billiards tables with ample walking space between each. Green glass lamps hung above each table with brass fixtures that sparkled and shinned like the finish on the stained wood walls, the wood and brass accents of the large leather chairs and metal frames of the old time pictures and mirrors on the walls.

Nika counted to ten, if they hadn’t noticed her by the time she reached ten, she’d climb down. The room wasn’t that big. She scowled when she reached ten. Its not everyday you walk into a room such as this and there’s a girl in shirt so flimsy you can see through it sitting on your pool table. Ok, so her pride stung. Nika sighed and slowly moved to the edge of the table. She walked down the room up to the table nearest the guys and leaned her hip on the edge. Still no one showed signs of noticing her.

She grabbed six queue-sticks, as each was offered, each was taken with out a second glance at the person holding them. She sighed and took a seat in one of the chairs, this was one of those moments when being able to talk would have been nice. Did a girl have to be blonde and an air head to be noticed by these… these prepubescent arrogant assholes?

One man looked at the bar and wondered out loud if there was a decent whiskey in of the crystal containers. Nika jumped up and poured two glasses of her favorite of the bunch, a classic. Returning to the gentleman in question she handed him one glass, tapped it with her glass and tossed back a finger’s worth of good old Gentleman Jack. The man tipped back his glass and looked down at her, his six-two height allowing, “My kind of girl…” he looked around the room and than back at her, smiling he asked, “do you play pool as well as you drink?”

Nika smiled and swinging her hips in the rhythm older then time its self, walked over to the stand by the wall, picked out her own queue stick, chalked it and turned back, looking at him in question. James, or whom she had assumed was James spoke up from the other side of the group, “Girl, I think it might be best if we lift that silence rule for tonight… and in this room only.”

Oh, he is good… she thought to herself, “Thank you sir,” she bowed in his direction, “Yes I play and would be willing to rack though, I’m not very good.” She smiled and licked her lips.

“Names Brian, and sure I’ll rack the balls, but call the right to first break than.” he smiled back, the kindness reaching his eyes before he turned back to the table and placing the triangle rack down on the green felt.

James called over, “Before you play would mind us bringing some the rest of us some of that whiskey and me a piece of that chocolate cake?”

Nika bowed, “of course Sir” by the time she had poured the drinks and served a piece of cake Brian had taken first break, sinking one ball during followed by a second with a straight shot down the table. She stood at his side after having knocked back another finger of JD, “I’m stripes? Good, always did like them” She smiled and lined up her shot. The bad part of having tennis elbow is that her right arm tended to shake. Just enough to throw off any shot, but a good thing about that is it forces you to find ways to keep it still, like using your triple D sized breasts as a buffer.

Knowing that her black shorts showed her ass off in the best way, and that the sight of a queue stick sliding back and forth between her breasts got any guys attention, Nika smiled as she sunk four striped balls in quick succession. The game went quickly. During his turns she would do all she could to distract him, during her turns she made sure to keep his eyes on her and not the table. The other men in the room watched the game drinking, and laughing every time she got him from across the table missing off his shot.

It didn’t take long, but soon it was just the black eight ball still on the table and it was her turn, Nika lined up the straight and easy shot, but just as she slid the queue stick forward, her finger slipped throwing the shot. “Cue ball in the corner pocket!” one of the men called out laughing as the other men groaned in support of her.

She turned to Brian with a pout on her face, “Oops” she smiled as walked up to him. Nika pressed her hand to his chest, over his heart. She could feel the beat beneath her fingers, “Your turn Brian” she breathed softly.

Brian’s smile was almost evil compared to his earlier one at the start of the game. He dropped his cue stick and grabbed her. Hauling her against his chest he kissed her harshly, claiming her mouth as his own. Nika was so startled by his fierce reaction she gasped when he finally raised his head away, “James, this your birthday trip so you get first take on her, but do it now, I cant take anymore and I want her.” He tossed her towards James’s chair.

Nika caught herself on the büyükesat escort arms of his chair, falling to her knees. She looked at his chest, her fingers slowly sliding down the brown leather arms to his firm thighs. “Open them” he voice had deepened with his desire. She undid his belt and opened, as wide as she could, his pants. He wore nothing underneath she found when his already hard cock slipped out. His next order was no surprise and she moaned in excitement as her fingers wrapped around the base of it and she licked the tip before sucking it slowly into her mouth.

James laid his head along the back of the chair, and tightened his grip on the arms. Nika moved her lips up and down the shaft, flicking her tongue along the length and around the head, over the tip and playing at the sensitive spot on the bottom under the head’s ridge. He gasped and slid his hips forward, pressing his cock to the back of her throat when her lips had the hand around the base.

He grabbed the side of her head and groaned as her free hand slipped down to cradle his sack just before she released his cock to lick the pair held gently in her palm. One male, Brian from the sound of his movements, fell to his knees behind her, his hands gripping her hips as spread his legs and pressed himself up against her. His own hardness pressing at her rear through his own pants. Brian’s fingers slipped down her stomach down to her already lightly throbbing clit. She moaned at the feel of his digits on her zipper as her tongue skimmed the cock in her hand.

The fingers on her zipper moved up her back to untie her shirt’s silver bindings, pulled the shirt over head, she released her feast in time and the returned as soon as the shirt was gone. After the shirt was discarded Brian returned to cup her breasts, to skim his thumbs over the rose colored nipples and pinch them as she sucked James near completion. She felt the cock in her mouth stiffen, she felt the balls tighten and the veins pulse. She gave a quick moan in satisfaction and waiting for him to finish off, but instead James grabbed her by a fist in her hair and pulled her off his cock allowing all that tasty fluid to be wasted on her exposed chest.

She laid her head back on Brian’s shoulder as the long stream of cum dripped down her breasts. Brian dragged a finger through a line of it to spread along her bottom lip before kissing her deeply. James cradled member his hand as he wiped off the tip, “Look what you did girl, fix it. Now” Brian pushed her forward and she worked to bring James’s cock back to life. It didn’t take long, partly due to his youth but mostly because he hadn’t gotten any to long.

As soon as he was ready again, James stood pulling his toy for the evening to her feet and bending her over the pool table. Thanks to Brian her zipper was undone, making it easy for him to yank the shorts off and out of his way. James groaned in appreciation when he found her wet and ready for his entry. He slid in with no warning and held still for a brief moment, closing his eyes at the feel of her muscles gripping at him.

“Oh my god girl,” his fingers gripped her hips, he kept still though he wanted to pound her till she screamed and begged him to stop, but first he wanted something else. James could hear her moans, and though his grip was tight, her hips still twitched as if wanting more. He grabbed her head by her hair and pulled back, she arched, coming up to her elbows, he leaned to her, whispering into her ear, “Come on girl, you want his? Want me in you?” she nodded though the pain of her hair in his hand made her eyes close, “then beg girl. Beg me to take you, to fuck you, to use you as I will…” he tossed her head back towards the table and only her body braced on her elbows kept her from hitting her head.

When she didn’t immediately respond he pressed his fingers into her hips hard, “do it! Beg me girl, beg each and every one of us to use you like the toy you are. That’s what you are, my birthday toy…”

Nika shivered and nearly creamed around him with just that, “Please-” she whispered.

He yanked her back up, laying his cheek against hers he whispered in response, “what? What was that? I didn’t quite catch it…”

“Please James use me, fuck me!” she cried out. Before her voice died off he slammed himself as far as he could reveling in the sound of their skin smacking together. She screamed and clawed the table top, leaving white scratching. One man on each side grabbed her arms and held her still as their leader fucked her hard, her thighs bruising on the table’s edge.

He didn’t last long, crushing her the table, cumming deep with in her. Lines of their mixed fluids flowing down her inner thighs. He jerked against her before sliding out and taking up a voyer’s position in a chair nearby, one of the men filing his hand with a glass of something dark amber as another, Brian, moved into position.

She took one after another, when each man had had a turn with her, Brian came back. He pulled her off the table, kissing her deeply, supporting her as her weak legs couldn’t. He kissed her as if he couldn’t get enough and then dropped her only half gently to her knees before him. He hadn’t re-zipped his pants after his turn, and hanging there in his open zipper was his cock, hard again after watching his friends and the kiss that had smashed their chests together.

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