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When I entered college, I was a virgin. Not to say it was particularly unusual; I was a quiet, nerdy kid. I wasn’t ugly by any stretch of the imagination, but a little short, not very masculine, a little self-conscious and not hugely used to interacting with girls.I was eager to change this fact, but I felt like something of a romantic; I didn’t want a random hook-up, and besides, I wasn’t sure I had the confidence or know how to make anything happen that way.What I was sure of, was that there was a girl I had in mind to pursue.She was sort of a long time crush of mine. I’d known her since the last few years of high school, when my social circle had expanded to include my guy friends’ girlfriends, and their friends in turn. We’d ended up at the same university entirely by accident, to my delight.    Her name was Heidi.She had a sort of goth or scene style, with the looks to match; dark black-brown hair down past her shoulders, pale white skin, beautiful bright eyes, with a blue-green colour. She was slim, of a similar height to me, with a chest that drew men’s attention without being distracting.We’d bonded a little back home at various house parties. Knowing we were heading off to the same town served as a good icebreaker and we turned out to have some similar interests. She was something of a closet nerd, so we talked a little about games, comic books, anime and manga; not typically thought of as the best way into a girl’s pants, but she talked so passionately about her geeky interests that it sort of seemed like she rarely got the chance to discuss them at all.By the time the summer was up, we’d made plans to hang out during freshers week, and to generally keep in touch so that there would be a friendly face from back home among all the strangers in a strange new place.Nothing much happened those first few weeks – I told myself that I needed the right opportunity, that if I acted rashly I’d just put her off.–One night, out of the blue, I got the chance to change my relationship with Heidi. It didn’t seem like it at the time, but it could very well have changed the course of my whole life, though it didn’t feel that way at the time.The night was winding down, such that we were technically in the early hours of the morning, and the others we’d been drinking with had stumbled back to their various dorms and rooms. I had a small room to myself, a little cell of a thing with just about enough room for a bed and a desk, with communal bathrooms and a shared kitchen. We sat on the edge of the bed, beers in hand, buzzed and blathering on about shows we’d been catching up on, one of which must have prompted a question I thought I’d misheard.“You ever think about trying crossplay, Sam?”She looked at me earnestly, and I imagine Ankara escort in return I just looked somewhat baffled.“Cosplay? I’ve seen some cool ones online. It never seemed like the kind of thing I wanted to try. Lots of work to get it looking good and all that.”Heidi slapped my arm playfully.“No, you dope. I’m not slurring. I said crossplay. You know, more specific. Dressing up as a character of the opposite gender. I was just thinking it could really suit you.”I put my hand to my smooth chin as if to pretend I was deep in thought. Honestly, the question had thrown me.I had seen that online too; both obvious bearded chubby dudes in too-tight Sailor Moon outfits, and what appeared to be cute girls that commenters were eager to point out had more going on downstairs than one might expect.“I never really thought about it, to be honest. I don’t think I’d be able to pass… and I don’t think I’d get anything out of it…”As I trailed off, she bit her lip a little. It sent something inside me, behind the tipsiness, fluttering.“I think you could pull it off, easily, with a bit of a helping hand…”Heidi leant in closer, her dark hair dancing in front of her face as she glanced around almost conspiratorially.“…and maybe you could get something out of it. I for one find the whole… gender-play thing… kinda hot.”She was so close my vision was full of her, and my nose was full of the sweet, fruity smell of her perfume. My mouth took over the talking, not giving my brain time to process anything I was saying.“I suppose… I could be persuaded to try it out…”She smiled mischievously.“…but I wouldn’t know where to start.”Heidi waved a hand dismissively as she finished taking another sip of her drink.“You don’t need to worry about that, silly. I have everything we’d need, you just have to show up to my place on… let’s say next Sunday.”I stopped to think, and to drink. I had no personal interest in cross-dressing, but the idea of it didn’t disgust me or anything like that. And if it got me closer to Heidi, made her see me in a sexual light…“I guess I’m up for trying new things, but -“Our gazes met as she raised a dark eyebrow over her smiling eyes.“But?”“But I still don’t see myself getting much out of it. I’m not into that sort of stuff myself.”She sighed and slowly pulled herself to her feet. I thought I’d ruined the mood but after she put down the bottle she was holding she placed a hand on each of my shoulders.“How about this; you come over on Sunday and we’ll see how things go from there. In exchange… I’ll give you a little show now.”There was probably not much I would have disagreed with at that point, but I swallowed nervously and stammered out my reply.“S… sure!”Heidi grinned at me, gave me Balgat escort bayan a flirty wink and moved over to the desk, where my phone was plugged into some speakers, playing some low background music. She turned it up a little and changed the track to something with a little more rhythm.She sashayed back the small distance towards me, moving a little clumsily at first, but quickly getting into the beat. She shrugged off her black leather jacket and tossed it onto the bed. As she swayed her hips, her breasts bounced playfully beneath her dark tube top.Heidi ran her hands through her hair, pulling it back as she turned in a full circle, gyrating all the way. Her hands flowed gracefully down her side, and she lifted her short denim skirt teasingly, giving just a flash of her black thong before pulling it down again.Still moving to the beat, her hands crossed in front of her belly, drawing my eyes to her flat, toned stomach, to her milky white skin. As I admired her tiny navel, her hands dropped again, to her belt this time.I glanced up at her face as I heard the click of the buckle. Her cheeks were slightly flushed, but she was smiling, watching me intently.She turned again as she shimmied the skirt down her legs and onto the floor, giving me a solid look at her ass. At the moment I was enraptured, knowing all that stood in the way of her most secret parts was what amounted to little more than a simple string.Heidi kicked off the skirt as it reached her feet, and toyed with her thong, pulling the straps tight against her skin, thrusting her hips slowly as she let the elastic snap with a slap back into place.She moved onto her top, skating her fingers over her ribs before slipping them under the fabric and lifting, taking her time, as if to give me a chance to stare at her whole body, now standing before me clad only in black underwear, a striking contrast to her pale complexion.I was not the most qualified to judge, but I would’ve guessed she was somewhere between a B and C cup. Whatever the actual size, to me her breasts seemed like two ideal handfuls – I wanted now more than ever to touch her – I could feel the pressure of my dick pushing against my jeans, but I felt like she wanted me to keep my hands to myself.Her bra was simple, black to match her lower half. It pushed her boobs together and up, such that it seemed her cleavage would hold up even a piece of paper if one were to slide one down in between her breasts. They jiggled hypnotically as she went to toss her top aside.Heidi turned her back to me, glancing over her shoulder as she shook some more, smiling before wriggling backwards toward me, bending her knees a little.“Lend a girl a hand, would you?”She seemed Escort Batıkent to have positioned herself so that I could reach out and unclasp her bra. Eager to oblige, but nervous, I raised my right hand and pulled on the strap. Letting go, the elastic sprang open and Heidi danced forward, swaying as she reached back to peel the underwear off. As it dropped to the floor in front of her, she crossed her arms over her chest and turned bashfully back to face me.She uncovered herself cautiously, and she giggled a little looking at my face; I noticed then that my jaw was wide open, so I shut it quickly, nearly biting my tongue. Hers were the first real tits I’d ever seen, and I was hard pressed to find flaws with them; they were practically porn star perfect. Amply sized, perky, and snow-white, with tiny pale pink nipples.She stood there for what seemed like both forever and no time at all, and suddenly, the song, a distant memory to me, stopped.It was like a spell had broken.Heidi gathered up her clothes, pulling them on much less gracefully than she’d taken them off. I was stunned speechless, and she seemed too embarrassed to break the silence. Until she was fully dressed, at least.“I should call it a night.”“Ah… uh… yeah.”I got up to walk her back to her place; it wasn’t far, we were both on campus. I walked in silence and she quietly hummed the tune of the song she’d been dancing to, bringing me back to the image of her stood mostly bare before me.“My place. Sunday. We have a deal?”I nodded vigorously as she moved to open her door.“I’ll be there.”She waved briefly as her door closed, and I headed back to my cell.I had to jerk off a good couple of times before I was able to sleep that night.–Over the next couple of days, I played that scene over and over again in my head whenever I let my mind wander. It had me excited but apprehensive. A small part of me was worried this was some sort of trap or trick; Heidi would get me in a dress and chuck my own clothes out a window or something, but I reasoned that she wouldn’t be so needlessly cruel, she wouldn’t go to such lengths for some petty humiliation I could reasonably laugh off.We’d set up a time over text, and Heidi had said I didn’t need to bring anything but myself, so when Sunday evening rolled around, I showed up at her door, a little early and dressed in a pretty simple jeans and t-shirt combo. Heidi answered the door, herself in a casual sweatpants and shirt, a light pink dressing gown on top of them. She beckoned to follow her through the corridors to her room, making idle small talk as we went.She’d gone for more expensive housing; she had a much bigger room with its own en-suite bathroom, a variety of clothes littered the double bed, posters lined the walls, there were a plethora of makeup accessories cluttering the desk. The room looked homey, much more lived in than my own little dorm room.Heidi clicked the door shut and turned the lock.“I still need to organise a few odds and ends – do you wanna jump in the shower? Best to work on a clean slate.”

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