Cabin in the Woods Ch. 01Cabin in the Woods Ch. 01


The weather has been stormy as I traveled through the unfamiliar territory. The winds are so high and I see trees swaying dangerously as I drive down the dark road. The driving rain makes it difficult to see through the windshield.

Without warning a tree falls in my path and I swerve to miss it and end up stuck in the mud. I get out and look around, I know my blackberry does not work out here and I wonder where the nearest help may be. I can see in the distance a rooftop, and I grab my overnight bag, lock up the rental car and begin to hike in that direction.

The going is slow as I am not dressed for a hike. I am wearing a dress and boots with heels, and the wind tears at my coat, making each step harder as I lean into it. I finally arrive at the cabin and hesitate, there are no people around for miles and I wonder about the person out here alone, but it can’t be helped and I knock, tentatively at first, then harder in order to be heard above the storm.

You have been hunting for days with your friends, an enjoyable time although you did not get the wall hanger you were hoping for. Everyone else had left that day, leaving you to close up the cabin before heading back home. You are surprised to hear someone at the door and open it to see me standing there, soaking wet and shivering.

“I got stuck, my car got stuck on the road, a tree…” I begin to stammer an explanation but get distracted looking into your eyes. You stare back at me and time seems to stop for a moment.

“Come in, excuse me, I just wasn’t expecting to see anyone here,” you explain as you regain your composure and help me into the cabin. You help me off with my coat, noticing that I am soaking wet. The dress I am wearing is clinging to my curves. You can see the lace of my underclothes through the wet dress and my nipples stand out hard against the sheer, wet fabric.

I feel as though I am standing naked in front of you and begin to blush and feel a warm tingle because I know you have the same feeling. For a moment we are both speechless. “I have dry clothes in my bag, if there is someplace where I can change?,” I manage to ask.

You snap out of your reverie and manage a few words, “Of course, yes, sorry.” You take my bag and lead the way to the bathroom. You show me where the towels and soap and shampoo are and ask me if there is anything you can get for me. I smile at you and tell you I am fine and you slowly back out and I close the door.

I feel very nervous as I undress in this place, there is a handsome sexy man right outside and this knowledge makes me warm, though muğla escort I shiver as I undress and the cool air hits my wet skin. I turn the knobs on the shower and feel the water with my hand until it runs hot and I step in. I wash my hair, then begin to slowly soap my body. I run the soapy washcloth over my neck and shoulders, then I trace slow circles around my nipples making them hard again.

I start a slow transit over my belly and up and down my thighs, then startle as I remember where I am and quickly finish washing up and step out of the shower and begin to towel off. I briskly dry myself off then look for dry clothes in my bag. Not sure what to wear, I chose a pair of satin lounging pajamas because they are comfortable and warm. I dress, then come out to find that you have started a fire in the fireplace and have made me a cup of tea. I take a seat near the fire and work my fingers through my wet hair, finally feeling warm.

“Thank you, you are so kind, I don’t know what I would have done,” I say as I look again into your eyes. I see a smile and a bit of mischief in those eyes and think to myself how I could lose myself in the depths of your eyes.

“The storm has gotten worse, I don’t think we are going to be able to go anyplace tonight,” you tell me. I ponder the possibilities this news brings. You weren’t planning to stay the night, and so begin to look through the food you had been packing to take out.

I rise and join you in the kitchen and together we begin to prepare a small feast of cheese and crackers and assorted snacks. You rummage through the cupboards and come up victoriously with a bottle of wine. We carry the food and wine over to the fireplace, you return to the kitchen for a corkscrew and glasses.

We sit on the floor in front of the fire as the day gets darker and the storm continues to rage. I drink my glass of wine, then another in an attempt to gather the courage to make a move, to reach out and touch your face or your arm, something to show you how I feel.

I look into your eyes again and see I needn’t have worried as you lean in and kiss me. You kiss me lightly, tentatively at first, but with increasing passion as you feel me return your kiss. I put my hand on your head as you slip your arms around me.

Your hands rub my back, my sides, my hips as the kiss gains passion. Your tongue explores my mouth and I close my eyes and tease your tongue with mine and move my body in response to the feel of your hands. I slip my arms under yours and pull myself closer to you.

Sitting on the floor is becoming awkward as I move my legs around to get closer to you and you take me in your arms and lay me back on the rug. I am nervous and bite my lip as I look up into your face as you lower your body against mine.

Your long, hard body feels so good pressed up against mine and you kiss my lips again lightly, then my eyebrows and cheeks, working your way to my ears. Your hot breath in my ear sends a rush of heat through my whole body and I respond by pressing my hips against you in a slow circle, rubbing against you and feeling the heat and passion building up between us.

You kiss my neck and work your way down to my collarbone. I am nearly frantic with excitement and struggle to hold back and enjoy this. You kiss and lick the skin at the top of my chest while you begin to undo the buttons of my shirt. I reach for your shirt and pull it over your head, then slip out of my blouse and my bra.

I hold you for a moment, nearly gasping at the sensation of my hard nipples rubbing at your chest hair. You lean me back again and return to delighting me with your mouth and hands as you nibble and lick each nipple while rubbing the other with your hand.

I reach for your pants and begin to rub you through the heavy fabric of your jeans. I feel your growing erection with satisfaction. You move my hands away, telling me to be patient, you want this to last. I give in to the sensation of your mouth on my body, it feels so good.

Your mouth begins to travel lower across my belly, pausing to tongue my belly button a few times which causes me to raise my hips against you. You pull on the elastic of my pants and they slip down easily to reveal a tiny pair of panties. You rub me through the panties and I moan with pleasure, then you decide the panties also need to go.

You pull them off in one swift motion and pause to look at me lying there, completely naked before you. My nipples are pointed and hard and long and you can see my pussy lips are becoming engorged, even though my legs are together.

You reach down with your hands and move my legs apart, opening them wide to let you see that I am dripping wet. I am losing my mind, trying to lie still while anticipating your next move. You move in closer and begin to lick my outer and inner lips and I raise my hips to meet your face, moaning “Yes, oh yes, please yes, ohhhh..!” You move your tongue and circle and flick my clit while you put two fingers in my pussy and move them in and out and around.

I groan and draw my legs up, with my feet on the floor I arch my back and lift my hips to push against you and draw you closer. The sensations make me forget where I am, who I am, I forget to breathe, then my breath returns, in and out in ragged gasps. I grab my own breasts with my hands and rub, and begin to tickle and play with my hard nipples.

You feel me getting closer and your hand moves faster as you surround my clit with your lips and kiss me hard while you run your tongue over my bud. “Yes, yes, that’s it!,” I shout as I explode on to you, grabbing your head and pushing against you as I come hard all over your face and fingers. I writhe and moan and keep coming, you feel the walls of my hole squeezing your fingers. “Oh baby, it’s been so long,” I gasp as I begin to come back down to reality.

“Please fuck me, darling, please,” I whisper in your ear as I reach for your button and zipper and begin to remove your pants and underwear. Your erection springs free as I get the offending clothing off you. I reach for you with both hands, stroking your hard shaft with one as I gently caress your testes with the other. I gently push you over so you are lying on your back. I get up on my knees, throw a leg over you and I reach down and guide you into me. Slowly, so slowly I lower myself onto your hard dick.

The sensation as you enter me sends a rush through my body and a shiver runs through me and I feel already so close to another orgasm. My eyes are closed and my mouth is open as I brace my hands on the floor and slowly move up and down, fucking you slowly and gently, taking you as deep as I can on the down stroke, then nearly all the way out, so that only your head is in me on the upstroke.

You grab my breasts which are dangling in front of you and begin to massage and gently pinch my nipples. You pinch a little harder, rolling the tips between your finger and thumb and I respond by going faster and faster pounding you fast and deep, grinding my clit against you on the down stroke.

I feel myself spiraling out of control as I bounce and pound. I lean back and finger my own clit and very quickly I begin to come again. The feel of my orgasm makes me want to fuck you so hard and fast and I pump and grind and moan. The heat and the rush send you over the edge also and I am rewarded with the sensation of your cock throbbing as you pump what feels like gallons into me.

I collapse onto your chest with a sigh. You move my hair back away from my face and kiss me, then tease me. “Exactly how long has it been?,” you ask with a sly grin. I smile back at you but I do not reply.

I get up, wash, put my pajamas back on and return to you. You reach for the blanket from the couch and cover us both up and we fall asleep there on the rug, in front of the fireplace in your cabin.

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